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  1. The cultural Marxist meme is polluting men spaces online, it has infected intelligent thinkers and led them down the wrong path. Bar Bar used to believe in cultural Marxism and Conspiracy theory when he was younger, but he was open minded enough to drop the bullshit idea.

    Ocam’s razor should apply here. Female nature is more than enough to explain feminism/gynocenterism, an extra explanation is not necessary.

    Also the term Cultural Marxism is vague and nebulous the terminology keeps on shifting, often by the same person, as he tries to rationalize his bullshit belief system.

    There is no such thing as the feminist version of the patriarchy, it is a conspiracy theory.

    There is no such thing as the right win version of cultural Marxism, it is a conspiracy theory.

  2. it’s funny how many prominent manurespherians like jack donovan and milo y are homosexuals. They will advocate for separation by race (hbd) and other things but act as if it is “homophobia” if a low status straight man wants nothing to do with them. It’s similar to liberal feminists and white womyn-white womyn can do no wrong…

    of course it couldn’t be because of things like this….


    • “it’s funny how many prominent manurespherians like jack donovan and milo y are homosexuals.”

      A great many “manospherians”, “alt-righters” and “politically incorrect” folks are basically just anti-Islam liberals. And the majority of /pol/ is either gay or bisexual and into “shemales” and “traps”.

      The media wants us to believe that many so-called “right-wingers” are actually extremely anti-feminist and just pretend to care about “women’s rights” to justify their Islamophobia. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Most of them don’t just pretend to be feminist white knights, they ARE feminist white knights.

      Now, personally I also don’t believe that Islam can solve the problem of feminism and offer men a healthy alternative, but that anti-Islam feminism of so-called “right wingers” is still disgusting.

      And I think it will only get worse from now on, because the right-wing ghetto is about to be gentrified by homosexuals such as Milo now. And once a former ghetto has been gentrified by posh homosexuals, the hip young women move in next. On twitter there already are a good deal of “alt-right” females who bath in the attention from thirsty white knights who want to protect them against brown people’s evil “rape culture”.

        • This isn’t the kind of thing someone who is “pro-male” would say…


          Granted, Milo is FAR less awful than Don-0-van. However, he ain’t a voice for men and neither is Elam. If I am going to be critical of Elam (and I have been) it would be dishonest of me not to be critical of Milo Y when he portrays himself in a “populist” manner but so detests low status men…

          I’ve logged far more hours playing video games than he has and I don’t even consider myself a gamer but I’ll be damned if he and Judgy Bitch are said to be “on my side”just because they said one or two nasty things about feminist’s when they most clearly ARE NOT on my side.

        • The thing to remember about Milo is that he was a plain old tradcon (his homosexuality not withstanding) until he saw which way the wind was blowing when Gamergate started. I’m willing to treat him as a useful idiot, but that is as far as it goes.

        • My opinion is “useful idiots” like Milo and Judgy Bitch do more harm than good. Better to say “I don’t stand for this, even if they fling poo at someone I don’t like” rather than “Okay for now.” An example is how AVfM will constantly be associated with Roosh when they had ample opportunity to separate from him.

  3. The strange thing is, that people such as Adorno were so elitist in a way, so “bourgeoise” and so culturally pessimist, that they have been labelled “reactionaries” by fellow leftists.

    And Adorno’s and Horkheimer’s commentary on the “Kulturindustrie”, the cultural industry, was heavily complimented by German right-wingers such as Jürgen Gansel from the German far-far-right party NPD.

    And intellectual right-wingers see socialists who are in the tradition of Adorno as potential allies. You find a lot of them in “National Bolshevist” circles who tried to get a combination of fascism, Christianity and communism for 70 years now. Or in “Querfront” circles, who mix left-wing with right-wing ideas.

    I guess it was Anders Breivik who really got taht meme started. 4chan culture is obsessed with mass-murderers anyway. And Breivik was the one who talked a lot about “cultural marxism”.

      • “Are there any interesting books by the cultural Marxist’s?”

        I guess the “Dialectic of Enlightenment” (including the chapter on the “culture industry”) and the so-called “Positivismusstreit”, i.e. all these articles in which authors of the Frankfurt School tried to defend themselves against the heavy criticism from “Critical Rationalism” philosophers such as Karl Popper or Hans Albert, are kinda interesting.

        Which reminds me, even former Pope Benedict, Josef Ratzinger, once quoted Adorno in one of his encylicals. With something about how there hasn’t been any kind of actual “progress” in human history yet; only the “progress” from the sling to the atom bomb.

        Which is a good example of how weird it is that all these right-wingers hate the Frankfurt School of all things. Or: Adorno even wrote things such as
        “The aim of jazz is the mechanical reproduction of a regressive moment, a castration symbolism. ‘Give up your masculinity, let yourself be castrated,’ the eunuchlike sound of the jazz band both mocks and proclaims, ‘and you will be rewarded, accepted into a fraternity which shares the mystery of impotence with you, a mystery revealed at the moment of the initiation rite.”

