61 comments on “Women Are Just Like Hurricanes

  1. For a while, only female names were used for Atlantic hurricanes, which seems appropriate due to the story of the storms’ mythical origins, but, of course, women complained, because women always complain. So male names were re-introduced to name the storms.

    Many forces of chaos are described in myth as feminine as a type of meta-story…. and sometimes it’s men, but usually it’s a trickster god if it is a male symbol, not a vague source of chaos. All of the ancients were well aware that women bring chaos.

    • I always thought Yoko Ono got a bad rap for breaking up the Beatles. There is no reason why giving too much power over your life to any another woman would have resulted in something different. Every woman is a potential Yoko Ono or rather Yoko Ono is like any other woman. Give her an inch and she will salt millions of hectares of masculine cooperation and goodwill.

      • On that note, I’m very curious as to this fascination men have with asian females. Do white males see them as a replacement or alternative to white women due to their fair skin? Perhaps the misconception of said females being submissive (which is really just another form of manipulation).

        I am aware that asian females in general consider white males as a status symbol and consider them to have wealth, perhaps in part to colonialism. So it may be a case of easy access.

        I’ve personally never seen the obsession. In general asian females in general exhibit overly neotenous features and are no less hypergamous and status seeking then western females (perhaps even more so).

    • If they actually mentioned any of that factual history, it would ruin the Leftist narrative. The Leftist narrative of slavery also NEVER mentions how WHITE people were also slaves at different time periods of history — including the fact that white people were slaves of muslims.

      • Right wing nut jobs use the term leftist like they have tourettes syndrome.

        Again this is another right wing nut job trying to hijack the narrative to turn it into his pointless left vsw right war.

        The right are the main enablers of misandry, only slightly ahead of the left.

        • Yep, I grow tired of this right vs left war thing. I have a relative who is falling into that trap. When I bring up how many right-wingers are sleeping around and banging as many women as possible while at the same time preaching traditional marriage to everyone, he excuses it by saying the left are doing it too.

          Reminds me of this video. Not sure if I posted this already, nevertheless. As he says in the description, this video is inspired by the doublethink of Aaron Clarey, Benard Chapin, and Rocking Mr. E. If I were him, I would have also added Matt Forney, Davis Aurini, and Stephen Molyneux and others. While he does ramble on a bit, his main points are good and they match up with what I have been noticing about these guys as many of you have here.

          As someone stated in the comments section of the overall point of the video: “You can’t preach about finding the right woman, then turn around and bang as many as you can, and then complain about when women exhibit slutty behavior.”

          Perhaps it is best to start the video at 2:10.

        • “You can’t preach about finding the right woman, then turn around and bang as many as you can, and then complain about when women exhibit slutty behavior.”

          Why not? I’m an omega male, but I can totally see why PUAs would say “if women are going to be sluts, they might as well do so with me” while not wanting to marry said sluts. That’s feminist-type reasoning, to be frank.

        • Women being sluts is not the problem at all.

          I consider obsession with sluts a massive red flag, and indication about a lack of concern for men’s rights.

        • Usually an obsession with sluts in indicative of hating third wave feminism only and wanting a reset to second wave feminism. Susan Walsh was the best example of this. These people think that sluts, along with lesbians and transgender folks, are going to undo the gains straight women have made. In addition, it is likely that they have a visceral reaction of disgust to lesbians and transgender people. They believe that if they get rid of the sluts (and lesbians and transgender folks) then men will start getting married again and producing white babies. The damage has been done so that won’t happen.

        • There are only two waves of feminism, the first and everything that came after. Divisions in the latter are much more style than substance, if you think second-wave feminists were anti-slut or pro-marriage, you’re delusional.

        • I would be more sympathetic to your position tamerlane if you werent a leftist yourself. You believe in a welfare state (free shit for lazy incompetents) and open borders(either you are ignorant or weaselly when you claimed there are no police zones in European cities) . And all the crap you spewed about American is straight out of some lame Michael Moore propaganda. You wouldnt know what free speech is if it bit you in the ass nor do you realize the importance of gun rights.
          All I will say for U.K is that its journalism and actors are far less deluded and authentic than the deranged weirdos and throne sniffers in Hollywood and D.C

          What you say about right enabling misandry is of course true but guess what it is these aspects of the right you hate so much that endear them to MGTOW.

