23 comments on “It’s Time To Give Up The Pills

  1. I have disliked the Red Pill/Blue Pill dichotomy for a long time….


    I also noticed there was a guy on Youtube calling himself the “black pill.”

    The guys at sheddingoftheego.com sound like idiots when they say red pill this/blue pill that. They sound almost as bad as Dick Spence at altright.com when he drops cuck this, cuck that every other line.

    For both “movements” trying to gain mainstream acceptance, they sound just as silly as the feminists they claim to hate. (“It’s all teh patriarchy, dahling.”)

    This seems like the absolute final step as a total disavowel of the broken sewer that is the manuresphere. Fuck Yeah!

  2. For some reason, I thought that the “black” in black pill was some ethno-racial reference…probably because there was so much talk about white nationalism here, after Omega Virgin Revolt. I never really got that, either — we’re all surrounded by gynocentricism, misandry, feminism, complementarianism, etc. all day long, but I don’t even think I’ve ever met a real white nationalist, let alone do I see any connection to incel or related subjects.

    • For some reason, I thought that the “black” in black pill was some ethno-racial reference

      It wasn’t intended to be, but some white vagina worshiping nationalists thought so. I have also seen white vagina worshiping nationalists talk about a “white pill” as well. Just another reason to get away from the pills.

    • Hey Man,

      Since we discussed ER awhile back, you might find this interesting…

      anyways the connection between “incel” and WN is counterintuitive. Ironically, I was trolling some WN’s and one talked about how he was gonna breed with some “mino” women. (I always thought WN’s love blondes with big titties that looked like Playboy playmates from the 80’s.) WN’s want to keep other men from white women but get access to other women. Just imagine how Roosh V would act if you asked, “Know any Persian women, hook me up with your sister.” Even though he is not WN, he has the same mentality and wants to be accepted by them. It also reminds me of a real life incident where I worked with an incredibly racist Mexican. He would always tell vulgar sex stories and then make fun of me for being quiet. One day he asked “how come you are always quiet? Don’t have any stories? What Are ya, gay or a virgin, or both?”

      I replied “Neither, ask your mom and sister.” Hahaha, he was really upset. He woulda fought me but I don’t think he could kick m ass. But it is funny because he had the same mentality of Roosh V and WN’s. He is trying to do the same “neomascuwinitee” BS and reduce other men’s access to women while increasing his.

      • Ironically, I was trolling some WN’s and one talked about how he was gonna breed with some “mino” women. (I always thought WN’s love blondes with big titties that looked like Playboy playmates from the 80’s.)

        This is not surprising. There has never been consistency among the white vagina worshiping nationalists including the Nazis. The Nazis would give “honorary Aryan” status to people they otherwise would have exterminated (even Jews) who they needed to keep around. Hitler even gave honorary Aryan status to all Japanese people.

        For a (non-sexual) example of this, just watch the movie, American History X. One of the reasons why the main character stopped being a Nazi was because he went to prison and discovered that the other Nazis in prison were happy to make deals with non-white prisoners when convenient for them. In fact, his fellow Naxis got mad at the main character for questioning their purity and raped him for doing that. (Of course, when the main character was raped in prison, feminists were nowhere to be found to help him.)

  3. Sometimes I wonder if it would be best to simply call yourself “Against Women.”

    Antifeminism doesn’t mean shit anymore because the majority of all feminists call themselves antifeminist these days. Antifeminism has come to mean nothing more than liking “politically incorrect” jokes and not liking women with blue hair and a tumblr blog. But outside of the internet, the majority of women will rather tell you something along the lines of, “I mean, I’m not a feminist or something, BUT…” , and after that “but” comes all the feminist shit.

    So, for a while I simply said that I am opposed to women’s rights. However, then you get all these right-wingers who go on about how women are children and victims of the Jews, and how you have to protect women from themselves. They are opposed to women’s rights in the sense that they want to treat women like someone’s darling little princess daughter he loves to pamper.

    And as for MGTOW, ah…
    The other day I felt like making a reddit account again; two days later I’m already getting attacked and down-voted because I told some guy at the MGTOW subreddit that just wanting to fuck without marrying hardly makes you MGTOW and more importantly: that his vasectomy won’t protect him from charges of rape.
    So this is what MGTOW has come to mean: just wanting to fuck without marrying and having kids. Like, the Bill Maher lifestyle..

    It’s all just sad really…

  4. I noticed this as well. To my knowledge you were the first to come up with the term ‘black pill’ and in the last two years I’d seen the term being used more in normal conversation, such as on MGTOW vids and the like. I originally assumed that your site had gotten more traffic and it was in reference to you but upon additional reading it was not.

    I actually linked your site to several people when using the term; I utilized the term in reference to your blog, while the other people were discussing it as you described above so we talking past each other. The other commenters essentially went, “…Oh”. when I linked your blog.

    I liked the original term, especially as I thought your reasoning for coining it was superior to any other of the camps established in the ‘mansosphere’, etc but now its been co-oped and that is reason enough to abandon the term. The dichotomies established by other ‘pills’, as well as the origin of the pill term itself are very flawed (The matrix itself is a movie where the choice presented between the two pills is not as cut and dry as the creators would like one to believe) and I have indeed seen how the ‘red’ pill is extremely female-centric. I see no difference between it and PUA.

    I ultimately stopped even reading r/redpill. I only lurk r/MGTOW with a few others ( such as r/pussypass) being the only reddits worth the time to engage in when a man realizes the true nature of society and women.

    “You can either love women or understand them”. I really don’t see any possibility for in-between.

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