21 comments on “Tamerlame And Alexander MGTOW Discuss Conspiracy Theory

  1. I enjoyed a few of AlexanderMGTOW’s videos and his interview with Stardusk, and the enjoyment was helped by the German / and European perspective that they both bring to the table.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t AlexanderMGTOW argue that there is such a thing as “healthy relationships” between men and women? Supposedly this is possible as they can come about with the right laws (which in his opinion would be the absence of gynocentric laws of marriage or child support for single mothers).

    Seems to me he is arguing from a historical perspective that as history changes the social structure has to adapt to motivate men and women to cooperate to raise children. There will always be men that aren’t wanted by women and those men need to just shrug and say, well I don’t have the genes or whatever. Again, that’s based on what he said in a few videos and it doesn’t seem any more wise or plausible than other vague concepts about “healthy relationships.”

    What we have, and most likely always will have, is an emergent system based on extraction of resources from men to close the gap between male and female motivations for reproduction and the details will depend on technology and history. There’s no way this can ever be “fair” or “healthy”.

    • I think the obsession with winning women back is clouding your mind. Men and women have a relationship with each other outside of sexual reproduction.

      The relationship between men and women will never be fair, but it would be more healthy if men started acted in a more healthy manner.

      Men are so obsessed with women, that it makes them anti social, and makes them neglect their relationships with other men.

      (1) What is the relationship between men like?

      (2) How will men and women interact outside of their personal relationships.

      (3) Women are socially dominate because men are socially submissive to women, when will that change

      • “…obsession with winning women back is clouding your mind.”

        Just for the record, I don’t have an obsession with winning women back. I stand on record that women will not be won back and women were never “won” in the first place. I am willing to change or correct my position if I have overlooked something in my writings. Furthermore, I haven’t dated in 6 years and have no plans to do so. I agree with Stardusk and Barbarossa and Colltaine that the fundamentals are human biology interacting with the environment. I agree with Black Pill’s main points in the writings on this blog.

        I think you and AlexanderMGTOW are exploring very interesting points and doing a good work in criticizing low-quality thinking.

        As to your questions 1 – 3, it starts with innate biological drives that make men react to female and male faces (and bodies) differently, both in and out of sexual relationships. And most men don’t want to “over-ride” this type of emotional thinking with clear rational thinking. That’s why there are so many manginas who keep going back to abuse from women. That’s why there are so many conspira-tards who are rejected by women, for whatever reason, and don’t blame women but stick to the conspiracies; they are utterly deluded.

        I think SixSensessss on YouTube said it well, that women don’t care for men outside of personal gain, as in, if men aren’t useful to give them resources directly or through social systems then the men are invisible. That’s why women in Japan laugh at the Grasseaters and women in all countries mock and shun homeless men. A few men will be able to see this clearly but many will stick to their delusions. I don’t know of a method to get men to give up magical thinking “en masse.” Except that well, some men do get to the end goal of clear thinking; so those men are the basis of a start in the right direction.

        In summary, I agree with you that men, even men in MGTOW, end up neglecting their relationship with other men and continue to call for abuse of other men due to their obsession to be pleasing to women. It is a huge problem.

      • I don’t think it will ever change. I found an interesting video some time ago that perfectly describes the manosphere and other men’s groups today.. While his video is titled MRA Hypocrites, he writes in the description box that this video is inspired by the double think of Aaron Clarey, Benard Chapin, and Rocking Mr. E His overall point is trying to understand the mental gymnastics that run through the head of some of these guys that bang as many women as possible while turning around and complaining that there are not enough good women left for marriage material while at the same time shaming and attacking male virgins.

        • To add to this video, I am also tired of divorced men who remarry, like that Dave guy on Dalrock’s blog, tell me that there is someone out there for everyone. What is the difference betweeen manosphere “Christian” guys like Dave and PUAs who keep switching sex partners? Is it the former pays for a grand wedding/reception in order to have sex with a new woman? Does the wedding/reception with a cross hanging over the priest and the altar wash one clean of sexual sins and previous marriages no matter how many times they do it???? This seems to be approved by authors like Joshua Harris and others who go into excuses and apologetics for remarriage.
          I hate it when these guys beat their chest at men like me, falsely accusing me of being pathetic virgin misogynistic losers just as the above video decribes.
          If we assume 50% of the population is male and the other half is female, with all of these divorces and remarriages and men out there having multiple girlfriends/sex partners, whether simulataneously or serially, then there can’t be a virgin woman for every man. That is mathematically impossible. Not to mention the so-called virgin women out there won’t lower their standards.

  2. Yes, the wacky conspiracy theorist nutjobs include people like VentionMGTOW and he began promoting theories like collapse porn and NWO junk.

    From outside MGTOW, the wacky conspiracy theorists include SteveHoca and Bernard Chapin, JohnTheOther and Alex Jones. They are terrible thinkers and illogical ideas and they are infiltrating MGTOW.

