69 comments on “Women Think That Gazpacho Is Creepy

  1. have you seen this shit piece article?


    looks like it was some manuresphere dude trying to convince Amanda Marcote he was “safe” and might be willing to be penetrated with a strap-on…

    ” If we, as a society, allow men to be more “feminine,” then the gender gap will shrink, although probably because men will leave tech and leadership for traditionally feminine roles. ”

    Um, no dude, this is why we do not read articles written by Jagoff Donovan at the Good Chump Projects….

  2. Women are socially hypergamous and sexually submissive and masochist, aroused by fear, pain and loss of control. This is why their favorite insults are terms that evoke disgust (creepy, strange, weird) rather than fear. If a woman calls a man a “scary asshole” she most probably has sexual rape fantasies regarding that man.

    What bothers me more tho is that we’re living in an age now with laws that you can’t really objectify anymore. And having laws you can’t objectify is pretty much part of the definition of living in tyranny.

    Like, calling to murder Trump is brilliant satire, but calling to murder Angela Merkel is a hate crime. Chad complimenting a woman is a compliment, but fatso complimenting a woman is creepy harassment.

    If you have laws you can’t objectify, you’re living in a tyranny.

    • Speaking of finding foreign cultures and customs creepy, isnt it weird that there are so few Chinese and Russian female characters that are portrayed in a positive manner in Hollywood. How much is due to American woman’s paranoia that “their” men would make a beeline for them.

      On a micro level , women are pleased when two men fight over them. On a macro level, white women were quite pleased with all the racism around them as long as the underlying rationale was how special they were

      In Spanish colonial Mexico as in British colonial India, the relations between the rulers and natives were quite cordial and they rulers were on the verge in being integrated into native society until Spanish and British women showed up on the scene and set up the heirarchy which became the racist structures later on.

      Coming back to Gazpacho, the women are thoroughly ignorant in not expecting Spanish in resembling Mexican since this what they expected. Since they are unable to reconcile both, they being familiar with only Mexican end up castigating Spanish as a weirdo imitator and hence creepy. Cultural stupidity and ignorance is a building block for racial hatred. And these women possess the former in abudance.

      • Yeah, the only thing women love more than men fighting each other is men fighting each other over them.

        Btw, this is one of the reasons why it’s so nonsensical to say that women are “socialists”, what tradcucks usually do. I mean, even if you completely disagree with everything socialist related (which is fine and not the topic I want to debate now) you gotta admit that women DON’T want men to get along with each other.

        Women are perfectly fine with MEN having to live in an anarchist arena where they have to fight each other tooth and nail, with only the fittest surviving, metaphorically speaking. The fittest minority they then want to mate with. Women are fine with 80% of men being miserable and then competing for a place in the harem of the top 20% or so of men. There is nothing “socialist” or “social” about their attitude towards men.

        As for foreign women in Hollywood, I guess you could also ask the question how men and women had reacted, if the majority of recent immigrants/refugees coming to Europe wouldn’t have been oriental men but young Asian girls in their prime age. I mean, economically speaking it’s of course good if you have more and more men competing for the same amount of women, because that increases your market value.

        • Right wing trad cons and MRA’s calling females and feminists socials is a derailing tactics, to derail the issue into their pointless left vs right war.

          it is in fact deeply dishonest, and one of the reasons why the MRA has gotten nowhere.

          There is nothing left wing about female nature, and feminism.

          Females are in fact anti egalitarian, and hyper status fixated, that is why they are hypergamious.

          Women are the gender bourgeois.

      • >isnt it weird that there are so few Chinese and Russian female characters that are portrayed in a positive manner in Hollywood.

        Except in James Bond movies.

  3. “Women are socially hypergamous and sexually submissive and masochist, aroused by fear, pain and loss of control. This is why their favorite insults are terms that evoke disgust (creepy, strange, weird) rather than fear.”

    “The only thing women love more than men fighting each other is men fighting each other over them.”

    Which is also why the whole idea of MGTOW is the creepiest/strangest/weirdest thing women can imagine.

