35 comments on “This Picture Shows That There Is No Such Thing As Male Entitlement

  1. When women protest or speak out on anything it tends to amount to one thing:

    ‘What will you do for me. What will you GIVE me for free??’

    Where you get it, how you get it, who you rob, steal and coerce to get it, is not relevant.
    Just get it. I’m not going to get it, (I can’t get it), but YOU need to get it.

  2. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/444746/marriage-benefits-men-financial-health-sex-divorce-caveat

    Another day another article from a conservative publication about awesome marriage is for men. Sure they thrown the divorce issue but they genteely refer to it as a “caveat” rather than the elephant in the room that it is.

    The comment section is considerably more encouraging. One tradcon type actually sympathizes with MGTOW(mentions it explicitly) even as he doesnt recommend it. Baby steps I suppose. We have come a long way since the 1990s baby!

    • As always they miss the point with divorce so much that they include divorced guys in the single guys group. When you compare never married men with married men there is no benefit to marriage whatsoever. Women are useless.

      • Whether or not trickle down economics works, I think trickle up commenting does. These tradcon passive aggressive misandry – the notion that men need marriage to “civilize” them and make them happy qualifies as misandry- columns have gradually wittled down over the years due to more right leaning men going “hey wait a minute” in the comment section.These are not MRA types(who tend to be a bit jaded and apolitical) commenting who but genuine red blooded Old Glory partisans. They want to get married but are seriously weighing costs and benefits. Conservative female commentators are of course AWOL on the issue of divorce and alimony. Just shut up , marry me and give me money seems to be their motto.

  3. Tradcon guys are desperate to marry a useless woman (as Black Pill defines useless) and keep women in a pampered submissive role because they really need a woman to tell them they are awesome. When their wife inevitably stops telling them they are awesome then they run around telling everyone how awesome they are to be “happily” married.

    • “As black Pill defines useless”.

      You disagree that women, particularly in modern marriage, are anything other than useless?

      • Women can be rational functional adults, just at a lower level than men. They can be useful and they can develop their minds. They cannot be useful in a relationship, it stunts their mental development. Unfortunately, that’s the case in most of the world. Men should not try to chase, date, marry or have sex with women for recreation IF, and it’s a bit IF, men want to value reason, rationality and wisdom.

    • “and keep women in a pampered submissive role because they really need a woman to tell them they are awesome.”

      Having someone slave for you, is not the definition of submissive.

      The mangina who is slaving for the woman is the one being submissive.

      • Yes, but the tradcon man has the illusion that his wife is submissive. The dynamic of submission and domination in a marriage is always tilted to the woman, precisely because of her apparent submission, which ends up dominating the man.

    • Alek, what mixed emotions?

      I think Molyneux makes terrible arguments for his basic positions. It’s been a long while since I’ve watched a full Molyneux video. “That’s not an argument” is a poor argument and meme, not a “brilliant” one. The last Molyneux video I watched was his interview with Jordan Peterson because I wanted to listen to Peterson. I’ll watch part of this one because you’ve linked to it.

      As for death. I had four long-living grandparents (~85 yo.). But one uncle died of a rare cancer, so rare that no specialist was ever able to diagnose it. I had another uncle who died of a stroke at 30. Another cousin died at 21 in an industrial accident. I survived a hit by a drunk driver 8 years ago. So we all live exactly as long as we are meant to live. In reality, no one ever dies young. They die at the end of their life.

      His death has no bearing on the evaluation over the the correctness or value of his arguments on his pro-PUA blog, in my opinion. First time I’ve scanned his blog is today, btw.

      • If the manuresphere just stuck to PUA BS then that would be correct. However, the manuresphere is peddeling medical quackery that harms people. The paleo diet is the biggest example, but the manuresphere acts as a repeater for known medical frauds such as Joseph Mercola and Mike Adams. (This is similar to how conspiracy theorist sites like InfoWars sell fraudulent health related products on their websites.) I’m not sure if Private Man’s medical condition what caused or aggravated by medical quackery, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

        • lol Molyneux? The man is a hapless buffoon at best and a charlatan at worst. On top of that, his videos are just simply too long winded, filled with pointless chatter. I too have never finished one of his videos. Why do you listen to him Alex?

        • Good to know. I haven’t paid enough attention up to this point to the manosphere sites (InfoWars, etc) to know the extent of which they promote quackery, but I am not surprised.

