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  1. Speaking of virgin-shaming, Gavin McInnes writes the following about someone he met the other day at his company’s Christmas dinner:

    “One of the guys at the table was a 23-year-old virgin named Ben who I’m convinced is a closeted gay.”


    McInnes converted to Catholicism late in life and he has traditionalist sympathies, so you’d think he would show more respect for a male virgin in his 20’s. Many men have lived that way before marriage without experiencing ridicule, and not that long ago. My late father married my mother a month after he turned 31, in 1958, and I suspect he didn’t have any premarital sexual relationships beforehand based on his relative silence about his adult life before he met my mother. Even after I became an adult, Dad never said anything in private to me like, “Son, let me tell you about this girl I picked up at a dance when I was in the Army Air Corps in 1945.”

    Dad’s apparent lack of sexual experience as a young man could explain why he didn’t know what to tell me when he saw that I couldn’t attract girls in my teens and 20’s: He couldn’t either.

    • Dad was a pharmacist in Tulsa, and my mother when they married was a 19 year old, fat, not attractive girl from a hillbilly family originally from the Ozarks. Grandpa moved his family to Tulsa after living precariously as a migrant laborer for several years, and he got a steady job with the Tulsa sewer department as a ditch digger.

      No, I am not making this up. Mom’s parents were like the Joads in “The Grapes of Wrath.”

      Dad was 6’2″, and with his pharmacy job he made a good income by the standards of 1950’s Oklahoma. But apparently he couldn’t do any better in finding a wife than my mother. Oh, and Mom needed dental work – I told you she was a hillbilly girl – so after they got married, Dad made her go to the dentist to get her cavities filled.

      Since Mom didn’t have time to live as a single woman, she didn’t have anything useful to tell me about finding girlfriends, either, other than:

      1. “Ask out the fat and ugly girls. They don’t have boyfriends.”


      2. “There’s a girl for you out there somewhere. She may be only nine years old now, but you’ll meet her some day.”

      Regarding 1, I guess Mom thought I didn’t deserve anything better than a fat and ugly girlfriend. Apparently she wanted me to marry one and give her fat and ugly grandchildren.

      And regarding 2, Mom apparently thought I lived in a story where she knew the plot, and she gave me a spoiler about this new girlfriend character I would meet some time in my 30’s after the girl matured. Mom didn’t explain how I would recognize this girl if I did finally meet her, or how I would know what to do if I did recognize her, given that I had no sexual experience in the meantime.

      Come to think of it, Mom’s nonsense illustrates exactly Black Pill’s point about how a lot of dating advice is moving the goalposts and keeping you in the Reserves. When I read his posts about the Reserves, I understood exactly what he meant from my own experiences.

      • okay, in “patriarchical” societies it is common for an older man to marry a younger woman, but in America and the so-called “progressive” places, it is considered creepy for an older guy to hook up with a younger woman and it is feminist’s who seem to shame this the most…


        I will admit this is a big part of why I “opted out.” As I get older I get more female attention ( I couldn’t really get less) but at this point I have zero interest in a relationship or friendship with women. Why would I want to hook up with a broad who would’ve found me invisible at 18 but now 30 lbs heavier and with another guy’s child she wants Mr. Right? I suppose I could “pull myself up by the bootstraps” and earn a 6 figure salary and find an immigrant type woman who wants to be a trophy wife but since that relationship is essentially prostitution, well if I was todo that, “renting by the hour” seems like a better deal….

        • I’ve met young Russian women in transhumanist circles who call themselves “scientists,” but they are really more like Russians’ idea of eye candy. Russia has its own independent transhumanist tradition going back over a century called Cosmism, and Russian Cosmists recognize an affinity with Western transhumanists, so that’s why you see Russians showing up at Western transhumanist conferences.

          Some of these Russian chicks are pretty good looking – one of them has Rapunzel hair – until they open their mouths and you can see their teeth. The ones hanging out in this country, like on student visas or whatever, need to find American sugar daddies willing to pay for their dental work.

      • I would never look down upon someone who dug ditches for the sewer department. Sewers are awesome, one of humanity’s great inventions. Think how filthy our homes would be without them.

        Maybe she looked good to him. I’ve known married men who I thought could have done better, but it’s not my life so who cares.