    • Apart from MGTOW I have to wonder whether the reasons for mocking and demonizing volutnarily celibate men whether priests, monks have to do with female bewilderment there are actually some men who are not enchanted by them. Well we cant have that can we. Lets call them homos and pedos and so on. Of course the Catholic church did not cover itself in glory when it bypassed quality control and let in all sorts of sexual predators in the 1960s when it got paranoid with the all the “God is dead” mania.

      • you might want to take a look at The Redstockings:


        Ironically, though, you have feminists hating on men for “being horndogs,” then hating on men for not being “horndogs.”

        Then you have some suggest that gay men should be natural allies to low status men as they are also subject to misandry. However, you see assholes like Jagoff Donovan and Milo Y shitting on low status men and celebrated by creeps (I’m appropriating) like Judgy Bitch.

        Let’s start calling feminists and alt-righters creeps. The word is not going away any time soon.

        • wow just wow! So apparently male homosexuality is a “misogynistic” seperation from women! What I dont understand till date is how the male gays got coopted into basically becoming household pets of middle to upper middle class white women.
          Womens hatred and paranoia towards exclusively men’s country clubs is not so much about the concentration of powerful men elbowing out women but more about women intruding into men’s spaces just because they have to.
          On a micro level, look at the scorn and hatred against man caves. Now why should there even be a man cave to begin with? There used to be a study where men were left alone. And beds in seperate bedrooms were a thing not because sex was considered a taboo in the 1950s but it was considered wise for men and women to have their own space.

          Coming back to mocking monks and priests, it was usually straight men who did the mocking that it was just “weird” if a guy didnt like chicks. Women were smart enough to stand back and encourage it from the sidelines.

        • “Then you have some suggest that gay men should be natural allies to low status men as they are also subject to misandry. However, you see assholes like Jagoff Donovan and Milo Y shitting on low status men and celebrated by creeps (I’m appropriating) like Judgy Bitch.”

          Why are you obsessed with homosexuality?

        • How does stating that Jack Donovan and Milo Y have absolutely nothing to offer low status men make me obsessed w/ homosexuality. Boxer is calling me gay and you are too, it’s funnier than shit.

        • @tamerlane:
          GOOD QUESTION!

          I like you because you always provide valuable contributions. The “Man of Many Names” behind this blog is pretty based! Only thing is he can be a bit of a broken record, as it seems like he said more or less everything that could be said circa 2011, so can be a bit repetitive at times. I suppose the best he can do is blog about current events and how they pertain to his observations / theories / knowledge. However, I do appreciate his blog. Even DVN often contributes productively, though I am no fan of his rather neocon views, he is knowledgeable about history and human cultures and other topics and contributes accordingly. Boxer is kind of a weirdo, but at least he is an INTERESTING weirdo.

          Le Homosexual Mulatto offers little or nothing to the discussion. Sure, he is good for trolling the (((alt-right))) and the (((manosphere))) with his chan-tier memes, but he is basically the loud, annoying, noisy kid who shows up and who we all must put up with, in addition to being an OBVIOUS closet homo. He is free to visit this blog and comment whenever he likes, not like you or I are going to stop him, but le Homosexual Mulatto can fuck right off and nothing of value will be lost. He certainly DOES have a creepy obsession with homosexuality, revealed not only in his comments on this blog but in his comments at Shedding of the Ego. I wouldn’t necessarily call his criticism of / opposition to Jack Donovan or Milo the Gay Jew homophobic per se, but he has a bizarre obsession with Jack Donovan, who is quite obscure and largely irrelevant even in the (((alt-right))) and stonerwithaboner [for real, being as he is 100% totally straight and heterosexual he sure feels the need to let us all know about his “boner” as if anyone asked] seems to believe on some level that all gay men are out to rape him [perhaps stemming from his fantasies of being aggressively topped?], eerily reminiscent to the feminist belief that “all men are rapists.” In addition to being a transparent closet case, methinks stonerwithaboner is a crypto-feminist.

        • @stonerwithaboner:

          Glad you liked it, fuckboi!

          P.S. Fuck Richard Spencer!
          P.P.S. Or should I say, (((Richard Spencer)))…
          P.P.P.S. JK, I’m pretty sure Spencer is not Halachically Jewish.