        Evil Jazz music, mechanical, castration, masculinity, eunuchlike, impotence…
        That’s the vocabulary of “neo-masculinity”…

        Anyways. Personally (neither a “right-winger” not a “cultural marxist”) I also don’t think that they are still that influential. Here (in Germany, I even live in Frankfurt) the reason why I had to read Adorno was because he also composed a little and wrote A LOT about classical music, about Richard Wagner and Gustav Mahler and Schönberg, etc. Guess it would have been better if he had only written about the opera and kept quiet about the rest…

        But: if you look at modern “liberals” and modern “leftists”, they don’t even talk about the “petite bourgeoise” or the “working class” anymore, they don’t even use that vocabulary anymore. And when people talk about “socialism” these days, they just argue for or against higher taxes.

        For “old-school” leftists, Jews were scapegoats for economical failure. That’s why they said that “anti-semitism is the socialism of the fools”. And today, men are the scapegoats. Males are the modern Jews. All these feminists, they don’t really care much about the economy, you hardly find any economical debates on their tumblrs, it’s just: men are evil and we need to oppress men even more. And they don’t have any warm feelings towards working class men, either. If anything, they hate men with low socio-economical status even more.

        So, modern feminists have much more in common with historical Nazis than with old-school Marxists.

        • “Which reminds me, even former Pope Benedict, Josef Ratzinger, once quoted Adorno in one of his encylicals. With something about how there hasn’t been any kind of actual “progress” in human history yet; only the “progress” from the sling to the atom bomb”.

          He’s correct. Throughout human history the one static factor of any society, regardless of technological advancement is that of men toiling away and sacrificing their labors towards females. Regardless of it being a third world country or a first world country the behavior of humans has stayed alarmingly consistent.

          It also bothers me in that it seems technological achievements and increases in wealth only seem to occur in accordance with increasing levels of placing women on pedestals.

          Ironically, this same behavior eventually results in said society’s downfall. Its a cycle that has been seen in the past (such as ancient Rome) and is once again being exhibited in Western-Anglo countries.

          For creatures that consider themselves so much higher than mere animals, human beings are just as static in regards to nature.

          At this point, I’m beginning to adopt a increasingly pessimistic view towards my fellow man. I’m convinced nothing will change outside of some sort of advancement in space travel or trans-humanism. It will need to be major, since women have no intention (or simply cannot) change, and the vast majority of men will follow suit (simply adopting behaviors most suitable to attracting women).

    • It wasn’t Brevik who started the Cultural Marxism BS. Originally, it was Lyndon LaRouche through one of his affiliated organizations. Ironically, LaRouche is an old school leftist.

      Then it was picked up by tradcon commentator, William S. Lind who exposed the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory to the right. From there it ended up in the usual conspiracy theory channels.

  4. Why do WN’s hate Marxism? They are just as collectivist.

    BTW the current SJW culture that infects everything came after the rise of no fault divorce and single motherhood. Instead of fighting a pointless culture war, we need to take control of the family unit, out of the hands of women.

    The cultural Marxist meme is used as a scapegoat as mangina’s will never do anything to limit female power, so they have to focus their energy on something that doesnt exist.

    • How are “MGTOWs” possibly going to “take control” of the family unit?

      It’s quite frustrating how nearly everything good on the right is taken over and despoiled by Jews and their lackeys. They did it to “conservatism,” they did it to “libertarianism,” now even MGTOW is being ruined by them. Every time White men try to have something of our own the Jews come in and tell us “our” principles require us to felate our enemies. In this case we must worship the Jewish and the Muslim male just because he possess a dick.

      It’s disappointing because MGTOW was a promising movement, unlike conservatism, which always had problems the Jews could exploit. One of the Jews’ best tactics is to use social pressure to force Whites to conform, MGTOW, by telling men to avoid this generation of harlots, removed that aspect of the Jewish power. Without having to worry about climbing the Jewish-dominated social ladder men could speak freely about their interests. But it morphed into yet another dogmatic, Judaized movement which values rigid adherence to doctrines rather than free discussion. The doctrine tells us all our problems are the fault of “women” and to solve the problem requires us to “take control of the family unit” or otherwise put women in their place. But as MGTOWs are supposed to avoid women, the goal becomes near-impossible to achieve. Thus, the result is a bunch of circle-jerking on the internet about ideological purity, nothing will ever get done, which is exactly what the Jews want. Ultimately to overthrow feminism will require us to overthrow the elites, but as the elites are men they are defended by the delusional dogmatic MGTOWs.

      The traditional marxist explanation for the Russian Empire’s anti-semitism was that it served to redirect the anger from the gentile upper class toward the Jews in order to protect the gentile upper class. According to this explanation the anti-semitic peasants would demand and demand action against the Jews, but whether they would succeed or fail their situation would not improve as the root of their misery was caused by the class system. There is some truth here, the Jews were most definitely the enemy of the Russian people(as proved during the Soviet period and the disastrous 1990s), but nevertheless even if every single one had been expelled the Russian peasants still would have been poor. MGTOW can be interpreted as fulfilling a similar role in modern America, redirecting White male anger toward women, a relatively powerless group. Other ideologies have a similar function of misdirecting anger, such as those which blame all the problems of society on “atheists,” Blacks, Muslims, or gays.

