69 comments on “Even If You Can Easily Get Laid, You Will Be Treated As A Loser Who Can’t Get Laid

  1. Holy crap, but it truly is amazing when people write comments without doing an ounce of work or background checking regarding the topic prior to posting. Interesting that there’s still this concept of No Female Friends = Automatic Misogynist, though. Clearly it’s simply impossible that someone could just happen to have all male friends, right? /sarcasm

      • Is that your experience? Usually in the manosphere (yes, I realize this blog in particular isn’t part of the ‘sphere) I read about how female friendships are worthless and/or how no “real” man would hang out with a woman he’s not banging.

        Obviously this isn’t my experience either, but I’m curious to know what happens when you’ve tried to cultivate female friendships.

        • I can’t speak for Tamerlame but my success rate for making female friends is the same as my success rate for getting girlfriends, namely zero. I have also lost friends when they got girlfriends (so my only friends now are guys who are more or less in the same boat as me).

          If women, in general, aren’t interested in a guy sexually, then women don’t want to be friends with that guy, and they don’t want their boyfriends/husbands to be friends with that guy either.

        • I sympathize with the loss of guy friends once they get girlfriends…It’s happened to me a lot as well, and always sucks that a man you’ve been friends with since 5th grade gets married/gets into a highly committed relationship and suddenly it’s like you’re a pariah. Luckily some of my friends have wives/girlfriends who aren’t insanely insecure, but they’re far from the majority. Sad how one’s social circles get smaller because of another’s unnecessary jealousy or dislike.

          As for being sexually interested, most of my friends are average-fairly attractive but there’s only the one I ever found attractive in a blatantly sexual manner. His scent is what did it though (he smells very “safe” if that makes any sense) not his looks, which are pretty much the same as the other guys. I wonder how much of the so called chemistry that people always talk about is really just yours + their pheromones “clicking”. What do you think?

        • It isn’t that a woman needs to be attracted to a guy to be friends with him. If no woman is attracted to a guy, then no woman will want to be friends with him nor will they want their husbands, boyfriends, and male friends to be friends with that guy.

        • That’s just sad. One’s friendships shouldn’t be based on group-think, just what you and the other person think. Some of the best, most interesting friendships are with those who are “weird” or unpopular according to the in-crowd.

        • if you provide utility, you can make free labor friendships with womyn. IE the broad you work with would rather use your truck and “strong shoulders” than hire a pro mover. She might buy you dinner for your whole weekend, but she really won’t be your friend. Most friendships with womyn come with tons of strings attached and are pretty one sided. Also can vouch for what Mr. Black Pill said, when guy friends get girlfriends, they pretty much disappear. Ironically, though, this is how I knew PUA was bullshit. The easiest way to get a GF is if your friend’s GF introduces you to her friends and one of them seems interested in you. This would be similar to what they call in the business world a “referral.” Cold approaching just like “cold calling” in sales is extremely ineffective and only those with the thickest skin can endure it for more than a very short amount of time. So telling guys who are already awkward and shy to cold approach is the worst advice you could give.

          In the old days you had matchmakers, now if you are very lucky, one of your guy friend’s will hook up with a girl that thinks you are okay and has attractive friends that she will “put in a good word” for you. She has no intrinsic motivation to do this though. More likely though, she knows another womyn who constantly complains “she can’t find a good man.” If she thinks you are decent, she might introduce you to this other woman. Unfortunately there is usually baggage-ie she is a single mother or she goes through boyfriends like most people go through underware. She’ll go thrugh boyfriends because she has a mean streak and she is a bit crazy. Beware of the beautiful womyn who “can’t find boyfriend’s”–those are often the truly crazy one’s like Jodi Arias.

  2. The irony (and tragedy) is that many guys get married in order to avoid being accused of not being able to get a girlfriend or wife. Fortunately, the word is getting out.

  3. What pisses me off is the fact that every human rights violation that gets pointed out gets invalidated via this method. “Oh you just can’t get laid.”

    So I suppose objecting to circumcision of baby boys is just bitterness at not getting laid right?

    • In Europe, that charge is very tricky, indeed. Muslim men (of course circumcised) have sex with non-Muslim women and keep away non-Muslim men away from Muslim women. Conversion, naturally, requires circumcision.

      • You are missing the point you seem obsessed with Muslim men for some reason.

        The point is circumcision is a subject that has nothing to do with getting laid I could use male homelessness or false sexual harassment charges as a example.

        The charge you can’t get laid is a disgusting derailing tactic.