        • I respected my grandfather for his willingness to work at literally shitty jobs so that he could rear his family (he and grandma had five children). I could tell even as a child, though, that he just didn’t have much going for him. None of my grandparents did, so I wonder why we have this mythology about the wisdom of the elders. It just never occurred to me that I could have gone to one of my grandparents for advice about a problem, because I could see that they didn’t know that much. We don’t all turn into Warren Buffet-like sages as we age.

      • “my mother when they married was a 19 year old, fat, not attractive girl from a hillbilly family originally from the Ozarks”.

        The funny thing is the traditionalists and man-up freaks would be claiming your dad hit the jackpot.

        Perhaps, in a way your father did. I’m guessing your parents marriage was stable in no small part to either partner having little ability to exercise adultery/ inability to throw out fidelity ( no offense).

        Unlike your parents I was born a bastard. My mother exercised serial polyandry. There were three ‘main’ relationships in which she had men formally introduced to us; my father (who left quickly), my stepfather (which resulted in my half-sister) and an older man who my mother traded age difference in exchange for provision.

        I also realized later that my mother had many other escapades with various other men, whether for personal enjoyment or trading her sexuality for favors involving us. One scenario in particular had us staying over a “male friend”‘s house and i was in the young single digit years at that point. In such a situation a mother would usually sleep with her child or at least keep him/her close by. I was left to sleep alone and she and the other guy were elsewhere. It wasn’t until I was older I realized the implications behind this.

        I bring this up because objectively my mother is a very attractive woman. It seems keeping the fidelity of a good-looking female is nigh-impossible to do in this society. Combine this with the fact society cushions the actions of females ranging from single motherhood to murder and it simply means getting into a relationship is little different than suicidal behavior.

        “”Speaking of virgin-shaming, Gavin McInnes writes the following about someone he met the other day at his company’s Christmas dinner:

        “One of the guys at the table was a 23-year-old virgin named Ben who I’m convinced is a closeted gay.””

        My mother took me aside some years ago and flat out asked me if I was a homosexual.

        I later attempted to explain to her how easy sex comes to females, and how the opposite is true for males. You can imagine how that went.

        • >My mother took me aside some years ago and flat out asked me if I was a homosexual.

          I’ve noticed that people don’t just not understand incels’ problems; they apparently don’t want to understand, and instead they try to impose canned explanations that make them feel comfortable: You’re gay, you’re “asexual,” you suffer from social anxiety, etc. They can’t seem to form a concept in their minds about ordinary men with normal desires who can’t attract women, no matter what they do.

          I suffer from social anxiety myself, but I’ve gotten better over the years. Yet it doesn’t make any difference. Suppose a socially anxious incel, whom women ignore, works at building up his “confidence.” That just turns him into an incel who annoys women by his willingness to approach them more often.

          BTW, did anyone see “The Big Bang Theory” episode where virginal Sheldon and Amy had sex for the first time? That pissed me off because of its misleading characterization of male virgins. Amy wanted sex with Sheldon all along – the show had a running gag about it – so Sheldon just had to ask for it. In the real world, most male virgins wind up that way after years of cumulative sexual eviction.

          And secondly, the actors play characters aged about their mid 30’s, though I think the actress who plays Amy turned 40 this year. Men did not evolve to start having sex for the first time in their lives at such advanced ages. A man who has lived with physical isolation from women’s bodies for 20+ years since puberty probably won’t have conditioned responses to function sexually right away if you throw him into bed with a naked woman all of a sudden. I discovered this through my own experience back in my 30’s. Yet this TV nonsense about a 30-something male virgin’s first time with an aging woman shows that it went flawlessly.

        • Oi, nice to see you lot here.
          Anyway, as previously mentioned elsewhere, I did point out that with the right assets, I’d simply buy compliance.
          Didn’t hear any gasps of disbelief or disapprobation from the olds.

          They’ve seen the other children of their friends go off the rails.

          I guess my plans are just logical. 🙂

  2. This article overlooks another conjecture. Reality series about teen mothers might play a role in reducing teen pregnancy – perhaps you can beat some sense into teen girls if you present the lessons in the right way.

