63 comments on “What A Girlfriend Can Do For You That No One Else Can? Provide Social Acceptability

    • DefSec Gen. James Mattis is a bachelor. He was urged to run for 2012 and 2016 but refused. I suppose thats the closest we will get for now.

      • Well, really, Clinton had a higher rank as Sec. of State so a woman can climb a higher rank than a bachelor man.

        I remember when the “libertarian tough guys” shed crocodile tears for Elon Musk’s billions upon billions of dollars but missed the point that Elon wouldn’t be “welcome to play the game” w/o a wife. He can lose everything and start over again with a new wife ala Donald Trump, but he can’t “go certain places” w/o a wife…

        • I find it incredibly odd that gay men are on the side of feminists and their ideological fellow travellers. I wouldve assumed that gays were made for MGTOW and anti feminists. What happened.

          In the Victorian era, gays like Oscar Wilde wrote poems about the cruelty of women and the enduring victimhood of men. Best of luck find those now.

          I suppose Milo is the closest we got.

        • Milo is anti-male scum, just google the hideous article he wrote on circumcision. Another gay who hates low status men is Jack Donovan. I get called a “homophobe” for mentioning that. Even though Jagoff is the one saying “weak” men should kill themselves and bragging that he rubs “elbows with white nationalists.” If Milo is a “gay ally” and Judgy Bitch is a “female ally” well, that really sucks. I want no part of those fools.

      • That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. I also found out that he’s just eleven days older than me.

  1. The social acceptability that a girlfriend provides, while palpable, is temporary or of limited scope. How much social acceptability does a MGTOW man need? Well, some amount just to go around in public, like not looking homeless or deranged and being polite in social gatherings.

    But even with a girlfriend or being married a man isn’t off the hook, he’d better be important or high status or people will prefer to meet with the girlfriend or wife alone.

    • “The social acceptability that a girlfriend provides, while palpable, is temporary or of limited scope. How much social acceptability does a MGTOW man need?”

      There was a case a few years back about an old man buying books for his grandkids, the shopkeep thought he was a pedo creep. Obviously if he was there with his wife, that would have never happened. Also a single man isn’t welcome at parks. He will be looked upon suspiciously. If he is there walking his dog or working out/on a running trail, he will mostly be left alone but he is better off if he can schedule his time early morning or weekdays when not many people are there.

      I don’t even like going to malls or stores and prefer to do as much shopping as possible online.

      Anyways, it is intellectually dishonest not to discuss what a man loses by not having a “significant other.” It should be discussed so as to not sound like that “libertarian tough guy” echo chamber at a hellhole like sheddingoftheego.

  2. This is another case where feminism peddlers are just like game peddlers. Remember Roissy?

    He would say something like:
    – To get laid you must be alpha, only alpha guys get laid
    – You have to do X to girls to be alpha, if you don’t perform x, you will be a non-alpha

    – A commenter would come in and note that he has a friend who NEVER does x but gets laid a ton. That disproves this claim.

    – Roissy answers: “If your friend gets laid, he’s alpha”

    – Then another commenter would point out that this is kind of a circular logic and he’d get banned

    • I didnt get banned after I saw this “reasoning” but stopped following the blog anyway. There is something terribly effeminate about men talking about women, drinking, nightclubs, relationships and such. Its all so undignified and a waste of time.

  3. There is a “faux masculinity” so to speak that people seem to insist on seeing the more the less actual power men hold. Masculinity is still based on beards, muscles, BDSM, meaty food, heavy metal, etc.; and it sometimes seems that it’s the more important to fulfill these criteria the less actual power men hold.

    Like, a while ago, we went to a Chinese restaurant with the family and my brother made some lame jokes about me picking tofu and vegetables from the buffet. I found this in so far interesting as he’s just your average liberal guy who has no problems at all with women’s rights etc., and with whom I don’t even talk politics anymore.

    But as a real men you have to prefer barbecue over tofu, of course. You can’t say that women don’t belong into politics, but you have to like bacon. This whole “feminization thesis” is completely wrong; if anything, our society has become more “masculine”, more aggressive. It’s a jungle out there.

    And I think wife + kid(s) is also still part of that. They still insist on you getting a wife and having kids. In a way it’s kind of a “heterosexual gay marriage” the ruling class is promoting these days. You have all these stronk womyn in pantsuits looking for a “real” men who is strong enough to deal with the strength of these stronk womyn – so their ideal is two stronk genderless people in (pant)suits procreating.

