43 comments on “Why Does AVFM Spend So Much Time On Roosh?

  1. Roosh’s ‘neomasculinity’ (stop laughing at the back) is pretty suitable for AVFM to claim as a replacement for the loser MGTOW movement (that won’t bend a knee and a credit card to AVFM).

    But AVFM can’t publicly be too close to Roosh while he keeps sticking his foot in the shit with his mountains of PUA material sitting there ready to be quote mined. As shown on the BBC.

    So AVFM needs to play a bit of push-pull for the sake of their own interests. Roosh just gets more exposure, so I doubt that he much cares right now.

    • I said MGTOW movement for want of a better word. ‘The loose coalition of Men Going Their Own Way’, maybe? MGTOW Band of Brothers sounds pretty good, might be pushing it a bit at times though 😉

  2. Karen is supporting Roosh/PUA. See how this crazy bitch contradicts herself.

    Also RBK explained to her why PUA’s suck and the message hasn’t sunk in. PUA’s are anti male, so they are not allies. One of the mistakes we made in the past was allying with any old nut jobs. Why do MRA’s refuse to learn from their mistakes?

    Anyway here is a copy and paste from karens lhangout video with roosh.

    karen straughan 1 day ago
    +alex brown you stupid fucking cunt. It doesn’t matter whether he’s cracked the code or not, the mainstream hates him and calls him a rapist because they believe he has.
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    alex brown 1 day ago
    +karen straughan you just claimed he has cracked the code idiot.

    Who cares if he is hated? You have just committed the Galileo fallacy.

    You are trying to move the goalposts.

    Roosh is a sex tourist. If game works why would he go to poorer countries to get sex?

    You are promoting some who has wasted the time and money of countless men.
    Read more
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    Scott Bieser 1 day ago
    +alex brown I don’t think calling someone a stupid fucking cunt is how you get pussy, either. I could be wrong, though.
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    alex brown 1 day ago
    +Scott Bieser Are you projecting your own thirst onto me? This conversation is not about me trying to get laid, why the derailment by bringing it up?
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    karen straughan 1 day ago
    +alex brown How have I committed the Galileo fallacy?

    I explained why the mainstream hates him. Do they hate him for some other reason other than that he manages to get laid a lot without ever offering a woman a relationship? Perhaps he doesn’t wipe his shoes on the mat when he comes in? Or maybe he sleeps with his socks on? Are you going to tell me that the mainstream hates him for some other reason than that he bangs women on brief acquaintance and writes about it?

    How does his being a sex tourist as you claim differ from him cracking the code of getting pussy? Obviously, he’s getting pussy (even if he had to go abroad to do it), and obviously he’s not giving the women he has sex with what society feels he should in return.

    Tell me why society hates him, and PUAs, if not because they get laid, or claim to get laid, without providing “proper” value and compensation to women in return?
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    • Karen missteped here by claiming that they hate him because “he manages to get laid a lot” without offerig resources. He’s a sex-tourist selling a bogus method that had been shown time and again to be mostly bullshit.

      But the salient thing is that the BP world with-hunts him because he claims that there is such a way, that this way works because women are shallow and silly, and that it’s perfectly ok for a man to do this. In their world, an ordinary non-elite man who has sex without exchanging a lifetime’s commitment and labour for it is a rapist.

      • claiming that they hate him because “he manages to get laid a lot” without offerig resources

        And the truth is that Roosh doesn’t get laid a lot or at all. Roosh admits that he doesn’t get laid in his blog and books.

  3. Here is another red flag to look for when dealing with men online. If they are obsessed with the level of attractiveness of western women, that means they have no interest in men’s rights, and are not even worried about unfair divorce laws. Roosh V bangs on about fat girls, but what has that got to do with human rights?

    To be honest I have seen tall attractive men settle down with fat girls, that means Roosh V’s fat shaming is pointless because it means nothing The average fat girl has a sexual market place value far higher than 95% of men. It also makes anyone associated with the fat shaming look like a clown.

    Fuck AVFM for engaging with this idiot.

    • I don’t know what Utopia you live in, but every place I’ve ever lived, fat girls had next to zero value, other than a short duration of few hours worth for a pump and dump, and even then the value was still low and plummeted immediately after orgasm.

