58 comments on “It Is All About Conspiracy Theorists Making Excuses For Their Lack Of Action

  1. in my experience, if the “very bad thing” gets connected with someone who has a jewish name, it’s proof that the jeeeeeeewwwws are out to destroy western civilization.

    if there’s no jewish name, then the conspiracy theorists fall back on a standby. cultural marxists, majestic 12, more jews, whatever.

    communism isn’t really dead tho, the USSR is dead. a lot of current day dictatorships are communist, or “democratic republic of” types (north korea).

  2. The reason why I asked that question is simple.

    I consider anti communists, cultural Marxists the biggest derailers of the MRM.

    How much brain power has been wasted on this anti communist bullshit? Linking feminism to communism is derailment, and stops people from analyzing female nature systematically.

    To be honest, I do not consider feminism communist at all. How it takes form in the west, is a product of a high tech industrialized society. I look at the actions of groups, not their words. Since feminists are not fighting to reduce female privilege, and get women into back breaking jobs at the same rate as men, they are not communists in any sense of the word.

    • The thing is, a political belief with many adherents, becomes used against men in the end.
      Read this:
      All monotheistic religions from christianity to environmentalism and even capitalism require a few structures and modes of organization that almost guarantee misanadry or shoddy treatment of men vis-a-vis women.

      The arguments are very sound. I’m convinced.

  3. I am not sure how much of what Yuri Bezmenov says it true. Their is a history of defectors telling their new masters what they want to hear.

    Also maybe he researched his target audiences and is telling right wingers what they want to hear.

    I have read up on the KGB, their history of entryism past the 50’s is pretty fucking poor to be honest.

    Also any group of any significance will have groups from various organizations in them, doesn’t mean they control them, the secret services are just keeping an eye on them.

  4. There are conspiracy theorist, and then there are conspiracy theorists. There are as many different kinds of conspiracy theorist as there are conspiracy theories. Indeed, some of them are lazy bastards who do nothing but marinate in the doom and gloom but won’t get their hands dirty, and on the other hand, some of them really do get the word out and name names, and many of those have taken lumps for it. So…NACTALT (not all conspiracy theorists are like that).

    But I do have to comment on this statement:

    “First, conspiracy theory is filled with old men who are fighting enemies that no longer exist like communists. They are incapable of dealing with the reality that communism is dead so they still imagine communist conspiracies.”

    No, Communism is alive and well. The Soviet Union is gone, but Communism didn’t just die with it. In addition to all of the little hole-in-the-wall countries like Cuba and North Korea, China is a full-fledged Communist juggernaut that threatens the whole world now.

    It will never die because it’s an ideology that plays into some of people’s most basic inclinations: pettiness, spitefulness, laziness and greed. Even if it doesn’t go under the It’s alive and well in the United States, too. Ever see these kids walking around wearing t-shirts with a picture of a long-haired guy wearing a beret with a star on it? Moreover, it’s not like he’s going to win the ticket, but Bernie Sanders does have a lot of delegates.

    But even if they don’t call it “Communism” specifically, a turd by any other name is just as foul. Communists in the United States don’t usually identify as such — they prefer to call themselves “Democrats”.

    • China communist? Lololol

      Bernie Sanders communist? Lololol

      Che t shirts worn by hipsters proof of communism being alive and well? Lololol

      Right wing capitalist party the democrats communist? Lololol

      Right wingers like you see everything as communist.

      Btw Cuba was driven into the communist camp by the USA learn some history.

      The USA is s far bigger threat to the world than China, and China has less feminism. China has changed divorce laws recently, so women no longer get half the assets.

      “It will never die because it’s an ideology that plays into some of people’s most basic inclinations: pettiness, spitefulness, laziness and greed.”

      Sounds like right wing projection.

  5. Yeah, you wonder why the people who think this way about the Federal Reserve System wouldn’t try to assassinate the bankers involved. Instead they just want someone to audit the Fed, despite all the various kinds of audits that already happen to the Fed every year.

    This shows magical thinking, as if their kind of audit would discover the super-secret stuff that will totally discredit the Fed and justify ifs abolition. I keep asking these nuts what they would do if an additional audit simply doesn’t turn up anything untoward in the Fed’s operations, and they have no answer.

