9 comments on “Hiding Female Incompetence Isn’t Going So Well

  1. Female incompetence is always blamed on the man especially in the church today as you have stated in many of your previous articles. I remember a recent church sermon I went to.. They said that it was all Adam’s fault that Eve ate from the tree. They said Adam was supposed to protect Eve, but he failed at his job. They claim Adam was right there when the serpent came to tempt Eve, but Adam did nothing. They base it on that Eve was deceived, but Adam was not. They bring up the verse “…and she gave the fruit to her husband, who was with her,….

    I read something somewhere on the internet, claiming that nothing would have happened to Eve if Adam himself had not eaten from the forbidden tree. They said Eve’s eyes would not have been opened and all the other effects of the forbidden fruit would not have happened if Adam hadn’t eaten it himself.

    Sheesh. If Eve needed protection when she had an immortal body when nothing could physically hurt her, then what would prove enough protection after the fall. It sounds like women need to be put on a very short leash today if it was alll Adam’s fault back then. So does this mean that Eve was immune to the effects of the fruit, but Adam wasn’t?!?! Eve would have stayed pure if she only herself ate from the tree?!?! I feel that we don’t knkow that Adam was with her when the serpent came to tempt Eve. Couldn’t, “who was with her” mean also a state of mind. That is, it could also mean that he agreed to eat the fruit when she gave it to him?

    Hmm. I guess Popeye forgot to eat the spinach growing in the Garden of Eden. That must be why he failed to protect his Olive. 🙂

    • It amazes me that the churches miss the plain meaning of the story of Adam and Eve. Women destroy men and have been doing so since the beginning of humanity. The best thing a man can do is not listen to women ever. Better yet avoid women entirely and you will sin less.

      Do you hear this from any church? Hell no. Instead we get, “It’s all Adam’s fault”. Every church in the world is by definition engaging in heresy.

      • Jesus never really cared for women.He thought of them as a useless distraction. St Paul was pretty much the same but he caved into tradcons of the day when he allowed for marriage.

        There is a great deal of silliness about the book Da Vince code , the worst of which was the claim that modern church repressed any feminine elements in post Nicea Christianity while in reality they took into account many aspects of female worship which was not there in the original Christian doctrine.

        I think Timothy Lear and Saul Alinsky praised Eve for her rebellion against God in eating the apple and hold her responsible for civilization instead of noble savagery. This is nonsense on stilts.

        Women do stupid shit because they of feelz and apologists just ascribe to them some mystical motive if they get away with or consider them manipulated by evil mennzzz if they are condemned because there is of course no way whatsoever women can do anything wrong!

        This you can see with women whether they are money gougers in divorce , claim false rape or murder all their children. Same goes for Eve.

      • I think the Satanic temptation of Adam was to follow the female’s advice. This was his actual sin and mistake: believing the woman. Eve believed that she could be like God, Adam believed that he should follow the female’s advice.

        And indeed, both men and women are often tempted to put women in the place of God. (Many religions outrightly worship motherhood goddesses, the US can justify her wars by claiming that they have to bring women’s rights to the Middle East, fascism is a kind of esoteric fertility cult in which white women are worshipped as motherhood goddesses, etc.)

        Interestingly enough, according to the Bible, the punishment for sin was not only death but also that the woman’s desire is “contrary to her husband.” So, the Bible describes female rebelliousness both as a sin AND as *the result* of original sin.

  2. Forget to mention, that the emphasis of Mary Magdalene is just a post religious post feminist mania which has little basis in theology or tradition.

  3. I have never met any woman who is genuinely interested in work as in discusses it in her off hours like men do. Of course exceptions can be made for work which ispure drudgery which is carried out simply for a paycheck. Even men dont care to dwell on such work. I mean work that is genuinely intellecutally stimulating. Once women are done, they are DONE! They wind down and forget about work while men are often tinkering with making something better. Again nothing wrong with that by itself but it does not seem to indicate women’s yearning for any sort of achievement except money and status.
    They want the flash but none of the substance. Women were barely interested in gaming until it became a multi billion dollar industry.
    I myself am not really a gamer. My parents refused to buy me one (or lots of things). No not because they were poor, but god forbid their princesses,my sisters, become deprived if I get something. It was a zero sum game and i was at the zero end. Anyway enough about me….I never really knew much about gaming but I do remember when the new GTA in 2008 was released it made more than $700 million. I think in the entertainment industry at the time, only Titanic had earning more adjusting for inflation.
    I thought “shit here come the women, its only a matter of time”. And sure enough not just gaming, they insisted on worming their way in the tech sector as well in the next few years. Its all about money. Why else would they want to associate an industry full of icky geeky boys. Bankers and traders were a dull and provincial people until they joined forces to harness their capital especially in light of communication technology in the 1980s where fortunes could be made in seconds. Women couldnt have cared less about these industries before they glitz and glamor that Wall Street acquired in the 1980s.

    Who is more excited when there is an unexpected holiday due to snow , hurricane or some other unexpected event? Men or women?
    Maternity leave and taking paid leave during menstruation is the biggest nonsense. I have yet to hear a convincing argument as to why companies should pay for such personal time off. And yes paid paternity leave is stupid as well.

    Hilary Clinton is utterly mediocre at pretty much anything except graft , extortions and scams. Her tenure as Sec State was a combination of all three. To her “credit” she was tireless in her pursuit of her ill gotten riches. She clocked in serious hours and travelled quite frequently which is impressive for woman her age and failing health. But all this shows is a dedication to acquiring large amounts of easily obtainable money rather than any sense of public serve or patriotism.
    BTW. it was Netflix which started this weird trend of tampering with user ratings to protect female failure. Of course you cant say fail without mentioning Amy Schumers leather special when Netflix put that policy into effect.

    This Equifax situation is a symptom of disease where non technical people are hired to run technical departments. This is applicable to both men and women. But since women tend to have more non STEM degrees, they are over represented in this regard.
    Its hard to tell whether the Streisand effect will occur with regard to white knights trying to protect Susan Maudlin. But we can only hope

    • I think the “this is why/how you got Trump” meme has been overdone and misused but in general I agree with it and this is no exception. I did not care for Trump and one point believed he was a Hillary agent! Talk about conspiracy theories, there is no point me bashing conspiracy theorists if I dont own up to my embarassing beliefs at one point! Anyway my point is that I didnt realize what Trump represented to many people- just a giant FU to political correctness of all sorts. It is just the guy they chose to do it is basically a brusque New York moderate Republican / conservative Democrat from 1980s central casting.

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