41 comments on “Eric S. Raymond Is A Gay Virgin Player Rapist

  1. Actress Tina Fey claims she lost her virginity at the age of 24 because she “couldn’t give it away.”

    • Actually, women aren’t lying when they say this BS, they’re just crazy.

      I know this from experience in a bunch of different areas and contexts. It’s not just getting laid. Even if you join a hobby-group of some kind, you’ll notice the following when men try to merely socialize with women

      – In this particular class (whether its cooking or yoga class), the students tend to hang out after class together

      – New girl signs up for the classes

      – Guys from the group alternatively suggest to girl that she tag along with group after class… After one class she might even have 2-3 different guys ask her.

      – Girl complains that group never asks her to hang out, and nobody in the group wants to be her friend (WHAT?!?!)

      This is actually typical, and MOST women are like this. Unless guys BEG HER to hang out, it doesn’t count. It’s not really an invite unless they roll out the carpet and beg her for 10 minutes. A simple “hey wanna tag along with group after class” is “nobody ever invites me”. She has to be begged for 10-20 minutes, with the guys overcoming everyone of her objections. Only then does it count as an invitiation.

      Same thing with Fina Tey. When she says she couldn’t give it away. She means nobody pestered & begged her until she was 24. There might have been 150 non-player men who tried to have sex with her, but they “don’t count” since they weren’t pushy enough.

      • Don’t forget that if they are pushy enough, then it is “date rape” or potential “date rape.” Note: I’ve met women who were “date raped” and women who were sadly raped with a weapon by a stranger. The big difference is that the women found the “date rapist” to be attractive and thought they could “date” him.

        On another note, I did meet a woman in college who was, somewhat shyly, giving out lots of hints that she wanted to give it away. She was a bit of an ugly duckling, much less attractive than the actress in question. I declined to partake in her personal quest, but I’m sure she got around to it.

      • I don’t care even if that’s correct. I’m tired of women hiding behind “crazy” or using biology as an excuse for their behavior. By the standards of a civilized world, women are lying.

      • She could of lost her virginity at any time of her choosing.

        Post a craigslist advert with an ugly old granny asking for sex, then you find out how much more sexual power women have than men.

  2. If you really want to troll women, just argue that they have no business seeking orgasms during sex because they don’t need to come to fulfill their natural function. Mic.com keeps posting junk articles about the female orgasm, like this one:

    Men, Get Over Yourselves and Go Down on Your Girlfriends Already, Geez


    On Mic’s Facebook page I posted my troll in response to this about questioning the need for female orgasms. and I referred to this other piece on that ridiculous website:

    The Truth Behind “Virgin Births” — And What It Means for New Moms

    If some female virgins seek artificial insemination to become mothers without the indignity of letting boys stick their icky thingies into them, then women really don’t need to come in sexual relationships to fulfill their natural function, do they?

    • I don’t believe that there are any “virgin births” happening. They may not have boyfriends, but if that’s the case, I’m certain they’re sluts hopping between one night stands.

      • The gynecologists who perform the artificial inseminations can tell if these women have intact hymens or not, along with signs of vaginal stretching from intercourse.

        Actually this trend makes sense in the context of the ongoing sexual eviction of more and more men from women’s lives. The women with low sex drives can take or leave even the Chads now, if they can become mothers in the clinic.

        • tamerlane:

          Big bad things start out as small bad things, and ordinary girls emulate what they see the cool girls do. How did the Kardashians in the U.S. become so popular that girls who watch their reality show have adopted the Kardashians’ vocal fry voice, for example?

          The virgin insemination thing could really take off among the girl-sheep if some virginal female celebrity, perhaps one we haven’t heard of yet who shows up in the 2020’s (not that far off), decides to have a baby that way, and her reality series follows the course of her sex-free pregnancy.

  3. You just can’t make this stuff up:

    You just can’t make this stuff up:


    Austrian jihadi bride beaten to death after trying to escape ISIS: friend

    By Chris Perez November 24, 2015 | 3:46pm

    Austrian jihadi bride beaten to death after trying to escape ISIS: friend

    One of the two teens who fled Austria last year to become a “poster girl” for ISIS has been beaten to death after trying to escape the group’s Syrian stronghold of Raqqa, reports say.

    A Tunisian woman who had been living with Samra Kesinovic, 18, says the young girl was killed by Islamic State extremists after she tried to flee recently, according to The Local Austria.

    The pair were married to ISIS militants once they arrived.

    Kesinovic and her friend Sabina Selimovic, 15, made headlines in April 2014 when they ran away from their homes in Vienna and shacked up with militants in Syria.

    The gal pals had traveled to the war-torn nation with the hope of becoming “jihadi brides” — and they later married two of the ISIS militants upon their arrival.

    Photos posted to social media in the following months showed the pair wearing black burkas and wielding AK-47s.

    Officials said earlier this year they believed Selimovic had been killed during a skirmish in Syria.

    The girls were just two in a long list of young, female Austrian nationals who have joined the bloodthirsty terror group in recent years.

    The European country is a well-known target for ISIS recruitment, and the mastermind behind this month’s Paris terror attacks was even busted at a checkpoint in northern Austria in September. He claimed to be on vacation.

  4. how many man-0-sperians does it take to screw in a light bulb?


    1 to realize it is a twisting motion and not a thrusting motion while the other 99 say how alpha they are and they coulda screwed the lightbulb like a real man…

  5. more npi nuttines from creeperoosh….

    “I’m taking notes on who is attacked in the media and who is not. If they are attacked, that must mean their ideas threaten the establishment, so I will either become their allies or at least not attack them myself. For example, have you noticed that men’s rights activists are constantly attacked while the men going their own way group (MGTOW) is not, and even discussed sympathetically? It’s because the latter group promotes social isolation and reproductive sterility, which matches the establishment’s depopulation agenda. On the other hand, white nationalists are being roundly attacked through the proxy of Donald Trump. Therefore the latter group must have at least some ideas which strengthen America.”


    just think, he’s gonna slip up and say that the only reason he doesn’t shoot people up is because of a steady supply of drunk, white poosy…

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