  6. Oh, speaking of conspiracy nuts, how about the ones who believe that our elites have access to super-medicine that the rest of us don’t know about, hence the relatively good shape of some powerful men in their 90’s still active in public life, like Henry Kissinger and George Shultz.

    Funny how the late Antonin Scalia didn’t know about this super-medicine. Or Steve Jobs, for another example.

    More likely their longevity and late-life health derive from their genetics which made them energetic, intelligent and accomplished to begin with. Look up the research into the emerging field of cognitive epidemiology.

  7. And speaking of depopulation conspiracy theories, the kooks who obsess over the Georgia Guidestones’ population figure make me laugh, as if this rock has voodoo powers over the allowable number of people on the planet.

    If you don’t like the population figure on the Georgia Guidestones, set up a rock and carve in the number you want. Perhaps your rock’s mojo will overpower the Guidestones’ mojo.

  8. “Conspiracy theorists don’t want to accept that there isn’t a plan behind feminism. They find the idea the feminism doesn’t have a plan behind it to be scary since it requires conspiracy theorists to actually do something about it.”

    What could a reality-based conspiracy theorist do about feminism any way?

    • Too afraid to push the envelope.

      The wage gap is too ridiculous to take at even a brief glance, much like the old 1-out-5 women will raped nonsense.

      All you need to ask is this: If women get paid 72 cents for every dollar a man makes and the assumption is otherwise women are equal to women in every capacity pertaining to the workplace than why would employers bother hiring a man, ever? You could get the same productivity for less wages. Many earnings are available for anyone to look up, especially in the public/government sector. Given women’s inclination to take anyone to court, why haven’t we seen employers taken to the cleaners left and right?

      Its mind boggling how our society buys into this crap.

      • Warren Farrel (whom I am no a huge fan of) addressed the same points you just made.

        However, it is good to see some pushback against the 72 cents on the dollar. In fact white womyn make more than non white men…

        However, in the 70’s and perhaps 80’s that wasn’t the case. Is that because society was less racist then? Actually, I think it was because there were high paying manufacturing jobs back then…

        • The wages earnt gap is proof of female privilege.

          Women earn less but spend more than men.

          Yet instead of calling women out as parasites, men are on the defensive trying to explain to feminists that their paranoid conspiracy theories are bullshit.

        • Actually women in their 20’s make more money than men in the same age bracket. You also are aware women have less unemployment than men (most likely due to having crutches like Affirmative Action, quotas and they tend to gravitate towards public sector/government jobs were are overpaid considering they contribute almost nothing towards economic productivity) and more women attend college than men these days. Naturally, women complain about the lack of men in colleges these days because that means less high earners for them to fall back on and leech off of.

          What’s your issue with Farrell, Stoner?

        • Farrell, well, he WAS a feminist and he is now part of the AVfM crew. I read Myth of Male Power and one thing he said was along the lines of “job loss for men like rape for womyn.” Trust me I’d much rather lose a job (and collect UI) than be buttraped prison style by one of the “men” of the alt-reich. I get the feeling this dude is another trad con who thinks womyn should be slightly less mean and men “should come back to the plantation” to use a MGTOW phrase. But then again, I didn’t view myself as a “provider” and a “job” is only a paycheck. I’d much rather “opt-out” of the workforce and society than be a cog in a machine to support some broad who hates me and kids I never see.

        • Seeing as many women have rape fantasies and get off of the act, comparing job loss to rape is an failed analogy.

          Unless some men get an orgasm from losing their job. How about it, Tamerlame and Stoner? Did you guys bust your load the last time you got fired?

        • Yes, because I got unemployment-and that also makes me a commie socialist leech who is stealing from Aaron Clarey ceegar and hard lick-her fund! (I didn’t have an orgasm, just a big smile when my first payment came.)

        • If anything, the closest analogy to a man getting terminated is a woman gaining weight. Losing your job would theoretically lower the amount of women interested in you (if any are interested to begin with), just as putting on pounds would lower a female’s potential dating partners. However, jobless men and fat women still get laid. Men can get new employment and women can lose the weight.

          My problem with Farrell is that his writing gives deniability to women in regards to their actions. its very similar to how conspiracy theorists and the like operate; somewhat acknowledging women have done actions that negatively impact men and society but rationalizing it away as not being their fault and being victims as usual.

