37 comments on “White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists Should Want To Kick People Out Of The White Race

  1. Some cling onto anyone who was ever WN, some cast aside anyone who ever was not WN. They do the same with boys who leave the cause. I would posit that some take the concept of genetic transfer too far. Almost as though they believe that having a racial separatist parent will magically transfer racial separatism into the children, like inheriting brown hair or big hands. Therefore any change in this system is a result of brainwashing or manipulation and cannot be irreversible. It’s less about the women and more about refusing to accept that being WN does not make one a good parent or that political affiliation is not a single gene expression you will pass onto your kids. Which scares and upsets them for the same reason liberals are scared and upset when you tell them having no kids means having no bearing on the future: we all instinctively want a legacy, and when we realize legacy is not guaranteed in any way, we get sad.

  2. The irony of “White Nationalism” is that “whiteness” already is an international, multicultural and, if you will, “globalist” concept. No European Nationalist identifies as “white” – but as Serb, Croat, Romanian, Italian and so on.

    Romanian Nationalists and Hungarian Nationalists still fight about Transylvania.
    South Tirol belongs to Italy right now but the Nationalists there say that they belong to Austria, whereas Italian Nationalists and Fascists (like the folks from Casa Pound who openly embrace the label “Fascist”) march through to South Tirol to remind them that South Tirol rightfully belongs to Italy.

    My father is part Croatian, part Serbian. Nazi Germany considered Croats to be Germanic (and i.e. allies) and Serbs to be Slavic (and i.e. subhuman). And those two groups have fought each other for centuries. Then there is the conflict about the Kosovo and to whom the Kosovo belongs. Or to whom Crimea belongs, Ukraine or Russia.

    In Germany where I live there used to be a long conflict between Bavaria and Prussia. Let alone between France and Germany about the Saarland. Then you have all these regions like Catalonia in Spain where the Nationalists would like to become independent. A bit like with the Scots in the UK. (Just that the Catalans are much more wealthy than the rest of Spain whereas with the Scots its the opposite.)

    NO Nationalist of any of these groups would EVER just identify as “white”, they would get seriously offended if you’d suggest that they are all just “white” and that both Poles and Germans, Italians and South Tyrolean, Romanians and Hungarians, Russians and Ukrainians, Serbs and Croats, Catalans and Spaniards, Scots and English are all just … white.

    There will NEVER be the “International of the Nationalists” who fight against the “Globalists” together because all these different kinds of Nationalists will, sooner or later, fight each other again – for the Kosovo, Transylvania, South Tirol, Gdansk/Danzig, Crimea, for independence and so on and so forth.

    • And the kind of White Nationalists who care less about identity and more about IQ and stuff don’t really make much sense, either.

      Let’s say that they are right about race and IQ and these things. Assuming they would be right, it would still just mean that if you take 100 white and 100 black people, there would be more naturally high-IQ people among the 100 white than among the 100 black people. I mean, that’s what all these bell curve theories are about.

      So if you are concerned with intelligence, then it would make more sense to give your daughter to (one of the few) highly intelligent black men than to (one of the few) stupid white men. You’d have to argue for a tyranny of IQ then, for “IQ-ism” instead of “racism.”

      Or who even says that people with low IQ should have less value as human beings? You could logically argue for the exact opposite and say: “Hey, if its true that these people have a lower IQ then we have to spend more money and time on their education, so they don’t fall too far behind and can make up for their disadvantage.”

    • It’s funny because where I grew up (still has the 1800’s mentallity) white guys called each other daygos, whops, kikes, mics etc etc…

      Also, I think I mentioned it here, but allot of prominent WN’s look like “dirty” whites…. IE Scicilian, Italian, Greek, Mediterranean. It’s ironic that guys like Jack Donovan and John Gage hate Mexicans but their grandads were likely “day laborers” just like the Mexicans who stand at Home Depot. In fact, Daygo, a slur for Italians means “day laborer.” And Whop is an acronym for “without papers.” I bet a WASP like David Duke secretly hates them just as much as darkies but doesn’t say a thing so long as they are willing to be “foot soldiers.”