        • DJ,

          Uh, I was waiting for a more tactful time to bring this up. I was still in High School. Your mom worked at a record store and had blue hair (before blue hair was known as a feminist thing.) She invited me over to listen to some obscure NWOBHM records. I thought she honestly “just wanted to listen to some music.” Anyways, a few beers and bong hits later, we were rolling on the floor naked. I’m always prepared so I pulled out a condom. She said she was “allergic” (yeah, right) to those things. So in the words of Doosh 5, I “rawdogged it.”

          Luckily she never charged me for child support, she worked as an “escort” pegging trad-con men. In fact, your first car, well, lets just say Barbarossa and Max Hydrogen were “high rollers” so mama had money left over.

          You may have noticed you tan rather easily. All I can say is “You’re welcome, son!”

          To all those saying I’m gay or a permavirgin, well, I wish. One oopsie has lead to allot of regret.

          And BTW…




    • >the (((alt-right))) and the (((manosphere)))

      lol at the parentheses

      So the Jews are behind the alt-right and the manosphere? There is this bizarre phenomenon I’ve noticed recently: that Jews are increasingly blamed for being the masterminds behind the alt-right.

      It’s the same with the holocaust, with people who deny the holocaust and support a new holocaust.
      Or anti-Semitic Nazis who believe that the Jews subvert anti-Semitic Nazi-circles to make anti-Semitic Nazis look like anti-Semitic Nazis.

      • What is hysterical is some of the alt right websites such as unz.com and Taki Mag , the paranoid Jew hating conspiracy theorists get quite upset when you call them anti Semites LOL

      • @Red Shambhala:

        So you don’t think controlled opposition is a real thing? Because trust me, it is!

        Or is it all coincidental that virtually all of the alt-right and “alt-lite” figures, going back to the HBD community, manosphere, and “proto-alt-right” are 100% Kosher: Milo Yiannopoulos, Michael Cernovich, Michael “Enoch” Peinovich, Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, Aaron “Captain Capitalism” Clarey, Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, Lauren Southern, Ezra Levant, probably Lana Lotkeff, possibly even Roosh… ALL JEWS!

        Essentially, the alt-right consists of a mainly Jewish “leadership” with a largely anti-Semitic “base” particularly the /pol/fags. [Funnily enough, I am pretty sure that if the alt-right managed to resurrect Adolf Hitler, he would have all the /pol/fags gassed for being untermenschen.]

        But honestly, I mostly type (((alt-right))) thusly because I know it will trigger the fuck out of them.

        • @ Red Shambhala:

          If you can’t see that the so-called “alt-right” is controlled opposition then there is no hope for you. Seeing as the label is used by / applied to everything from anarcho-capitalists to literal “neo-Nazis” should tell you that the “alt-right” isn’t really a thing. The “alt-right” is a meme! How could it even be a viable movement if its “members” can’t even agree on what it/they consist of?

          “HURR-DURR, all of the fascists, neo-Nazis, and racists, are not alt-right! I mean, Nazi = National Socialist! They’re not alt-right, they’re not even right-wing, they’re fucking leftists, HURR DURR! The alt-right is about civic nationalism and capitalism. Muh based Donald, muh based Milo, muh based Gavin, muh based tranny Blaire White, muh based Pepe, praise Lord Kek… DONALD TRUMP 2016!”

          WN/Nat-Soc types:
          “HURR-DURR, fuck off, alt-lite shills! You’re not alt-right, more like alt-kike! We are a White Identitarian movement. Muh based Richard Spencer, muh based Aryan god Andrew Anglin, muh based TRS, muh based Pepe, praise Lord Kek… DONALD TRUMP 2016!”

          Do you think that the Daily Stormer is a “legitimate” neo-Nazi organization? Or shit-posting by /pol/fags? For white supremacists, their frontman is not even white! Andrew Anglin is half-Filipino and his staff (weev, Sven Longshanks) are Jews.

