42 comments on “I’m The Peter Thiel Of The Incel/FA/FU/WizardChan/etc. Community

    • Today is the first time that I educated myself on the trolling campaign against Garrison. The trolls are immoral and acting illegally.

      Ironically, Garrison supports the type of libertarian, anti-state arguments that are mostly non-sense that undermine his only hope and protection for stopping the trolls. He supports people who advocate an environment that would perpetuate the troll campaign.

      Way back in the 19th century era of yellow-journalism, this type of smear campaign was open and common. It escalated into the anti-communist campaigns of Hoover of the FBI and McCarthy. Everyone that wanted to make their name as a public figure, including Garrison, was targeted with smear campaigns for hundreds of years. Many of the smear campaigns were funded by powerful people like Hearst. It is only fair and balanced laws that give him hope to clean up his reputation (and maybe support from someone with a level of influence ranging from that of the likes of Peter Thiel or Black Pill here).

  1. “When they focus on me, they aren’t trying to get incel men to kill themselves.”

    They’re also displaying their hatred for all to see. It all goes to show another bunch of men what the reality of these lovely feminists is.

    You’re doing good work, brother. Screw ’em, or rather don’t screw ’em

  2. BTW the other groups names are obvious, what’s the history of WizardChan’s name?
    I remember InternetAristocrat mention them toward the beginning of #GamerGate

    • I believe ‘Wizard’ is a term for a male that remains a virgin past 30 or 40. The ‘chan’ part probably comes from the similar website of 4chan.

      • Thanks, I’ll put my ignorance down to advanced age. I’m glad that it’s at least in part a positive thing. Too many guys are great at putting themselves down. Who needs that when we have a society to do it for us?

    • The Chan part is because it is a Chan style image board like 4Chan & 8 Chan. The wizard part comes from a Japanese meme that if you reach the age of 30 and still are a virgin you will become a wizard.

  3. A bit off-topic, but speaking of attacks from the manosphere, this reminds me of something an old foe of mine on the Dalrock blog.

    In this recent article near the end of May, I was scanning through the comments and I found comments by the commenter named Dave. He was the one who got emotional and abusive with me for no reason back in October when I used to comment on Dalrock’s blog. (As I have mentioned previously on Black Pill’s blog.)

    Anyway, he says that he is engaged and everybody is congratulating him. He also mentions about going after foreign wives as another option instead of going MGTOW or PUA. Assuming that this is the same Dave (his profile picture symbol closely resembles, if not identical to the one I saw in October), if he is, I have to say is WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!

    He said to me back in October that he got married when he was a virgin at 26 years old?!?!? He either lied about it or he got divorced and is remarrying again. Doesn’t the Bible say that God hates divorce?!?!? Doesn’t the Bible say that you can’t get remarried if your ex-spouse is still alive!?!? If you do, you have committed adultery. The exception to this rule if the spouse is guilty of committing physical adultery. Even if his “wife” committed adultery, why didn’t holy Dave make a better choice when choosing such a woman to be his wife!?!? Yet he had the nerve to beat his chest at me for no reason.

    Interesting he says now to go after foreign wives yet this Dave screamed at me all those months ago that there are so many virgin women in their 30s. I don’t think these virgin women he was referring to includes foreign wives. I am certain he was referring to the women in America, the West, etc. Some of us are unable to go overseas to go get a foreign wife. He might be talking about getting a foreign immigrant of a wife that comes to the America, the West, etc. but I doubt it.

    As someone else said on Black Pill’s blog, Dalrock’s blog is a place that attracts bitter, divorced men. These men sure have something against unmarried, male virgins.

    The link to this recent article is here.


    • Dave incarnation #1, screaming about virgin women in their 30’s, clearly wanted men to join his religious group at all costs, since there are no attractive sane virgin women in their 30’s, it’s practically impossible. See, if you join his group by marrying anyone you can then yell at other men about imaginary virgin women.

      Dave incarnation #2, is trying to fog the issue. There are 20 times as many women outside the US as within, so it might fool more people. After all, very few men have spent enough time in many other countries or around foreign brides to know without a doubt that women are the same.

      These may not be the same person, I don’t know, but both incarnations of Dave are working the same angle. You can say that about most of the Dalrock bloggers.

      They lie, yell, cajole, scream, fuss, and attack other men about getting with the “right” women. It’s about marriage and women first, truth later.

      You’ll notice that Dalrock’s blog also attracts Rollo Tomassi, who pushes his ideas to whoever will listen. See, Rollo is now surmising that modern churches are just ripe pickings for a PUA to go hog wild and get tons of women. He’s making it up as he goes to whoever will listen. And people at Dalrock’s are very gullible and cruel – they want to believe and they want to lie to other men – despite all rational thinking to the contrary.

    • I commented on that article questioning Dave’s remarriage. So far nobody commented. By the way, I went by the name of “gargoylevirgin01” on Dalrock’s blog.

      if you read Dave’ comments, you’ll see how he is bragging about being engaged to a beautiful, feminine 24 year- old foreign women. Dave is at least in his 30s. He also said American women can’t compete with foreign women in a hundred years. As I mentioned before, he screamed at me months ago that there are so many virgin women in their 30s, probably referring to America. Too bad he won’t marry one. I guess he is one of those, “Do as I say, not do as I do.”

      • Is this Dave guy one of those manuresphere Christian tradcons I have seen on Dalrock’s blog who says there is a secret reserve of virgin women, but refuses to say where because none of the men asking are worthy?

