40 comments on “Why The Attempt To “Roosh” Trump Failed

  1. It seems that I was wrong about Trump being a Potemkin candidate for Hilary. What happened more likely is this – the Clintons being his friends encouraged him to run thinking he would go easy on Hilary and he would use this as a platform for some business venture after losing. But at some point he became serious about it and he became a Frankenstein monster she lost control of.

    I dont like either candidate but I suppose we can enjoy Hilarys coven of feminists being incinerated by his victory.

    The problem with Trump is he measures his self worth to a large degree on how many women he bedded ala Roosh , Roissy etc. That itself is a form of gynocentrism.

    And we have to keep in mind Trump really won because Hilary is such an awful candidate.

    As Ben Shapiro pointed out, Trump recieved a couple million fewer votes than Mitt Romney but Hilary hemorrhaged nearly 10 million voters since Obama 2008.

    Also regarding the conservative caricutarization, it is a case of the media crying wolf so many times about conservatives being racist, misogynist, plutocrats etc. against moderates like Mccain and traditionalist milquetoasts like Romney that when an actual wolf like Trump actually showed up, no bothered listening to their hysteria seriously anymore

  2. funny how feminists claimed he was the “least anti-woman candidate” back when he had the least chance of winning. then, when he was 1v1 against hillary, suddenly he’s a horrible misogynist rapist.

    and yea, naturally he’s already been talking about how men need to meet their traditional roles while also treating women like equals despite women not meeting any role of any value at all. he will not save men, but this is at least an important defeat for feminism, and possibly the first step to rolling it back forever. or not, I no longer have any stake in this society, but I deserve a chance to gather my nuts for the winter.

    • Feminism exists in a trad con eco system. Trad cons are the primary enablers of feminism. Trad cons will not roll back feminism, as they are the primary allies of feminism.

  3. “Why did the attempt to “Roosh” Trump fail? Because Trump was willing to fight to the bitter end and beyond even if it made no sense. On the other hand, Roosh was a coward who would collapse at the slightest real world challenge (outside of meaningless internet arguments against nobodies). This is exactly what happened when he went on the Dr. Oz show. Roosh had several avenues to fight back against Dr. Oz and his audience, but he failed to use them. If Trump was on the Dr. Oz show instead of Roosh, he would have insulted Dr. Oz and his audience instead. Sure it would have been a stupid tactic, but unlike Roosh, Trump would at least fight back. That puts Trump a step above Roosh.”

    A Pseudonymous guy on the internet blabs that Roosh wasn’t aggressive enough. Ok! Roosh did perform poorly on the Dr. Oz show, you could tell he was a writer who wasn’t prepare for a face-to-face debate, especially one in which the audience would be wholly against him. He’s done better more recently, as in his press conference.

    “Trump had many opportunities to knock out Hillary, particularly in the debates, but he failed to use them. Some of that can be explained by stupidity, but too many of those opportunities were incredibly obvious.”

    An example would be nice.

    • you could tell he was a writer who wasn’t prepare for a face-to-face debate

      So what? Roosh should have known better. Even if he didn’t choke like he did, Roosh should have avoided going on the Dr. Oz show because the Dr. Oz show would have edited the footage to make him look bad even if he pulled off the best performance ever. Face it. Roosh is a moron & a coward.

      An example would be nice.

      I can give you more than one example.

      1. In the first debate, when Trump was asked about cybersecurity, he failed to bring up Hillary’s emails. While he brought them up elsewhere, Trump was hand delivered the best opportunity to show why Hillary’s emails matter (especially to people who think Hillary’s emails were a tempest in a teapot), and he failed to do so.

      2. When Trump banned various media outlets from his campaign, he failed to use the Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit to his advantage. (Remember that one of the media organizations that Trump banned from his campaign was Gawker.) Given that Peter Thiel is a big Trump supported and the one who bankrolled Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit there is no excuse why this didn’t happen. In many ways Trump was running against the media, and he could have used choice quotes from that law suit, such as how Gawker admitted that they would post a sex tape of five year olds. It would have forced an already untrustworthy media on to the defensive since the entire media defended Gawker. This also would have made Trump’s statements about needing to change libel laws look more sensible.

      3. After the grab her pussy fiasco and the subsequent false accusations against him that he was guilty of sexual assault, Trump failed to bring up the false rape industry. Trump could have used every example of a false rape accusation from Duke Lacrosse to Rolling Stone/UVa to mattress girl at Columbia to show how the left is running a campaign of false rape & false sexual assault accusations against men (which includes himself now). Trump could have brought up the Dear Colleague letter and how the Obama administration/the left is trying to evade the criminal justice system by having colleges be de facto courts with no accountability and no constitutional jurisprudence whatsoever.

