16 comments on “Nearly All Sexual Harassment Accusations From Women Are False

  1. And nearly all cases of “roofies” or date rape drugs are false. Here is the Daily Mail report from 2009 by a doctor that only found 1 positive in a decade and another study than found less than 2% in over 1000 cases. But of course all the women were drunk or on other rec drugs. The symptoms were mostly alcohol poisoning. They’re drunks looking for an excuse or drama.


  2. Not “false”, but “bullshit”. When a woman goes “Bawww! I had badfeels when he sat next to me!” it’s not necessarily a lie. But it’s not a cause for a sexual harassment complaint.

  3. I never believe anything a female says in this day and time. Anytime I hear about accusations on rape or sexual harassment, I automatically assume they’re false. Bitches bought it on themselves. They’re subhuman trash.

  4. This is off topic, but I want to ask peoples opinions on this.

    Why is this Yuri Bezmenov linked to anti feminism? What has he got to do with anything? Why do right wing retards take his word as gospel? I mean defectors have always had a history of telling people what they want.

  5. Perhaps we need to apply Deuteronomy 22:13-30 today to aid us in determining whether rape accusations are real or not.
    “…If a young woman who is a virgin is betrothed to a husband, and a man finds her in the city and lies with her, then you shall bring them both out to the gate of that city, and you shall stone them to death with stones, the young woman because she did not cry out in the city, and the man because he humbled his neighbor’s wife; so you shall put away the evil from among you…”
    I have read somewhere online, (I believe the author is actually a woman), that screaming at times can scare the rapist away from committing his act. I’ll see if I can find it again.

    • I found the online webpage. Here is a piece from it:
      Although Christians today are not under the Mosaic Law, the principles mentioned therein provide them with guidance. The above account underscores the importance of resisting and screaming for help. Screaming when threatened with rape is still viewed as a practical course. One expert on crime prevention stated: “If a woman is attacked, her best weapon is still her lungs.” A woman’s screaming may attract others, who can then assist her, or it may startle an attacker and make him leave. A young Christian woman who was attacked by a rapist stated: “I screamed with all my might, and he backed off. When he came toward me again, I screamed and ran. In the past I had often thought, ‘How can screaming help me when some big man grabs me with only one thing on his mind?’ But I’ve learned that it works!”

      • That would only work … for a man who actually thought he had something to lose.
        On the flip side, remember that it’s only rape if the guy is unattractive.

        What women mean when they are campaigning against rape:
        (thanks to redpillcomics.blogspot.com)

        This study evaluated the rape fantasies of female undergraduates (N = 355) using a fantasy checklist that reflected the legal definition of rape and a sexual fantasy log that included systematic prompts and self-ratings.
        Results indicated that 62% of women have had a rape fantasy, which is somewhat higher than previous estimates


        05-02-2014, 11:43 AM
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        If u have not yet realised women are extremely primitive, there is no hope for you.
        How about this one, eh?
        Over 90% of female rape victims experience orgasm during the attack
        BOSTON – A new study to be published in next month’s Journal of Clinical Psychiatry is causing controversy in the psychiatric community for some of its unexpected findings. The study, titled “Shame and Guilt in the Aftermath of Sexual Attack”, verifies much of what we know about the mental health of rape victims. However, one observation in particular is raising eyebrows. After analyzing the anonymous transcripts of over 5,000 post-rape counseling sessions, the authors point out that almost all female rape victims experience orgasm during the attack.
        Asked for comment, Dr. Herschel Liebowitz, one of the authors of the study, said, “Millions of years of evolution has hard-wired women to be attracted to strong, dominant, and aggressive men. Unfortunately, rapists exhibit an extreme form of these characteristics, even if only temporarily, and this causes an unexpected and involuntary physiological response in the victim.”
        Researchers focused on the psychiatric impact of this involuntary response. “Rape victims in general tend to experience an overwhelming sense of shame and guilt”, noted Dr. Liebowitz. “This study finds that the guilt is not a result of the attack necessarily, but rather her own response to the attack. Intellectually, she is disgusted at being violated by an anonymous attacker. But physically, her body seems to have welcomed the attack in the form of sexual climax or orgasm. We believe this contradiction in feelings is the primary source of their shame and guilt.”
        So here you have thousands of “sexual experts” who try to help women in couples achieve orgasm with their beta husband, years after years with different tricks and techniques without suceeding.
        .. Then when bitches gets raped, 90% (!!!!!!!) gets an orgasm?!
        LOL @ WOMEN,

        Remember, Chad Thundercock does nothing wrong!
        Women seem to agree too!

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