21 comments on “Why Women Can’t Be Trusted

    • Because they do not care about men?

      I have been pointing to messengerr rising bullying and falsely accusing other MGTOW for ages, and no one gives a fuck.

      I am about the only one who has called him out, along with one other person.

    • What the fuck? The victims are boys and in the two last paragraphs they make it all about the wymynz again?

      • y’know something fucked up? When I was growing up I was discriminated against by full blood whites (who vote democrat) for being mixed, where I live now I am discriminated against by Mexicans because I don’t speak pig latin or brag about visiting prostitutes while having a ring on my finger. Ironically the only guys I’ve honestly discussed race with were oldschool KKK white supremacists. All the “libertarian” alt right guys will go on and on about how they aren’t wacist but HBD. It’s funny, I can’t stand liberals or the alt right. They are hypocrites. Of course I have to hear some femanazi with rich parents tell me I am “privileged.” Fuck that.

        Suffice to say I’m no fan of David Dookie…

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