54 comments on “Both Conspiracy Theorists And Feminists Demand You “Listen And Believe”

  1. Funny how these conspiracy theorists claim to be antifeminist although they always make excuses for women by blaming male conspirators instead and although they are so gynocentric that their arguments against feminism are mostly just about what women want (“strong men”, “real men”, etc.), what would be best for women and what makes women actually happy.

    • I remember, btw, how I was watching a little documentary about the “Bible Belt” once and one of the interviewees laughed and said that if the liberals and progressives around you build their arguments out of alternative interpretations of the Bible, you know that you’re living in the deepest Bible Belt.

      That’s a clever observation. And in the grand scheme of things (no matter which religion and how religious you are) the same can be said about feminism. You know that you live in a misandric culture if people who see themselves as the “politically incorrect” opposition to the mainstream build their arguments out of alternative interpretations of what would be best for women, how “third-wave” feminism made women unhappy and miserable, how women would be happier in a tradcon society and so on and so forth…

    • I haven’t read the article but Nietzsche said in his “Antichrist” that Mitleid (pity/compassion) artificially keeps alive what is actually meant to perish. It artificially keeps alive the disinherited and the damned (“die Enterbten und Verurteilten”) and therefore, in the long run, hurts society as a whole.

      (“Pity thwarts the whole law of evolution, which is the law of natural selection. It preserves whatever is ripe for destruction; it fights on the side of those disinherited and condemned by life; by maintaining life in so many of the botched of all kinds, it gives life itself a gloomy and dubious aspect.”)

      I don’t think it’s far-fetched to say that this attitude towards compassion can be read as a forerunner of fascism. And just because there are crazy tumblrinas who call everyone and everything Hitler, fascist, racist (white people with dreadlocks) … doesn’t mean that there aren’t any people who are ACTUALLY fascists.

      • Yes, I believe that the manuresphere’s ideology is ultimately authoritarian (cannot simply be broken into left/right) and identarian. They view themselves as ubermensch. Also, what is “libertarian” in online talk isn’t the “sons of liberty” dictionary discussion. In fact it is much like feminist’s saying “they believe in equality of the genders.”

        But I’ll stop here before I ramble on.

  2. For the record, Stefan Molyneux’s internet discussion forum is now a hotbed of conspiracy theory. As I suspected, the “red pill philosophy” is targeted to get more and more subscribers. His “red pill” approach to philosophy is perfect cover for discussion of conspiracy theory.

    Since conspiracy theorists invade any and all internet communities and destroy said invaded communities if not checked, I predict that soon Freedomain Radio, Molyneux’s site, will just be a hot bed of anti-climate change deniers, 9/11 truthers, moon hoax nutjobs, and other “red pill” cranks.

    • That’s nice of you to say. I feel closer to a lone voice, crying in the wilderness, in the hopes that some of these guys will learn to think a bit more clearly.

      • This is me copying what you do.

        TheLoyalOfficer2 years ago
        This MRA/MRM/MRX whateverthehell nonsense is a total waste of time. The most important aspect to understand is that feminism is NOTHING but a Trojan Horse for Marxism. It’s just another weapon in the statist arsenal.
        Gert G.
        Gert G.2 years ago
        Even after the death of Marxism the Frankfurt school is killing the west.
        TheLoyalOfficer2 years ago
        Sadly, Marxism is far from dead. I would like to introduce you to my Humanities dept…
        WiggaMachiavelli1 year ago
        +Gert G. That makes no sense. The Frankfurt School is Marxism.
        Just Pro Male That's it
        Just Pro Male That’s it1 week ago
        +TheLoyalOfficer classic example of conspiracy theorists looking to derail.
        TheLoyalOfficer6 days ago
        +Just Pro Male That’s it Me? Derail what?
        Just Pro Male That's it
        Just Pro Male That’s it5 hours ago
        +TheLoyalOfficer Yep, you are banging on about Marxism.
        TheLoyalOfficer23 minutes ago
        +Just Pro Male That’s it “Banging on”? Is that Britspeak for “accurately warning about”? I hope so.
        Just Pro Male That's it
        Just Pro Male That’s it22 minutes ago
        Accurately warning about what?

        You are the right wing version of a feminist.

        Cultural Marxism doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist anymore than the patriarchy exists. 
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        WiggaMachiavelli17 minutes ago
        +Just Pro Male That’s it Patriarchy does exist and it’s a good thing. Cultural Marxism does exist and it’s a bad thing.
        Just Pro Male That's it
        Just Pro Male That’s it15 minutes ago
        +WiggaMachiavelli nope.