    But I’ve wondered it the drop in teen pregnancy has also resulted from girls’ adoption of rejection-based birth control, on their own initiative. When girls reject more and more of the nerds as boyfriends, that restricts the pool of potential fathers for their haphazard breeding. These girls discover that the remaining cool boys have more pussy than they can handle, and the bottleneck results in fewer teen pregnancies.

    Thanks to “Teen Mom” and MTV, The Teen Birth Rate Is Now Lower Than Ever


    • The other bit people forget is the genetic bottleneck will make it easier for fewer diseases to wipe out more people AND better strains evolving through a common type surviving overprescribed drugs.

      The future for those people with STDs, I wonder whether the “herpesisnormal” movement will be coming back …

      • Speaking of “genetic bottleneck”
        “Britain’s largest sperm bank bans men with dyslexia, autism and ADHD from donating, triggering outrage over ‘eugenics’

        The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has launched an investigation into the London Sperm Bank due to claims it screens men for ‘neurological conditions’ like dyslexia and autism.”

        When most men passively “accept” women only being attracted to men over 6ft, they are participating in eugenics.
        When most men help women who previously didn’t want to know them until Chad Thundercock beat/cheat them, they are participating in eugenics.
        And when most men say other men are “insecure” or “compensating” when complaining about treatment from other men or women … they are participating in eugenics.

        Let people get away with bad behaviour long enough, and it fulfils nasty tendencies.

        “He who does not condemn evil, commands it to be done”

        • That’s an interesting perspective, and I agree with it.

          My only question is the first point regarding height. Of course short men like myself didn’t appreciate being turned down due to being under 6′, but its less ‘accepting’ anything and more resignation. One can’t really change their height. Its like women of various races I previously expressed interest in saying they thought I was disgusting because I’m black (“Not into black guys”).

          Telling women no, you won’t be their beta provider/orbiter or emotional sponge after they finished fucking the resident thug is within your control. Refraining from telling other men their experiences with women are a result of them being bitter is also within your control.

          But, its not like one can really affect the height issue. Or am I missing something?

        • You’re not missing anything Ehrgeiz.
          As a matter of fact: MGTOW IS HAVING AN EFFECT.
          (Look at this article that … “blames men for single childless women”(LOL, the women DIDN’T WANT the men that WANTED HER! … so it’s apparently the fault of men))

          Are reluctant men to blame for so many women being childless? Record numbers are never becoming mothers – and not by choice
          Are men to blame for so many women being childless, FEMAIL investigates
          Genevieve Smyth, left, a 45-year-old occupational therapist from South London, was brought up on the mantra of equality – and found herself childless. Lis McDermott, right, 63, from Swindon, a freelance photographer, was never tempted into giving up her comfortable lifestyle and career for a baby. And Melanie Whitehouse, centre, a 57-year-old author, blames her childlesslessness on never managing to find a suitable man. One in five women born in 1969 are childless today, compared to one in nine women born in 1942

  3. The best part is when the SWJ asks “I don’t understand.” No, you don’t. And if you ever read the rant, you still won’t understand. Because, Ideology.

    • Don’t need the power of landlord to get sex from a tenant:

      How it works
      It’s like Airbnb meets OkCupid
      benefits of product

      Search profiles from around the world and see who sparks your interest.
      benefits of product

      Send private messages to people who’ve accepted your friend request.
      benefits of product

      Stay together for a week (or more) and see where things go.


    • @advancedatheist: Batting for women, lets them get away with misbehaviour.
      And don’t forget:
      Women have been sent to jail … for extorting men, AFTER agreeing to give him sex in lieu of rent … then trying to blackmail him by threatening to tell his wife.
      washingtonpost.com > Metro > Crime » FOLLOW METRO ON: Mobile Newsletters & Alerts RSS Facebook Twitter
      2 women accused of extortion in Fairfax sex-for-rent case

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      By Tom Jackman
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Wednesday, August 18, 2010
      In these tough economic times, Fairfax County police say it’s not unheard of for a tenant to offer a landlord sexual favors in exchange for a month’s rent. But when the scheme extends to blackmailing the landlord by threatening to tell his wife, people get arrested.

      Fairfax police said that two 20-something women living in an apartment on Beekman Place, just off Route 1 near Fort Belvoir, called the landlord recently and informed him that they were unable to pay the rent. “The suspects suggested they would perform sexual acts in place of the rent,” according to an affidavit by Detective Mike Holland filed Tuesday in Fairfax Circuit Court.