      The underlying reason for this phenomenon has its roots in innate human psychology. Our osychology dates from the time where there might be 1,000 people, tops, who we would have to deal with in our personal lives. So those are the people we tend to blame for our misfortunes. The Russian peasants did not blame the absentee landlords they hardly ever saw, they blamed their Jewish intermediaries who lived down the street. Likewise, few people ever come into contact with CEOs or media moguls, but we all have met women. I grew up in an area where there are a lot of Blacks, do Blacks tend to get blamed for everything. My cousin is like that, I remember after the housing bubble burst he out of the blue launched into a rant about how it was the fault of “the Blacks.” I told him he would always be the first guy to rant about how stupid the Blacks were, how could they be responsible for the housing crisis? I explained to him that it was the fault of banksters, many of them Jewish, who committed fraud. But he wouldn’t hear it, because the banksters weren’t really “real” to him psychologically. He didn’t know them, but he knew the Blacks, and they have to take the blame.

      I ask all MGTOWs who currently believed in the Judaised version of the ideology to look deeper at the social and economic order, just as you would have asked the Russian peasant to looker deeper at his social order. Look beyond your life, your city to the stuff you can’t see directly because of a sign that says “authorized personnel only.” To a child on the playground the most popular kid might be a very “powerful” individual, but to us he’s just another child. Look at the bigger picture.

      • How are you any better than your cousin or the people you critizice when the only difference between them and you is that the former blame the Blacks for everything while you blame the Jews, and defend women as a “relatively powerless” group?

        I think you also criticize a kind of MGTOW that doesn’t really exist, because I haven’t read from a MGTOW who is uncritical of “manginas” and of men who support and promote feminism for whatever reason.

        And even if you believe in the idea of women just being used as a tool get at the white man: the very least you’d have to admit then is that these same men would have created a monster they are no longer able to control. Feminism as Frankenstein’s monster resulting in, say, quotas for female CEOs, even high-profile men (rich, in media, popular) being accused of rape and sexual harrassment, etc.

        And Israel is just as affected by feminism as the US, people like Guy Shamir (a father’s right activist, if I remember correctly, so probably even a pretty moderate guy) got imprisoned.

        So, MGTOW actually needs to do the opposite: not promoting the idea of powerless women just being used (and i.e. implying that women are innocent and not responsible for all their shit) but instead remain focused on women and manginas.

        I very much support the idea of not only criticizing women but also manginas and rich, powerful CEO manginas – but men who describe women as powerless and innocent, as a group that is just being used by the Jews, are just another subgroup of manginas.

        • Indeed. Why is it that Jewish men (supposedly) CAN trust their women, as opposed to WNs using their women to rile up Jewish women against Jewish men to destroy the Jewish family?

          Are Jewish men the golem of Global Womanry because their circumcised !@#!s?

        • “Every time White men try to have something of our own the Jews come in and tell us “our” principles require us to felate our enemies.”

          Since when is mgtow a movement for white men only? I remember years ago when I first started making mgtow content nobody was trying to insert some racially pure agenda into mgtow, you idiots have just recently come around with your racial nationalism shit within the last year or two…mgtow has aways been about all men, white black or brown and everything in between, I am not white and i’m a mgtow.

        • Hey Barbar try and convince the black pill to guest post on your blog!

          Keep up the good work bro. I will be sure to buy your book when it comes out.

        • The WNs have a problem retaining young men. Young men can see that WNs are just another group of manginas trying to enslave them. The WNs are here to try to fill out their ranks with young men. It never works. WNs come to this blog on a regular basis to try to convince me and my readership to become WN. It never works, yet they keep trying.

    • Some of the most vicious fights are due to small differences. However, I don’t think that is what is driving the current WN vs. Marxist fight are white single mothers suddenly “discovering” WN when they realize that that more and more men aren’t going to give them stuff. Plus, they can’t depend on the government because the government is running out of money. WN is a strategy to throw minorities under the bus so that the government will have more money for them and trick white men into giving them handouts.

        • I read a news story long ago – It was about a neo-nazi that assaulted a black male and put him in the hospital. Supposedly, it was due to his hatred of black people.

          The story went on to report he was solicited for sex by a black female in thanks for that act of violence towards the aforementioned man . In a decision which will surprise no-one he gladly slept with the woman.

          What this proves is that ‘racism’ only really refers ‘males of other races’. But women of other said races that one wants to fuck are curiously exempt.

          Don’t forget the Black Panthers and their nonsense, but show them a white female willing to put out and all of a sudden their black supremacy goes out the window.

  5. Hey Mr. Black Pill check this out….

    PUA’s can have the drunk womyn….

    I won’t go anywhere near a drunk woman, and seriously, if someone punched her in the face, I’d do the same thing as if a nazi like Jack Donovan got punched in the face-laugh….

    • The myth that women are afraid of men, is pretty much busted at this point due to videos like this. Women are socially dominant over men and they know it.

  6. “Feminism as Frankenstein’s monster resulting in, say, quotas for female CEOs, even high-profile men (rich, in media, popular) being accused of rape and sexual harrassment, etc.”

    Kinda like how Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew have all been forced to withdraw from public life after having been accused of rape without any evidence. And how they are all know advocates for stopping the monster they helped create. Oops, all those people have been presumed innocent. There’s no “frankenstein’s monster” to speak of.

    I never said women are “innocent” or “not responsible for their shit.” I said they are (relatively) powerless. The Jews have been promoting the idea that just because someone is “powerless” means they are righteous and a victim.

    • Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew are Jews?

      Are you a mental defect or a troll
      You are a loser and a road block to male liberation either wat.

      WN’s are obsessive.