        • There was this old joke in Europe before WW 2, where a wife is reading in the newspapers about how all these millions of little right-wing sects were fighting each other, and the husband then says, “Maybe it’s still possible to make something of anti-Semitism, but only if the Jews take control of it.”

          And so you are essentially saying that the Jews have finally managed to do that, that they control the alt-right to make anti-Semitism look bad or what?

        • @ Red Shambhala:

          You are making no sense! Generally, “White Nationalists” are, for lack of a better term, the “niggers” of the White race. Do you honestly think White Trashionalists have the brainpower to create any sort of movement? Funny how virtually every WN leader turns out to be a Fed or a Jew or a spook.

          You can research the “deep-state” connections of figures like David Duke, Jeff Rense, and Richard B. Spencer, via their connection to spooks Regnery and Buckley.

          “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
          _Vladimir Lenin

          If you don’t believe that controlled opposition is real then you are either stupid or lying. I don’t believe you are that stupid, so why are you being so facetious?

        • According to your logic, you yourself are a Jew or controlled by the Jews.

          I mean, your argument is that the Jews control the alt-right, a (by and large) anti-Semitic movement.
          Now what do anti-Semites believe? That the Jews are behind everything.
          You *do* believe that Jews are even behind the alt-right itself.
          So you’d be an anti-Semite – but since the Jews *control* the anti-Semites, you are controlled by the Jews!

          Nice trick, (((Don Juan)))!

        • @ Red Shambhala

          I do have verifiable Jewish ancestry, yes. If you don’t believe me, give me your address and I will mail my DNA results… Unfortunately, the one-drop rule never applied to Jews, and my mother’s a shiksa. If/when the SHTF in the USA, should I attempt to flee to Israel, I would need to find a Chabad Lubavitch, or equivalent denomination, rabbi for a Halachic conversion.

          Your point? In the interest of fair, honest, and open debating, I am not asking you to take my word as gospel, just take the evidence of your own eyes. (Or are you clinically blind?) Virtually all of the alt-right “leaders” are Jews. Weev is a Jew. Michael Enoch is a Jew. Milo is a Jew. The late Andrew Breitbart was a Jew. Anglin is a hapa. But you’re right! The alt-right is totally NOT controlled opposition. They are ALL Bobby Fischer… Hi, Red! I’ve got a bridge in Alaska for sale. Interested?

          [totally legit!]

        • …because if one references the (((echo meme))) even [semi-]ironically, then they MUST be a miserable, unredeemable anti-Semite?

          …because pointing out the fact that NEARLY all of the alt-right “leaders” and e-celebs (including those within the edgy 1488 LARPER wing, “dude LMAO 14-88, bro!”) happen to be Jewish, many of them ADMITTEDLY so, is “anti-Semitic” now? [I guess it is also anti-Italic to point out that the Mafia is Italian, or anti-Teutonic to point out that the original Nazis were German? Is condemning Maoist atrocities anti-Sinitic?]

          No, these chumps are 100% totally legit.

          The TrueBelievers are not in any way useful idiots…

          …because a literal communist calling someone “anti-Semite” as a cheap form of character assassination? NAH! Forget attempting to know and/or understand me. Take my words out-of-context but take the words of a pinko commie as GospelTruth!


          And to think I used to think you were cool…

  4. “Let’s also start calling feminists “bossy creeps” as well; we’ve seen before how they positively hate being called “bossy”.”

    This could have worked if it gathered steam before Sheryl Sandberg released her stupid book and PSA “ban bossy” . Now you are the next Hitler if you call a woman bossy. Say what you want about women but they usually are more sensitive to and astute about the zeitgeist than men and often rush to preempt any dissent to the orthodoxy from which they benefit.

    • “So apparently male homosexuality is a “misogynistic” seperation from women!”


      There are NO male spaces allowed. Even gay bars(!) must accept and kowtow to wimminz. Women now have the power to take over ANY male space. Keeping them out is forbidden, but once they’re in THEY can throw out the men by complaining about misogyny. So you’re dependent on the goodwill of women.