        • yeah, I read something about unemployed guys getting laid the most. Probably because they could find time to chase womyn. And, I think fat womyn can get laid a ton, there was some study saying they have the most STD’s. Probably part of Matt Forne’s anger towards fat womyn is he see’s some sucking a ton of cock (but not his) and is jealous that he needs to pay a prostitute to get laid…

          But I think he see’s the real problem as “family formation.” Again another Trad Con in sheep’s clothing…

        • Fat women get laid more because they can’t use their looks as leverage to get guys to do things for them. So they have to use sexual access from the outset.

          Women like thugs and deadbeats. These men tend to be unemployed so there’s probably overlap. I was unemployed at one time in my second college year; strangely I still didn’t get laid though.

        • The comment of fat women reminds me of something in college. There was an obese woman, who I was told is about 10 years older than me. Yet, she rejected me. She had no interest in me sexually. She was only looking at me thinking I could be a disposable provider for her. She and her younger skinny friend go to night clubs to have fun with the exciting, hot alpha guys. Her skinny younger friend tried to hook me up with her, and I think she wanted to get money out of me herself. She was asking me financial questions which I gave ambiguous answers to, refusing to really answer the. For example, she asked me about my student loan debt. One time, she even said out loud to her friends while I was in the room, asking how much money do you think he (me) makes?
          One of the males respond: ‘Well, why don’t you date him and find out?”
          Also, she tries to get sympathy out of me, saying something of how she gives money to her male “friends.”
          This reminds me of how some PUAs brag about how they get their woman(s) to give them money.
          Yep, and it looks like we non-alpha have to pay while the others play.

        • there is NO correlation between attractiveness and kindness. In my very limited experience approaching womyn, I was not more harshly rejected by attractive womyn than by less attractive womyn… Also, in my very limited experience in online dating, I met a broad who wanted me to buy her dinners while she fucked other guys-nope, ain’t gonna happen…

        • As someone else said:
          If a woman turns down sex (with a man), society’s reaction: WOW!!! She is so brave, strong, courageous, virtuous, independent, and so on.
          If a man turns down sex (with a woman), society’s reaction: You’re gay!!!! You’re not a man!!!!!!! You coward!!!!! You are afraid of pussy!!!!! You must have been sexist and shallow!!!!!! You turned it down for the wrong reasons!!!!!!!!

      • Agreed that there is really no correlation no attractiveness and kindness. Unfortunately, the manosphere seems to preach contrary to that. They preach the same thing feminists preach: Any guy who can’t get laid is just hitting on models and/or sluts and bimbos.

        Ever see Red Pill Philosophy on YouTube? He is just like another version of Aaron Clarey. I notice how he screams fat chicks are gross and disgusting. He then does a 180, attacksng and shaming the single, male virgin. He calls them potential Elliot Rodgers nerds/geeks who wouldn’t go f*** a fat chick.

        On the Dalrock blog, this red-pill Christian says something of this to me, “Even if God was to send you the most beautiful woman ever…”

        • My own ‘friends’ have gotten on me about not showing interest in fat chicks. I assume that just because I’m a black male I’m supposed to be physically attractive to obese females, which I’m not.

          I never understood the practice of black males pairing up with fat white females, either. I find obesity to be extremely offputting; at the same time I never thought I deserved a fit person myself, being overweight and ugly myself. I’ve no problem being alone than the alternative but I suppose these other guys disagree.

          “On the Dalrock blog, this red-pill Christian says something of this to me, “Even if God was to send you the most beautiful woman ever…””

          Incomplete sentence?

        • I cut that sentence short because all that red-pill Christian did was attack my character rather than what I was talking about. He falsely accused me of trying to get sympathy from everyone in real life, and having a negative attitude. He also accused me of not knowing everybody has battle scars.
          All I originally did was give a brief background on where I came from on the Dalrock blog. I wasn’t particularly talking to anybody, and that random guy comes in and starts attacking my character.

          In life, I actually have been called a gay faggot because some people thought I was too happy. I should have told him that, but he probably would not have listened.

          I have checked on the Dalrock blog every once in a while, and that same guy keeps commenting on how positive he is. He is just someone pretending to be more spiritual than he really is.

        • I don’t remember the Dalrock article I had the argument on. It happened about 5-6 months months ago. Also, I went by a different name on Dalrock’s blog.

