White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists Are Con Artists

All of the major personalities (and minor personalities) in the manuresphere are incapable of holding down jobs.  This is why they try to sell books and other media about game.  They don’t have the ability to produce anything of value.

It’s not just the manuresphere either.  Men with similar beliefs have the same problem.  Take Angelo John Gage, a white vagina worshiping nationalist, who Barbarossa talked about due to his emotional female like rant where he blamed MGTOW for the New Year’s Eve rapes in Germany (which we don’t even know if they happened).  I did a search on Gage and found out that what he does for a living is “teach” NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and hypnosis. He also is a “life coach”.  NLP was a predecessor to game, and it’s a scam in its own right.  Life coaching is also a scam.  In other words, Gage is a con artist just like the major personalities of the manuresphere.

It’s not a coincidence that Gage is a con artist.  Any man who starts buying into manuresphere ideology or one of its components like white vagina worshiping nationalism is going to have trouble with gainful productive employment or running their own business.  All that is left for them is to become a con artist trying to sell game (or something related like NLP).

The same thing was true with white vagina worshiping nationalists before they discovered game.  The redemption conspiracy theory is a conspiracy theory where there was a secret account of $630,000 which you could access if you signed the right government forms. This conspiracy theory was created by Roger Elvick, a white vagina worshiping nationalist, who used the conspiracy theory to defraud other white vagina worshiping nationalists.  Elvick ended up in jail but lots of white vagina worshiping nationalists STILL believe that the redemption conspiracy theory isn’t a scam.

This just proves that white vagina worshiping nationalists (including the manuresphre) are all con artists by definition.  They hate MGTOW because MGTOW will never fall for their scams.



55 thoughts on “White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists Are Con Artists

  1. Reminds me of the post you did called. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    White nationalists are worse than feminists, they are the ones who enable females the most.

      • The term sex attack is a deliberately obfuscatory term, Gropings, rapes and just plain old robbery are getting conflated together.

        Even if some women are getting raped so what? What are anti feminists using the term rape culture suddenly? Rape is a very rare crime, even if Muslims where raping at 2000% of the rate of white men, it would still be a very rare crime.

        Also men are reportedly getting robbed and beaten as well, but this gynocenteric society is losing it’s mind over the plight of women.

    • @C. Hen:

      “You’re living in denial if you don;t think the attack in Cologne […] are real”

      Vids or didn’t happen.

      “status seeking”

      Never happened, too.

      “look to the future”

      Which certainly won’t get better if one follows your suggestion to shut his mouth and buy into bullshit society like you do.

  2. A healthy traditionalist society would look out for its incels’ interests better than our dysfunctional feminist one. At least more of the nerds could find wives before these women damage themselves through their premarital sexual adventures with “fun” but otherwise useless men.

    • Just give it up.

      Traditional society never looked out for incel men.

      Society paired men and women off for the benefit of women. Now that men are not directly needed society is not going to do shit to facilitate hook men and women up. In fact society gives women incentives to discard men.

  3. it’s pretty creepy, because someone here said we should check out Shield Wife….

    now shield wife is defending nazi boi…

    “TradCon means traditional conservative, it’s a derogatory term for somebody who believes in old fashioned gender roles, like men being providers and protectors while women are housewives. Many MGTOW’s foolishly believe in equality between the sexes and think that traditional gender roles are oppressive to men, that the house wives laze about and men work like slaves to provide for them. A strange mirror image of feminists.”

    • “Many MGTOW’s foolishly believe in equality between the sexes and think that traditional gender roles are oppressive to men, that the house wives laze about and men work like slaves to provide for them. A strange mirror image of feminists.”

      Nothing foolish about it.

      That is exactly what it is. How its a ‘mirror image of feminists’ I’ve no idea. More female projection no doubt.

      • “That is exactly what it is. How its a ‘mirror image of feminists’ I’ve no idea. More female projection no doubt.”

        Simple. Feminism is about pathologizing normal human behavior by saying it oppresses women. These MGTOWs are all about pathologizing normal human behavior by saying it oppresses men. Mirror image, and in both cases it serves Jewish interests. I support the MGTOW movement but I think it needs to root out a certain subversives subset.

        • This has nothing to do with the Jews. That’s simply an excuse to take responsibility off of women.

          When a woman says that she being able to stay home, take care of the children and the burden of provision and many other responsibilities is placed on the man that is somehow ‘oppression’. ‘Oppression’ in that men go to war and get killed, while the female sits safe at home away from danger. We all know that to be lie coming from one that has privilege and none of the responsibility.