      • “So what? Roosh should have known better. Even if he didn’t choke like he did, Roosh should have avoided going on the Dr. Oz show because the Dr. Oz show would have edited the footage to make him look bad even if he pulled off the best performance ever. Face it. Roosh is a moron & a coward.”

        How is he a coward? He’s the one who’s actually getting out there and advocating for his beliefs, unlike pseudonymous bloggers like yourself.

        About the Hulk Hogan sex tape, swing voters don’t know about it and don’t care about it. They aren’t going to sympathize much with Hulk Hogan and, frankly, I don’t blame them. Legally speaking, he’s in the right, but he was fucking someone else’s wife and then is all like MuhExpectationofPrivacy! Lie down with “swingers,” you’ll get fleas.

        About false rape accusations, he needed the support of white women to win and he’s not going to get it by telling the truth about false rape accusations. The unfortunate fact about democracy is that, so long as they are permitted to vote, no politician can succeed without some female support. Attacking Bill Clinton was a much better move.

        • He’s the one who’s actually getting out there and advocating for his beliefs

          No, he’s not. He’s running scam seminars except when he gets challenged. Then he runs away at even the smallest challenge.

          swing voters don’t know about it and don’t care about it

          That’s because Trump failed to tell them about it. I’m pretty sure swing voters would care that Gawker said that they had the right to show the sex tapes of 5 year olds. (The correct term for that is child porn.) And they would care that every media outlet defended Gawker who was willing to show child porn.

          About false rape accusations,…

          Being falsely accused of rape and sexual assault helped Trump get the votes of white women?

    • And her campaign’s message was basically “what will the neighbors think?”

      LOL, that about sums it up. No wonder she lost. She had excellent resources and support but there are some products that simply cannot get a market no matter what.

  4. y’know I didn’t vote for trumpiepoops but I am somewhat optimistic…

    hopefully he doesn’t get in any wars like hawkish Hillary was jonesing to do. hopefully, the economy is good and hopefully he alienates the alt-reich and embarasses them….

    I’m not glad trumpy won but I am glad crooked clinton lost…

    • I agree. Trump doesnt seem to be interested in an aggressive foreign policy. He seems willing to let Russia have a go at the Middle east. And why not. With fracking, U.S doesnt need foreign oil as much as before.

      oh the alt reich were played. It will take them a while to realize. Look how cheerful Benjamin Netanyahu was in his congralutory message to Trump.

      Unfortunately though, it is not only alt reich he will scam but rest of the country as well for his personal enrichment. But really not all that different from Hilary.

  5. If I would be an American, I would have voted for Trump, too, BUT I’m not sure if he’s really less hawkish given his stance on Iran, the Iran Deal and on Israel and the settlements.
    In that regard he is most definitely more hawkish than Clinton and 100% Neo-Con.

  6. It all reminds me a bit of when Obama was first elected President. In 2008. Change! Peace! Hope! But of course, liberals and leftists where then very, very disappointed. 8 years later you have the same kind of enthusiasm but this time coming from the right: Change! Hope! Peace with Russia!

    Guess they will eventually be as disappointed as the left-wingers were with 8 years of Obama

  7. I do have to defend Trump about one thing. He was actually consistent enough about his position on abortion that he said he would punish women who have abortions. The rest of the candidates freaked out over this.

    But really why? If you make abortion illegal then therefore it is against the law and the woman who aborted the fetus would be prosecuted or punished if you will.

    So basically the rest of the Republican candidates were implying that even if abortion was illegal , women should get a pussy pass by not being punished for it. Thereby making mockery of making it illegal anyway.

    On this issue Trump made law and order a priority over being a mangina. Ultimately though he supports Planned Parenthood et al, so the point is moot.

  8. https://www.yahoo.com/news/anti-discrimination-groups-denounce-trumps-appointment-of-steve-bannon-152756812.html

    hahahaha, when I politely tried to tell the limp wristed “voice for men” Paul Elam how bad it was to be linked to inmalafide, when I tried to tell tell the feministcritics website how bad Jaggoff Donovan was, I was called a bigot. And more so when he was published at the Good Chump Project. I was shouted down for being a “madman.” Now they are afraid, they shit on me, and i don’t owe them a fucking thing.

  9. “The good news about this is that Trump has paved the way for a real pro-male individual who is willing to fight and obliterate feminists, manginas, and other gynocentrists. I don’t know who that man will be yet, but he is coming”

    Nope. men lack affinty with other men.

    Any man with status, will not fight for the rights of lower status men. Lower status men eat each other alive.

    I believe men are finished.

    • An exceedingly pessimist view…I agree.

      I believe until human nature is altered by way of technology humans will never change their implicit desire for gynocentrism.