          But then all of this is beyond your IQ level as evidenced by your limited vocabulary, incoherence and meagre intellect. All you can say is call me “anti male mental defect” which you have on more than one occasion because I defended some aspects of America. That is pretty much the level of discussion you are capable of.

        • Ralt, feminism is an extension of female nature and desires and hence was ill-intentioned from the start. The most vocal of the ‘movement’ were also extreme racists and fascist to say the least. There are no shortage of quotes detailing how many women casually considered genocide of males. They were murderous extremists at worst and perceived men as breeding stock and useful beasts of burden at best. Valerie Solanas murdered a man in broad daylight and served not a day for her crime.

          The fact that so-called anti-feminists such as Christina Sommers only consider feminism to be ‘extreme’ after ‘third wave’ is what originally tipped me off to her being no ally of men.

          I would also conclude that feminism is what I would call a sort of ‘sexual trade union’ for women. Whereas another boon of the increasingly gynocentric society is it allows them to have complete and utter monopoly of sexual access and reproduction, which is obviously their only asset.

          Women no longer have to tolerate men they don’t find attractive in marriage, as the laws permit them to engage in banditry of male resources and future earnings. Criminal courts openly allow women to get off scott free with murder of men and children. They enact laws allowing them to have the choice to get pregnant by random degenerates and either make unrelated men or taxpayers foot the bill. Children are likewise used by women as mealtickets and emotional manipulation to force men into servitude. To lessen competition, normal prostitution is outlawed and other options such as sexbots are vilified. Unattractive men such as myself are made targets for mockery, false rape accusations, cuckoldry and proxy violence.

          Women are inherently misandrist and want to freely abuse their sexuality over men when they want, how they want and how. Preferably, they prefer only sleeping with the degenerate men that excite them. I couldn’t care less who women sleep with – my only issue is that unrelated men such as myself are being made to support them and their offspring through socialist policies. Feminism is at its core about providing everything that women want, to men’s detriment.

          I can only hope mankind eventually devises methods to eject women from the process of reproduction so we can continue to develop as a species.

    • Bad white people supplied guns to black people on the coast raiding the interior. The West-African coast was settled by Pagans, the interior by Muslims. So in fact white Christians paid black Pagans to raid and capture black Muslims.

      • I’m fine with gays and queers and bis and whatever, but I really hate trannies and that whole tranny agenda. This isn’t really a matter of *excess* but of inherent *logic* when tumblrinas claim that men (or lesbians) not wanting to have anything to do with cock are trans*phobic since cocks aren’t inherently “gendered.” This is a huge debate between lesbians and trannies these days if you read tumblr, and some try to say it’s only excess … but it’s logical: if you really believe that a man who identifies as a woman IS a woman, that gender really IS only between the ears and that it’s transphobic to differ between “real” women and trannies/traps/etc. it is only logical to argue that sexual organs aren’t inherently gendered as well. So if you’re a straight men or a lesbian and don’t like cock you’re transphobic.

        • +1

          MGTOW needs to draw a bright red line between gays and trannies. Gay men are men, period, while women who claim to be men are women, and men who claim to be women should be treated like they are women.

        • Most transsexual women (M2F) will eventually seek out the operation (SRS)…and if performed by a reputable board certified surgeon, the best gynecologist on the planet would never be able to tell the difference.

        • ” the best gynecologist on the planet would never be able to tell the difference.”

          LOL no.

    • I can attest that in many ways, African American women are the most adamant and militant in their victim complexes.

      What is ironic is AA women are generally considered the least attractive of females among races. Its like the fat and ugly women waving banners and protesting against rape.

      I’ve no doubt that the supposed rape of black women by slave owners in the 1800s is grossly over-embellished, and perhaps even romanticized – studies make it clear many women fantasize about rape.

      Of course this raises the conundrum of how the act can be considered rape if one is fantasizing about it. Women are sick.

      • Yeah, female rape fantasies are, after all, a million-dollar business, and it’s not just the novels but also violent video pornography on the internet that, contrary to stereotype, WOMEN consume en masse.

        Women fantasize about rape all the time, they daydream about it, they masturbate to it, they write fanfics about it, their escapist daydreams are about them being slaves to cruel, powerful men and so on. And combine that with them believing that they are all super sexy and irresistible, and you get the problem that stems from their projecting: they believe that men are as obsessed with rape as they themselves, and they believe that men find them as sexy and irresistible as they themselves. So, of course, they believe that all men are out to get them.