          When a man says that laws keep him from seeing his children, force males collectively to support women and their bastards through taxation, sign up for the Selective Service, vilified in the media and many, many other things that is simply the truth.

          There is no mirror image, since one group is being honest and the other is not. Furthermore that one group is catered to by society to the extreme.

    • She kept on parroting the line in one of those recent vidz of his or ramzpaul’s that we should help those women getting raped because… its not right for them to get raped. No shit lady, welcome to Real Life. I’m not going to risk my life to help someone I don’t know from getting raped.

      Good luck being a strong, independent woman.

  4. alright, I’ve known Marines who have told me that even though it is not allowed, that many guys hook up w/ prostitutes in places like Thailand and the Philipines. In fact one guy told me that he hooked up with a broad that looked like a model for $20 and afterwords when he took her to McDonalds she said that was the nicest a guy ever treated her.

    Why the following article is relevant is because WN’s like Andrew Anglin and Matt Forney have gone to SE Asia for (likely) sex tourism. It would be one thing if they were “multicultural” guys who found Asian women beautiful, but more likely it is not being able to afford the services of white women (or even women at all.)

    Now this Angel John Gage character is purportedly a military man so he also may have partaken in prostitution. I wouldn’t particulary shame someone who visits prostitutes. However the hypocrisy of WN’s going to SE Asia and then calling MGTOW’s sexless losers all while saying that white womyn are the greatest thing since sliced bread, well they need to be called out on that…

    In fact many of the prostitutes aren’t even female…


    again, the hypcorisy of calling MGTOW’s perma virgins who eat cheetos and masturbate in their mom’s basements is astounding…

    • John Gay has a new one up…

      I couldn’t get through his male feminist ramblings but he got one thing right WN and MGTOW should be two very separate things….

      also mens rights and wn should be two separate things but of course Shield
      Pig’s presence in the comments suggest otherwise. I can’t say this enough, but I hope Paul Elam’s bullshit AVfM fails and fails fast. They are worse than feminist’s and even wn’s because as awful as feminists and wn’s are, there is a level of hypocrisy they aren’t willing to cross…

      oh, yeah, pretty disgusted with the modern group of “men” calling themselves MGTOW and want nothing to do with them either…

  5. Speaking of affinity scams. Eliezer Yudkowsky has a good one going here:

    Think about what this article really says. When Yudkowsky ran up against opposition to his AI doomsday protection scam, he doubled down by saying that the skeptics thought irrationally, instead of admitting that his ideas have failed the test of critical thinking. So he created a second scam to promote what he calls “applied rationality” to indoctrinate Silicon Valley nerds into his world-saving ideology.

    • Yudkowsky’s enthusiasm for polyamory also signals something bad about him. A lot of guys who come up with world-saving philosophies/scams also manage to build harems and rationalize the extra women in their beds as a good thing. We often call these guys “cult leaders.”

  6. As anyone can see it’s all massive amounts of misandry and shaming language with some racial rhetoric thrown in. The misandry inherent in White Nationalism goes deeper than on the internet. Where did the false rape industry start? It wasn’t with feminists. The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) had their own version of the false rape industry white women would make false accusations of black men. Drop the racial terms and it’s no different the the current feminist false rape industry. Take a look at what happened during the Rosewood Massacre. A woman lies about being beaten and raped and a random black man living in Rosewood gets lynched. Then a massive battle between white men and black men happened where at least several men got killed. Multiple men died all because a woman lied about rape, but the Rosewood Massacre is not properly recognized as being part of the false rape industry because race was involved.

    The misandry in White Nationalism goes even farther than just incidents like the Rosewood Massacre. The KKK had a corresponding group for women called the Women’s KKK or WKKK. The WKKK is very similar to feminism both in action and language. (Read the link for documentation of the similarities.) All you have to do is drop the words white and black from WKKK language, and you end up with feminist language.

    We have to remember that misandry is the central problem facing all men today. That’s true regardless of what race a man is. Men of all races have a great deal in common. White Nationalism tries to hide that fact effectively acting as a vehicle for the promotion of misandry to benefit (white) women. White Nationalism and other racist ideologies are misandarist and benefit no man.

    White nationalists are manginas. Their constant whining and finger pointing while yakking on and on about the “white race” is not only stale its just plain boring. Here’s an idea hold your stinking ass pink women, and the Eurocentric government/bankers that fund misandry, responsible for something once in awhile.

    • “We have to remember that misandry is the central problem facing all men today. That’s true regardless of what race a man is.”