    • BDSM is inherently unmanly in my opinion….

      Womyn tell men exactly what they want but a man’s desire is less than dirt. A “real man” will choke a womyn but remember the safe word and not worry that she decides to press charges even though she begged for it. A “real man” will submit to financial domination form a domnatrix. A “real man” thinks “Kate” Jenner is hawt. A Real Man would simply walk away from the cluster fuck…

      BDSM is a place for sociopaths to hide in the open and someone that mocks you because you don’t want to choke out a womyn is someone you should stay far away from.

      • BDSM has become one of my pet peeves over the last few years. Being a Christian I always say in advance that I don’t believe that “kinky” sex is inherently sinful or something, so people don’t get the wrong idea.

        BUT it just seems so obvious to me that BDSM reduces men to the status of dogs on a leash: dogs that are supposed to look big and black and threatening, and that bark on command, but are effectively still neutered, leashed and controlled by the female. The female commands the dog to bark when she wants it to bark, and then commands it to be a lapdog when she wants it to be a lapdog again. And that’s just pathetic.

        And then you have all these bodybuilding forum people going around and bragging about how some deranged feminist cunt “allowed” them to torture her. These guys talk about sex as if sex could buy them independence and freedom. But the truth is, that it doesn’t matter if you do Femdom, “Maledom” or normal sex: in the GRAND SCHEME of things you don’t have power, in the grand scheme of things it’s all “femdom” so to speak.

    • “is still based on beards, muscles, BDSM, meaty food, heavy metal, etc.; and it sometimes seems that it’s the more important to fulfill these criteria the less actual power men hold.”

      I agree, all of these are cosmetic fixes- if that. I personally dont have any of these apart from some lean muscle, heavy muscles look weird and tryhard at my height 5’6″. A masculine man is comfortable in his own skin IMO and he can pull off even some so called non masculine habits. If you prefer to eat tofu and vegatables, then thats your business. I dont understand this diet shaming- either by vegans towards meat eaters or by these self proclaimed “macho” (aka obese) paleo types mocking vegetarian foods.
      Though I would advise you to stay away from tofu as it increases estrogen. Try Indian cottage cheese(paneer), same amount of protein htough a bit fattier but tasty too.

      I can understand when younger men retreat (thats what it is) into the pursuits you mention instead of confronting the masculine crisis head on. Me personally, I am at the age when neither compliments nor insults affect me too much as I know what I am and am not. Not all have this luxury Im afraid as I think the possibility knowing who they are simply terrifies them though its not really such a big deal.

  4. “One of the things that tends to kill relationships is the tendency for men to put all their emotional eggs into one particular basket. Thanks to the way that we’re socialized, straight men are taught to try to get all their emotional needs met by their romantic partners.”

    That old lie – that men are the way we are because we have been “socialised” to be like that.

    But below that is something far more important: the idea that women are the norm.

    You see, it is indeed men who want to commit their everything to one woman; and women who want a stable of men each with his own role: one to provide validation, one to provide money, one to provide sex. Dr Love here insists that the feminine way – to view people around you as replaceable plug-in utilities – is the right way. It’s an assumption that needs questioning.

    • ““One of the things that tends to kill relationships is the tendency for men to put all their emotional eggs into one particular basket.”

      I thought men need to be more open, and more willing to commit? Can’t they keep their story straight?

  5. Btw: Recently, Roosh retweeted a comment, saying that there isn’t much left for men other than sports, consumerism, casual sex and a feminist regulated workforce. “Everything is fine”, the commenter said, “as long as you want to jack off and play video games (…) but God help you as soon as you want a wife or family.”

    While I agree with the notion that there isn’t much left for men, and that “game” and casual sex aren’t a sufficient substitute, I do neither believe that “everything is fine” as long as you don’t seek a wife and a family, NOR do I believe that it’s terribly hard these days to find a wife.

    The absolute majority of men still find a wife eventually, almost everyone marries with 35 or so tops, and almost everyone in that age group has one child. The main reason why the birth rate in the Western world is plummeting is that these big families with ten children or so are going extinct, but the majority of people, once they’re 30something, do have that one kid and they are married at least once for a couple of years. Adult virgins are still the total exception and most people simply think they’re closeted homosexuals.

      • Normal people give up after a while, tho. Or they DRASTICALLY lower their standards. This way or the other, there usually comes a point at which men either focus on things other than women, or they at least stop pursuing the marriage, wife, 2 children lifestyle.