  4. Hey Black Pill,

    A bit off-topic, but this photo reminds me of an online fight I got in with a representative of the website GotQuestions dot org about two weeks ago

    I e-mailed them telling them what I beleivve that Matthew 5:28 is really saying. Basically, I tell them that the proper translation refers to married woman, and a man commits adultery in the heart by coveting a woman that belongs to another man. Their representative just basically responds by personally attacking me. He just accuses me that I am just looking for a loophole to suit my own preferences and beliefs. He said something of that for as long as 4,500 years, nothing has changed. (Me thinks in head of King David and King Solomon). I also bring up what is happening in the mating /dating game today for the men. He just says that I am being ridiculous.

    I respond and say some other things. I bring up how are virgins who are “lusting” contributing to STDs, single mothers, broken nuclear families, and so on. He responds virgins are contributing to what I stated above because what you think in your mind is what you will eventually do. I think in my head: What??????????? Are we talking about virigns or non-virgins????? So there is no such thing as a virgin? A male virgin?

    Somehow, his last response accuses me of supporting causal sex. How do we go from arguing about that verse in Matthew to uncommitted sex????? He then accusses me of being rude, generally rejecting the Bible, and blocks me.

    LOL I guess according to them, these homeless men, (many of whoom are probably virgins, correct me if I am wrong.) are responsible for spreading around STDs, HIV, destruction of the nuclear family, and much more just for lusting over a woman walking past them.

    One more thing, I notice how many “Christians” love to downplay when they look at a woman while preaching to others not to lust. Instead of lusting, they say, “admired, apprecieated, liked, enjoyed,and so on” a woman’s beauty.

    • Note: This is The Black Pill. I have changed my username.

      He responds virgins are contributing to what I stated above because what you think in your mind is what you will eventually do. I think in my head: What??????????? Are we talking about virigns or non-virgins????? So there is no such thing as a virgin? A male virgin?

      I have actually seen some Christians and tradcons that there is no such thing as a “male virgin”. The basis of that absurd idea is that since men don’t have hymens (or an equivalent), they can’t be virgins. As you show, the corollary to that is that they accept no language that communicates the concept of a man who has never had sex (with the possible exception of a monk or Catholic clergy). Thus, they can be manginas and declare all men guilty of the sins women commit without having to deal with the reality that a virgin man has nothing to do with single mothers, STDs, etc.

      Besides being manginas, one reason that Christians attack virgin men (and unmarried men in general) is that growing population of single mothers in their congregations. Men rationally refuse to get involved with single mothers causing an embarrassment for Christian pastors. Rather than point out where the sin actually is (namely with women), mangina pastors attack the virgin (and otherwise unmarried) men. (One example of this can be seen with mangina pastor Mark Driscoll.) Mangina pastors like Mark Driscoll are too weak to stand up to women.

      • Depressingly, I see that far too many men are getting into relationships with single mothers. I now define it as ‘self-cuckoldry’. These men are so lacking in personal respect, white knight mentality and slaves to their sexual urges (sometimes all three) that they gladly take in these women, marry them and have more children with them (the last in particular makes it impossible for a man to leave the situation completely should he ever realize his folly).

        If anything single mothers have a very cushy deal in western society. They are lauded as both heroic and tragic victims of deadbeat men and they seem to suffer little setback in the dating market since many men will gladly support them, especially if they still manage to be attractive. My mother herself had two children; me (born out of wedlock from my father she met in the military) and my half-sister (produced from my mother’s first marriage which lasted laughably short and resulted in a divorce). And still, my mother had several men expressing interest after that, one of which was an older man she got into a relationship with and assisted in paying for her first house. Another wanted to marry her despite her being in her 40’s at that point.

        It never ceases to amaze me the sheer amount of options women possess in society and the dating/marriage market today. Our society is too infested with simps.

        • Ergeniz, you are quite right. It is astounding that practically every single man that I know (from low status to high status) continues to go back to women again and again despite the fact that they have repeatedly experienced nothing but misery from rapacious and hysterical and irresponsible women. They adopt single mom’s kids and get cheated on. They get divorced in 10 months from marriage. Multiple women cheat on them and leave the kids behind. It goes on and on and still they go back to try and please women endlessly. The lack of their self-respect is pathetic.

