This Picture Shows That There Is No Such Thing As Male Entitlement

I found a picture that shows how massive female entitlement is.  This is a picture of the womens march in Portland last weekend.  On top are the entitled women protesting.  Below is a camp of the homeless.  Notice how all the homeless are all men.

femaleentitlementWhere I got this picture from made it clear that the women in the Portland womens march did nothing to help these homeless men.  (If the women were aware of the homeless men at all, I’m sure that the women falsely accused the homeless men of male entitlement.)  The women above are throwing a temper tantrum because they might have to pay for their own birth control & abortions instead of the government.  The men below are suffering from actual problems including homelessness, unemployment, and in many cases mental illness.  (And that’s actual mental illness not the bullshit women make up.)

This picture shows that any accusation of male entitlement is a lie, and that women are the entitled ones.


17 thoughts on “This Picture Shows That There Is No Such Thing As Male Entitlement

  1. When women protest or speak out on anything it tends to amount to one thing:

    ‘What will you do for me. What will you GIVE me for free??’

    Where you get it, how you get it, who you rob, steal and coerce to get it, is not relevant.
    Just get it. I’m not going to get it, (I can’t get it), but YOU need to get it.


    Another day another article from a conservative publication about awesome marriage is for men. Sure they thrown the divorce issue but they genteely refer to it as a “caveat” rather than the elephant in the room that it is.

    The comment section is considerably more encouraging. One tradcon type actually sympathizes with MGTOW(mentions it explicitly) even as he doesnt recommend it. Baby steps I suppose. We have come a long way since the 1990s baby!

    • As always they miss the point with divorce so much that they include divorced guys in the single guys group. When you compare never married men with married men there is no benefit to marriage whatsoever. Women are useless.

      • Whether or not trickle down economics works, I think trickle up commenting does. These tradcon passive aggressive misandry – the notion that men need marriage to “civilize” them and make them happy qualifies as misandry- columns have gradually wittled down over the years due to more right leaning men going “hey wait a minute” in the comment section.These are not MRA types(who tend to be a bit jaded and apolitical) commenting who but genuine red blooded Old Glory partisans. They want to get married but are seriously weighing costs and benefits. Conservative female commentators are of course AWOL on the issue of divorce and alimony. Just shut up , marry me and give me money seems to be their motto.

  3. Tradcon guys are desperate to marry a useless woman (as Black Pill defines useless) and keep women in a pampered submissive role because they really need a woman to tell them they are awesome. When their wife inevitably stops telling them they are awesome then they run around telling everyone how awesome they are to be “happily” married.

      • Women can be rational functional adults, just at a lower level than men. They can be useful and they can develop their minds. They cannot be useful in a relationship, it stunts their mental development. Unfortunately, that’s the case in most of the world. Men should not try to chase, date, marry or have sex with women for recreation IF, and it’s a bit IF, men want to value reason, rationality and wisdom.

    • Alek, what mixed emotions?

      I think Molyneux makes terrible arguments for his basic positions. It’s been a long while since I’ve watched a full Molyneux video. “That’s not an argument” is a poor argument and meme, not a “brilliant” one. The last Molyneux video I watched was his interview with Jordan Peterson because I wanted to listen to Peterson. I’ll watch part of this one because you’ve linked to it.

      As for death. I had four long-living grandparents (~85 yo.). But one uncle died of a rare cancer, so rare that no specialist was ever able to diagnose it. I had another uncle who died of a stroke at 30. Another cousin died at 21 in an industrial accident. I survived a hit by a drunk driver 8 years ago. So we all live exactly as long as we are meant to live. In reality, no one ever dies young. They die at the end of their life.

      His death has no bearing on the evaluation over the the correctness or value of his arguments on his pro-PUA blog, in my opinion. First time I’ve scanned his blog is today, btw.

      • If the manuresphere just stuck to PUA BS then that would be correct. However, the manuresphere is peddeling medical quackery that harms people. The paleo diet is the biggest example, but the manuresphere acts as a repeater for known medical frauds such as Joseph Mercola and Mike Adams. (This is similar to how conspiracy theorist sites like InfoWars sell fraudulent health related products on their websites.) I’m not sure if Private Man’s medical condition what caused or aggravated by medical quackery, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

        • lol Molyneux? The man is a hapless buffoon at best and a charlatan at worst. On top of that, his videos are just simply too long winded, filled with pointless chatter. I too have never finished one of his videos. Why do you listen to him Alex?

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