      “The victim agreed,” said Holland, who investigates financial crimes.

      So the landlord went over to the apartment, in the Sacramento neighborhood, and was instructed to go into the bedroom and remove his clothing, which he did, Holland wrote.

      One woman “then did a slow dance while removing some of her clothing” and jumped on the bed, “straddling the victim.” The other woman came into the room and snatched the man’s clothes and cellphone, according to Holland. The landlord got up, found his clothes and phone and left.

      Next, police allege, the women called the landlord and told him that they had photos and video of the bedroom encounter. “Unless he gave them $500 per week and free rent,” Holland wrote, “they would give a copy of the DVD to his wife.” The women sent the landlord a photo of himself naked on the bed, according to Holland.

      The man went to the police, and last week Holland had him make a call to the tenants. In that call, one of the women boasted to the man that “several recording devices were used to capture the event” and that recordings were “stored on several electronic devices within her residence,” Holland wrote.

      But the woman made a new offer: If the man gave the women “$11,000 in cash, she would give him the recordings and go away,” according to the affidavit.

      No deal, the man said.

      On Tuesday morning, police raided the apartment, in the 8600 block of Beekman Place, and seized CDs, DVDs, a camcorder, a still camera and some marijuana, court records show. The women were arrested.

      Jessica Testin, 23, and Rachel Beloff, 26, were both charged with a felony threat to extort money, which carries a possible prison sentence of as much as 10 years. Officer Bud Walker, a Fairfax police spokesman, said that the women were California residents and that he did not know why they were living in southern Fairfax.

      “This is not the only occasion we have seen this,” Walker said of the sex-for-rent offer.

      However, he added, “I don’t know of any other cases where it involved extortion.”

      The women were being held in the Fairfax jail. Police declined to release their booking photos. The victim was not identified by police to protect his privacy.

    • Don’t need to be a landlord to get sex, look at the “sexual barter system”:
      Parlay44 Offline
      Innovative Casanova

      Posts: 6,445
      Joined: Aug 2011
      Reputation: 63
      Post: #1The sexual barter system
      I thought this thread was necessary because as a young player I missed out on some bangs because of my inexperience in this area.

      The concept is simple. You want sex from a girl and she needs some goods or services from you.

      Let me break it down a little.

      Men find women attractive 90% of time because of their looks. This is a given. Women find men attractive for a million reason. Looks is only one of them.

      I’ll throw together a basic list here.

      1. Looks
      2. Money
      3. The car you drive
      4. Access you have to drugs
      4. Access you have to events like clubs, concerts and private parties
      5. Service you can provide like car repair, computer repair, legal services etc.

      Feel free to extend the list.

      So since women have limited funds to go out and buy things there exists the sexual barter system.

      The problem is guys are too shy or modest to work it properly. Or they they put a woman on a pedestal like she’s special when in fact she’ll throw some pussy at a guy for free because he spit some game and made her laugh.

      So let me give you an example of how I use the sexual barter system.

      What I have to offer women(besides my good looks and charming personality) is my ability to fix computer problems, hack iPhones and video game systems(for their kids of course Wink)

      So I’ll be hanging out at a bar or a party with some friends and start talking to a woman. I’ll complement her on her choice of phone …iPhone of course. I’ll flip out my iPhone and show her some of the cool things you can do with a jailbroken iPhone. I tell her how if you jailbreak it then you can get all the games and apps for free as well as change all the colors of everything. She’s automatically amazed because she didn’t know things like that were possible. I follow up with, “Well give me a call and I’ll hook you up”. Then comes the obvious number exchange.

      Few weeks down the line you text her and see what she’s up to. Set up a casual drink date. Work her again on the phone thing. Follow up with “Come over for dinner one night next week. We can chill out and I’ll do your phone”. That’s the bait you throw out there to get her alone at your place.

      While she’s there you fill her full of drinks and have some dinner. She ends up forgetting about the phone altogether because she’s having a good time. You bang her out and maybe if you have time the next morning you hook up her phone. Done.

      I’ve done the same thing with laptops. “Ohh your computer crashed? I can recover all your files and pictures. Give me a call” Wink

      It may sound sleazy but hey sleazy works. The whole trick to it is to make her feel like you won’t gossip about banging her. Sex is a fun and casual thing people do like anything else.

