26 comments on “Lowering Your Standards And Subjecting Yourself To Abuse Are Not The Same Thing

  1. As Alek Novy has demonstrated, women are passive-aggressive from the first moment. The abusive behavior just escalates from there, as many men in long-term relationships or marriages experience in a routine manner.

    I’ve tried to come up with a way to convince the TFL, ForeverAlone, and TradCon types to stop desiring female attention because the desire, as I very well know from personal experience, is full of cognitive dissonance and mental traps.

    I haven’t come up with an effective message beyond the many warnings of online bloggers, MGTOW YouTube and MGTOW forums because as soon as men are assertive about demanding self-respect they stop desiring validation from women and see the passive-aggressive abuse clearly and can walk away from it. But until they “get it” they still desire female company. It’s quite a challenge to get through to any particular individual so we have to go for a wider pool and accept that statistical outcomes will do the job to get the message out.

  2. I remember getting in an argument with a feminist when I said I wouldn’t get involved with a single mother.

    Apparently I am a Nazi because I wouldn’t stand in line with members of her hate movement to protest for abortion.

    Apparently I am also a Nazi because I don’t want to be a stepdad.

    –And this is exactly where the Bernie Broe liberals at feminist critics get it wrong–

    How come it is okay for a womyn to decide at any moment that she doesn’t want to be a mother but I am a filthy pig (funny how it is not “objectifying” to call men pigs) because I don’t want to be a stepdad.

    The irony of when a femanazi says “like attracts like” but gets angry when a man who is never married and has no children wants the same.

    I will say the rarely nicely said thing about single mothers–at least, unlike rabid feminist’s they don’t hate children so much that they brag about how many fetuses they murdered. Yes, this same feminist mentioned womyn intentionally getting preggers so they could murder a fetus.

    • Odd coincidence. I got in the same argument with my own mother some time ago.

      Women use an insane troll logic to attempt to justify whatever is in their best interests.

      I was born a bastard child, and as is normal for many women in this society I was subjected to a revolving door of stepdads and boyfriends.

      I told my mother the truth – those men are low value and they merely tolerate the children so as to get sexual access. I told her I have no desire to pick up another man’s leftovers nor do I feel desperate enough for female validation to subject myself to a relationship where I come after needs of the children of another man and the woman. In addition, I feel as a virgin, any woman with significantly more sexual experience than I is an unequal pairing.

      She responded by saying that there were men she got into relationships with that helped me as I grew up. In her mind, since other men did it with her I am a hypocrite if I do not perpetuate the cycle. It also proved to me yet again, that even when it comes to mothers they will place feminine desires above the needs of their own sons.

      There is no unconditional love; certainly not from women at the very least.

      My mother and I are no estranged; I no longer communicate or consider her a part of my life.

      • I consider those men low lives and enablers of single mothers.

        I want to make it clear as someone who was brought up by a single mother, children do not appreciate these “step dads”

        They are saying they are okay with the real father being devalued.

        • She got into said relationships for her own benefit. Not mine. She had me out of wedlock with an irresponsible man for her own selfishness. Not due to any consideration for me.

          She is no different from any other woman. They only see what they want, and when the inevitable consequences arise they are incapable of accepting any responsibility for their actions.

          She believes practicing religion now makes her a different person and morally superior. All it does is make her self-denial and inability to accept maturity all the more apparent.

          She doesn’t even follow the bible she claims to study so much. I have corrected her on the Bible numerous times. A man getting involved with a single mother is considered wrong in the Bible, as well as pre-martial sex and countless other things she is okay with. So she can’t even adhere to her own dogma she feverishly preaches about.

  3. oh, yeah this is another reason to avoid anyone into BD&SM. The fuckers into BD/SM are the broken ones and it is funny how they will shame anyone who doesn’t want to bend over for their fetish.

  4. “Choosing to be a cuck not only means that you’re bottom of the barrel absolute last option. But it also means that you’re willing to support her emotionally and financially while she goes out to find better options.”

    this statement nails it, this is also why it’s a good idea to avoid “freindshit” with womyn, you’ll be used as an apartment mover, shoulder to cry on, payday loan but it will be one sided.