          Unfortunately, MGTOW as of late has been infested with a seemingly endless stream of simps. These simps think that MGTOW is some sort of secret plan to make women come back to men so men can have a supposedly loyal and pleasant wife. The concept is delusional and they can’t hide it with their porn collapse and marriage strike revenge fantasies. These simps have ideologies that betray the fact that they think MGTOW means men are going away from other men in order to create some sort of society where the men going away end up with access to women. They think going away makes one an attractive alpha male lone wolf that turns women on. These simps are delusional and furthermore want some sort of alpha status in the MGTOW discussion groups. Pathetic.

          They have come to MGTOW out of desperation that they’re not getting the women they want. I’m not talking about TFL guys because it is a conscious and wise decision to be MGTOW and not get involved with a woman. But what they don’t understand is that MGTOW means men going away from women – completely, full stop. Barbarossa did the MGTOW message no favors at all by openly admitting that he lives with a woman and has steady sex with her. He and other MGTOW on live broadcasts laughed and laughed about their awesome adventures with hookers (Bar bar himself didn’t admit to hookers but he supported the idea of getting laid as a harmless male pleasure). Other MGTOW like TFM support the idea that in a fantasy collapse world the women will prostitute themselves for a scrap of bread. It’s pathetic. I hang around MGTOW in order to find common ground with the men who are really going their own way away from women. They do pop up from time to time.

        • I’ve seen what you’re referring to. The insane tendency of so many men to keep returning to women even after experiencing the kangaroo divorce courts. Cuckoldry. Adultery from their wives. Men who grow up seeing their father, uncles or other male members get shafted by women but unlike us, continue to do it anyway. The male baby boomers who were first subject to the alimony and child support and continued to get remarried. A good amount of these men have appeared in MGTOW spaces and learned their lesson. They’ve gone their own way from women for good.

          Others persist. There’s whites nationalists like Vox Day. There’s the laughably verbose Rollo. Both correctly point out the behavior of women, but yet both are married. Both support marriage. Vox Day even wrote an article awhile back specifically attempting to shame men who went their own way from women. He cited MGTOW as cowards and that it is up to men who understand women to do their part to uphold the pillar of western society. Similarly, another white nationalist under ‘Bob’s Treehouse’ continues to cite the bible and how the loss of religion and marriage will doom the west. Citing how men (especially minority men) are to fault for the current situation. He also suggested marrying asian women, saying they make for submissive wives and are otherwise honorary whites. Then he backpeddled, saying that all interracial marriage was problematic because of the Elliot Roger’s case. So none of these guys can keep their shit straight, which is compounded with the whole ‘Alpha, Beta, etc’ nonsense. Vox Day is the worst offender, making a ridiculous list as if humans somehow neatly feat into such categories. Its also painfully obvious that terms like ‘Sigma’ is something of his own making, created specifically to place himself into. ‘Sigma’ is essentially the ‘Alpha’ but more of a ‘lone wolf’ and ‘darker’ in other ways. I can’t believe people buy into this drivel. Even Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist technology buys into it. Now we’ve got ‘Gammas’, ‘Omegas’ and the entire greek alphabet. The terminology was created to refer to pack animals like wolves and hyenas and even then it was vastly oversimplified. When it applied to humans, who are much more nuanced and who’s social status can changed completely dependent upon the group, location, etc its absolute nonsense. At least Bob was correct in pointing out the entire classification was being used as nothing more than an ego trip to make men feel superior to and justified at putting down other men.

          These men see MGTOW as an venue to somehow reduce the supply/demand ratio in regards to women, believing it will make women realize their folly in not remaining loyal to males and then they can return and start mindlessly entering relationships and families again. Such men think the 1950’s will return if women just have an epiphany about men’s worth and we can unquestioningly accept Christianity once more. Others correctly see marriage and religion as pitfalls designed to serve females and the government but then still fall prey to only improving themselves so much as it makes them attractive to women and continue to date, while secretly keeping an eye out for their NAWALT. I firmly believe the vast majority of men are one blowjob away from the plantation.