      • Yeah, there’s definitely a hierarchy of whiteness. The hierarchy might be somewhat variable and people might not always agree on who is on top…

        (Vikings and Nazis the greatest, but modern Swedes and Germans cucks, light-skinned Duke believes himself to be on top but European Nationalists often look down upon Americans and “American mystery meat” that is part Irish, part Anglo, part Romanian, part German, part Dutch and 1/64 Cherokee)

        …but the hierarchy is there and it is inherent to racism. Racism wouldn’t stop if all black, white, brown, mixed-race, Asian, Jewish or whatever kind of people would be gone. They would just attack the next group then and then the next and the next … and make a hierarchy yet again.

    • > Romanian Nationalists and Hungarian Nationalists still fight about Transylvania.

      we do, even in 2016, and the peace treaty of WW1 was signed almost a century ago…

  3. Kick people out of the White race? That would be the kind of psychopathic mentality that we oppose. We don’t disown members of our racial family. And it wouldn’t accomplish anything. Yes, it might “improve” the race to kick people out, but at a cost of reducing our numbers. Which is exactly what the Jews want, and it’s why they promote the mixing of the races.

    It’s hilarious that you, a guy who probably lives in his mom’s basement, is citing that picture as some kind of argument against White nationalism. Deep down you are jealous of the men in that picture because at least they are getting laid.

    Trump 2016

    • It’s the kind of mentality that has always determined real life racism. Even you yourself say that it might improve your race but at a cost of reducing numbers. So once you’d be done with the Jews and other races and wouldn’t have to worry about numbers anymore, you’d go for to the lesser whites next.

      If a racist could choose between helping members of his own race and hurting members of another race, he’d pick the latter. A racist could support all kinds of policies that hurt low-status men and yet believe to be a champion of poor blue-collar folks because he hates on brown people.

  4. A bit off-topic but I just remembered something funny and yet sad.
    I remember on some time back on YouTube I got into an argument with some fake anti-feminist male. He claims that he is anti-feminist but attacks any male who dares question the dating world today.

    Anyway, after basically nothing but insults and false accusations from him, I finally got a clear,, calmer, answer from him.

    I asked him, “If a man can’t get a woman, is it because he is an abuser, a cheater, no confidence, no game, lazy, a pig, only wants sex, pervert, etc? (I tried to think of every misandry insult under the sun.) If a woman can’t get a man, she can blame it on the men? So, its double standards?”

    He responds, “It’s not fair, but it is double standards, and you have to accept it. If a man can’t get a woman, it is all his fault. If a woman can’t get a man, it is all the men’s fault.”

    (This is where the funny and sad part comes in.)
    Later on, I sucked up to him a bit to get what he really thinks of the dating world.
    I asked him, “Would you say women are like the female sphinx from the movie The NeverEnding Story? Wearing fancy armor does not help. The sphinx can see straight into your heat. Don’t doubt yourself be confident!!! Be confident! Be confident! Otherwise, women can tell you are a phony, scared, no confidence, etc. and reserve the right to shoot lasers and destroy you.
    (He says women can tell when you are faking confidence, they don’t care about looks, only men are shallow and superficial, etc.)
    Anyway, he responds, “Ha Ha Ha! Yes, that is a decent analogy!”

    For those who haven’t seen the movie, he is the female sphinx scene from it. It is only about 5 minutes long.

  5. More dribble form the racists who believe in the Cultural Marxist conspiracy theory.

    These guys are their poisonous memes, are the number one threat to the entire anti feminist movement.

    • I’m so sick and tired of these people…

      Every once in a while I tried to debate with them. The last time I did (on 4chan or 8chan, forgot which one it was), I had people unironically tell me that “misogyny” equals homosexuality, and that they will find out who I am and kill me when the “day of the rope” comes.

      These psychos want to MURDER for women, they want to MURDER people who criticize women. “White knight” is too soft a term for them. That’s a white lynch mob.