      I have several friends that believe Trump is the next messiah and will change this country for the better. There will be interesting times ahead but anyone that thinks this country will move away from having women as an aristocratic/leisure class are fooling themselves (which is where I would say a large number of western countries problems arise from).

      • What does trump offer men?

        Nothing, he is proven to be anti male when he falsely accused the central park 5.

        So therefore he hasn’t fought against anyone, expect a rival faction of woman worshipers.

        BTW the majority of white women voted for trumped.

        Trump is pro women, and most women know this. In fact i am sure even the women who hate trump and falsely accuse him of thigns knows trump worships women.

        • I do agree on one thing. There is one lession to be learnt here.

          Do not be a coward.

          Cowards like Roosh V get crushed by feminists.

          Feminists stalk him, and attack him all the time.

        • Also I forgot one obvious point.

          Trump did not ridicule the idea of sexual harassment accusations, he just accused Hillary of covering up rape cases. So Trump just did a gynocenteric counter attack.

  10. Who do you think it might be Omega?

    Ted Cruz could have been it, but utterly failed. He was as much of a spineless beta as all the rest. Look at his Carly Fiorina bit at the end of his campaign.

    Senator Ben Sasse maybe?

    • Yup, Trumps cabinet seems to be filled with establishment “cucks” such as Guiliani, Preibus, Flynn, Ted Cruz, Gingrich, heck even Romney is being considered for Sec State!

      The only alt right guy confirmed is Steve Bannon, but he really seems to be conning the alt right by re inventing Breitbart.com to pander to them. His background is U.S. Navy, Harvard and Goldman Sachs

      All of Trumps offspring either are married to or have relationship with Jews.

      Alt right saw what they wanted to see, what use for them to cry now?

  11. article on the alt-rite by “little” Ben Shapiro (as creeper Milo likes to call him)


    oh, yeah, I never understood why it is okay for feminazi’s and alt-rite fruits to make fun of a man’s height but it is “abelist” to make a fat joke because an alt-riter or femmy doesn’t have the self discipline to stop eating after the 70th slice of pizza…

  12. Mr. Balck Pill (or anyone else here) can you explain this too me?

    When O’bama talked about a stimulus plan, all the “right leaning guys” like Bernie Chapin and Crappity Crapitalism said that it was Keynesian economics and was as irresponsible as using a credit card to buy yourself out of debt….

    Now, Trumpy wants to borrow money to build, build,build because rates are low. But isn’t this essentially the same or at least 70% similar to O’bummer’s stimulus program? Why aren’t the alter-righties crying about fiscal responsibility, smaller gov’t and states rights? Is it because a domineering “alpha male” is suggesting these plans?

    Unless I am confusing something, then they seem to be exhibiting similar behavior to feminists. When times are good, demand the high paying jobs but when they are on a sinking ship, demand women (and a far secondary children) first. Seems like they change colors on a whim and have no cohesive ideology except to scapgoat low status men with darker skin for all their massive personal failures…

    • One thing we’ll have to look at…

      Barry Sorteoro promised that money would be used to re-build the crumbling infrastructure- y’know, MAN’S work… then watched themoney get funneled into womynz interests… make-ready non-jobs, child-care, other touchy-feely stuff.

      Right again. It is now four months since the bill was signed into law. A recent Associated Press story reports: “Stimulus Funds Go to Social Programs Over ‘Shovel-ready’ Projects.” A team of six AP reporters who have been tracking the funds find that the $300 billion sent to the states is being used mainly for health care, education, unemployment benefits, food stamps, and other social services.

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  14. Roosh’s problem is simple. He is some kind of misogynistic he-man woman-hater, yet he worships the twat. Cognitive dissonance much? That is because Roosh is a SAND NIGGER, plain and simple, and if we know anything about sand niggers, they basically worship a vagina. Don’t believe me? Google images of the hajj. You will see a bunch of sand niggers (i.e. Roosh’s people) worshipping a giant vagina or vulva. (Muslims literally pray facing a vagina-shaped temple complex!) It is too bad that Roosh le Poof did not embrace the faith of his parents’ country of origin. At least he might have found balance in his life, and would never have had to become a pretend pick-up artist to compensate for his latent homosexuality, until he hit the “man-wall” in his 30s, found Jesus, and invented his faggy “neo-masculinity” ideology. Then again, were Roosh an active Muslim, perhaps he would have ended up like Omar Mateen, like Roosh a closet gay born to parents who immigrated from a Muslim country.

    • Not a fan of Roosh at all but if you have to use racial slurs at least be accurate. Roosh is half Turk , half Iranian. And sand nigger refers to Arabs.
      Yes, yes I know you dont see any difference between the lot. And YET retards like you want to have their say in geopolitics!

      Now please run off to stormfag. Adults are trying to have a conversation..

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