      As for gay acceptance: homosexuality has lost all its revolutionary potential, which is probably the reason why it’s getting accepted and promoted in the first place, now. After all, homosexuality isn’t so much about men enjoying freedom together, but more about an imitation of the heterosexual marriage, where you’re supposed to have the one manly gay dude being the dominant Chad and provider; and one effeminate bitchy faggot who is supposed to decorate everything in rainbow colors, raise a couple of adopted kids and then complain about the lack of tops these days. Then they’ll go to the gay bar where they’ll meet all the washed up WOOO girls.

      This is also one of the things I actually LIKE about Jack Donovan: because he always clearly said that gays trying to imitate the “ideal” hetero-marriage is futile. His ideal basically seems to be a kind of gay gang living in the woods and LARPing as Pagans together. Yeah, yeah, it’s easy to make fun of that, but it’s still far better and well-wrought than being friends with Hillary Clinton and trying to imitate the gender roles of modern hetero-couples in their rainbow-colored corporation bubble.

      • LOL -the gay guy at the left rolling his eyes at these SATC re enacment society. Dude you made this devils bargain with straight white women and now reap the harvest is all I can say.

  5. After that I made sure to get some gazpacho with my lunch because I was not going to let women ruin gazpacho especially by calling gazpacho creepy.

    I think it was Schopenhauer who noted that women are incapable of any sort of aesthetic judgment. If chicks dig stuff, it’s because they think it’s fashionable. Ordering from the menu is the same basic phenomenon as the latest workout fad, or studying Kabbalah. They don’t care if it tastes good or it’s useful, they just want to associate with whatever is popular in the moment.

      • I think you’re wrong about that one. Alex Jone$ is not a loon IRL, he is a performance artist ala Stephen Colbert or Sacha Baron-Cohen / Ali G. / Borat / Bruno. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing and his paranoid right-wing conspiracy theorist schtick is an act to pry gullible fools from their money.

  6. Apparently, they’re rescuing women and children before men from the hurricane – deliberately. Needless to say, the rescue teams are all male. Female preferential treatment is all encompassing in the gynocentric society.

    • The “macho” state of Texas is the capital of old world tradcon chivalry. All those rugged noble cowboys sure feel honored to drown while some random skank is picked up by the National Guard instead of them.

      As an aside which do you think is the state most filled with MGTOW or MGTOW friendly.

      • “As an aside which do you think is the state most filled with MGTOW or MGTOW friendly.”

        I would guess California. Probably also has the most “alt-right” (I think Nathan Damingo is a CA guy.) That might seem counterintuitive as CA is “liberal,” but it’s also the most “lifestyle” state. So whilst CA wouldn’t be MGTOW friendly per say, a MGTOW could easily fly under the radar between all the countercultures.

        • OT: Anyone else notice how reddit is populated with manginas and white knights. I was shocked . I was the (mistaken) assumption that it leaned towards MRA and MGTOW views.

          I wanted to check out the opinions on the characters of Claire Underwood(House of Cards) and Juliana Crain(The Man in the High Castle) as these are self absorbed, narcissistic, incompetant and irrational cunts and was trying to find out why they were made sympathetic by their creators. All I found mostly were white knights rushing to their defense and these are fictional characters LOL. Less said about how they view real women who are cunts the better.

  7. @Don Juan thank you for the compliment but really what is this ((())) stuff. We can have a discussion about the Jewish influence and participation in Western civilzation. For the record, I believe they are both positive and negative and are over represented in both aspects due to their tendency for over achievement. Those who like and sympathetic to them concentrate on the positive and obviously we know which types harbour on the negative. Both are mistaken because they are unable to see them a diverse group of individualistic brilliance(this is a morally neutral statement) rather than a monolith

    Before getting to me- stonerwithaboner’s is correct to mock WNs in the context of their enabling of tradcon feminism. What about him strikes you as crypto feminist

    I have by now read all of OVR’s posts since I first came across him in 2013. By then I was thoroughly disenchanted by game/Roissy etc and was wondering why they were such cranks. To this day only Pro Male/Anti Feminist Tech, Aaron Sleazy and OVR are the only ones who are truly against game fraud, conspiracy theory and go after feminists.
    Of all these I gravitate more towards OVR because PMAFT still believes in game though it is nowhere as nonsensical of the Eben Pagan/Mystery variety, Aaron Sleazy is a bit of Keynesian who has taken an alt right turn and often judges guys by the type or number of chicks they have dated. I have gained valuable insights into conspiracy theory and women’s persistent and overwhelming need for the victimhood narrative.

