73 comments on “More Men Are Discovering That They Need To Avoid Women

  1. I would also point to the example of Orthodox Jewish men who refuse to sit next to women on airliners. I’ve come around to defending the Jews’ side in this case. Women can reject men all they want and avoid the rejects’ physical proximity afterwards. But when men do that to women, the women complain about how this rejection lowers their self-esteem and makes them feel bad about themselves. If you reversed the roles in the airliner situation, our feminism-brainwashed society would sympathize with the women who refuse to sit next to men – and this goes to show the double standard at work here.

    • Only someone who is completely ignorant of ultra-Orthodox Judaism would be offended to that extent. To protect themselves from accidentally touching a woman who is niddah (on her period, which their faith tells them is unclean), they assume all women they come into contact with in the public sphere are. As a rabbi I’m acquaintances with explained it, such men are not permitted to have sex with or even casually touch *their own spouses* during menstruation and for a time after childbirth, so they try to avoid it at all costs from unknown women.

      I don’t follow their faith, and I think these particular sanctions put far too much importance on a mere biological occurance that happens every frickin month…but I also know that there’s aspects of my Paganism they’d find very strange or would not agree with in the slightest. If I’m going to ask people to show tolerance for my beliefs, it would be hypocritical to not do the same.

    • From the article:
      When it comes to dating and relating, I don’t care who opens the door for whom, or who picks up the bill. I simply want to be in a relationship where my politics aren’t sexualised, where I can look at my partner and see more than a “Hey girl!” meme come to life and know that they, in turn, see me as a three-dimensional being…

      Um, yeah…pretty sure that’s actually the majority of men. She shouldn’t be having trouble finding a boyfriend like this.

      • Maybe the issue is that she’s only two dimensional? All her politics are sexualised. All her sexuality politicised. ‘Hey girl’ being all the conversation she’s capable of with men?

        Just throwing that out there.

        • womyn don’t want “equality”-they want male servitude….

          and in all fairness to the authoress, male feminist’s are a creepy. skeevey bunch….

          just look at Huggs Skeezer and David Fartroll…

        • Spawny,

          That would seem to be the gist of it. Same as you said for the other chick, if you look at yourself as essentially a living Real Doll who can spout feminist rhetoric…that’s how others will see you, too. If you want to be respected, be someone worth respecting.

        • Got a question for you Tarn.

          I just got a ‘like’ notification on my comment…I don’t see no ‘like’ buttons…how do you do that? is it a magical unicorn thing?

        • Yes. Yes, it is Spawny. 🌈
          Either that, or because I have the WordPress app and that allows you to like any/all comments in your feed…

        • Lol. I know, right? The implications alone… 😉
          Btw, I’m at another business/gaming convention til Tuesday (it’s why I’ve not had time to comment at our main site), but have finished my draft post about MGTOW we were talking about. The statistics are all entered now, so it should be ready to go whenever there’s an open slot. For my next post I was going to focus on the importance of touch for single people, especially men and especially during the holiday season. What say you?

  2. I’d like to see more men, and not just the Ultra Jews (which sounds like a superhero designation), request isolation from women in public accommodations, especially in airliners. After enough guys do that to make it noteworthy on social media, that will send women the signal that they face a spontaneous, decentralized eviction of their presence in more and more men’s lives.

    • Unfortunately, our society is so PC and misandric that women would just blame all men for their rejection of women’s presence in any aspect of their lives, and the feminised weaklings in the media, legal system, and government would go along with it.
      MGTOW is getting more and more popular with men, and women still refuse to look in the mirror as to why.

  3. I found this great comment, so I am going to copy and paste it.


    Greyhead on 2015-11-04 at 00:55:06 said:
    The new, secular man is rediscovering ancient religious wisdom.

    All prophets, all great leaders, all wise men, through all the ages and on every continent, have warned against women getting involved in men’s business. Were they all wrong?

    I am very open about my religious beliefs that men and women should not interact. I am extremely cordial to the women at work, but I don’t shake their hand or make small talk.

    Women love drama, by their nature. It’s hard for us to imagine, because it’s not our nature. “It can’t be. That’s just misogyny…” Until it happens to you. Then you understand real quick.

    More women in science and technology is more drama in science and technology. Ask Tim Hunt. You know, the Nobel laureate, decades at the top of his field. Literally hundreds of female scientists he personally mentored to success, not one of which defended him by the way. They took him down like a pack of lionesses.

    Think you will fare better? Who the fuck are you in comparison? Some neckbeard.

    You wanted women in STEM. You got it.

    • “I am very open about my religious beliefs that men and women should not interact.”