      • Wow, the omega virgin is calling someone else a loser. The commenters on this blog love insults, but notice the tone of these insults. It is a lot like a nerd who in order to appeal to the “popular kids” vigorously proclaims that he is not a nerd and does everything he can to appeal to the popular kids and insults his fellow nerds. But the popular kids will never accept him, indeed they regularly ridicule him, so he remains a pathetic figure.

        You are losers. But you needn’t be cuckolds. They will never accept you. Stop defending your enemies. Stand up for yourselves.

    • I don’t even deny that some men are in better positions to fight off feminists than others. For example, if you have money and can afford a better lawyer, you’re obviously in a better position. But that’s not about being Jew or non-Jew; Bill Clinton is in a better position than a Jew who works in a kosher supermarket, selling dill pickles.

      Or, a man who promoted feminism and worked against other men, might rather been forgiven than a man who always had a reputation of not being properly misandric. Or, celebrities and comedians traditionally enjoy greater freedoms. That was true for, say, a gay composer like Tchaikosvky and it was true for modern comedians.

      But with comedians and celebrities – that’s already over now, isn’t it? Their money and their status hardly protects them anymore.

      Which is one more reason why we need male solidarity. Like, a fund for instance to help men when they are accused of rape but can’t afford a good lawyer or if they lose their job after the HR department deemed them problematic.

      But we will never get there if MGTOW will be occupied by people who think that Jews have more power than women.

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  8. The law of attraction is part of the MDAD.

    This guy is obsessed with bashing MGTOW. He claims to be Christian. I thought false idol worship is against his religion?

    • seems like this coward took his video down.

      Anyway, the guy is a Christian who believes in the law of attraction. The title of his video was. He was blaming MGTOW getting screwed over by women because they bring it on themselves all the time with bad thoughts, just another version of the time machine fallacy.

      Law of attraction works 100% of the time.

      I am not a Christian, but I consider believing in bullshit like the law of attraction is anti Chrisitan and a contradiction, Mangina tradcon Christians contradict themselves all the time.

  9. A bit-topic, but I notice how the manosphere contradicts itslef. I notice how the manosphere loves, if not worships, one of their cult leaders Aaron Clarey. In one of his videos on YouTube, Aaron Clarey attacks and shames a 26 year old virgin male. He calls him a skinny wimp, falsely accusses him of not working out, and calls him so many other stupid. He even says something of threatening to go to his house and point a gun to his head to make him get laid. Aaron does nothing but get emotional and curse in this video. He says in that video that this 26 year-old virgin wasted a quarter of his life. He is not going to get young women anymore.

    This is where the contradiction comes in. I notice the manosphere, even Christians in the manosphere, loves parroting what Clarey says. However, on a manosphere blog, when a 27-year old virgin talks about his background, where he came from and said how it may be too late for him to have a wife. I know he meant about having a healthy biological child with no birth defects. As everyone knows, there is an increasing rate of autistic children being born each year. The longer someone waits to have children, the higher probability that the child(ren) will born with autism.. Of course, there are other reasons for why children are born with autism. He has a background dealing with autistic children. (He is aware he could do a woman even in his 60s, but that is another discussion.)

    Most of the men on that blog get emotional and start cursing and swearing at him. A Christian falsely accuses him of thinking that his d*ck has shriveled up. They all falsely accuse him of never trying to get a woman. They falsely accuse him of saying that he has no life. He never said anything about not having a life. Hmmm. I guess in the manosphere’s minds only a woman is what gives a man a life.

    I bet the manosphere never calls out Aaron Clarey when he says when a 26-years old virgin lost a quarter of his life and young love life for the enjoyment of sex.

  10. Also, I am sure many have noticed that much of the manosphere is obsessed with pro-creation and nuclear family, or so they say that they care.

    Someone on YouTube told me that society favors PUAs/players who pump and dump women over single/virgin/celibate males who respect women because the former shows potential in pro-creating and having families.

    The manosphere talks about the white race being outbred, and claim they are saving their race from being wiped out from foreign populations.

    There is where the contradiction comes in. Why doesn’t the manosphere boycott condoms and birth control pills? I have read how the PUA/gamers say don’t let the woman you slept with keep your condom otherwise she will try to impregnate herself. They say to flush the condom down the toilet. I have read even at least one story where the guy tries to pull out his penis out of the woman before he releases the sperm, and he talks about how the woman was trying to keep him from pulling it out. I love how the manosphere warns men about women pretending to be on the birth control pill, when they really aren’t.

    I love how the manosphere shame male virgins who aren’t getting laid, claiming that they are killing off the tribe, and then they turn around and whine and complain about women who lied to them about being on the birth control pill.

    Why don’t they man up and have sex like real men with no restrictions? No condoms, no birth control, no pulling it out early, you name it. Of course, they don’t want to get the woman pregnant. I also have read about that birth control pills could be doing harm to the woman and her potential to have babies.

    I don’t think the manosphere really cares about the nuclear family and children. For some reason, they think that if one gets laid, he cares about the nuclear family.

    One more thing. Unless this is taken out of context, this manosphere guy, Benard Chapin, said that rape isn’t about power and/or sexual desire, it is about reproduction. He also said that if rape was about power, all of the men would be trying to rape Hillary Clinton. So the manosphere thinks that those men who rape is because they want to have a baby??????????