    Sadly, most people are poor thinkers about systematic ideas and prefer simple ideas and magical thinking. Many of these poor thinkers leave women behind in their own lives because women drive them directly into a MGTOW-ish type lifestyle due to the own women’s behavior but they are not a clear thinking group of clear MGTOW thinkers.

    • First time I see someone calling out Vention. He’s been heavily promoting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin which are basically a libertarian scam.

      • Vention came across as adorable when he had separate MGTOW and “prepper/collapse porn” channels but he brought all his conspiracy thinking into his MGTOW channel. He was that way for decades but nobody noticed for a long time on his MGTOW channel.

  3. As far as different modes of male and female relationships are concerned, how good are they for men and society as a whole compared to monogamy? Polygamous societies are terrible for men. There’s an elite that gets their pick of the women, the rest of the men scramble for what’s left and the young ones totally left out engage in violence, even driven out as outlaws in some cases. Of course, I’m speaking of men in general (i.e.: not MGTOW) as anyone who’s ever brought up the idea of not seeking relationships with women to most men has realized getting men to forgo women is not an idea that will ever be popular.

      • It’s not the relationship that protects men from violence, women don’t protect men. It’s that men are in competition with one another for women. We can tell men until we’re blue in the face to not seek relationships with women but we know most men won’t do that.

        But this is getting away from my point: these other types of relationships are not conducive to functioning, industrialized societies. If you want to live in a hut or sleep outside, polygamy can work. Otherwise, it’s a disaster. Not only do men compete with each other for women, men who don’t will still be seen as a potential threat by other men and dealt with in that way.

        • “these other types of relationships are not conducive to functioning, industrialized societies.”

          Wrong lololol

          You are just a trad con

        • ” Not only do men compete with each other for women, men who don’t will still be seen as a potential threat by other men and dealt with in that way.”

          Yep, so true today. I have noticed that so much in my life. I have gotten attacked for not participating by both women and men. As someone said on YouTube, guys like Aaron Clarey are just looking for a dragon, aka men,to slay in order to look superior to other men to impress women. Now that more and more of these “dragons” are going their own way, it is getting harder and harder to slay someone.

          While I agree monogamy is ideal for a society, polygamy did and always will exist except today the minority of the men who are able to carry out polygamy are taking privillege without responsilbiity. That is, they are just sexing up these women without taking them on as wives and not taking them off the dating market. These same men expect the men below them to wife them up after they have had their fun (and the women expect the same thing.)

          In the Bible, how many wives did King David have? Many. As far as we know, he made them all his wives and took them off the dating market. He was not guilty of adultery or sexual sin until he had an affair with another man’s wife, Bathsheba. It was then God’s judgement began falling on David. God said that he would have given him so much more had he not committed adultery with Bathsheba.

          Of course, at the end of the day in this day and age, these women are freely giving themselves to the minority of the men. So many women don’t mind being 1 of 4 girlfriends, but appear to don’t like being 1 of 4 wives. They have no one but themselves to blame if no man will wife them up later especially if they have been shitting on the single virgin males in their youth.

        • Stay at home wives that do not work lead to lower birth rates, and are not even traditional.

          Women not working has been a disaster for men. Women need to get out of the home and do something productive.

        • Things have gotten better for men not worse, it shows a deep obsession with women, when people declare that men not getting women is a disaster for society, because of reasons.

        • At least SecretSquid gets it. The problem isn’t that men won’t get women, it’s that because they don’t get women, they compete with one another, often violently. Great point about single motherhood. In the inner cities, it really is polygamy with the state taking on the father role.

  4. It’s quite interesting. western culture for the past two hundred years has been about reducing mankind to nothing but biological factors, and now we are surprised that both men and women tend to act on that level mostly.

    biologically, women only need men for resources and kids, and men only need women for fertility. there is an obvious moral symmetry at the biological level.

    yet for almost all of history humans had an extra non biological layer to act from, whether it was religion or culture, that was at least as influential as their biological imperatives.

    biologically, I should be a scum bag to other men in competition for women. yet I’m not, and even today most men aren’t.

    science has not proved that we are merely biological and materialistic entities – it has merely excluded any other possibility on principle. we have mistaken an assumption for a conclusion.

    if we insist on talking about men and women as “extracting resources”, and “maximizing reproductive potential” and such like, and consistently talk about humans ONLY in such terms not as just one layer of reality, it’s hardly surprising that humans begin behaving as if they are nothing else but their biology.

    if we think we are merely being objective we are fooling ourselves. science is precisely the resolution to not be objective – to proceed on an unproven assumption (materialism, assumed not proven) to see how far we can get. in physics it’s given us great power, in understanding human nature not so much, as history and experience shows the biological model for explaining human nature is highly inadequate despite containing some truth.

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