    • The funny thing is Peter Nolan managed to get himself banned or otherwise ran off from every manuresphere blog he visited. Besides the fact that Peter Nolan can’t stop being an ass, I suspect the reason for that is that there is no plausible deniability with what Peter Nolan is peddling. It doesn’t work, and you will end up in prison if you follow him. The manuresphere can’t explain away those failures by not being “alpha” enough.

      • Nolan sounds like an Irwin Schiff sort of crackpot.

        Speaking of Schiff, Alex Jones and similar kooks praised Schiff to the skies after he died, and they held him up as a martyr for their idiosyncratic notions of “freedom.”

        Why, then, don’t these fanboys follow Schiff’s example and not pay their Federal income tax and not file tax returns? Because they know that Schiff gave bad advice, and they don’t want to wind up in prison like he did. Their pragmatic hypocrisy shows what they really think about Schiff’s legacy, regardless of what they say.

        • Peter Nolan is much worse than run of the mill tax protestors like Irwin Schiff. Nolan believes in a conspiracy theory called Freeman on the Land that is associated with Sovereign Citizen conspiracy theories and has absorbed the redemption conspiracy theory. In Freeman on the Land we have all been tricked into living under admiralty law. With a bunch legal tricks that seem similar to drawing a pentagram and sacrificing a goat, you can free yourself from being ruled under admiralty law and conveniently all laws become optional.

          Freeman on the Land also got involved with debt elimination scams so that’s how the redemption scam got involved. They both believe in this secret birth bond that got created for every person when the US secretly declared bankruptcy in 1933. With a bunch of paperwork that again seems like drawing a pentagram and sacrificing a goat you can access this money to pay off your debts. It’s also worth pointing out that the redemption conspiracy theory was started by Roger Elvick, a white nationalist who made the whole thing up as a scam to defraud other white nationalists. Even though Elvick is in prison, this conspiracy theory still has believers.

          The only reason Peter Nolan isn’t in prison, assuming anything he says in true, is because he moves to another country as soon as his past catches up with him. Nolan is trying to get MRAs & MGTOW to fight his battle while he hides from the law.

  4. Speaking of bad advice peddlers, back in the 1980’s and 1990’s a man based in Nevada named Frank R. Wallace ran a scam called Neo-Tech, He sold thick paperbacks the size of small phone books full of “philosophy” based on Ayn Rand’s writings which promised to give you superhuman-like powers if you “integrated” the teachings directly. Specifically Wallace wrote that Neo-Tech would give you “iron-grip control over everything that moves,” as well as romantic-sexual fulfillment. Oh and he claimed he had a project to become biologically immortal.

    And, of course, he advocated income tax denialism like Irwin Schiff and Peter Nolan. Predictably he faced conviction for tax evasion and spent some time in prison. Then after his release from prison, a few years ago he died in a street accident while out jogging. I guess he lost his “iron-grip control over everything that moves” somewhere along the way.

    Given that he marketed Neo-Tech as a way for men to attract hotter women, from hindsight it looks as if he identified the emerging incel market before incels started finding each other through the internet, comparing their notes and realizing how many of them have had similar problems with women. You could view Neo-Tech as an anticipation of the pickup and personal development voodoo that has emerged in the early 21st Century.

    • But… but… these rapists don’t IDENTIFY as gay!!?

      Stoned, you aren’t just homophobic, but transphobic as well!!!

      Well my gollies, do YOU have a lot of privilege to check…

      • hahahahahahahaha….

        just think if I told nazi’s like jack donovan who are extra tolerated by creepy liberals that his boi adol woulda thrown him in the oven, his response would likely be “hollohoax, hollowhoax, stop throwing your privilege around, you bully low status halfbreed male. How dare you discredit adolf….”

        • But didn’t you read “The Pink Swastika”?!

          “Kinsey: Crimes and Consequenties” also nicely documents the wayward proclivities of eugenicists. And check out the activism of Bishop von Galen, “The Lion of Münster” during WWII.

        • http://www.thepinkswastika.com/5294/index.html

          scary stuff-this is something really disturbing about that donovan POS-he says weak men should kill themselves. How many of the “weak men” were straight men and boys who creeps like donovan forced their “orientation” onto? Of course you can’t speak about that publicly, the liberals and feminists don’t care about a few boys killing themselves, neither do the scummy white nationalists….

  5. crappy roosh looks like a male feminist with his efete mannerisms and his specs and grey beard…

    “Oh, white nationalists, please accept me, I am a white guy with a tan, not a muzzie….”

    Hahaha, he grovels to them just like futrelle grovels to feminists….

    doesn’t seem very alpha to me.