      • Tamerlame and I live in western-anglo society. Here men are so desperate that, even after acquiring wealth and status, will still consider settling for, and even marrying a fat anglo cunt.

        And if there isn’t one man that will do it, there will be plenty more that will.

        Black Pill posted an article on a woman who was so obese she could barely move. She has been married twice (one of the husbands actually came back) and runs a porn website (featuring herself). Another article covered how a 50+ year old grandmother (and ugly one) got hundreds of casual sex partners over the course of a few months. Yet another covered a woman who lost two limbs and was able to find a mate.

        We also mustn’t forget Lorena Bobbitt who cut off her husband’s penis and was soon married to another man afterwards. Finally, it boggles how many openly man-hating feminists are able to easily get married and conceive children.

        Women’s amount of power in the sexual marketplace is overwhelming. Fat, ugly, abusive, whatever. Any woman can easily find a man.

        • No offense, Ergeniz, but I live in Western-Anglo society as well, and I’ll grant you I’ve seen some cases where I scratch my head and wonder how the hell such and such couple got together, and why the man puts up with her bullshit, but, overall, low value women don’t have as much power, overall, as you think they do. The exceptions just attract your attention, because they stand out so.

          Now I’ve lived in two big cities in Texas, a couple of places in Southern California, Albuquerque in NM, and Phoenix, AZ, so I guess I’ve mostly been a South-Western resident of the US and every place I’ve lived fat, dumpy or plain women don’t have it as great as you think. They’re always pissed, because no one looks at them, no one asks them out, and they have no hope. I will agree that a cute or better girl has the world handed to her on a plate, but the lot of the undesirable women is probably even worse, emotionally speaking, than a sexless man. Still, no reason to argue with you over it, I’m just relating my observations. Your mileage may vary.

  4. I predict that AVFM will soon branch into anti cultural marxism. The cultural Marxism conspiracy theory is very popular with right wingers.

    Anyone who bangs on about Cultural Marxism always tends to be an anti male mental defect of some sort.

  5. to me, AVFM is like a tradcon haven.

    their goals align with PUA just enough to force more gullible men into the frivorce meat grinder. after all, if men don’t “man up and marry those sluts” they’re all out of money, and their tender little egos get bruised.

  6. Seems like it was all fun and games until Roosh was incorrectly lumped into the men’s right movement. I think Elam was just trying to piggyback off Roosh’s publicity for Dr. Oz and his Canadian tours and now is pissed that the media thinks Roosh is the head of this and not him lol. I did see a tweet a while back where Elam bashed Forney and I thought it was pretty funny lol.

  7. judgy b*tch is an absolute lunatic….

    (must be something in the water in Canada, these broads almost make US womyn seem reasonable.)


    absolutely NO talk about his desire to INCREASE the surveillance state….

    absolutely NO talk about his misandry (and aren’t M(h)RA’s supposed to cry misandry, misandry the way femmies cry misogyny)

  8. I was actually pretty impressed with what Elam said on his latest podcast. It was the first time I ever listened to him. I initially wrote him off once I found out of his backing of Roosh. What’s weird about the whole “Roosh controversy” is that Elam seems to be VERY against “game” and PUA’s in general according to his last podcast. It makes me wonder why he ever stood behind Roosh to begin with? It’ll be interesting to see what they talk about next week.

    • You realize what people say doesn’t align with what they believe? The fact Paul is all over the place is even more damning. Paul doesn’t believe in anything, he is a moron.

      AVFM had a great start, but Paul flushed it down the toilet, he was too impulsive to be a good leader.

      I remember when Black Pill posted about the mistakes Paul was making in have white nationalist links on his website, instead of thanking him and correcting his mistake he threw a hissy fit.

      • I’m not familiar with AVfM at all, but did Paul make the mistake of trying to be too “mainstream” and appeal to everyone?

        In that podcast I listened to it seemed like he was totally opposed to everything Roosh stands for yet was backing him up until recently. What Elam recently said about “game” sounded good but maybe he’s just saying what people want to hear?