          Right before that red-pill Christian attacked me, I brought up a time at college where I turned down “sex”. It was during freshman year in college. I felt down on myself after what happened in high school. I was in no state of mind to have a girlfriend or have sex. My college roommates were having a party, and had female guests over. One of the girls “wanted” to get with me. I assumed she was playing a high school game with me. She has seen me around college every now and then, and I was far from an alpha male. Also, she was somewhat drunk, which discouraged me also. She was also underage also, as was I. Also, If I remember correctly, she got into bed with one of my other roommates.
          (To the best of my memory)
          Anyway, this “Christian” on Dalrock’s blog screams at me that I should have gotten into bed with her. I respond: “Are you telling me to commit fornication with her?” He responds: “No. I was saying you turned down sex for the wrong reasons.” I respond: “I don’t get it? Are you saying it is as if I had sex with her anyway????”

          [Wouldn’t it make more sense if I was really feeling really “sitting on a mountain of negative sh**…” (whatever that Christian accused me of) on myself that I would feel entitled to have sex with her? I would just grab her and force her into bed with me to get back at those in high school?]

        • Also, another guy on Dalrock’s blog right after that red-pill Christian came and attacked me. He accused me of thinking I was a special snowflake (whatever that really means). He also falsely accused me of saying I have no life. I asked him are you saying that by having no wife, I have no life. (I mentioned this on another article on The Black Pill’s blog.) He also insults me other ways.
          However, what is most intriguing is that he falsely accused of wanting (and he appeared to be mad about) me having female validation from a female commenter on Dalrock’s blog. This female commenter appeared to be complementing me about how I was not upset for not having a woman in my situation. (I was not asking for her sympathy or pat on the back.)
          Anyway, by his arrogant attitude, I would assume he had his own girlfriend, woman, lover, wife etc. to run to whenever he needed female validation. Why would he care whether I had this female commenter’s validation or not????
          This has only helped confirmed Black Pill’s thoughts (and mine) to be correct. Most of the manosphere are a bunch of guys thirsty for female validation and/or sex.
          I think most of the manosphere are a bunch of divorced, bitter men who are being con-artists who believe they are only a man if they woman’s approval.
          When they see another man not looking for female validation and getting it, they will suddenly verbally and emotionally attack him.

        • That merely reinforces my belief that the majority of ‘red pill’ men don’t care about the injustices befallen men and digusting nature of women at all. All they are upset about is that today’s climate makes it difficult for them to get and keep a woman.

          If all these so-called fighters for men’s rights suddenly got a woman today, or even a blowjob they’d leave the ‘manosphere’ and never look back.

  9. I really wish the manosphere would stop pretending to be something they are not. They say that they care about the nuclear family, but then most of them turn around and have sex with condoms and birth control pills. Why don’t they try to impregnate the first woman they sleep with instead of waiting until their 30s to have a baby(s)? And they have the nerve to shame single, unmarried virgin males, claiming they don’t care about the nuclear family?!?!? (I know I said this already before.)

    Ever see Davis Aurini on YouTube? He has a video where he says women are like children, and men are responsible for feminism. If that is the case, why don’t they just admit how they really feel that women are stupid and gullible. Why don’t they just admit that women need to be rescued no matter how much they deny it? Why don’t they just admit women are not responsible for what they do? Yet why do these PUAs and other factions of the manosphere pump and dump women if they are just like children?!? Why don’t they commit to these “children?” Why abandon these “children” and treat them like orphans?
    But of course, they don’t want to directly say how they really feel about women because at the end of the day, the manopshere are a bunch of pussybeggars.

    As many in the manosphere have said, “You gotta hit on every woman you see.” Yet manosphere guys like Aaron Clarey say that only 1 in 100 women are worth approaching. Yet they expect other men to just get married to a woman that they are not in love with.

    It is like the manosphere believes the only purpose in life for a man is to be a Mario that needs to rescue a woman/princess from the evil Bowser aka communism. It is like their philosophy is “Get laid or die trying.” This includes red-pill Christians of the manopshere. Their attitude is “Get a wife or die trying!” I dare say that these red-pill Christians believe that a man has to die for every woman he comes in contact with whether she is his actual wife or not if he hopes to get a wife.

    As Saint Paul said in the Bible, husbands love your wives as Christ love the church. Too bad, this teaching has been twisted today and seems to apply to every woman you cone in contact with.
    I am not going to hit on some random women I see out in public no matter how hot she is. I am not going to throw myself on a cross just to die for a random woman who will not even love me back.