      The weirdest thing is that Jews in the US intermarry at a HIGHER rate than other groups… http://archive.is/zzMg7 …and, quote, “another factor behind the comparatively high Jewish intermarriage rate is, simply, that Americans like Jews.”

        • from the link I provided.

          “So we’ve established that, yes, critical theory was indeed developed at the Frankfurt School. But sneakywiki, I’m not so sure that these SJW’s subscribe to this ideology, they’re just a small group of hipsters in San Francico, right? Wrong. If your at all familiar with critical theory, you will recognize them as critical theorists. It’s not a fringe opinion, even Newsweekrecognized Anita Sarkeesian as a critical theorist.

          Newsweek – Anita Sarkeesian

          She dared to apply critical theory to video games, and gamers didn’t like it.

          And at last we’ve established that Anita Sarkeesian and her group of followers are critical theorists. So lets take a look at the new Wikipedia article for cultural marxism”

          So a Newsweek article states that Anti Sarkeesian that has applied critical theory to video games, and some mental defect takes that to mean, that she is using the “CRITICAL THEORY!” Doesn’t this idiot know the term criticism and theory has common usage outside of his conspiracy theories?

          Mentally ill conspiracy theorists join the dots, and see patterns that aren’t there all the time.

          Black Pill, The cultural Marxist conspiracy theory is the number one threat we face, not the manospuere. (Even though the manosphere spread this junk.) Sane people are not going to want to deal with mental defects waffling on about cultural marxism.

        • “The cultural Marxist conspiracy theory is the number one threat we face, not the manospuere.”

          After all, the “Cultural Marxism” Conspiracy Theorists are the ones taking over the manosphere, not the other way around.

          Off topic:
          One of the worst cases of tradcon misandry I’ve read in a while. Written by a female on the “Louder with Crowder” blog, who attacks male Bernie Sanders supporters: “Allow me to give you a definition of what makes a man… A man, as defined by this woman, exemplifies the evolutionary behavior of a provider.” http://archive.is/mWvf2

          THIS is the kind of “antifeminism”, conservatives and “antifeminist” women support…

  6. In his latest video, Vention1MGTOW has admitted to be a full-blown conspiracy nut. A ton of conspiracy nuts have poured into the comments sections to say there are “truths” in these “proven” conspiracy theories.

    This is a reminder that just because a man is smart enough to figure out something, doesn’t mean they can argue their way out of a paper bag in other areas. An otherwise charming and harmless MGTOW like Vention has been revealed to be a crank. Well, he has admitted that at heart he is and always was a tradcon that wanted to get married to be “happy.”

  7. I doubt the people in that photo are actual White nationalists. Consider the absurdity of having the Wiemar flag right underneath the Nazi flag.

    Your point about wanting to kick people out of the White race is just stupid. It’s like saying “fiscal conservatives say they want to reduce the deficit. It would reduce the deficit by a lot if we were to shoot all the old people so that we don’t have to pay for social security and medicare. But fiscal conservatives don’t want to do that, proving that they don’t care about reducing the deficit.”

    • “I doubt the people in that photo are actual White nationalists. Consider the absurdity of having the Wiemar flag right underneath the Nazi flag.”

      Hahaha, you are assuming most WNs are historically literate. While perhaps German WNs would never make that mistake. The ignorance and stupidity is very strong with American WN. So they cant tell one German flag from another.

    • LOL reminds me of this


      I wish HBD would get over their obsession with India and its caste system. They barely understand European and American histories. Middle East and Indian culture and society is too complex for their low IQs.

      But as long as the sad looking Razib Khan gives them the greenlight to spew their ignorance, it will continue. Khan is a particularly sad individual who keeps talking and analyzing blondes and blonde women in particular. It is obvious that though his interest in them is more than academic, it is likely to remain that way.

  8. Sorry, but this article is just nonsense. A father may certainly disown his daughter, but neither he nor anyone else has the ability to kick her out of the White race. One’s racial membership stems from the fact of their biological existence, not the approval of some racial governing board.

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