    As for me, what exactly about me is “neo con” .?Yes I supported the Afghanistan and Iraq wars at one point. But I do so longer. I dont think Trump’s recent reset on Afghanistan is a good idea and was puzzled when he bombed Syria. I really cant think of a single country that the U.S should go to war against with perhaps the exception of North Korea which is a world pariah and menace anyway. I hope my support of Israel by itself is not considered neo con haha

    I believe the war on terror should be fought by the CIA ,not the Department of Defense. War in the Middle East has become quite a racket for various contractor companies . I know because I used to work for one myself when I was in Dubai and dealing with operations in Iraq. Oh the stories I can tell.

    The war against the West by Islamic zealots is partly motivated by ideology and partly by the corruption ,nepotism and poverty of the countries where they germinate from. Most Arabs and Muslims are not terrorists in the same way that most Germans werent Nazis but there is no reason to give Muslims the Dresden treatment. All has to be done was the successful CIA Judo style ops where the Arabs start getting a taste of their own medicine when terrorists turn on them ala Saudi in 2004, Jordan in 2005 and the entire Shia Sunni cauldron in Iraq 2006-2008.
    Muslims arent super human and contrary to what people believe they dont breed like rats (anymore). It is only a matter of time before they run out of man power.
    Of course it is unfortunate a lot of these men ended up in Germany and many may create a new ahem master race with German women. But this is Europe’s problem , let them deal with it.

    • Another point I forgot to mention is that whatever my feeling for colonialism- it is done and in the past and it was a different time , yes I get that. What irritates me is the apologetics for colonialism and brushing the revolting aspects of it, which are overwhelming, completely under the rug.
      To me I got jaded with neo conservatism when I saw the similarities between it and colonialism. I always felt that the British populace hated the Iraq war not so much because of any ideological agenda but because they were humiliated by being a junior partner. Notice how they didnt have any issue whatsoever with the Libya war or the Falklands war when they were front and center. I fail to see how an isolated presence of a few British troops a few thosand miles away at the other end of the earth is worth the blood and treasure to keep it “British” but to topple a brutal dictator who would imprison British and American businessmen on trumped up charges in the 1980s is somehow a criminal act.

      WNs are also guilty of the same cognitive dissonance. Hitlers favorite film was Tigers of Hastinapore( a pro colonialist film based in India) by Fritz Lang. Just as Hitler loathed the British but admired their colonial empire and sought to emulate the same in Russia, just the WN’s claim to hate the neocons but engage in the same colonial nostalgia where whites were the top dogs in countries not their own.

      What WNs have in common with feminists in that they are beyond shameless, self serving, lacking any sense of accountability and complete liars.

    • @ Dr. Van Nostrand:

      RE: the (((echo))) meme, I type (((alt-right))) thusly out of habit mostly to trigger /pol/fags and other alt-right types. FYI, I am a half-Jew myself, (biological father’s of Sephardic heritage) so does that give me “n-word privileges” on this?