    • The manuresphere has always had this problem. It’s not just their white vagina worshipping nationalism. They say their beliefs derive from biology/evopsych. That’s incorrect for several reasons, but the big one is evopsych is all about reproduction. Even if manuresphere BS worked, they are failures according their own beliefs on evopsych because they aren’t reproducing. A man who only has sex once in his life, but knocks up a woman during that one sex act is more successful than anyone in the manuresphere according to their own ideology but they will never say it.

  11. Wow, this is quite a strange blog. Yes, feminists are evil, but they are only one subset of the larger problem. Add them to the list:

      • Mentally ill and stupid. White vagina worshipping nationalists keep coming here and fail to convince of anything. They don’t even bother to try new strategies to try and convince us that their beliefs are correct. It’s always the same, saying “The Jews did it” over and over again. This blog has a small readership. It’s makes no sense for them to put as much effort as they have been using in trying to turn us.

    • I really don’t get that obsession with Jews.

      Jews even got their own freaking state after WW2 and yet there are hardly any differences between Israel and all the other white/Western/European states that made the foundation of Israel possible.

      It’s just as feminist, has the same economical problems, has probably even more undocumented/illegal immigrants living there in relation to population size than the US, and is actually LESS homogenous than most Western states with around 25% of the population being Arab (which is far less homogenous than Sweden, Germany, England or let alone a country like Poland).

      If White Nationalists would be right, Israel would be a paradise for (Jewish) men, strictly anti-feminist and totally homogenous. But instead it’s pretty much like the same Western/European countries the Jews first came from. And actually less conservative than Eastern European countries.

      (Not that I personally support right-wing conservatism, but that’s what White Nationalists want and what they think the sneaky Jews keep for themselves while refusing it to others. And that’s just not the case.)

        • We all know that Jews (among other things) are another vector through which white knights/nationalists focus on to avoid placing any responsibility on women for their actions.

          And its not like women’s shitty behavior ‘began’ with feminism or women’s lib. The documentation of such cycles go back to civilizations like Rome and earlier. Women’s nature is even discussed in the Bible for fuck’s sake.

          I’ve always interpreted the story of Adam of Eve to essentially mean “women fuck up everything and men go along with it”.

      • “And its not like women’s shitty behavior ‘began’ with feminism or women’s lib.”

        This I agree with. I really hate it when people talk about “third-wave feminism” or “modern feminism” to imply that there used to be a good kind of feminism that just became too “radical” after the lesbians or the “cultural Marxists” or the Jews or whoever took it over.

      • “probably even more undocumented/illegal immigrants living there in relation to population size than the US”

        Source please.

      • The Arab population of Israel is not comparable to the non-White populations of Europe. The Arabs are from there. The Jews didn’t invite them in.

        The problem with Jews is that they pursue their own ethnic interest for their benefit and our detriment. Just look at these Jews with crocodile tears for the Syrian refugees. America, Germany, France, every White country must take them, but not their country, despite being right next door to Syria. They only ever ask one question: IS IT GOOD FOR THE JEWS?

    • “Joke: What do you call an intellectually lazy liberal who hates Jews?
      Punchline: The Alt-Right”

      Strangely enough, that’s very true. I think I even wrote it before here recently, many of the so-called “alt-right” are actually just racist liberals.

      On 4chan and twitter, they don’t hate Roosh because of “game” or something, they hate him, because he’s half Armenian, half Persian and because they seriously believe that “gender equality” is an inherently white thing that non-white men just don’t get.

      Even “The Daily Stormer”, which is rather old-fashioned fascist than alt-right, once featured and praised a video by some right-wing girls about how white women are fed-up with Muslims and with non-white men in general.

      And the very same women then heavily attacked Roosh and claimed that before Christianity (which is actually Jewish and non-white, of course), pagan Europe celebrated “gender equality” (feminist and their witches…); the same “gender equality” that is now under threat because of non-white men such as Roosh and Muslims, and that white men must defend.

      Now personally, I don’t believe that Islam can defeat feminism or that any of it’s currently popular branches can be a healthy alternative for men, but what I believe doesn’t matter – fact is, that most of the hatred currently directed at Muslims stems from the believe that Muslim men pose a threat to feminism.

      (And the same is true for gay rights, btw. The alt-right you find on 4chan’s /pol/ isn’t like the old-fashioned Christian Right that quotes the Bible to argue against gay marriage or something, quite the opposite. Thread after thread after thread is dedicated to declare that gay marriage is fine and that gay rights are great and that gays actually make better nationalists than heterosexual guys, and that this user is gay himself and that user is gay himself and here someone is gay himself … and that we have to stop these evil non-white men who don’t accept us gays.)

      • When feminists use the term “gender equality” they really mean female supremacy, at least over White men. When we talk about it we’re more literal, referring to fair treatment of everyone no matter their gender. European societies have always been more gender egalitarian compared to those in the Middle East, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

        The main reason we have a problem with Muslims is because of immigration and terrorism. Muslims a threat to feminism? Perhaps, but feminists seem to LOVE Muslim immigration. While I’d surely rather eat a hundred kebabs than one begal I’d much rather eat neither.

        As for “gay marriage,” I’d think the vast majority of us oppose it as a perversion of traditional marriage, HOWEVER, I think the mindless, religiously motivated homophobia serves to harm our interests by dividing us. Men’s rights especially is an area where homosexual men should be our natural allies.