      Nonsense. Take the Arabs who did the crimes in Cologne. What problem do they have with misandry? Their women are under their control. And what about the Jews? You reveal your ignorance when you say the government and bankers are “Eurocentric.” I’ll just say they don’t say “next year in Vienna….”

      It is true, though, that men of many races have a common enemy. White men, Black men, Hispanic men, native American men, all have a common enemy in the twin evils of Judaism and freemasonry.

      • “Nonsense. Take the Arabs who did the crimes in Cologne. What problem do they have with misandry? Their women are under their control”.

        Don’t be so sure of that. I’ve seen accounts describing how arab males are rather submissive and obedient to their mothers; the women of the family tend to control and manipulate the children. Especially when you consider the woman is at home constantly while the men tend to work themselves into an early grave. Apparently, man Arab men cease to separate from their mother’s rule even if they leave the home.

        It reminds me of the tradcon women we have here who speak of submission and serving men as a means to get them to accept the slavery that is marriage. Its merely another a soft way of control to get the man to think he’s in charge while in reality he is a servant.

        In the Middle East, men still die the most in crimes, wars, work-related deaths, punishments. Its men who are still pushed out to work and provide while the women stay safe. There’s no doubt the females are still getting the better part of that deal.

        • Anyone who claims women are under the thumb of their men in the middle east is chatting shit. Anyone who claims that is most likely a mangina.

          If you have any real life experience with Arab women you know that they are in charge.

      • Suppose Arab men could get away with “oppressing their women”, this would be most likely because of the fact that the children of an Arab woman going rogue and getting knocked up by an Euro guy wouldn’t be seen as “White” by WNs, while Arab men do not have any problem with people that have Euro mothers. If one side can ‘recruit’ and the other can’t, things are more or less settled…

    • darth elam is trying to get into the pua market himself…

      I couldn’t keep listening, but it was funny when he shamed men for their weight, obviously a shot at mr. fraudtrelle, however, it sounds like more feminist shaming…

      paulie boi is a first class piece of shit…

      • Paul has to get into the PUA market, because he no longer has anything to offer.

        I think Paul is just straight up incompetent, and is mixing and matching his strategies.

        I give credit to AVFM for raising awareness and helping me wake up, but AVFM has been contradicting themselves for the past 2 years, I hope they crash and burn.

    • “According to a lot of scientific reports that are not talked about in the mainstream media since its “politically incorrect”, racial characteristics unique to white people, like red and blonde hair and green/blue eyes, are becoming rarer and rarer to see in our society because of govrements and mainstream music/film media pushing of multiculturalism…”

      these fuckers are scientifically illiterate….


      also look at how many prominent WN’s aren’t even “aryan”–Jack Donovan and John Gage look Scicilian/Medditeranean to me. Where I grew up, they would be referred to as “whops” and “daygos.” It’s funny when they talk about the white race because where I grew up, they would be looked upon as bad as “dirty spics.” It’s funny when they talk about the “white race” because to a real supremacist, they ain’t even white….

      what all this is is a “call to action” for WN’s-our pwecious white womyn….

      it’s funny because there is some John Gage video where he is whining that his sister married a non-white guy. hahahaha, more vyctyms of miscegenation like me.

      • lol I’m gonna laugh if any of these WNs (like Angelo) ever get divorced and taken to the cleaners. But being the maginas they are, they’ll never see the nature of bitches (especially white bitches).

        And to think (being non-white) I used to be attracted to white broads and even considered marrying one. Thank God I dodged a bullet.

        • my mommy is a white broad. She’s also a feminist. When I was a little kid, I was her punching bag. It’s funny because when I turned 13 or so she stopped hitting me. When I asked why, she said it was because I was now bigger than her and she didn’t want to get hit back. So much for equality. But it is funny to bring that one up when someone cries violynce against womyn. They don’t give one flying fuck about me….

        • “lol I’m gonna laugh if any of these WNs (like Angelo) ever get divorced and taken to the cleaners. But being the maginas they are, they’ll never see the nature of bitches (especially white bitches)”.

          No, they’ll never see the forest for the trees. They’re too busy getting angry at the perceived thought of some brown man ‘stealing’ one of their white goddesses.

          And Black Nationalists are even worse. I can’t tell you how many black women I used to see when I was younger that would turn down suitors from other races simply because they couldn’t get over their rampant racism. Black women will always complain about how black men are worthless, deadbeats and can’t “man up”. The implication there being they would rather make families with thugs and criminals than with a responsible person outside the race.

          So I asked my mother, “If black men are so irresponsible why didn’t you marry or date one of the other races of men that were attracted to you”?

          I received no answer for that. All these people make me sick.

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