        • In reference to what tamerlane mentioned above…


          he is an authoritarian bully and a scammer, notice how he begs for donations but doesn’t have the transparency of a non-profit…

          “did Paul make the mistake of trying to be too “mainstream” …

          quite frankly he could’ve been more mainstream if he didn’t pick fights with feminists and advocated for reform of drug laws. Just like how same sex marriage was legalized, marijuana is being legalized for medical use in many states. He could’ve fought for decriminalization of drugs-thus getting non violent offenders released. And since there are FAR MORE men in prison, that is a men’s rights issue. (Others here will likely disagree with me on this view and this view is mine alone.)

  9. I called it like I saw it…


    then fariste stole my idea…


    the cock gobbler of the alt-reich should pay me royalties….


    and the proof is in the pudding, if a half breed like me is two steps ahead, doesn’t it prove Clarence in Baltimore’s beloved psuedoscience/religion of HBD to be utter bullshit????

  10. What is a “conspiracy theory?” It seems to me like that word is just used by a certain group as an epithet, like “racist” or “sexist” it has no real definition.

    All that link proves is that the Frankfurt School members disagreed with one another. Stalin and Trotsky had disagreements, murderous ones, but it doesn’t mean they weren’t both communists. That link does nothing to disprove the main points:

    1. The Frankfurt School members were marxists.
    2. They were also mostly of one ethnic group.
    3. Their ideas were the origin of “critical theory.”
    4. “Critical theory” is the academic lynchpin of political correctness and modern academic liberalism.

    None of this constitutes a “conspiracy,” it was all readily admitted by it’s participants. Modern liberals deny the word because they want to deny their association with marxism, but if you actually read what they write about their movements, such as this page of Wikipedia, it is clear that all four points are true:


    • What is a “conspiracy theory?” It seems to me like that word is just used by a certain group as an epithet, like “racist” or “sexist” it has no real definition.

      If being called a conspiracy theorist hurts your poor little feelings, I will call you a turd instead.

      All that link proves is that the Frankfurt School members disagreed with one another. Stalin and Trotsky had disagreements, murderous ones, but it doesn’t mean they weren’t both communists. That link does nothing to disprove the main points:

      Since you admit they disagreed with one another, you can’t say that they had a bunch of things in common.

      I noticed that you didn’t address the main part which is that the link proves that the Frankfurt School was anti-feminist to the point where feminists were trying to disrupt and shut down their lectures. I know you’re hurt that we proved that the Frankfurt School has nothing to do with feminism.

      • have you notice he fixates on irreverent points and offers no proof of a massive cultural Marxist conspiracy theory? He debates in the same way as feminists who talk about the patriarchy.

        • A common way of deflecting arguments based on logic and irrefutable facts when the person in question has none.

          Other common tactics include using red herrings or ad hominems to sidetrack the debate as they otherwise have no foundation to stand on. Talking to women and these types is a waste of time.

  11. That’s nothing new. AVFM had a love/hate relationship with MGTOW for years. One article praising them as the most logical response to a feminist system, by withdrawing your participation from it, then a week or two later, an article knocking MGTOW as mama’s boys who can’t act like men. Rinse and repeat, over and over. All in an attempt to get bodies and donations for AVFM. Eventually they realized MGTOW didn’t really give a crap about what AVFM said about them, so the MRA’s over there are just pissed over it. I used to read AVFM, until they started allowing women a role which determined what men could say, or not. Now, AVFM is just working that same angle with PUA now.

  12. OT : I am now almost certain that the entire ‘Kate Minter’ episode was just a sockpuppet by Mark Minter.

    When he appears to be two different people at Heartiste, he often forgets to change his name back, resulting in ‘Kate Minter’ saying “Aw…..snukems” to ‘Kate Minter’. This has happened a number of times.

    Mark Minter just did that as a clumsy way to get White Nationalists inspired to wife up some washed up old white chick. Create a phony example and expect others to follow it. Since they are ‘husband and wife’ that explains why both names come from the same IP address.

    This is how Mark Minter thinks he can dupe more white men to be white nationalists.

    Unless someone can provide proof (like Facebook accounts for both with pictures of the both of them, with comments and ‘likes’ from many others), I am certain that ‘Kate Minter’ is just an elaborate sockpuppet of Mark Minter.

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