      Drugs are the easy way. “Do you smoke? You and your girl should come by my place. I’ve got some shit that’ll knock you on your ass”.

      My friend used to do piercings at a tattoo shop. Endless stream of girls coming in to get pierced or buy jewelry. He’d make them come by after hours. 50 cents worth of free jewelry and a free piercing later he was banging them in the shop.

      Obviously when they stop putting out …you stop doing things for them.

      What else have you guys bartered for sex?

  4. I’ve just finished reading Justin J. Lehmiller’s college-level textbook, “The Psychology of Human Sexuality,” published in 2014.

    Just to show how sexologists refuse to understand the incel phenomenon, he says the following about it on p. 232:

    “Involuntary celibacy is a reality for some individuals when they lack access to a desired partner due to separation (e.g., military deployment), institutional restrictions (e.g., nursing homes may have rules that restrict sexual activity among patients), and other constraints (e.g., persons with physical and psychological disabilities may have caregivers who discourage or do not allow sex).”

    What about the healthy, able-bodied, free-range man who can’t attract women, regardless of what he does?

    By contrast, Lehmiller’s book has a whole chapter about paraphilias. If it turns you on to smell women’s feet or something comparably bizarre, you get more attention from sexologists than if you can’t get access to any part of a woman’s body short of hiring an escort.

    These human sexuality textbooks don’t even have the words “virgin” or “virginity” listed in the index.

    • You are paying money and wasting your time listening to these “educated” men that are telling you that you have no worth.

      Every regular/ugly man has to wrest what he can from a society that tries to treat him as a disposable cog.

      If you accept your fate … do not try to dissuade others who won’t.

    • I must ask how you ended up on a feminist blog in the first place.

      Regarding the ‘joke’ its not like the majority of women put out for most men anyways so the humor was lost on me. Roosh can’t ‘ruin’ men’s chances of getting laid since women are already following the 80/20 rule to begin with.

      Its not like Roosh’s views and articles were ever affecting why women were ignoring the vast majority of incel men.

      • haha, I spend far more time than I should at femmy and nazi blogs-and the similarities are striking. I don’t think hypergamy ™ as it is preached in the manosphere indicates what is really going on. I doubt Roosh could “ruin” men’s chances of getting laid as most “relationships” are transactional. Likely (if he does actually get laid) when Roosh gives one of his notches “cab fare home”-that is just plausible deniability for both sides in what was really a prostitute/customer interaction. Same thing when Matt Forney gives a philipina women money to “buy her aunt medicine.” While I could be mad at this particular feminist for showing an “untruth” she is only perpetuating an untruth that the manosphere has long tried to feed gullible men. In fact the humor was consistent within the “rules of Rooshieworld”-similar to if I went to a nazi blog and said Jack Donovan is ready for you guys, he’s been reading Roosh and he can overcome your “last minute resistance.”

        • “I don’t think hypergamy ™ as it is preached in the manosphere indicates what is really going on”.

          What do you think is really going on, then?

          ” I doubt Roosh could “ruin” men’s chances of getting laid as most “relationships” are transactional. Likely (if he does actually get laid) when Roosh gives one of his notches “cab fare home”-that is just plausible deniability for both sides in what was really a prostitute/customer interaction”.

          Yes, all women are prostitutes. Even women not in an romantic relationship with you feel entitled to a man paying their way.

          I remember this time when my own mother invited me out to a restaurant. When it came time to pay the bill she looked at me expectantly. “Do you want me to pay or what”? was the question? I shifted uncomfortably; I just started my new part time job back then (I was in high school) and was loathe to use any of my new money. She finally became very irate, almost disgusted and chewed me out for my indecisiveness and refusal to pay. Yes, my own mother. Whom invited ME out to a meal. In high school.

          I’m glad I missed my own prom as well. That’s no more than paying for a woman’s dream to play a princess for a night and on top of that they won’t even put out at the end.

        • I just started my new part time job back then (I was in high school) and was loathe to use any of my new money. She finally became very irate, almost disgusted and chewed me out for my indecisiveness and refusal to pay. Yes, my own mother. Whom invited ME out to a meal. In high school.