        The feminist version of the patriarchy doesn’t exist.

        can you provide proof for cultural Marxism exist? You know original sources? 
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        TheLoyalOfficer2 minutes ago
        +Just Pro Male That’s it Just look around! Is the state growing or is it shrinking? Bernie Sanders is the perfect example of the rise of Marxism.
        Just Pro Male That's it
        Just Pro Male That’s it18 seconds ago
        +TheLoyalOfficer SO you have no proof of your cultural Marxist conspiracy theory?

        State is growing under the republicans as well. Are they Marxists?

        Again some citations will be nice. 
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        (Here is the link to the video. Their conversation about Cultural Marxism has nothing to do with the video.


    • Why? Taken at face value, it simply shows a Black woman expressing racial hostility toward someone she perceives to be White*. However, it’s also possible that the video was staged. There isn’t any obvious ethnic/political agenda behind it, so I think it’s just some kids who want their fifteen minutes of fame.

      *The guy’s name is (((Goldstein))) but he has blonde hair and a trashy look, so I would guess that he’s part White.

  3. I guess they’ll never learn that EVERY kind of feminist wants you to “listen and believe”, even the allegedly good ones. But that’s what you get when you’re only opposed to “third-wave”, “fourth-wave”, “post-modern” or “tumblr” feminism, implying that there has ever been a good kind of feminism or that you could have “equality” without it eventually resulting in “feminism.”

    • This is why you can’t trust women. They all want you to “listen and believe” and if someone doesn’t and shields the wrongly accused man instead, they all go crazy, no matter their ideology. Women are the real Jews.

      • “Listen and believe” is pretty much the excuse utilized by the defenders in the comments section. This woman is ‘obviously’ right because she sounds educated and appears attractive to the vast majority of these viewers – she is anything but. Note how she mentions men are ‘intimated’ by successful women and that on dates, the one who has the higher earnings should be obligated to pay the bill. As I pointed out on the video, men are driven to make more money due to cultural (and arguably biological) reasons to attract women. Women also feel entitled to men’s money and despite claiming to be on equal footing with men expect to be paid for, pandered to and ultimately supported. She also comes from Africa – a country where the common man is just as disposable, if not more so than any other country due to several factors, not including polygamy. Like most women she indulges in the apex fallacy and assumes the African warlords, politicians and otherwise high status men that horde women somehow represent the standard African.

        You’ll also note that the usual deflection arguments of feminism is good, just ‘lost its way at third wave’, invoking the dictionary definition of feminism (basically asking us to ignore their actions and simply buy into their rhetoric at face value) and that men are supported by the patriarchy so there is no need to recognize men issues. Any issues that men have, should be handled by men. Naturally this doesn’t apply to women. Its the usual hypocritical entitlement we’re all used to. My only regret to videos like this is that there still seem to be plenty of men that buy into this nonsense; I engaged in responses to several on the video itself. Of particular interest was one Indian male. India is a country that panders to women so much trains reserve several cars/sections just for women’s use but the same is not true of men. The implication being if women are so flustered at the possibility of being in a lowly male’s vicinity, they should have their own safe space akin to aristocratic class. Several of you might also recall the incident where an Indian male was accused of rape and while awaiting trial in his cell a massive mob stormed the prison, forcibly removed him from confinement and publicly executed him. His mutilated corpse was hung for all to see.

        I find it amusing that there also various female fat pride videos in the related section.

  4. some feminist broad gets close to saying what’s been said here…


    that the “alt right” is basically (openly) racist liberals…

    “It’s one thing to expose this movement, including its similarities to the identity politics and the victimhood sweepstakes on the left. It’s another to enable it.”

        • I’ve watched quite a few videos on Paul’s new YT channel (An ear for men) and I must concede they are pretty good material.

        • So what?

          AVFM has doxed MGTOW’s

          AVFM has posted content supporting rape within Marriage.

          Janet Bloomfield has supported rape within marriage too.

          Full of right wing nut cases.

          AVFM is a joke, and it is too like for them to start acting seriously.

        • Ergeniz writes:

          Paul Elam has written some good stuff, from time to time. Historically, his problem has been delegating responsibility and associated privileges to women. Example: His “register her” idea was genius. Almost as soon as it started reaching its potential, with various women apologizing for their incredibly bad behavior, the women and male feminists in charge of it started shutting it down, claiming that the nasty feminists who were depicted had “learned their lesson.”

          Elam has lots of potential as a source for balanced antifeminist essays, but he’s simply too soft to be an effective leader.



