9 comments on “If A Man Can Be Defined In Relation To His Enemies, Peter Thiel And I Are Saints

  1. I hope Gaker media dies.

    They are the ones who need to go to jail for 10 years, not just go bankrupt.

  2. Trad-cons who attack men and the Incels (aka men who define themselves by their lack of access to women) who are deluded that they will get laid if they join with tradcons to attack men should also be included as enemies.

  3. You still haven’t mentioned that Peter Theil supports Trump. I guess that’s the part about “in relation to his enemies.” The self-importance of this post is pretty pathetic. It’s like Zoe Quinn “oh someone said something mean about me on the internet, I’m such a victim.”

    “The only things they can accurately say about me are “you can’t get laid” and “you said things about women that aren’t nice”. ”

    I can say that you are an apologist for the Jew, that you try to blame feminism(created by Jews) on white women, in service of the Jewish agenda.

    • The case of Queen Caroline legitimized the culture of divorce, and it was hammered in further by the British courts developing the Tender Years Doctrine, developed by and for British aristocratic women. Feminism, after decades of political and civil victories on behalf of aristocratic white women, was then given philosophical shape by Simone de Beauvoir, a descendant of French aristocracy, completely non-Jewish, and the sexual accomplice of the Vichy collaborator Jean-Paul Sartre.

      Feminism was developed independently of Jewish influence. Yes, Jews do have a talent for leadership, it is true, that is why there have been publicly known Jewish leaders of the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan, such as Dan Burros and Leonard Holstein. But you would have to be deranged to call the White Nationalist movement a Jewish catspaw, just because more effective leaders such as Burros and Holstein were Jewish.

      And yes, Jews do involve themselves with the political affairs of their countries and form connections within all sorts of political movements, both fringe and mainstream. That is why Jews have been connected with every figurehead to emerge from the far right, from Donald Trump all the way to Dan Burros’ friend Lincoln Rockwell, and why Jews pioneered the philosophy and economics of Libertarianism, and the Jewess Ayn Rand popularized it in fiction.

      Feminism is no more attributable to the Jews than Trump’s success is; if you believe that Feminism is not motivated by women being themselves, then you must believe that it is not beneficial to women, as all people seek their own benefit. And if you really believe that the media brainwashed women into believing that Feminism would help them, perhaps you should remember that every time a news outlet tells you that Trump is going to be beneficial for white people.

      JPDW probably already knows who Dan Burros was, so I post this only for the casual observer.

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