        • there’s an old joke, but it is above your paygrade. The real reason we don’t support gay marriage ain’t because we hate ’em, we just saw how awful it was for straight couples….

        • Stoner, the institution of marriage was already a complete death trap for men before the gays came anywhere near it.

          Legalizing gay marriage means absolutely nothing since it is already a stacked deck for straight couples.

          The only thing gays have gained by entering into a marriage contract now is the ability to suffer like the rest of society.

        • No, the reason you hate Muslims is the VERY SAME REASON why feminists like them. Islam is that wonderful religion of which you can use the dicks without any strings attached, all the while its pussies are kept away from OUR men!!!

          Let’s face it, angry white man, if Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her friends were offering you a gangbang, while keeping their brothers away from OUR sisters, and the alternative would be to marry a beta schlub like Angela Merkel, would you find the choice very hard?!

          Yasmine Allas or Cecilia Malmstrom, can you now understand Ali G.!?

          OTOH, Muslims would go full-on Green Knight, Halal Vagina Worshipping Religionist if you tried something against THEIR worst sluts…

        • tamerlane and Ergeniz, tell me this, if gay marriage is a “non issue” why did the feminists and the freemasons put so much energy into pushing it?

          You think the deck is stacked now? Wait until they use gay marriage in order to eliminate the expectation of fidelity in marriages. Indeed, this is what freemason Andrew Sullivan has said outright.

          oogenhand, what’s with this Muslim woman fetish? If I had to choose between Angela Merkel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I’d do what any self-respecting White man would: choose neither.

        • “You think the deck is stacked now? Wait until they use gay marriage in order to eliminate the expectation of fidelity in marriages. Indeed, this is what freemason Andrew Sullivan has said outright”.

          Women are already free to cheat on men and have sex/relationships with other partners while being “married” and get rewarded for it.

          So I don’t see what your point is.

    • This is something I thought when I heard about the Rotherham Rape Gangs story. This is just speculation on my part, but I thought it was totally implausible that legal authorities would do nothing when foreign (or at least brown) men were plying sexual favors from young girls just because of political correctness. Most likely, the authorities were paid off and girls were offered the bigger, better deal of a lifetime of free money from a rich Muslim man in return for sexual favors and having his kids.

    • Whatever happened or didn’t happen with that girl or with the girls in Cologne, the only group that really profited from all of that were the feminists whose narrative about “rape culture” and #yesallmen-stuff is dominating politics and media since then.

      And funny btw, how Richard Dawkins was just disinvited from some Atheist conference because he tweeted something anti-feminist. For too long, too many Atheists have tried (and still try) to win over people with saying that women would be treated better in an atheist society. And the only group that has profited from that narrative were the feminists yet again.

      And all of this isn’t surprising. If your whole philosophy is, “I’m against x because >muh womyn!” or “I’m for x because >muh woymn!”, then it’s not surprising that only womyn profit from it.

    • So apparently, that 13 year old girl in Germany who said that she was raped by a bunch of Muslim refugees actually just ran away from home because she had problems in school. And when she came back home, she made up that story about the refugees raping her.

      This is the OLDEST female trick in the book: make a problem go away by accusing a man of having raped you. But since the men that have been blamed in this case were Muslims, all these oh-so “redpilled” people totally fell for it.

      One of the reasons why right-wingers aren’t compatible with men’s groups. They even fall for the oldest tricks in the book, as long as the men that are blamed are Muslims. And they don’t just stop with Muslims, of course. The longer a right-winger talks, the longer the list of men he wants to oppress.

        • “Women invent rape fantasies because it turns them on”.

          That’s one reason.

          Another is that by indulging in that fantasy it allows them to play the victim and more importantly, attention whore off of people.

          As we all know, females feed off of attention.

  12. I disagree with this cartoon, because in addition to being of poor taste IMO, it implies that the freemasons are just a tool of Jewish power. But they are a major problem independent of their alliance with the Jews. .

  13. OT: I heard Marvin Minsky speak at the Extropian conference in 1995 about Freud as an early AI theorist. Apparently Minsky thought that Freud’s ideas about the Id, the Ego and the Superego anticipated his ideas about the Society of Mind. I also know people who know Minsky, mainly through the cryonics connection.

    I don’t have the liberty to say whether Minsky went into cryo or not. ; )

    That aside, I noticed that Minsky, a bald Jewish brainiac nerd, managed to find a wife and form a family with her. An equivalent young man starting out in life today probably couldn’t get anywhere near a woman’s body without having to pay for the access, and he would most likely wind up like those 40 year old male virgins and incels in Silicon Valley.

    Yet Minsky showed that unattractive men in his generation could marry and reproduce. If this could work a few generations ago, then it could become possible again with a few social changes.

    • “That aside, I noticed that Minsky, a bald Jewish brainiac nerd, managed to find a wife and form a family with her. An equivalent young man starting out in life today probably couldn’t get anywhere near a woman’s body without having to pay for the access, and he would most likely wind up like those 40 year old male virgins and incels in Silicon Valley.

      Yet Minsky showed that unattractive men in his generation could marry and reproduce. If this could work a few generations ago, then it could become possible again with a few social changes”.

      Why do you care so much about how or why men like us do or do not get married to women?