          Black Pill’s site is literally at the top of my bookmarks because he’s one of the few people who have realized that women’s nature is shit and that they only respect men so far as constraints will force them to be. Once you realize how women operate, you know that the conspiracy theories, the deflections to men failing to be ‘alpha’ or ‘man up’ and the weakening of religion are all designed to take responsibility and accountability away from women. Black women live on this shtick, where they continue to eagerly breed with the thugs, meatheads and losers (my mother’s first husband worked at K-Mart for fuck’s sake; at that time she made more than he did) and then browbeat the children into how worthless and similar they are to their fathers. The very same men they got wet for and decided to create said children with. If not for the choices of women, ghettos wouldn’t exit. Females are literally the biggest enemy to the civilized world.

          Bar Bar admitting he lived and slept with a woman was a huge blow to me. Its as if every year you find more and more supposed MGTOW that really haven’t risen above their urges whatsoever. It makes for quite the cognitive dissonance to write articles on the nature of women that correctly point out their solipsism but yet still readily admit to being addicted to their sexuality (the primary way in which women manipulate men). When called out on it, the rationalizations pertaining to ‘being alpha enough’ arise. “If you weren’t so ‘beta’ you wouldn’t have any trouble”.

        • If you want a really good example take Bill Price from the defunct site, The Spearhead. He gets divorced, loses a good deal of access to his children, figures out enough to start a (supposed) antifeminist website, but then gets married again. And he gets married to a self admitted feminist no less. Did he want to have more children he couldn’t see?

          Even Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist technology buys into it.

          Yep, and yet there are people like Fatt Forney who insist PMAFT and I are the same person.

        • Just wanted to say I read your latest post and agree with it all. Not much to say except to add details of the situation. Men openly have said that they want a woman so badly that they’ll give her all their money and go into debt even though they know she’ll leave them when the credit cards max out – “I’d do it anyway”, they say. There seems to be no getting through to them. The MGTOW guys should know better. The TFL guys are just fools. Rollo, Vox, the alt-right, the anti-modernists, the ‘fill-in-the-blank” realists, Molyneux, are just black holes of solipsistic thought. They are terrible commentators for men. At least we know where things stand.

        • Yes, I recall Bill. He and Elusive Wapiti were the point where I realized many men in the MRM and MGTOW were simply angry because they couldn’t fulfill their dream of the white picket fence; they were never particularly concerned about men’s place in society and the man-hating laws insofar as it affected them at the time. Even with the latter, they were only too happy to shut down their sites and run back into the fire when they found a so-called NAWALT. Elusive commonly posted how his vindictive ex wife made shared custody practically impossible and the alimony/child support he had to give to her. So what does he do? He marries a 29-year old woman and has two MORE children with her. These men flabbergast me. Mark Minter was another. He married a single mother no less after making countless impassioned posts about women. He and his wife even still post fairly regularly and shamelessly after that.

        • Oh and don’t forget the liars at Dalrock and red-pill Christian sites too. It’d be one thing if all of these guys mentioned would tell their story and put out information for men to decide for themselves like ManWomanMyth. But no, they have to trick men into getting married and keep serving women.

        • I don’t read Dalrock. You’ll have to elaborate on what you mean there. I honestly have only read the blog (more specifically the comments) people link from elsewhere. I am not religious in any sense so his blog holds little interest to me; I think the articles I’ve actually read from him can be counted on one hand. The only thing that stood out most prominently to me was the whole HookingupSmart thing.

          I have read a couple of other blogs where the poster is a Christian/religious however. Off the top of my head, http://biblicalmanhood.blogspot.com/ was one of the few that actually seemed to ‘get it’ and I read every one of his posts before it went defunct.

        • Black Pill / Freedom from the Gynocracy had several posts here about “where are all the married gamers” and red-pill christian sites are pro-marriage, including Dalrock’s. Dalrock’s blog is supposedly “red-pill” but is full trad-con now. They associate closely with Rollo about “game” and that “married game” saves marriages from divorce and “game” gets guys married to a woman who makes sandwiches. Dalrock got some notoriety by making some detailed reports on statistics related to divorce which were interesting because the data on divorce is very hard to get in detail, although ultimately a bit pointless since every man is at threat of divorce. But the red-pill Christian sites make up biblical headship as a concept to get guys into marriage and women show up to get along with it because it’s a free ride. Furthermore, they make up that their married game keeps them married. What is worse is they actively associate with Christian groups that try to get 20 year-old young men married to “traditional” 18 year old women. They don’t get very far with this because they have no clue about women or how to “make” them into traditional wives by 18.

          Thanks for the reminder about the biblical manhood blog. I’m not surprised that he got fed up and stopped blogging.

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