      You don’t need to make that a “religious belief,” when ordinary worldly experience will teach you that.

      Year ago my late father, a pharmacist, told me that he retired from pharmacy at about the right time because he saw that as more women graduated from college with pharmacy degrees, they would push down pharmacists’ wages and cause the profession of pharmacist to lose status. Now with all the women filling prescriptions, pharmacists have become more like higher paid retail clerks than health care professionals.

    • What a mess she is. All those words added up to…nothing of import. All the blather about his emotions were projection. The rest was just blather.

      The guy got lucky, who needs such a solipsistic hot mess with the emotional control of a toddler in his life? All she brings to the relationship is word salad, emotions and (luckily for her) her tits and vagina. Maybe deep down she understands this? And that’s why she’s crucified by insecurity.

      • She did a video about getting touched on the butt, a bunch of white knight MGTOW came riding to the rescue to stick up for her.

        I find her original story hard to believe to be honest.

        • I don’t trust her one bit, in fact I know she was even a rad fem at one point…

          There is video where she states this…

          She talks about the cycles of abuse on one of her posts-go read up on it-that makes VAWA look like the most male friendly thing ever….

          here is a Loooooong read-and in fact you may be more sympathetic to Typhon than to creepy Eivind-both of them scare me quite frankly….


          Unfortunately I feel that her beliefs put men into two boxes-vyctym class and abuser class. Since specifically I grew up with a feminist mother and everyone in my immediate family has been involved in domestic violence except myself-I believe that I am proof you don’t have to operate within Typhon’s framework….

  4. As a female who happens to have exclusively male friends, many of whom are in STEM fields or teach STEM classes since we’re all nerds/geeks, this is incredibly disheartening. Not that more men are choosing to protect themselves, but that it has gotten to this point due to cruel initiatives like the ones in the links above. Now male-female friendships and mentoring will suffer, just like has already occurred to romantic and sexual ones. I learned so much from my Business mentor in college…it hurts one’s heart to know that nowadays his very reputation might be in danger from being alone with a female student for hours as we were.

  5. Don’t forget that plenty of college undergraduate students are now avoiding women at college parties – even to the point of not participating in hookup culture. They see their entire goals threatened by even one encounter (gone wrong) with women.

    At college, they can’t entirely avoid women in co-ed dorms and classrooms, but most of the danger comes from privately working or dating them, so they can avoid those situations.

    • I talked to a guy who went to a music school, it was mostly a sausage fest but he said it was better to avoid the few womyn there and just focus on guitar.

      a) they let themselves go because they got constant male attention

      b) it wasn’t unheard of for the few guys who did hook up that the broad would say she got preggers and needed money for an abortion. Then, she would take the money and buy new clothes or whatever….

      that also goes for the don’t shit where you eat theme-aka don’t hook up with a womyn you work with…

      • Speaking of music school, I had a cousin that got pregnancy scammed (“oops-pregnancy-type-scam” by one of the female students in his music repretory fellowship. The threat is real.

  6. The NBA warns rookies coming into the league that women will target them to get pregnant and live off of their high incomes. Even the most celebrated player, LeBron James says, “watch your money, and watch out for women.”


    Here’s an article in the UK about a lawyer warning rich men that it is no small possibility they could be tricked by a woman into impregnating her so she can live off of his high income.


    These two examples are not quite as extreme as trying to avoid the risk of even one encounter with a woman, no matter how brief, but all of these articles speak to the point that high profile men in all fields are warned about the risks and take active steps.

  7. This avoiding women phenomenon is not just a recent one. Warren Farrell had a section on “Educator Sex” in his 1992 book The Myth of Male Power which addressed relationships at the college level. An excellent essay at the old I-Net outpost “Balance” (from the late-90s) similarly covered the hostile environment many male college instructors sometimes ended up in in this age of kangaroo courts and starchamber trials. It all long pre-dates Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt recently getting hung out to dry by the barbarian mob.

    Remind Me Again Why a Man Needs a Woman, even though from an entirely different perspective than mine still gets it 90+% right. It’s now a decade old.

    One of the many dirty secrets of feminism is not that men are out there abusing and raping women all over the place, but that men backed off in response to the feminist agenda. This happened within about a decade of when second wave feminism hit – the Great American Man Shortage was the title of an 1983 book.

    Women are not welcome on men’s life rafts because they already have their own, thanks to the officers of the Titanic. lol

    • Would these stupid broads ever stop peddling bullshit which has been refuted ..77 cents on the dollar, 1 in 5 women in college will get raped.

      Anyway the video has about 50000 likes and 20000 dislikes. Im guessing the likes were paid for via a click farm in Bangladesh. And of course the comments are disabled.

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