        Ironically, many broadly anti-feminist and MGTOW-ish sites and communities were always so focused on college-aged guys being frustrated with not getting any play, that they didn’t profit from the fact that many men are effectively “going their own way” without even fully recognizing it.

    • You would never see Creepster Nerdlove tell Hugo Schwyzer and Warmachine (men who have actually abused womyn IRL) that they need to do “emotional groundwork” ™ — but he will use an ill defined term to berate low status men. If a low status man goes to a therapist, will he have done “emotional groundwork”? If a low status man reads 300 romance novels will he have done “emotional groundwork”?

      And then if this unlucky man visit’s a prostitute, his “experience” doesn’t count and he is considered a bigger low-life than Warmachine and Hugo Schwyzer because he used the”free market” to cheat natural selection.

      What a bunch of bullshit…

        • That was my point entirely. All this *dating advice* suggest that the dateless man is in such a state because has a moral failing and he has to move past it, yet we all see sociopath’s who have actually attempted murder against womyn and we are told either “move along, nothing to see here” or “hegemonic masculinity bad-you are a penis owner you suffer from original sin.”

        • This comment thread reminds me of the book Every Young Man’s Battle by Fred Stoeker and Stephen Arterburn. I read through this book recently and it is disgusting! Two male ” Christian born-again virgin” authors who slept around as much as possible. They go from man-whores to white knights/manginas/feminists in this book. One of them, Fred, slept had sexual intercourse with who knows how many virgin woman. Yet, his “official wife” in the end was a virgin woman. The other author Stephen got a woman pregnant and forced her to have an abortion. He justifies it by saying any man who has lusted/masturbated will follow his own path. I love how the authors don’t even apologize for all of the men they have robbed of virgin wives. The authors try to justify themselves by saying basically oh we made Jesus sad, but everybody has made Jesus sad.

          This book has so many contradictions and inconsistencies. They say and I quote, “Any visual gratification is a form of sex for men.” I guess they use this lie to make themselves feel better. Furthermore, the authors accuse men of having sex with Rose from Titanic during the naked art sketching scene by just getting sexually aroused. I love how the authors sexually and graphically describe Rose’s lips, face, and breasts. I can see them screaming at the reader projecting what they have done with that Titanic scene. They do this with a bunch of other examples. Yet, they say it is okay for non-married couples to hold hands or arms and even give each other “short” kisses. In fact, they say it is okay to have consecutive “godly” relationships with woman before getting married.

          There is so much wrong with this book that I wanted to burn it. I may post more on it later.

          This book is a staple within the church today. We are indeed in the age of deception.

        • Oh yeah, in Every Young Man’s Battle book, the authors have a chapter called, “just by being male.”
          Men are demonized in this chapter. Quotes from it:
          “Why the prevalence of sexual sin among men? We got there naturally simply by being male.”
          “100 percent of the rapes are committed by men”
          “Our maleness brings a natural, uniquely form of rebelliousness.”
          “Most often, the chief perpetrators are single men.” That is correct. The authors said that SINGLE MEN are mainly responsible for all of the crimes and evil in the world. The authors go on and on how men are obsessed with sex and lusting.

          Another thing. Near the end of the book, the author Fred talks about his daughter he had with his “official” wife. He tells all other men to stay away from his daughter. He tells them that they can’t even talk to his daughter without his fatherly permission. They have to prove themselves to him first.

          Hey Man in the Orbital Castle, maybe you could have an article discussing Every Young Man’s Battle.

    • “Sexual experience is its own “self-improvement” for sexually inexperienced men, not this bullshit about “emotional groundwork.””

      Sexual experience is not really self improvement.

  6. Ironically, the “libertarian tough guys” at places like sheddingoftheego seem to be moving in the direction of feminist’s–“muh cah-rear…”

    A few years back, MGTOW’s were talking about minimalism and “going ghost.” Now they sound like failed PUA’s whining that Muslim men will take all the womyn….

    But this article was a funny read…


  7. Good article. This reminds me of the Bible where a several verses compare a wife to a man’s crown. An example is Proverbs 12:4 Without such a crown, a man is not socially acceptable at all especially in this day and age, Also, proverbs 31 also talks about the characteristics of a virtuous woman and how society will listen to her. Of course, society will listen and please the voice of non-virtuous woman. More and more women today do not fear the Lord anymore. Proverbs 31:26 says she speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. Unfortunately, today quite the opposite on on so many women’s tongues today.
    LOL I bet if women woke up randomly one morning and suddenly decided to praise and desire virgin men who never had a girlfriend, society, especially white knights and manginas would suddenly try to comply to the woman’s tongues. They would lie about how they are virgins and accuse other men of being losers for having consecutive or simultaneous girlfriends. Of course, this scenario is probably never going to happen.

