24 comments on “The Shackles Of Traditionalism

    • Video is the future. With this information getting onto youtube, it will reach a lot more guys. Especially young guys. So I’m happy to see this move.

  1. I got to witness an Aspberger’s / high-functioning autism group meetings at an university. They are all at least 19 years or older. On the recent meetings, the coordinators and the students discussed dating components. Some of it seems decent like don’t talk about politics or other sensitive topics on first dates.
    Anyyway, one of the Aspberger’s women, age 22, said aloud that she can’t date another man with a mental illness. She said something of that it would not be good two people with mental illnesses to be in a relationship together.
    I think to myself, “Do the other women in the group feel the same way? So does that mean the men with Aspberger’s shouldn’t date a woman with a mental illness? Oh wait, such a man would be shallow, sexist, going for women out of his league, he’s entittled, etc. So what is the point of giving these men dating advice if the odds are not even the Aspberger women will date them?”
    Of course, Aspberger women can never date a man that is too high. 😦
    Unless these men (and even so many “average” “normal” men today) lie about themselves and put up an act, they have no chance of getting any whether for a one-night stand or for marriage.

    • I thought high-functioning autism is not considered a mental illness? If someone has synesthesia that allows them to be brilliant at mathematics… that doesn’t seem like a mental illness to me. Since many of these diagnoses skew heavily towards men, the accusation of “illness” is just a way to attack men in the dating pool.

      • Its all about any excuse that allows a woman to claim males as defective.

        Women have tried to say before that testosterone was the reason that men were such flawed beings. And that estrogen was why women lived longer, among other things.

        Studies were performed using estrogen in attempt to cure sicknesses and effect longevity. They failed miserably.

      • As you know, women don’t want obese men either. Of course, that is okay with so many women today with the double standards.
        Not sure if I mentioned this on the blog already, but anyway….
        On a YouTube comment thread, a male brings up an incident at a bar with an ugly obese woman saying, “Men are such boys, ugly, and immature today. When is my 6-pack prince charming going to come?” The male says that he thinks in his head, “You’d be lucky enough to get a fat construction worker.”
        A feminist woman responds to his comment saying, “What does her weight have to do with anything?” and in response to the fat construction worker statement she says, “Oh, I see now! F*** you”
        I then respond to her, “What if the ugly obese woman was an ugly obese man demanding a princess charming? Of course, he would be shallow, perverted, and sexist. Yep, double standards.”
        She then responds, “It is fair because in movies you always see an ugly guy get with a beautfiul woman.” She also mentions Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast. I think to myself, of course, what the heck does fantansy make-believe animated movies have to do with reality.
        I could write a fanfiction of myself meeting and marrying a beautiful princess. I bet feminists would respond, “You sexist, shallow pig!” Of course, a woman who writes such would be praised, saying she deserves a prince charming.

    • https://lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com/2016/01/02/saudi-arabian-executions/

      “The entirety of upper-class Europe knows this, having had to suffer Saudi “royals” at some point or the other. Most have tens if not hundreds of concubines with whom they have had children so the insufferable behavior will likely continue in perpetuity. It’s not sustainable, particularly the way the Islamic world is now. Best advice for the US government would be to convert to solar en masse and nuke the entirety of the Middle East into a giant, glass parking lot.”

      Key words: “It’s not sustainable”. Do a little math. 10,000 princes, 10-100 concubines/prince => 100,000 to 1,000,000 concubines, averaging five children/concubine => half a million to five million children, around half of which are male.

      OTOH, a judge in London gave a pittance of an alimony to the ex-wife of Waleed Juffali. Yes, Muslim(?) Arab, yes, a billionaire, but precedents are precedents…

    • Looking around at public places, it has baffled me lately how much these guys are begging for women that are landwhales, warthogs, smelly skanks, single moms and leathery older 40-year olds. There’s no magical femininity with the vast majority of these women. What in the world are men doing by begging to their dicks into these vulgar, ugly women?

      I mean, there are a few (quite few) model-looking women around, but a war isn’t going to get you models anyway.

      • I really do wonder the same thing. No matter how many times I see it I can’t wrap my mind around it. Are these men really so desperate for sex and validation they will throw any semblance of self-respect away? Its utterly pathetic.

    • I have seen very little of Matt Forney. However, on this video, where Matt Forney shames and attack male virgins, in the comments section, he and Bar Bar are going back and forth calling each other cheese doodle couch potatoes and other related insults. (I know very little on Bar Bar!)
      Anyway, Matt Forney is such hypocritcal. Doesn’t Matt Forney look like a leftist. Isn’t that what the manosphere calls every man who is single/male virgin, every fat person?

  2. can you believe what happened when Matt Forney and David Futrelle tried to have an intellectual debate about whether Mt. Dew or Dr. Pepper was better and whose hate movement did a better job of marginalizing low status men…


    those goddamned berkley liberals make everything about them.

    can’t two fatties duke it out anymore?

    these are the pale events which men miscall their lives

    sweet mother of salvation, please take me home

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