          That’s some prime bullshit right there. Common courtesy would dictate that the person who asks the other out pay, or at least offer to. Likewise, the invited person should be courteous too, and either pay a small portion or at the very least leave the tip. That your own mother did not is indicative of shitty, entitled behavior on her part. I’m sorry, Ergeniz. That sucks.

          I also did not go to my high school prom, though my parents came close to demanding I do so. I already was out of their house though, so what were they gonna do? Spent the night with my guy friends watching anime, playing Mariokart 64, and chowing down on pizza and chinese food. A far superior experience to what prom offered, to be sure. Who needs all that drama?

        • “https://stonerwithaboner.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/i-almost-got-hunted-by-a-cougar/”

          Read that awhile back.

          Are you saying that has something to do with your opinion on hypergamy, or is that just random linkage?

        • ” Common courtesy would dictate that the person who asks the other out pay, or at least offer to”.

          This is another reason why most females do not ask out males on dates. They know the onus would be upon them to pay for their own meal.

          “A far superior experience to what prom offered, to be sure. Who needs all that drama”?

          There is absolutely no good argument for a male to attend prom. All the reasons I’ve heard provided are things that one can do any other day and for far cheaper.

          Most men attend prom despite that under the misguided belief they will get sex at the end. However, this being just another transaction for sexual access then I wouldn’t see why one just wouldn’t pay a hooker instead. Far less hassle and you’re guaranteed to get what you paid for.

        • This is another reason why most females do not ask out males on dates. They know the onus would be upon them to pay for their own meal.

          Which is why the concept of both people paying (aka going dutch) should be used more. That way, the male isn’t thrust into an unnecessary provider role that may get him nowhere sexually, much less to another date. It is an archaic practice (that of males being wholly expected to ask females out, thus paying for the entire meal/date) that, if pursued by someone who is unlucky in the dating world, leads to numerous women reaping material benefits from one man.

          Compare this to going dutch, where the cost of the date can be evenly split between 2 sets of finances. Or, if preferred, the ratio of payment could reflect the financial situation of both parties. The lone date I went on a few years ago, I was very unsure of my date’s financial status, and so paid for the meal + tip. It turned out I didn’t need to, but I thought it the most polite thing to do, considering I gave the invitation. No offense intended, but your mother could stand to gain some manners, Ergeniz…

          Agreed regarding the prom topic.

    • Violence breeds more violence.

      Women are the ones who carry on the cycle of violence, women do not have the self awareness or the insight to stop the cycle.

      Female control of the family unit needs to end.

      Sadly manginas put female favoritism over the well being of kids.

      • Women pick the men with the psychopathic traits to breed with.

        Now, in a very real sense from those actions you can clearly say they proceed to originate or propagate a lot of the evil in the world …

  5. apparently Jimmy Kimmel of the Man Show fame is now trying to make fun of ROK by conflating them with M(h)RA’s. How could he conflate them with the M(h)RA’s from AVfM, it’s not like Paulie boi Elam has articles saying how gr8 Rooshie Poops is at his site, oh, wait….

    • LOL! That Fallon video literally made me laugh out loud. He should have skipped the bench pressing part, though. Manospherians/delusional “red pillers” tend to overweight slobs. Roosh is the rare exception.

      ROK is definitely not a men’s right site, it’s loser central 😛 I find guys who are actually serious about a men’s right movement get really pissed whenever Roosh gets involved and is somehow seen as the “face” of it. The guy once thought having stinky pits was turning on women lol.

        • Elam is a slimy politician-he sticks his finger in the air and says okay, my supporters love roosh/fartiste-let’s show our support. Then he see’s oh, “Those terrible men at omegavirginrevolt were right.” Then he says game is for snake oil salesmen-what has been said here for years. I don’t blame Jimmy Kimmel for the mix up. AVfM DID feature Roosh. Roosh has made fun of MRA’s for years. It was stupid for Elam to put that on his site but he did. He has also associated with the likes of Aurini. Is he gonna finally say White Nationalist’s are NOT MRA’s? People at this very sight tried to point that out to him and all Darth Elam could do was throw insults like a school yard bully. He is essentially a male feminist who occassionally says bitch and cunt.

