70 comments on “Why We Must Fight The MDAD

  1. this vid was posted at Barbar’s site…

    look at how Iben (Yvonne) makes fun of “men acting like womyn) when the dudebroes wore mini skirts….

    “men need to be real men so womyn can walk around drunk and not be rayyyyyyped.”

    • I’m becoming more and more convinced that these incidences of rape are grossly exaggerated in order to drum up moral panic; it’s a variant of mob mentality, and it is exactly what due process was set up to control.

      Its no different than the “rape culture” in our country, really. Play up the “victimized woman angle” and masses of men fall for it everytime. Logic and critical thinking is tossed to the wayside as males line up to defend their goddesses from the filthy invaders that seek to defile them.

      • you know, one of the very, very rare times in my life that a broad ever had googoo eyes for me was when I aggressively threatened another man with violence. We’ve all heard about feminists and their disgusting rape fantasies, but I’m guessing a bigger part of the fantasy is seeing one suitor beat another suitor into dust.

        • Yeah, “You and him fight”. I recall in high school when bullies either physically or verbally abused me women would go crazy over them.

          That was one of my first eye-openers to the fact that women naturally gravitate towards cruelty.

        • There is an interesting book from Martin van Creveld, Israeli military historian, “The Privileged Sex”. He writes a lot about war and warfare etc. but also about how women have always been the privileged sex. And pointed out a couple of times how, historically speaking, women have always loved men who fight other men, and that this was and is one of the main reasons why men fight each other. They might not always agree WHICH group of men other men should fight (Muslims? Nazis? Drunken Fratboys?) but they love the idea of a man hurting another man.

        • Reminds me of this good quote:
          “In ONE generation, women can genocide out of existence ALL of the kind and caring men in their society – just look at Afghanistan, for example. How do you think it came about that an entire country’s women are not allowed to leave the house without a man? Are all those men in Afghanistan really nice, caring men? Of course not – the nice, caring men were GENOCIDED out of existence by the stupid women who lived and then rejected those nice men for the violent men, when the nice, caring men were still alive.”

          One should always remember that women like to blame men … for women’s own decisions. That blame-shifting is what blue-pill men and manginas … allow women to get away with.

      • Even if those rapes did happen, it would still make rape a very rare crime.

        3 rapes out of 1 million refugees is nothing.

        People can’t think logically about statistics.

        • Yes, I read several articles saying that in Sweden the ratio of rape has gone up over 1000% which is just absurd. Improbably, masses of people buy into this statistic.

    • Found that on r9k the other day, in a thread about some feminists who made an “I am not your woman” twitter campaign to protest right-wingers who have beaten up some refugees in Sweden to protect women.

      And it’s really spot-on, lol. Horseshoe theory the picture. All that obsession with “masculinity” and “real men” and what women actually want.

      And Blackpill is also right, of course. Different branches of feminists and right-wingers always discuss what women want. Some say so, some so.

      What they ALL have in common tho is that they always put women first and only care about what women want, never what men want, let alone what men should better watch out for.

      Some feminists might say that women want a “modern” man, and instead of saying “Who cares what you want.”, they go to great lengths to prove that they actually like dominant bad boys but just don’t say so, and that you have to lift weights and come off as aloof.

      And if you’re opposed to that whole narrative, both come at you with the same words: manchild, not a real man, small penis, virgin and so on.

      • I know I posted this already on some other article on the Black Pill blog, but your comment makes me want to say it again.

        Quote by Pastor R. G. Lee: “Search the pages of the Bible all you will; study history all you please. And you will find one truth that stands out above some other truths. What is that truth? The truth that the spiritual life of a nation, city, town, school, church, or home never rises any higher than the spiritual life of women. When women sag morally and spiritually, men sag morally and spiritually. When women slump morally and spiritually, men slip morally and spiritually. When women take the downward road men travel with them. When women are lame morally and spiritually, men limp morally and spiritually. The degeneracy of womanhood helps the decay of manhood.”

        When women stop acting like ladies, men are going to stop acting like gentlemen. Men won’t just stop acting like gentlemen to women, but to their fellow men also, perhaps more so to the men.

        • “When women stop acting like ladies, men are going to stop acting like gentlemen. Men won’t just stop acting like gentlemen to women, but to their fellow men also, perhaps more so to the men”.

          Nonsense. The amount of men that still place women on pedestals and cater to their whim is absurd. Even after legislation that reduces men to second class citizens many double down on their gynocentric behavior.

          Women may have stopped playing the polite ladies of yesteryear but plenty of men still have not stopped their idiotic rules of catering to female’s every whim.

        • I see the pastor has done that “leadership” nonsense.
          You’re only a leader if you are also able to punish people who don’t follow – in addition to inspiring them.

          I’ll believe pastors are leaders when I see them punishing women too. Men are only 50% of the problem 🙂

        • Its even less than 50% because women make up the majority of religious types in the US, having essentially subverted Christianity.