      It is clear that you cannot stop discussing that particular topic so you have a vested interest in it.

      I don’t get why you are so concerned about the fact women aren’t interested in men like us. I’m only concerned about women when they go out of their way to disenfranchise men, which they do constantly (making men pay for their welfare, passing assorted laws, etc).

      I don’t care who women fuck or who they find attractive. I just resent the fact that I have to subsidize it and abide by their laws that make me a second class citizen. Otherwise, I’d find it best they live me alone.

      • I have been calling out this cunt for ages. Glad I am not the only one sick of him.

        Part of me still wants a woman badly. Part of me still loves women, while I still hate them.

        (1) I want my human rights more.

        (2) I do not want to pay for a woman in any sense of the word

        (3) A woman only being with me because society sets them up to be dependant disgusts me. I would rather be a virgin.

        (4) I do not want to support a creature that wouldn’t return the favour.

        (5) How would me getting a woman protect the boys of today and tomorrow?
        Getting women is a distraction.

        • What you’re saying has also been going through my mind as of late.

          I came across this post while reading the other day: http://aaronsleazy.blogspot.com/2015/11/your-girl-always-has-big-plans-for-two.html?showComment=1448996200646#c5019213547829662721

          He’s basically saying that no matter what sort of relationship a man gets into with a woman there will be concessions made, and you’ll be the one making them. It reminds me of another post (think it was Yahami’s site or whatever his name was) where he explained how even with a girlfriend the man is still paying for her presence with things like doing her favors (fixing the car, giving her lifts, dates).

          All women demand you pay them for just existing. The only difference between a self-described prostitute and the majority of women is that the former tells you her price up front.

          I refuse to pay any woman.

        • Yeah, I am pretty much thinking like you guys, tamer and Ergeniz, lately.

          At first I thought that women are childlike and just blown around in the wind by whatever influences them and by whatever kind of shady group that pulls the strings behind the curtain. But this is obviously not true. Unfortunately, women aren’t simply dumb and lacking the ability to set a goal and to make a plan on how to achieve said goal then.

          Then I thought that women are trying to achieve some sort of gender role reversal, some sort of FemDom wonderland, in which dominant women would prey on soft, submissive, beta and low-status guys, and in which media, education and politics were used to feminize these men. But this is obviously also not true since women are still hypergamous, still have 50 shades of rape fantasies and still hate, hate, hate short men, “beta” and low-status men. And they have zero interest in providing for a man (or just instinctively realize what “redpill” dudes usually do not realize: that a traditional patriarchy, in which disposable men are supposed to kill each other and to provide for women and to protect them with their lives, is just as misandric.)

          Now I came to the conclusion that women are more like parasites, looking for fatter and fatter hosts, and who use every trick to get what they want: turning all men into hosts and extracting as many financial, emotional, sexual resources as they can from them. This is why they are so angered and/or confused when men talk about the dreaded friendzone. The parasite has chosen to extract the resource “emotional support” from the host “friend”, and he should be grateful for that. And another host is meant to give financial support. And another host supposed to give sex. If you see women as parasites, there is no contradiction in being a hardcore feminist and being into “dominant” brute men to act out your BDSM fantasies with: they are also just hosts for the parasite and like a big dog that barks and that looks threatening, but is ultimately just a neutered animal on the leash of a female.

        • Women love rape. I know this because I have talked to women about rape fantasies online.

          Being a sub is being dominant, as they are the ones being worshiped and give all the attention

      • Part of the problem is that Advancedatheist is a generation older than us. He’s still stuck in the mindset that women are salvageable. This is a mindset he shares with guys from Paul Elam to to the conspiracy theorist crowd. We know better. Most women are useless so the important thing is to protect our rights. Trying to save women is a waste of time since they are not worth saving.

        • He was talking about boys being sent off to die in the first world war, the tragic thing from his point of view, is the fact they didn’t get to sleep with a female first, not the fact they were sent off to die.

          The obsession with getting women is a non-issue that is derailment.

          Getting a woman doesn’t protect you from them.

          Women being given free HPV vaccines but not boys? That is an outrage not the lack of sexaul access.

        • Their arguments can be basically summed up as: Men’s massive mortality rate and treatment by society is acceptable as long as they get some sexual access.

          I see now what you meant about Price and Elusive Wapiti. Their sites spoke on the treatment of men due to their own personal experiences – not sympathizing with other men at all. They were only upset at the fact their families had been broken. If not for that, they wouldn’t have given the legal system and society’s problems a second thought. As soon as they got remarried they likewise closed their sites and happily returned to being financial slaves for women.

        • Sadly, men’s rights will only be taken seriously, when women die in previously men-occupied fields OR the women relying on income of men, can’t get it and gubmint won’t give them anything.

          In short, men’s rights only come to the fore when their absence as tools is felt.

    • Things have gotten worse for men but that’s a very poor example of it. Firstoff, Minsky is and his wife are both Jewish. And what’s with this belief among MGTOWs that physical attractiveness is all that matters? It’s not even the primary thing that matters.

    • “Yet Minsky showed that unattractive men in his generation could marry and reproduce. If this could work a few generations ago, then it could become possible again with a few social changes.

      let getting rid of industrialization?

  14. When are men going to care about themselves? When are men going to care about boys? They are the next generation of victims.