  5. I would like to point out, Black Pill, that the men of Forever Alone downvoted the pro-cuck’er to hell. I like that most of the up/downvoting FA’ers do not support such degeneracy.

    • That’s great for now, but this keeps coming up at the FA Reddit. I also expect another purge of users at the FA Reddit. Every so often at the ForeverUnwanted Reddit there are guys talking about how they have been banned from the FA Reddit for no reason that any of them can discern. And it’s happening to too many guys for it to be a coincidence or due to a rational reason. It has to be due to disagreeing with crap like cuckolding.

      The FA Reddit has been taken over by women in relationships and manginas, and they’re fine with pushing the cuckolding agenda.

      • Cuckolding is institutionalized on a society wide scale.

        Technically, we are all being financially cuckolded because we are supporting numerous women and their welfare bastards through taxation.

        All readers are also aware of how governments worldwide have no issues with making genetically unrelated men pay for a woman’s adultery and some countries such as France make it illegal to get a child DNA tested and use that evidence in court to disprove paternity.

        There is no subtlety here. Society is based entirely about catering to the needs of women at the expense of men and children. Some research into child support, alimony and divorce laws will also prove without a doubt they are geared entirely towards benefiting females; the entire legal system has no sense of justice and can be safely categorized as kangeroo courts.

        Judges even admit to being biased towards females and routinely ignoring the constitution.

  6. and this is why there is no use trying to negotiate with the “libertarian” shedding of the ego tough guys, trad cons, alt rite, pua’s or feminist’s. A man has to deiced for himself that it is far better to be alone than to be abused. And this is the simplest way to describe why I have (easily) avoided relationships.

  7. I reject the gynocenteric concept of defining loneliness by female acceptance. If you ca’t get a girl, you can still have male friends.

    Shows you how pussy obsessed men are.

  8. Slight OT: I wonder how much this cuckservative silliness ties into white nationalist own feelings of sexual inadequacy. I mean if u look at how they describe the black male sexual vitality as a threat , it sounds damn near pornographic. .”aggressive “,”muscular”,”dominant “,”predatory”,”virile” are words that often come up. It’s like almostike reading 50 shades of gray with all these racist oh Im sorry I mean race realist hbd blogs. BTW the cuck buster Donald Trump cheerleader Ann Coulter was herself mocked as a Coalburner until a couple of years ago for dating not just Indians and blacks but black Muslims with nation of Islam links as well.Guess neo nazis forgive and forget easily lol

      • I’ve never seen what they are so jealous of either. When you go out, the only interracial pairings black men have tend to be with ugly and extremely obese white women.

        So these white nationalists are complaining that all the bottom tier women are being taken? Or are they secretly chubby chasers? I don’t get it.

        If anything, they should be content because black guys chasing after fat women (which the vast majority of men do not want) has the implication of how low black male’s sexual value really is.

        • Fat females do not have a low sexaul market value, compared to men.

          A lot of these alt right types would settle for any woman they could get.

        • Yes, a fat or ugly woman can get sex far easier than even a high status male.

          However fat females have low sexual market value, compared to other women which was my point.

          The fact is, guys (black guys in particular) pursue fat women because their sexual value is lower compared to the thin, attractive ones.

        • This is a phenomenon I have noticed too. If I was a white nationalist I would think that bottom tier women being taken by black men would be a good thing since the white race would improve by getting rid of its dregs like that. This is an example of how white nationalism is really white vagina worshiping nationalism. It’s about worshiping white women no matter how odious a white woman is.

        • Your astute point about lower class white men and fat women reminded me of how much of racism is really lower class men of one race fighting over lower class men of other races fighting over limited resources whether jobs,land or in this case women.

          You are right that a lot of these loser whites voting for Trump can only get downmarket white women but for this they face stiff(hehe) competition from black men most of whom are lower middle class or working class. And hence this animosity and insecurity about black men. This is something I couldnt quite understand-white men can get just as muscular as black men if they put in the effort. This again ties in these WN laziness ,incompetence ,complexes and yes undercurrents of homoeroticism.

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