  5. The manosphere seems to becoming more and more like Social Darwinists. I notice Aaron Clarey chants it in his videos. In fact, dare I say, appear to be developing the mindset of Hitler.
    As most people know, the first genocide Hitler carried out was not against Jews, gypsies, Christians, non-Germans, non-Aryan race, etc. It was against anybody who was physically and/or mentally disabled. Hitler decreed for the death of all who were “parasites” and “burdens” to society. I notice the manosphere throws the words “parasite” and “burdens to society” around a little too loosely. Rocking Mr. E have said to such men who don’t have families and aren’t pro-creating that they are burdens to society and should go back to the jungle. Rocking Mr. E has also said that such men are just as bad as the welfare parasites. (I am certainly no fan of welfare people, but the manosphere is taking the parasite matter too far.)
    Aaron Clarey, Benard Chapin, Rocking Mr. E, and others says that there is very little to no truth to those who “have autism.” Unless I am mistaken, they think that it is just a conspiracy or that such people are actually just lazy. I am quite far from agreeing with them since I have had experience in dealing with autistic children and adults.
    So if autism is just a ruse, for lack of a better term, then who were those people that Hitler executed??? Were they just lazy, good-for-nothing people that deserved it???? Was Hitler somewhat justified for what he did, according to the manosphere???
    I also have seen how Davis Aurini tries to downplay the severity of the Holocaust.
    Some of the manosphere have also said that most men can’t contribute anything to society other than reproducing.
    I also notice the manosphere does not call out their members on their hypocrisy. Aaron Clarey, Benard Chapin, Davis Aurini and others brag about how much they can get laid and shame and attack male virgins, right? Do they have families? Children? No?!? Hitler had physically disabled officers in his ranks that he did not execute.
    Here is a link to Hitler’s first genocide on disabled people.

    • Its hardly new. Most of the manosphere has that feel to it. Consider the fact they seem to have a genetics and biology fetish that they are slaves to. Plenty “red pill” droppings reek of social darwinism.

    • It is worth noting that the Nazi T4 program was slowed to a halt or carried out in secret because of the angry back lash from the German people. Goebbels even warned of an all out riot if the T4 act became more active and visible.

    • even animals take care of their own. these guys (mis)use “libertarianism” to have a “pull yourselves up by the bootstraps” /”poor are subhuman parasites” mentality. However, just like there aren’t feminist’s on a sinking ship, I bet these guys would be the first in line for government entitlements or welfare. It’s funny how these guys seem obsessed with “strength” yet they are hopelessly addicted to alcohol and tobacco. Even manbloob Forney can get through a video without scarfing down a cheezeburger but these guys need their alkyhawl–real ubermensch… I know I could shred these guys on a mountainbike trail and I don’t even ride regularly…

      (yes I know how hypocritical it sounds when my user name is stonerwithaboner, however, it is weakness to let yourself become addicted and I find the smell of tobacco more offensive than someone who hasn’t bathed in a week.)

  6. “The history of feminism is the history of women trying to excommunicate each other from the High Priestesshood.” – Amy Benfer

    Who *isn’t* a woman or a feminist nowadays?!?

    “TV (White Vagina Worship) is the new State Religion, run by a private Ministry of Propaganda, offering a universal curriculum for all people, financed by a form of hidden taxation without representation.
    You pay when you wash, not when you watch, and whether or not you care to watch at all.”
    – George Gerbner

    (Ok, I added that part about the WVW…)

  7. I think I can vastly(over)simplify things here…

    Rad fems… it’s all men’s fault…

    Lib Fems…it’s all patriarchy’s fault…

    Neo Nazi’s… it’s all the Jews fault…

    Alt Right/Race Realist’s… it’s all cultural marxism’s fault…

    obviously if someone blames all their problems on men or on Jews they look like a lunatic, but if they blame all their problems on an ill defined system and just say, “you don’t understand it because you haven’t educated yourself….”


    • Anti Feminists… it is all feminists fault, oh and it is PIGTOWS fault as well.

      Female anti feminists… it is feminism fault that men do not man up and marry me, also feminists turn men into effeminate losers not worth marrying. I want a stoic workhorse slave!

      • “Female anti feminists… it is feminism fault that men do not man up and marry me, also feminists turn men into effeminate losers not worth marrying. I want a stoic workhorse slave!”

        Oh God, that’s painfully true.
        And “anti-feminist” men are often more like “If you’re not strong enough to survive the feminist wasteland you are weak and don’t deserve to live anyway.”

  8. I did a video plugging your blog, and converting one of your more important blog posts into text to speech.

    Your blog is great and I have learnt a lot of things from it black pill.

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