    Men either scapegoat via conspiracy theories, or they are just talking about dating dynamics and how it is unfair women do not want them.

    When are men going to care for their human rights? It sucks being deselected by women, but it sucks being a second class citizen. I live in a country that that gives the HPV vaccine to women but not to men . I am a second rate peice of trash in the eyes of society. Do you think getting to sick my dick a woman is going to appease?

    • Tough for “men to care about men’s rights” (really, men in power who rely on politics and demographics – of which, over 50+% is women + manginas … which then become the majority) … when the guys that do care about men’s rights … don’t have the numbers to make a change through the ballot or law-/acts-passing process.

      Don’t forget women make the most consumer decisions, so they’re also spending the money + money men spend on women.

      How does one fight a majority that seeks the destruction of the minority?

      • Feminism wasn’t done through the ballot box. Feminists are experts are co-opting things with small numbers.

        History if full of minorities beating the majority.

        Also you are focusing on men on power, you are scapegoating, men in power do not make women kick fathers away.

  15. and in other news, fat anselmo, a hasbeen who ain’t shit without Dimebag, signals to “men” of the alt-reich such as dr. illusion and chuck crudd that he is oKKKay with condomless neomasculine buttsex….

    just like “bird signals” that what is to be learned from reading roosh v…

  16. Asking conspiracy theorists to define the term; this is growing into one of my favorite pastimes on Dalrock. Despite the claims that all social problems stem from cultural Marxism, no one can give me a succinct answer as to what cultural Marxism consists of.

    In the end, it’s always easier for small minds to point to some shadowy group responsible for all their complaints than it is to look for a solution that requires them to, you know, actually get up and do something.

      • All beside the point. Dalrock is too afraid to say what we already know to be true.

        The majority of the United States social ills are a result of women. Maybe when he loses his wife googles he’ll see that.

      • So naturally occurring phenomenonia that doesn’t need any further explanation, the super power Frankfurt school is behind it?

        Feminism is just female social aggression on the political level, it doesn’t need social engendering. In fact all the social engineering is done by women, once they are allowed to divorce and steal from men, women change the culture.

  17. Pingback: Why We Must Fight The MDAD | The Black Pill

  18. “Cultural Marxism is an obscure set of ideas created by the Frankfurt School. Except for people doing very in depth studies of philosophy, cultural marxism and the Frankfurt School was unknown”

    This post is funny because you obviously learned what the Frankfurt School was Last Thursday and are totally clueless that coffeehouse-dwelling college hipsters love to rep Adorno and the boys as a hip fashion pose (Che isn’t cool anymore because the frat boys like him now).

    EG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkVK8ZPyICA
    (with Angela Davis on the cover of all people)

    • So coffehouse dwelling hipsters wearing T shirts of someone, means they are not obscure? lolol I suppose that is proof the Cultural Marxists run everything

      Don’t be an idiot.

      • OK, I’ll give it a shot, lol.
        Yeah, any phrase with the form “_______s run everything” has such a low likelihood of being true and if any group could be put into the blank it would probably be “capitalists” or something, but definitely would not be the Cultural Marxists.


        My point was that they have staying power in our culture and represent a cultural “current”, gently and gradually changing our culture like a river smoothing a stone, not some plan but an action that others see and mimic without being ordered to do so that causes the idea to spread out and gain force. I don’t know how strong the current is, but it’s definitely there.

        Take for example this person:

        She’s dropped Adorno’s term “late capitalism” in her tweets at least a handful of times, and cited other similar things, even though her tweets almost never contain messages deeper than “OMG men are so dumb and evil but women and girls are really smart and nice isn’t that weird?! I know, huh!” or “Victims are hurt by Meanies and that’s SAD :(” She has a substantial following (she’s a nobody IRL, so ~28K is a lot imo) and tons of dull basic bitch girls make testimonials about how “inspirational” she is. She’s not an isolated case but just one of many… there’s a cottage industry of Bad Bitch twitter girls. The Adorno/etc. might be just a pose but it adds extra spice to what is already a nasty brew.

        Yeah, I can understand being annoyed by people who overhype The Frankfurt School as if Gramsci is Doctor Doom or some shit, but the point is that it’s also wrong to say it’s a nonentity, because it definitely has an influence. How deep the influence reaches, I doubt anyone knows.

        ^There. That was my attempt at being non-stupid. Signing off now.

        • Your reading comprehension could use some work. Second paragraph, Shinji. Actually, just forget it, it means nothing. The only thing that means anything is how women are really mean and ruin everything.

  19. “Your reading comprehension could use some work. Second paragraph, Shinji. Actually, just forget it, it means nothing. The only thing that means anything is how women are really mean and ruin everything.”

    No Prov you mental defect, it behooves you to stop chatting vague waffle.

    You are talking about girls on twitter like it has some significance, you are desperately reaching

    “My point was that they have staying power in our culture and represent a cultural “current”, gently and gradually changing our culture like a river smoothing a stone, not some plan but an action that others see and mimic without being ordered to do so that causes the idea to spread out and gain force. I don’t know how strong the current is, but it’s definitely there.”

    Urm??? Wot? Feminists have changed our culture violent and suddenly, while the Frankfurt school is obscure.

    You know how how strong something is, but you feel it is there?

    You are basically saying nothing, because you have nothing to point to.

    My reading comprehension is fine mental defect.

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