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  7. I thought it was fitting to put this pic because of this “alpha male’s” constant “if you’re not getting laid 24/7 like me then you’re a loser.” I hadn’t looked on his twitter or scoped any of the manuresphere sites in a couple weeks but this was too funny not to post


    There’s no way you honestly tell me he is above a 1/10 looks wise. I also don’t believe he could get any relatively attractive woman without paying. Most hookers would probably turn him down. Plus, could he even find his dick under all that extra flesh? He’s EASILY surpassed 300 lbs now.

    • okay Mitchel, in murikkka it is eat murdered turkeys and laugh at the indiginous American’s who were slaughtered day. Even liberals and vegetarians celebrate it. The real test of being an American is if you go shopping on “Black” Friday-named because it is not just the alt-right who laughs at slavery in the America’s but even all the liberals…

      so if you can set aside your liberal prejudices for one day, hopefully you will be able to find this post of mine funny…


      • The real test of being an American is if you go shopping on “Black” Friday-named because it is not just the alt-right who laughs at slavery in the America’s but even all the liberals…

        Lol. That’s certainly a unique definition for Black Friday, Stoner.
        Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

        • Ah, I was unaware of this new boycott.
          Black Friday is called such because it is the one day a year when just about every retailer (small or struggling businesses included) can be guaranteed to be “in the black” instead of “in the red” regarding their financial ledgers. I will be at work from 6am-3pm, but don’t care because sacrificing my sanity and personal space to the gods of materialism has never been appealing.
          I do hope that if anyone here is going to attempt to brave the crowds, that they remain safe.

        • my consumerism is limited to high gain tube amps and high powered firearms. that is the nice thing about being a loser who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a hand full of fifties, I don’t need to buy no flowers, hahahahaha.

        • Hmm. If someone thinks an execution is “entertainment”, I’d hazard a guess that they’ve stared far too long into the abyss. Same goes for those who enjoy violence by proxy, imo.

        • Even if you just cut down on reading ’em, it would likely improve your mental health. They’re the literary version of empty, greasy, nutrient – deficient calories, after all.

        • In all seriousness, we’re not as barbaric as the Romans. We’re not even as barbaric as people living in 1938. Consider how Hitler thought he could get away with the Holocaust because the Turks got away with the Armenian Genocide just 25 years earlier. In spite of women and manginas, the human race has been making rapid progress since 1945. I suspect that this is one of the reasons women have gotten even more nuts than they were before.

        • haha, maybe I get a skewed view of humanity reading the worst stuff on the ‘net. Then I tell a joke IRL and everyone looks at me like I’m crazy. I have noticed that back in the day, it was okay for boys and men to get into a few fights, it was considered healthy. Now if you raise your voice, everyone gets afraid that you are gonna shoot up the place…

        • The problem is that there are two groups of humans now. It is sort of like a moral version of The Marching Morons, the novel the movie, Idiocracy, is derived from. Since a significant number of men are morally improving, it is generating more and more extreme reactions from women and manginas. Have you noticed that liberals/feminists/SJWs basically want to reintroduce segregation for reasons that are the mirror reflection that white racists would want segregation?

          It’s like how MGTOW generates extreme reactions in women and manginas.

        • “Have you noticed that liberals/feminists/SJWs basically want to reintroduce segregation for reasons that are the mirror reflection that white racists would want segregation?”

          That’s why I make so many jokes about Jack Donovan-he’s essentially Amanda Marcotte with a penis. He tries to bully low status men, instead of Marcotte’s don’t hit me because I’m a gurl, his is don’t hit me because I’m an androphile. It is funny how allot of the Nazi’s really are socialist’s and the HBD crowd is scared as fuck of a true meritocracy. That being said, I really have no problem with segregation as I’d prefer not to be forced to associate with feminists, Racist bigots (and they ain’t all white guys, I had to work with a Mexican racist but try telling that to a liberal, he is oppressed.) and lotts of others.

        • Nazi is short for national socialism for a reason. It’s all socialism. Look at the BNP’s platform. It’s socialism plus kick the darkies out.

          None of these people want a true meritocracy. They’re all socialists who disagree about who is the oppressed and who is the oppressor.

  8. I agree with your statement about criticism of women. I’ve been blasted before for making comments that I thought were perfectly fine. I don’t feel any hate towards and I have a great girlfriend. I don’t see how saying you want more than just looks in a woman is “misogynistic?” Also, I was blasted for saying women age worse than men. It’s true! It’s not a sexist thing to say at all. You make the tiniest little critique and you’re either a “virgin” or some “madman” who chops up women in his basement “Dexter style.”

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