      Sorry if I misrepresented you. I just perceive your worldview as being rather “neo-con” and I don’t think the fact that you oppose Gulf War II after the fact necessarily makes you “not a neo-con.” Perhaps this just comes from me as sort of a “Ron Paul fag” but you just kind of come off that way. I think the worst thing about the neoconservative leadership is that, in addition to giving us GWB and the second Gulf War (I refuse to use the intelligence-insulting term “Operation Iraqi Freedom”) they are indirectly responsible for both the alt-right and Donald Trump. The original neocons were literal Bolsheviks. Perhaps their hard-right shift on economics (from Soviet-style socialism to Milton Friedman type free market capitalism) was genuine, but they retained their Leninist belief in a strong vanguard party. First order of business was to purge the GOP and its mouthpieces, such as the National Review, of all those who did not tow the new party line. If one was too authoritarian, or too libertarian, or too nationalistic / not internationalist enough, or “too racist” / not “politically correct” enough they had to GTFO. Remember that both Jared Taylor and Steve Sailer, and their likes, contributed to National Review, but they were booted out. Did that shut them up? No, it only encouraged them to start their own “alternative” platforms and fester there. Back in the 80s-90s-00s, the Establishment Right or “respectable conservatives” attempted to “out-SJW” the proto-SJWs, at least on ethnic/racial issues, but not on LGBT issues, or other cultural issues (lest they alienate their Christian Zionist useful idiots), but it did not end racism, it merely swept it under the rug. Instead of OPEN, HONEST DEBATE, we got DOG WHISTLES. By 2015/16, the establishment conservatives failed to find a figure to unify their coalition, as they did not want to continue the Bush de-facto monarchy or support Ted “Orlock” Cruz, so guess where their base turned. You’re of course free to disagree on this, and I understand.

      The same that befell the “conservative-right” establishment happened to right-wing libertarians with the rift between “Beltway Libertarians” and “paleo-libertarians” (i.e. Lew Rockwell, Murray Rothbard, Thomas DiLorenzo, Ron Paul, Justin Raimondo…)

      You do seem to genuinely oppose the “liberal imperialism” of the neoconservatives, so perhaps calling you a “neocon” is unfair.

      RE: stonerwithaboner

      I don’t know about you, but I have long ago tired of his childish antics. I believe that SWAB is a crypto-feminist because, just as some rabid feminists believe that all men are rapists, he seems to believe the same thing, at least regarding to gay men, as his comments on this blog and Barbarossa’s reveal. Also, his overall worldview is totally gynocentric. Methinks the only reason why le Homosexual Mulatto has any qualms with feminism is because he grew up with an abusive white trash single mom. He is not pro-male in the slightest. Also, I suspect that SWAB’s mom drank and/or did drugs while she was pregnant with him because in addition to his rampant paranoia he comes across as borderline mentally retarded.

      I appreciate tamerlame because he seems to be the Man of Many Names’ “pitbull” in that he helps keep counter-productive trash from cluttering this blog. You and he at least contribute to this blog in a valuable way. SWAB reminds me of a similar commenter, whom you probably don’t remember, going by the name of “Advanced Atheist” (more like Advanced Austist), like SWAB another (obvious) closet homosexual attention-whore derailing the discussion with his self-important homophobic drivel. The difference, is I at least felt sorry for AA, as he was hampered by his severe autism. [INB4 “autism shaming” I am pretty sure that I have Asperger’s and even I thought “Advanced Gay-theist” was a “turbo-autiste.”] Thankfully AA no longer seems to come around. SWAB is just an obnoxious kid, who is at best occasionally funny.

      OmegaVirginRevolt seems to attract all sorts of freaks and rogues, from “White Vagina Worshipping Nationalists” to clowns like AA and SWAB, and don’t forget Tarnished, some obnoxious female concern troll, a mentally ill woman who pretended to have “gender dysphoria” though it is obvious she did not… Thankfully she does not come around either.

  8. “How does stating that Jack Donovan and Milo Y have absolutely nothing to offer low status men make me obsessed w/ homosexuality. Boxer is calling me gay and you are too, it’s funnier than shit.”

    Why do you go on about it all the time? It comes across as homophobic to me.

    A couple of alt right gays are bad people, what is your point? why bring it up all the time?

    • @ tamerlame:

      THIS! Jack Donovan may be a creep, but he is an obscure guy even within the alt-right. Remember that the alt-right are almost entirely a bunch of “autistic Internet nerds” with near-zero relevance in “real life” and were largely unknown to “normies” before C-ville happened. And Jack Donovan is relatively obscure within that lunatic fringe. So, WHY BRING HIM UP ALL THE TIME? Milo the Gay Jew is a creepy degenerate, but I don’t consider him as representative of all homosexuals, or all Jews, so why bring him up so often? And if their ideas and words are so reprehensible, why the emphasis on their gayness all the time? Attack their words/ideas.

      Methinks “stonerwithaboner” needs to be reminded that Denial ain’t an Egyptian river.

