13 comments on “The Gay Virgin Player Rapist Loser Overlord

  1. I fail to see what is wrong with any of the four.
    gays are victims and unavoidable in nature.
    virgins (male ones anyway) are victims of a society that withholds human intimacy.
    players are just charismatic.
    and rape just means she was into it up until about two days afterwards.

    the new generation of males is just going to keep losing respect for females until it bottoms out for all human civilization.

  2. Women also like to accuse men of being homophobic and bigoted towards a female “identifying” as pangenderallodemitumblrsexual, and yet they hate men who are not 100% straight. Many different studies confirm this (or that women would break up with their man if they’d find out that he had been with a guy before):

    Homosexuality has two great advantages: sex without procreation and a higher chance to find real love (which, unlike what a bunch of poetry-writing minor 18/19th century aristocrats who lost their privileges after the enlightenment and hence began to romanticize the dark ages said, can only blossom between people who are free and equal and enjoy some financial security).

    This is why homosexuality was always hated (and “fertility cults” such as fascism will never accept homosexuality, people such as Richard Spencer will NOT manage to establish a gay-friendly version of far-right movements).

    Only since homosexuals have turned into a bunch of cuckservatives who support open borders, mass immigration of people who compete for jobs, hence bring down the wages and make strikes impossible (which is the reason why the ruling class loves immigration and open borders so much), and who openly fight for “marriage equality” (i.e. equal misery) instead of a free sexuality, do the USA and their colonies promote homosexuality 24/7.

    • Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and so, the homos are right to avoid marrying women. But what use is freedom if your dead? Half these people would be dead before age 50 without antibiotics, they’d better hope that antibiotic resistant bacteria is a just a meme. And it’s not just them who end up dying, thousands of hemophiliacs died due to the plague they spread.

      They, and not to mention the rest of us, were better when social pressure kept them in the closet.

      • A healthy, happy sexuality *increases* one’s appetite for life, *decreases* one’s willingness to be a slave that is kept like livestock, and is outright impossible without a certain amount of material security. (Gnawing worries about how to afford the doctor you seem to need for that coughing that doesn’t to go away, or about how to pay rent, just make it impossible to have a “healthy, happy sexuality.”)

        Therefore, it is not in the interest of the ruling class (= non-ideological for “elites”) that their subjects enjoy their sexuality, therefore, they promote all kinds of ideologies that make it harder to enjoy one’s sexuality (such as feminism or religions, etc.), therefore, AIDS was like a gift from the heaves for them.

        Sexuality was in the process of being humanized (in the early 60s) when this gift (for the ruling class) appeared; and they did all they could to NOT stop it. Socialist Cube has one of the lowest HIV rates in the whole word, but, surprise, surprise, the Western ruling class decried the Cuban model as tyrannical, fascist, and so on. At the same time, feminism was heavily promoted. AIDS and feminism were perfect to stop the process of a sexual “humanization” (thanks to birth-control, for instance).

        AIDS isn’t simply a homosexual problem. I’m pretty sure that low-income blacks in the USA have a higher rate of AIDS than Western homosexuals (and it’s especially true for Sub-Saharan Africa). But AIDS is *in the interest* of the ruling class, this is why the ruling class’s meme replicators (=professors, teachers, “social activists”, “artists”, etc.) always push that “AIDS acceptance” shit.

        • “Sexual humanization” is a bunch of BS. It ain’t gonna happen. What happened to those “free love” 60s era hippies? Most of the women grew into raging feminazis. And of the men who got the “free love?” It was the 60s era Chads, the top 20%.

          There is no one ruling class, there are different classes in different times and places, in many religions demanded certain behaviors. Our own seems to love to promote promiscuity, and it isn’t hard to see why. A society of Don Juans and single mothers will be too beset by petty struggles to unite and possibly replace the ruling the class.

  3. These people hate men so much that just discussing men reduces them to sputtering incoherence. The rage, the hate, the disdain, the bile make it impossible for them to string a thought together.

    Why do they accuse men of misogyny? Simple projection: they just assume that men hate them as much as they hate men.

  4. Excellent observation. These irrational people create chimeras out of their fantasies and desires to reject responsibility.

  5. The other insult they use is butthurt. It’s usually when a man is disrespected or slighted. He’s not concerned with having his feelings hurt but being disrespected. The main problem with Manginas is how cucky and feminist they. Im all for making allies with other countries, but the level manginas go to is insane. They’ll help out a foreign female before they help a white male.

  6. Remember. Nothing good has ever happened, nothing good will ever happen. Sex is bad and so are you; if nobody ever had sex, everyone you hate would have never been born.

    Samson Looms! There is No Future but Nuclear Fire!

    Ashes and Echoes

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