    • What interestingly enough seems to happen, tho, is this process where men convince themselves and each other that it’s more manly to feel attracted to and to be in a relationship with a bitter, washed up, fat old skank than with a cute young virgin.

      This reminds me … a while ago Andrew Anglin claimed to have a 19 year old girlfriend, and posted a picture of him with an attractive young blonde. My comment here is NOT about Andrew Anglin nor about whether his claim is true or not, but about twitter reacting to this like this:


      He HAS TO DATE a 19 year old. This is a common attitude among men these days. Men try to convince themselves and others that they actually LIKE “strong” women who have their own opinions and who are “thicc” and “curvy”, and who know what they’re doing in bed, etc. etc.

      It’s all about men trying to convince themselves and others that it’s more MANLY to be attracted to a bitter, angry, washed-up skank. Liberals and conservatives also BOTH share this ridiculous paranoia about pedophilia. There is HUGE pressure to make men “man up” and feel attracted to washed up single moms, you’re with one foot in prison for even daring to look at a woman and these guys are SERIOUSLY worried about pedophilia being legalized!?

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  9. This is an important point that almost nobody addresses. There’s an inbuilt structural bias for couples in our society.

    Wimminz can violate the structure much more readily than men can. A wimminz who goes alone to a work-related social function is, by default, seen as “empowered” and “don’t need no man.” A man who does so is considered pathetic and dangerous. (Obviously, if you don’t want to take some shrew along, your dick must not work, and you don’t have any money, either.)

    I hope you write more on this topic. It’s undertheorized and worth exploring.

    • I hope you write more on this topic. It’s undertheorized and worth exploring.

      I intend to. This topic explains several things that aren’t explained with everything from dating adivce to discussion of incels. For example, this explains why going to hookers is useless.

      • Yeah, prostitutes can’t provide a man with social acceptability. Even rich men who show up in public gatherings with sugar babies aren’t fooling anyone.

  10. A bit OT: Two postmenopausal women tried to chat me up at work this week end, and I really hate that. I can see why you call the pool of the men of women’s last resort “the Reserves.”

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  12. With all this talk of a girlfriend conferring social acceptability for men, we are avoiding the ahem elephant in the room- unattractive girlfriends. Any girls who are less than about 5/10 will NOT help the guy in question but indeed be subjected to mockery not so much by men but more so by women.
    Oh sure , women will mouth the usual platitudes about how beauty is skin deep and how “mature” he is to go against “superficial” standards of beauty. Behind his back they sneer at him and hold him in contempt. The irony and hypocrisy here is of course that these women themselves were superficial and immature to date this less than attractive man in question.


    Seriously will a girlfriend like THIS help you in anyway?

    (Yes I know its Roissy, but this is from back nearly a decade ago as you can see when he was a lot more tolerable)

    • “The irony and hypocrisy here is of course that these women themselves were superficial and immature to date this less than attractive man in question.”

      Typo: I meant to say-“The irony and hypocrisy here is of course that these women themselves were superficial and immature to NOTdate this less than attractive man in question.”

    • I stopped reading Roissy about two years ago when someone else took the site over and shifted focus from game and relationships to race and anti-Semitism. However, I do remember this particular post and cringing at this chick’s repulsiveness. Since this was almost ten years ago, I can’t help but wonder if the two of them are still married.

      • This is one of the reasons I don’t understand the black male/fat white female dynamic that’s so prevalent nowadays.

        Even if one buys into the nonsense that white females are ‘higher value’ than other races of women, such a thing would be negated by the fact the woman in question is grossly obese or unattractive.

        It just makes the black male in that pairing look like even more of loser than if he were with an fat black female. If anything, it garners contempt and unwanted attention.

  13. @OMV
    “So they weren’t even customers trying to get a discount or something for free? They were just that lonely?”

    One of the few good things about having a negligent and abusive mother is that I can see fake affection and attempted manipulation from women a mile away. For me it is as clear as day when a woman to trying to squirm her way to my good graces in order to get me to do something for her. Most of my friends have no clue though. I cant reach these “IOSI”s (Indicators of Self Interest). Its just instinctive. When some behavior makes my skin crawl then its a safe bet that I should avoid her.