    • “Why do you go on about it all the time? It comes across as homophobic to me.”

      Because, quite frankly they’ve been given a “free pass” for their blatant racism because of their orientation the same way all those scumbag MRA’s give Judgy Bitch and Typhone Blue a free pass because of their gender.

      • @ stonerwithaboner:

        > “WAH! Waycism! I DINDU NUFFIN WRONG! NUFFIN!”

        A mulatto bitches about racism from gay White men… You are no better than those White Vagina Worshipping Nationalists who blame their Epic Failure on t3h ev0ul J000000Z.

        I’m sorry your mother was gutter-tier white trash who didn’t believe in abortion.

        “WAH! Today at work a racist Mexican guy gave me shit! WAH!”

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Boxers is a TFL-in-denial guy. To paraphrase Steve Hoca, he is sick and tired of these TFL-in-denial guys coming onto his videos and proclaiming how big and tough and macho they are. They claim that they get laid a lot or at least claim they could get laid if they wanted to while at the same time shaming and attacking hetereosexual male virgins, calling them losers who can’t get laid and so on, misogynists, and so on. Didn’t Boxers insult everyone here commenting on this blog calling them menists and losers who can’t get laid like StonerwithaBoner. As Steve Hoca asked someone like Boxers, if you are swimming in women, why are you on videos like mine. As Steve Hoca said, these men only see other men as competition for pussy and will say anything for female validation.
      I think this is one of the major reasons why Steve Hoca took most of his channel down. He only left his marathon training videos on. He had plenty of good videos about what is currently happening today. What made Steve Hoca stand out for me was that he is a non-virgin who didn’t shit on honest male virgins.

      • @GargoyleVirgin:

        My number one problem with Boxer is that he is on record stating that Sigmund Freud is at all relevant (and not the total crackpot who retarded the progress of science that he was). Anything else is downstream from there… Obviously I’m against shaming male virgins, no matter their sexual orientation, though in the case of stonerwithaboner I concur that he IS a “loser” who “can’t get laid” but he is not a loser because of his inability, and I think said inability in his case stems from SWAB being handicapped by his latent homosexuality and his mental disabilities, though obviously I don’t think that’s always, or usually the case.

      • Dear Gargoyle:

        Didn’t Boxers insult everyone here commenting on this blog calling them menists and losers who can’t get laid like StonerwithaBoner.

        If you can post a link to me saying any such thing, I’ll give you a thousand dollars.

        There’s no such thing as a “male virgin,” by the way. That phrase makes as much sense as “married bachelor.” As for incel dudes, I have no problem with them. If anything, I’m sorta envious of their self-discipline. If I could give up my compulsion for snatch I’d have much more money and free time, and far fewer headaches.



    • Molyneux is a British conservative hence an apologist for British imperialism. That is why”conservatism” in U.K is a lost cause. They are unable to stop romanticizing their toxic past.

      MGTOW is totally out of the question there. Not even MRAs. For them being tradcon anti feminist is considered an edgy subversive trend amongst men.

      They are hopeless

  9. My number one problem with Boxer is that he is on record stating that Sigmund Freud is at all relevant (and not the total crackpot who retarded the progress of science that he was).

    Who are you, and why do you have such an interest in my reading material, and why should I care?

  10. Speaking about the moron Stoner With A Boner, somebody writes…

    Le Homosexual Mulatto offers little or nothing to the discussion. Sure, he is good for trolling the (((alt-right))) and the (((manosphere))) with his chan-tier memes, but he is basically the loud, annoying, noisy kid who shows up and who we all must put up with, in addition to being an OBVIOUS closet homo.

    I dunno. He spams the comments section with homoerotic memes and half-naked pics of Jack Donovan and Richard Spencer, that nobody pays any mind to.

    You know the last time you went downtown? Remember that smelly old ex-whore you pushed past, who had all her worldly possessions in her shopping cart? Of course you don’t remember. You didn’t pay any heed to the old fruitbat.

    SWAB is that person. You can discuss him at length, and deconstruct his mental problems, but why? No one else gives a shit about him.



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