    In conclusion, the manosphere seems to have accepted the ball game and rules of feminism. Their reaction is that men need to try harder to get a woman, even if it kills them.

    On a side note, I partially saw a YouTube video that is “anti-abortion”, but at the beginning it says that abortion is being forced upon women. I couldn’t really continue watching it after hearing that statement. Yep, I guess everything is the man’s fault.

    • there was an old line in a Hunter S. Thompson novel where guys who spent their whole lives in factories were jealous of guys who dropped everything, hopped in a a car and went cross country. They call those guys Hippy Faggots. Now, things like Social Security aren’t sustainable unless you have a growing younger population paying mucho money into the system. One way this happens is allowing tons of immigration. But since these guys are (closet) white nationalists, they don’t want that….

  10. The solution to feminism is to give men free plastic surgery, so we can be more attractive to women.

    Read this book
    Pandora’s Box Men’s Sexual Revolution

        • I think women would treat men better if men were as attractive as women. The reason why women are treated better is because they are more attractive than men, it is due to the halo effect.

        • Women prefer men with a mix of neonatal + masculine features, but yes penis size obviously has some impact too.

        • In all seriousness, how is being more attractive to womyn going to protect you from psycho’s like Jodie Arias? I understand it might protect you from some of womyn’s general meanness and perhaps even creep shaming, but still doesn’t protect you from allot of other stuff..

        • It isn’t supposed to be an individual solution. This is the kind of solution that might help men on a societal level. But yes I agree, being more attractive doesn’t protect men from women like Jodie Arias.

          Maybe boys should be given lessons on how to protect themselves from false sexual harassment allegations etc.

        • who would sign them up for the lessons?

          PUA’s who want a quick buck? Feminist’s who want someone to blame for ALL their problems? Parents who want grankiddies?

        • I am good looking idiot.

          Does plastic surgery make one taller?

          Does plastic surgery stop single mothers neglecting and abusing their kids?

          Women are abusing men collectively, so we must have surgery to get them to stop?

          Get the fuck out of here. It will not work, are you stupid?

        • “The reason why women are treated better is because they are more attractive than men, it is due to the halo effect”.

          If that is the case then explain why even ugly, fat and old women get far better treatment than the vast majority of men. Explain why even an obese single mother with several kids has far easier time acquiring sex than a good looking male with money.

          None of these women are winning beauty contests anytime soon but they hold the same privileges as any attractive woman.

  11. I have noticed the anti feminist and MRA communtiy are doubling down on their attacks on MGTOW. The attack is lead by the mega simp armored skeptic.

    MGTOW’s are just radical and extreme apparently. So the anti feminist community welcomes any old mental defect who bangs on about cultural marxism all the time, but saying nasty mean things about women are beyond the pale?

    We need to torch the MRA and start it from scratch, these gynocenteric clowns will never get anything done.

    • The Anti-feminist and MRA communities concern for men’s rights and treatment only so far as it prevents males from being useful idiots and slaves for women.

      For example imprisonment for not paying child support is criticized not because its blatantly against our constitution, morally wrong and a host of other reasons but because the man being in prison means he cannot be an effective wallet for the child and woman.

      Likewise MGTOW is criticized heavily by these groups because leaving women to their own devices is the opposite of what they want.

      • Maybe it was just the latest terror attack but I’ve become increasingly pessimistic lately. The “Mad Max” future seems to be more likely than Star Trek, spaceships and sexbots or whatever.

        The short period of relative wealth and relative peace in Western countries is basically over or about to end, men are second class citizens AT BEST … and the opposition to all of that are religious fanatics and fascist fanatics.

        And MGTOW/MRA stuff … dead forums, a handful of anonymous youtube accounts, blogs that are just as dead, little traffic. 4chan’s /r9k/ has become facebook, 8chan’s r9k is dead … the anti-Pua sites talk about cosmetic surgery now, kek…

        I’ve lost track on how many times right-wingers have told me that men like we will be murdered when they take over because the Jews are behind the hatred on “our” women…

        Those anti-Islam movements slowly become more popular but alas: all they ever talk about is how Islam is evil because it’s opposed to equal rights for women. Women, women, women. Everyone just cares about women…

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