17 comments on “Women Think That Gazpacho Is Creepy

  1. have you seen this shit piece article?


    looks like it was some manuresphere dude trying to convince Amanda Marcote he was “safe” and might be willing to be penetrated with a strap-on…

    ” If we, as a society, allow men to be more “feminine,” then the gender gap will shrink, although probably because men will leave tech and leadership for traditionally feminine roles. ”

    Um, no dude, this is why we do not read articles written by Jagoff Donovan at the Good Chump Projects….

  2. Women are socially hypergamous and sexually submissive and masochist, aroused by fear, pain and loss of control. This is why their favorite insults are terms that evoke disgust (creepy, strange, weird) rather than fear. If a woman calls a man a “scary asshole” she most probably has sexual rape fantasies regarding that man.

    What bothers me more tho is that we’re living in an age now with laws that you can’t really objectify anymore. And having laws you can’t objectify is pretty much part of the definition of living in tyranny.

    Like, calling to murder Trump is brilliant satire, but calling to murder Angela Merkel is a hate crime. Chad complimenting a woman is a compliment, but fatso complimenting a woman is creepy harassment.

    If you have laws you can’t objectify, you’re living in a tyranny.

    • Speaking of finding foreign cultures and customs creepy, isnt it weird that there are so few Chinese and Russian female characters that are portrayed in a positive manner in Hollywood. How much is due to American woman’s paranoia that “their” men would make a beeline for them.

      On a micro level , women are pleased when two men fight over them. On a macro level, white women were quite pleased with all the racism around them as long as the underlying rationale was how special they were

      In Spanish colonial Mexico as in British colonial India, the relations between the rulers and natives were quite cordial and they rulers were on the verge in being integrated into native society until Spanish and British women showed up on the scene and set up the heirarchy which became the racist structures later on.

      Coming back to Gazpacho, the women are thoroughly ignorant in not expecting Spanish in resembling Mexican since this what they expected. Since they are unable to reconcile both, they being familiar with only Mexican end up castigating Spanish as a weirdo imitator and hence creepy. Cultural stupidity and ignorance is a building block for racial hatred. And these women possess the former in abudance.

      • Yeah, the only thing women love more than men fighting each other is men fighting each other over them.

        Btw, this is one of the reasons why it’s so nonsensical to say that women are “socialists”, what tradcucks usually do. I mean, even if you completely disagree with everything socialist related (which is fine and not the topic I want to debate now) you gotta admit that women DON’T want men to get along with each other.

        Women are perfectly fine with MEN having to live in an anarchist arena where they have to fight each other tooth and nail, with only the fittest surviving, metaphorically speaking. The fittest minority they then want to mate with. Women are fine with 80% of men being miserable and then competing for a place in the harem of the top 20% or so of men. There is nothing “socialist” or “social” about their attitude towards men.

        As for foreign women in Hollywood, I guess you could also ask the question how men and women had reacted, if the majority of recent immigrants/refugees coming to Europe wouldn’t have been oriental men but young Asian girls in their prime age. I mean, economically speaking it’s of course good if you have more and more men competing for the same amount of women, because that increases your market value.

      • >isnt it weird that there are so few Chinese and Russian female characters that are portrayed in a positive manner in Hollywood.

        Except in James Bond movies.

  3. “Women are socially hypergamous and sexually submissive and masochist, aroused by fear, pain and loss of control. This is why their favorite insults are terms that evoke disgust (creepy, strange, weird) rather than fear.”

    “The only thing women love more than men fighting each other is men fighting each other over them.”

    Which is also why the whole idea of MGTOW is the creepiest/strangest/weirdest thing women can imagine.

    • Apart from MGTOW I have to wonder whether the reasons for mocking and demonizing volutnarily celibate men whether priests, monks have to do with female bewilderment there are actually some men who are not enchanted by them. Well we cant have that can we. Lets call them homos and pedos and so on. Of course the Catholic church did not cover itself in glory when it bypassed quality control and let in all sorts of sexual predators in the 1960s when it got paranoid with the all the “God is dead” mania.

      • you might want to take a look at The Redstockings:


        Ironically, though, you have feminists hating on men for “being horndogs,” then hating on men for not being “horndogs.”

        Then you have some suggest that gay men should be natural allies to low status men as they are also subject to misandry. However, you see assholes like Jagoff Donovan and Milo Y shitting on low status men and celebrated by creeps (I’m appropriating) like Judgy Bitch.

        Let’s start calling feminists and alt-righters creeps. The word is not going away any time soon.

        • wow just wow! So apparently male homosexuality is a “misogynistic” seperation from women! What I dont understand till date is how the male gays got coopted into basically becoming household pets of middle to upper middle class white women.
          Womens hatred and paranoia towards exclusively men’s country clubs is not so much about the concentration of powerful men elbowing out women but more about women intruding into men’s spaces just because they have to.
          On a micro level, look at the scorn and hatred against man caves. Now why should there even be a man cave to begin with? There used to be a study where men were left alone. And beds in seperate bedrooms were a thing not because sex was considered a taboo in the 1950s but it was considered wise for men and women to have their own space.

          Coming back to mocking monks and priests, it was usually straight men who did the mocking that it was just “weird” if a guy didnt like chicks. Women were smart enough to stand back and encourage it from the sidelines.

  4. “Let’s also start calling feminists “bossy creeps” as well; we’ve seen before how they positively hate being called “bossy”.”

    This could have worked if it gathered steam before Sheryl Sandberg released her stupid book and PSA “ban bossy” . Now you are the next Hitler if you call a woman bossy. Say what you want about women but they usually are more sensitive to and astute about the zeitgeist than men and often rush to preempt any dissent to the orthodoxy from which they benefit.

    • “So apparently male homosexuality is a “misogynistic” seperation from women!”


      There are NO male spaces allowed. Even gay bars(!) must accept and kowtow to wimminz. Women now have the power to take over ANY male space. Keeping them out is forbidden, but once they’re in THEY can throw out the men by complaining about misogyny. So you’re dependent on the goodwill of women.

      As for gay acceptance: homosexuality has lost all its revolutionary potential, which is probably the reason why it’s getting accepted and promoted in the first place, now. After all, homosexuality isn’t so much about men enjoying freedom together, but more about an imitation of the heterosexual marriage, where you’re supposed to have the one manly gay dude being the dominant Chad and provider; and one effeminate bitchy faggot who is supposed to decorate everything in rainbow colors, raise a couple of adopted kids and then complain about the lack of tops these days. Then they’ll go to the gay bar where they’ll meet all the washed up WOOO girls.

      This is also one of the things I actually LIKE about Jack Donovan: because he always clearly said that gays trying to imitate the “ideal” hetero-marriage is futile. His ideal basically seems to be a kind of gay gang living in the woods and LARPing as Pagans together. Yeah, yeah, it’s easy to make fun of that, but it’s still far better and well-wrought than being friends with Hillary Clinton and trying to imitate the gender roles of modern hetero-couples in their rainbow-colored corporation bubble.

  5. After that I made sure to get some gazpacho with my lunch because I was not going to let women ruin gazpacho especially by calling gazpacho creepy.

    I think it was Schopenhauer who noted that women are incapable of any sort of aesthetic judgment. If chicks dig stuff, it’s because they think it’s fashionable. Ordering from the menu is the same basic phenomenon as the latest workout fad, or studying Kabbalah. They don’t care if it tastes good or it’s useful, they just want to associate with whatever is popular in the moment.

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