        • This is similar to AVFM’s debacle with Matt Forney. At least in that case, they didn’t know that Ferdinand Bardamu was a sock puppet of Matt Forney at the time so when they supported Bardarmu, AVFM legitimately didn’t know that they were supporting someone who was attacking them. With Roosh it’s just a theater of the absurd (and stupid).

      • Mitchel,

        if you look at this in the guise of ‘men’s rights”-this is awful. But if you look at this like “pro-wrestling”-this is gold. Neither of these two “men” care about helping anyone but their own wallets whilst providing worse than no value (negative value.) They just want to create drama. They have no solutions (I don’t either) but the scam is that they both purport to help men when all they do is take.

    • joke, what do you call it when a washed up, graybeard pua who is too old to sarge anymore meets a republican feminist womyn who divorced her husband because he wasn’t “alpha” enough and she wanted to prove that she is a fierce, indapandant ™ type and keep him from seeing his kids…


      love at first bite…

      yuck, neither of them will ever be the voice of this man….

        • Just like a true feminist to be attracted to abusive men-she probably reads 50 shades…

          I saw the comments-oh he’s a threat because men can use his advice to get laid w/o paying. Then she says so what if he doesn’t get laid, you hate him because x,y,zed (gotta say zed otherwise you are disrespecting those crazy Cannucks.) She switched goal posts-she is just a feminist that votes republican’t-remember she compared herself to Anne the Manne Coul-i-ayh.

        • the real reason people can’t sand her or roosh is because they are both willing to throw low status men under the bus. Has either ofthem ever talked about decriminalizaion of drugs? That is something that would get thousands upon thousands of non-violent offenders released from prison. That’s real men’s rights.

  6. I’ve discovered an interesting way to troll women, especially on Facebook. Just post something where you question whether women have any business having orgasms. That seems to upset women for some reason, even though women do just fine without ever experiencing an orgasm.

    • Women seem to have more orgasms with rich men,
      then like to say
      “Women don’t care about money”.

      As I said,
      women are the biggest hypocrites and superficial individuals:
      Just look at the guy she’s with, in Britain, in over 90+% of couples …
      the man is taller than the woman.

    • Just post something where you question whether women have any business having orgasms. That seems to upset women for some reason, even though women do just fine without ever experiencing an orgasm.

      A strange assertion for trolling, AA.
      Do you mean orgasms during sex given by her partner, orgasms during sex given by her own hand/toy, or orgasms had during masturbating? I’d readily agree that a male or female isn’t 100% responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of their partner (though it is a very good idea) but self-created orgasms are another topic altogether.

      I may be incorrect regarding other people, but can honest say I’d be in a lot of daily pain and have loads of both physical and mental frustration if I couldn’t orgasm. I don’t consider that “just fine”, but if it’s someone with either a dead or nearly nonexistent libido…Eh, you might be right. Perhaps they do fine, or somehow don’t care.

      Also…why bother with Facebook at all?
      It’s a giant “look at me, I’m special!” site for the most part. I only use it to post funny memes, ha ha.

      • Many women claim they needed vibrators, an invention not even 150 years old, to have their first orgasms. For some reason people don’t see the weirdness of this fact. Why would these women need a piece of technology from the late Victorian era to experience an allegedly “natural” physiological response? Instead they have to become temporary cyborgs with their Hitachi wands or whatever they use. Apparently if these and similar women lived in a world without vibrators, they would have spent their whole lives without ever coming.

        • remember in a sane society, this “man” along with Warmachine would be behind bars for being a predator…

          but in this society, a low status man like myself is viewed as subhuman whereas the shysters are exalted…

        • Many women claim they needed vibrators, an invention not even 150 years old, to have their first orgasms. For some reason people don’t see the weirdness of this fact.

          No, that *is* weird. Stupid, even, if you think about it logically as some of us obviously have. It also doesn’t make much sense for another reason…11-13 is the rough age for female puberty to hit. Sometimes even earlier, like age 9 or 10. Are these women really trying to say they went through all these hormonal stresses/changes for that many years, and *never* came before being old enough (17+) to get into a sex toy shop? Really? I find that almost impossible to believe. Hands work just as well for women as they do for men, in my experience. Maybe that’s untrue if there’s a legitimate medical problem, I’ll grant that. But one would think that should only encompass a minority of the population.

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