  14. @SWB

    “Milo is anti-male scum, just google the hideous article he wrote on circumcision. Another gay who hates low status men is Jack Donovan. I get called a “homophobe” for mentioning that. Even though Jagoff is the one saying “weak” men should kill themselves and bragging that he rubs “elbows with white nationalists.” If Milo is a “gay ally” and Judgy Bitch is a “female ally” well, that really sucks. I want no part of those fools.”

    I have no illusions about Milo being in anyway caring about mens issue at the most crucial level. I meant that he is closest to Wilde the context of gays being usually pro feminist these and that he is a witty Brit.

    Judgy Bitch and Fatt Forney are great pals. That pretty much says it all.

  15. Rather OT: OVR, what do you think of Youtuber one time feminist and SJW Laci Green who took the “red pill” and discovered tradcon and all is about dissing trans and gays these days.

    I wonder if the zeitgeist shift following Trumps election has anything to do with it. Women are usually more perceptive than men as to which direction the socio cultural wind blows and just follow along. (Which is their opinions should mean very little)

    Speaking of Trump it is good to see finally a President who has sons , the last three had daughters and were manginas of one degree or the other. Alas Trump is not free from this himself. See how he dotes on Ivanka and her worthless input.

    • I don’t know much about this Laci Green creep but keep in mind:

      Liberal women always making excuses for scumbags like Bill Maher, Shia Labeouf, Hugo Schywzer.

      Conservative women always making excuses for Jack Donovan, Milo Y, etc, etc…

      (You are a fool if you think what Judgy Bitch is pedaling is “mens rights”-it’s really “get back on the plantation.”)

      All the while a low status man who has never raised a fist except in self defense is a subhuman, “privileged” “Nice Guy” ™

      …and another thing, feminists used to hate trans and gays, ust google TERF and Red Stockings…

    • There is no changing zeitgeist except that a plenty of women have had feminism blow up in their face at a personal level or more broadly. This is particularly true with intersectional feminism. Everything from MGTOW to trans issues can cause problems for most women. The issues of minorities like a black queer trans lesbian have no meaning to the average woman, but that is what is getting attention now.

      In the end, women haven’t changed. Lots of women are like those single mothers who go white nationalist to get white vagina worshipping nationalists to serve them. Since regular feminism is now failing to deliver that, women are trying other options like Trump, white nationalism, etc.

      • on another note…

        a mediocre metalcore band made a video, “Good Night Alt Right”

        If you go to the commnets section, it’s funny watching these alt-reich scumbags cry just like feminists did when Rihanna made that video where she kidnapped her accountant’s wife…

        Just look at how feminists and the alt reich are on a race to the bottom over who can win the vyctym card….

        • The alt right have possible trapped themselves into irrelevance . Their concern trolling about the white working class is what got Trump elected and if coal ,oil and gas sectors take off ,blue collar whites will have no more use for them and back they go to the fringes of the internet.

          Having said they performed a useful function in trolling and mocking feminists and fellow travellers (even if they are white vag worshippers themselves). When I see these two (say Antifa and Nazis) going at it, again I think of the Iran Iraq war- its a pity they cant both lose.

      • I suppose that makes the most sense. What really ticks me off is that tradcon white knights oppose trannies in the women’s bathroom because women are at risk!! Im sorry but dont women overwhelmingly support gay and trans agendas? Now that it blows up in their faces what with men wearing dresses checking out women undressing or men pretending to be girls trouncing girls in athletics, all of a sudden it is a catastrophe and women have to be protected from the consequences of their own stupid stances and actions!

        Most women would be (relatively) rational and normal if men would let the consequences play out. But there are too many manginas out there for that to happen. I dont care if someone wants to cut off their cock and call themselves a chick as long I am not the next Hitler if I say thats just deranged. However trans movement seems to blow up in their faces. And who knows the gay movement mightas well. Logically gay men should be naturally MGTOWS. Perhaps that will happen at some point.

        On another note, noted spokeswoman Scottie Nell Hughes of cuckbuster Donald Trump has been having an affair with the very black Charles Payne of Fox Business. She apparently started grabbing his cock to get her career ahead and when it went nowhere she accused him of sexual harassment. But that is proven to be bullshit as she sent him a great deal of racy emails

        Hahahahaha , why do these all these cuckbusters keep getting cucked?

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