      • Remember that it is only possible to con a dishonest man. It would be no surprise if Dave got hoodwinked by a “special” foreign bride since he is trying to con men with tales of “virgin” women.

        • My apologizes for going back and forth between the names of SecretSquid and gargoylevirgin01. Just to show my original name on Dalrock’s blog. Anyway, the post and link to Dalrock’s article above is where the fighting originally broke out between me and Dave.

  4. I’m a /ForeverAlone/ poster and I can tell you we don’t need your “protection.” I wrote a poem:

    I know who
    made the EU
    to turn us into
    a third world zoo

    I know who
    promotes that view
    and why they do
    It is the Jew!


    • So what you are saying is that the ForeverAlone subreddit has a problem with men who are truly forever alone, but not anti-semitism. To me that sounds like an additional good reason to attack the ForeverAlone subreddit in addition to it being taken over by women in relationships.

      • RIght wing mental defects are forever alone, they are anti social, their obsession with racism puts sane people off

      • I love that nationalists in England thing leaving the EU is going to do anything but ensure the UK can make its own immigration laws that will far, far exceed any in place under the EU right now.

        Think you’re bringing in a heap of underpaid labour now? Wait until Cameron has unaccountable access to the immigration laws.

        • I’d pass through on the odd occasion but truthfully most of what needed to be said has been said by now. Most of the manosphere is dead, what’s left has been swallowed by the alt-right. I felt like the work was finished.

          Then this 2-3 months has shown just how crazy things were under the surface. The alt-right has come roaring back to life thanks in no small part to Donald Trump and that weirdo Milo, and I foresee the next few months a new horde of frustrated young men are going to end up falling into the trap.

          I doubt I will have anywhere near the presence I used to have. Back when we were essentially a shadowy cabal caught somewhere between the gamesphere and David Futrelle. Hilariously enough time seems to have shown Futrelle agreed with us a whole lot more than he pretended at the time. I’m also a family man now so that restricts my time.

        • Like ybm I post less but still lurk too, for similar reasons. I think we’ve played a big role in destroying the manosphere. They have indeed been swallowed up by the alt-right so I think that energy hasn’t disappeared, it’s just been redirected into a new scam. I wonder if Black Pill will eventually direct his focus more toward the alt-right?

        • I wonder if Black Pill will eventually direct his focus more toward the alt-right?

          Yes and no. For me, the real problem is the culture war and how dating advice and attacks on incels/fa/fu have become a part of it. That means focusing on the alt-right more, but that doesn’t mean giving up focusing on Dr. Nerdlove, for example. Also, there is plenty of anti-alt-right content out there that exposes their uselessness like the anti-reactionary faq. I want to make sure I’m contributing new content in this area.

        • ” I’m also a family man now”.

          Knowing what you know about women, society and the legal systems in place I have an abundance of questions and they all begin with with “Why”?

  5. ybm,

    “I felt like the work was finished.”

    Sad to say, it’s just getting started…

    “The alt-right has come roaring back to life thanks in no small part to Donald Trump and that weirdo Milo, and I foresee the next few months a new horde of frustrated young men are going to end up falling into the trap.”

    haha, Hillary isn’t the answer but neither is The Don. They both strike me as bullyies and mean spirited assholes. Glad someone else but me thinks Milo is a weirdo.

    “Hilariously enough time seems to have shown Futrelle agreed with us a whole lot more than he pretended at the time.”

    Um, not really….

    But here’s the crux of the matter…

    look at that guy who raped an unconcious woman. I’m not an MRA and I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. In fact, I know when I was younger that was the type of guy who would make fun of my lack of experience. Ironically feminist’s also make fun of “inexperienced men.” The irony is that feminist’s were idiots to make fun of “nice guys” if they actually cared about women. In my very limited sexual experience, what would turn me on is a woman who wants my cock. Not an unconcious woman and I presume that most guys who aren’t Roosh V want the same. So when feminist’s talk about “rape culture,” unfortunately they are doing more to shame non rapist men than to stop rapists. That is likely why most guys are turned off by prostitution, because she is only tolerating you to hustle you out of money. It’s funny because there was a blogger named Ally Fogg who wrote about how the “nice guy” thing was really bullying of low status men in disguise. I interacted with him a few times at Quiet Riot Girls blog and said Futrelle was a bully so he did read some of my stuff. I’m not saying he plagerized me by any means but I think I influenced him and he just had so much better skill at writing that he could present those ideas in a way that feminist’s couldn’t dismiss it. Kind of like how “proto metal” bands like MC 5 and Blue Cheer influenced better musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

    Futrelle is critical of nutbags like Andy Anglin…

    …but, I think boydoesntmeatgirl said this, “If I say Ted Bundy did some bad things to women that doesn’t make me a feminist.” Remember, that was the lesson from Inmalafide, the one that Paul Elam was too arrogant to learn, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. He might not be setting his sights on guys like me or Mr. BlackPill because he see’s “bigger fish” to fry.

    anyways, the only reason I brought up the Ally Fogg example is because something of value is being created here and even if it takes someone else to take things to the finish line in a very different form, well that is something…

    anyways, I’ll stop rambling on, I wish I could use drunkeness as an excuse but I’m stone cold sober…

  6. The right wing dysfunction in MGTOW is getting called out.

    Turd Flinging Monkey is calling for the death of men when society collapses.

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