        • ^ Which is another reason why pastors don’t want to say anything against women.
          Like the nightclubs and discos … women in the church … bring in the men.
          I don’t know of any nightclub or disco … that has seen lower attendance of men … because they had women in it

  2. “This is why we must fight the MDAD. If we expose dating advice (AKA all of this how to get laid bullshit) as a fraud (which it is), then there will be no way for men to ignore the loss of their human rights. There will be no way for women and manginas to hide what they’re doing behind, “You’re just pissed that you can’t get laid””.

    I’m extremely pessimistic about the entire thing. I’m convinced many men who see women’s nature for what it is and know of the oppressive laws will nonetheless double down on their white knight behavior.

    I’m reminded of cases like Bill Price who ran the spearhead. He published numerous articles about the corrupt law system and how society treats men. His own situation was a classic case that left him in near-poverty level conditions. He mentioned having to work multiple jobs and still not making ends meet in some cases. Another was Elusive Wapiti who shared custody with his ex-wife.

    Both of these men, despite all their insight and personal experiences get married a second time and produce more children.

    This behavior defies all rational thought; most men simply will not turn away from women regardless of abuse.

      • “Their is a difference between the system treating me badly,and the system treating all men badly”.

        The thing is, the system did treat him badly and he knew the system was toxic to other men; he wrote as much in many of his articles. Other writers and commenters stated as such in their articles/comments. His current wife even self identifies as a feminist, another topic he wrote about in length.

        That’s why I say his behavior makes no logical sense.

        • It makes evolutionary sense, he is reproducing his genes. That’s why I’m quite pessimistic about the future for men. Look at the serfs in Europe, how they were passive in the face of oppression. Unlike us, they knew they were oppressed, yet they continued on, breeding and working. I look forward to a race war as much as the next guy, but there is no guarantee that it will happen.

        • He was complaining about the system treating him badly, so it makes emotional sense. He never cared for other men, nor did most of the right wing nut jobs on the Spearhead.

          I would fuck a feminist if i was horny enough, but to have a kid with one? I wouldn’t give a man hater a child to raise.

  3. most people are terrified of being free.

    some men would prefer to be in a concentration camp even if it meant no promise of pussy.

    the “good” news is that they would probably change their minds very quickly, after spending a day in hell.

    • I’ve heard several writers refer to them as “natural slaves”. More specifically, men who cannot lead healthy lives without being in the service of a woman referred to as “breeders”; the men that constantly go from relationship to relationship despite the behavior of women and feel the need to start families regardless of past divorces.

      I think things will need to get much worse before they better.

  4. “Many men wouldn’t care if they ended up in a concentration camp. The manuresphere would start writing books about “concentration camp game”

    I LOL ed hard at that one…. I wonder how paleo diet will work in concentration camps. I suppose it would involve cannibalism. Perhaps Roissy can come with game strategies to become a capo and beg for pussy scraps from the female overlords.

  5. Excellent Post.

    One theme in the “MDAD” that needs to be eliminated is the idea that a so-called healthy or sane society is one where every man gets a wife. This idea is a misreading of the historical literature.

    They think the evidence shows that when every man gets a wife, then the society becomes more productive. This is backwards. When men get resources, then they get access to women, because women want the resources.

    I’ve seen the false idea proposed by ideologues like red-pill Christians and TFL’ers and race purists and they are unaware of the irony that the societies that “gave” every man a wife also in practical terms forced many men to marry a woman they didn’t like nor didn’t want to marry just to get a decent job or respect or survival. It was a shitty deal. The same people pining for a wife would then be complaining that they don’t like the wife they got or that society isn’t “making” her behave in the right way.

    • Jane Austen acknowledges this reality of the unsatisfactory wife in “Pride and Prejudice.” The father character, Mr. Bennet, winds up in middle age with a stupid, annoying wife he doesn’t respect and five daughters he needs to marry off.

      And we’ve always had unmarriageable men. In the patriarchal Middle Ages the Catholic Church took many of them into its priesthood and celibate monastic orders. The Church centuries ago valued male sexual rejects’ lives more than our allegedly enlightened, secular, advanced civilization in the early 21st Century.

        • Actually the priests and monks often were the cream of the crop. It was considered presitigious to join seminaries and dedicate your life to the Church. This is something we dont quite understand in our now secular world and this thus distorts our understanding of that era.There were many Catholic orders who while not quite Spartan when it came to rejection of unfit applicants, certainly turned away the riff raff.

  6. Another reason why women don’t belong in STEM fields:

    Chicago Professor Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Investigation

    ‘ A prominent molecular biologist at the University of Chicago has resigned after a university recommendation that he be fired for violating the school’s sexual misconduct policy. His resignation comes amid calls for universities to be more transparent about sexual harassment in their science departments, where women account for only one-quarter of senior faculty jobs.

    ‘ The professor, Jason Lieb, 43, made unwelcome sexual advances to several female graduate students at an off-campus retreat of the molecular biosciences division, according to a university investigation letter obtained by The New York Times, and engaged in sexual activity with a student who was “incapacitated due to alcohol and therefore could not consent.” ‘

    I wonder if this guy wasted any of his time and money on pickup charlatans.

  7. Is this even a fight we could win in principle? Women will against us and most men will be too in order to appeal to women, so we’re automatically a token minority.

    • funny how those mhra’s can be all for one thing one minute (with many low status men saying it is bad) then throw their boy away like a used rubber when they figure out he is bad…

    • Interesting!

      I’m not sure why we’re suppose to feel sorry for Roosh? Of course he deserves his free speech, but the guy goes looking for all these feuds with feminists. How does he figure even joking about legalizing rape is going to sit well? Especially with everybody being so sensitive in this day and age.

      I don’t feel too sorry for Roosh. Guy is just a huge troll and an attention whore. I swear him, Matt Forney, and Mike Cernovich would stick their heads in a toilet for a few more page views!

      • no one is supposed to feel sorry for Roosh, just remember not to have any contact with any MRA’s-they are two faced and will turn on you as son as it is to their political advantage. AGAIN-refuse all contact with MRA’s and feminists. Look at what has happened with MGTOW’s being doxxed. Also don’t share information with MGTOW’s ar attend any meet-ups. This isn’t paranoia…

  8. more M(h)RA double speak…


    always ask an M(h)RA to make things much more complex than they are….

    likely younger voters-both male AND female are steering away from Shillary because they saw the corruption and the corporatism of the KKKlintons. Shillary actually made it harder for they 99%’s to declare BK all while helping the banksters with the bailouts. She also voted for the war just like a neo-con. Why would older white womyn support Shillary? Because they are more invested in corporate muriKKKa….

    Shillary is no friend to anyone making lass than $250,000 a year.

  9. I can still resonate with the spirit of this rally cry, but here’s the sad truth: the only type of man who is even a consumer of misleading dating advice is a “loser”, which is normal-speak for a guy who gets little or no sex in the first place; so when you discourage him from looking for inroads to sex, and redirect his attention to more booby traps in the world of sex, he’s not going to care because he’s not going to be there anyway. As you pointed out, there are ways that you could end up a victim of college sex courts, even as an untouchable incel, but anyone who studies this stuff can see that most of the victims of these new Title IX weapons are going to be sexually active guys. As such, a guy who had all hope of getting laid extinguished isn’t going to lift a finger to help the luckier guys get sex with more safety. Many incels probably look at this and chuckle, with an almost spiteful sense of justice. And why not? What have sexually active men done for incels lately? Now they can call my attitude crabs in a bucket, but all of this “yes means yes” bullshit is someone else’s problem — let’s face it.

    • roosh v-attacked by social justice warriors-not my worry…

      “rapes” ™ in Cologne-not my worry…

      Old mean, drunk Phil Anselmo says “white power” and Sieg Heils-get’s attacked by a bunch of white guilt liberals. Haha, I’d probably buy the dude a beer IRL-I love Pantera.

    • That Love Dr. writing for Psychology Today has to be pro-relationships. In other words, in favor of the idea everyone can have a great relationship. He did write an article saying that MGTOW was OK but it hinted that being MGTOW was for guys tired of the bs, not for guys who had money or success to get through the bs.

      His “science” article makes the primary error that it looks at what game has in common with general advice rather than what is a unique of game theorists. If you read it one way it actually shows unique techniques of game are unproven.

    • First of all I agree with thegreatshebang that he’s looking at what game has in common with everything else instead of what makes it unique. That is a common deflection technique to avoid criticism of game.

      Overall, he’s similar to Dr. Nerdlove Manginalove who repackages game to be more woman friendly. When you go to site like Dr. Manginalove who supposedly has dating advice for men, one thing you will notice quickly is the lack of men there. This seems to be a common problem with dating advice outside of the manuresphere. In other words they are trying to figure out what the manuresphere’s secret is to getting a male audience. This leads them to doing things like trying to adopt game themselves or aspects of game. This is metaphorically equivalent to being a cargo cult so it doesn’t work. What happened is not that the manuresphere figured out how to attract men to dating advice. The manuresphere appeals to people with a peculiar ideology, and that is what they are seeing but they don’t understand it.

  10. Cucking is the safest form of sex these days, find a married
    woman with shit to lose if divorced,fuck her well and you
    will probably get away with no worries.

    The men deserve this.
    Yes,yes they do,fuck them for not standing up.

  11. Hey Black Pill, and anyone else, this is a bit-topic, but could you explain this to me. Have you seen this obese guy on YouTube? He is married. I don’t know how. He sure does not look like someone who goes to the gym (mocking the manosphere). He looks like someone who just sits at home and does nothing. Isn’t that what the manosphere says that if you just go to the gym, women will want you? Is it because this guy has status and fame? Is that why he is married? Is it because he makes money off of YouTube from his status? Is it because he can make a woman laugh. Based on his videos, he looks like he is obsessed with video games and other “childish” stuff. There are also videos of him reading insults from YouTubers.
    If his wife really loves him, then good for both of them. I wish them till death do they part. On a side note, his wife is at least average looking. I can’t remember which video it was I saw a picture of his wife.
    I tried asking about this on the Dalrock manosphere blog (about a month after my fight.) I tried to calmly ask this, and someone replied just calling me a clueless loser. No refutation, just insults. This guy also accussed me of derailing a conversation between his other buddy. It is not my fault he is too lazy to check which article I post my comments.

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