        Since you mention black women, I think there are even studies about how black women actually have higher self-esteem and rate themselves HIGHER than women of other races. Like Asians have the lowest confidence, white people and hispanics in the middle and blacks the highest confidence.

        • AA women’s supposed high confidence is almost certainly a coping mechanism. Much like women’s tendency towards projection.

  2. No one in the universe better understands the incredible privilege afforded to white females than the white post-operative transgender female…especially if she is still young and pretty (science has come a long way and if she was effeminate to begin with; it makes it even easier); as having walked a mile in both sexes shoes; she has left the Slave Class and joined the Master Class. She appreciates her new found privilege a million times more than any woman born anatomically female; as one always appreciates what one has to fight to attain compared with that which is freely given unto one.

    • If you can’t tell the difference between a woman and Frankenstein’s Barbie, and you want to fuck the latter, go ahead. I won’t stop you. Just don’t fucking DARE to tell me that this product of the medical-industrial complex is a REAL woman and that there’s something bigotted about you when you do not ever want to touch one of these creatures.

      As I said, I’m fine with gays and bis and queers etc., but looking at that gender freakshow I can’t really blame anyone for believing that they’ve opened Pandora’s box, out of which not only came a couple of harmless gays but all kinds of degenerate freaks who want to bully you around to accept them as female and use whatever kind of shit pronoun they come up with.

      Right now, you obviously have the upper hand, but if a backlash would come, it would be hard to have pity with you people. You would have largely brought that upon yourselves with forcing that 70+ gender BS down everyone’s throat.

      • “If you can’t tell the difference between a woman and Frankenstein’s Barbie, and you want to fuck the latter, go ahead. I won’t stop you. Just don’t fucking DARE to tell me that this product of the medical-industrial complex is a REAL woman and that there’s something bigotted about you when you do not ever want to touch one of these creatures.”

        Someone needs to come to terms with their tranny fetish.

        • The idea that trannies are real women is some tumblr bullshit, and the idea that those who point out that trannies aren’t real women are secretly trannies / tranny chasers themselves is even more tumblr bullshit. One the most tired “arguments” in the playbook of every 16 year old liberal. (“I bet you’re secretly a gay tranny yourself, roflmao!”) Fucking armchair psychologists. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a tranny’s just a sick dude.

        • “The idea that trannies are real women is some tumblr bullshit, and the idea that those who point out that trannies aren’t real women are secretly trannies / tranny chasers themselves is even more tumblr bullshit. One the most tired “arguments” in the playbook of every 16 year old liberal. (“I bet you’re secretly a gay tranny yourself, roflmao!”) Fucking armchair psychologists. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a tranny’s just a sick dude.”

          okay I will point out my main objecting to this.

          It is a obsession with something irrelevant, and it is derailment. Trannies are less than 1 percent of the population and I do not give a fuck about them either way.

          The fact men obsess over irreverent shit like that is one of the reasons why they are slaves.

          Also anyone who uses liberal as a pejorative is quite often a moron.

        • Well, I pretty much see it like this: metaphorically speaking, nature is the creation of Satan. (There is, for instance, always much more agony in nature than there is pleasure. Schopenhauer always used the short-lived pleasure of the feasting animal compared to the agony of the devoured animal as an example. Or, according to Darwin, all organisms invariably produce more offspring than survive, since “Mother Nature” is essentially following a better safe than sorry approach by creating an offspring surplus, fully “aware” of the fact that not everyone will make it anyway.)

          In this creation of Satan, some people are going to get hurt, some people are going to get lucky, and some, depending on your point of view, are either born with a female brain in a male body, or simply believe that they are “actually” women (inside). In a rationally organized society, there should be enough money to finance these people whatever kinds of operations they might need, and then they could do what we all try to do: make the best out of it and not suffer more than necessary in this place of wrath and tears.

          They are, however, not women, no matter how many operations they undergo. And as the belief that they are women is wrong, it is constantly endangered. Hence, this false belief must be permanently fostered and shielded by a considerable effort. First and foremost by social pressure, of course. A false belief that must be permanently fostered and shielded because it is wrong (and hence endangered) is bad and dangerous enough – but it is especially bad and dangerous when it concerns human sexuality, root of so much pleasure, misery, neuroses.

          So, people who are into trannies should not be shamed, but likewise should no heterosexual man be shamed for NOT being attracted to them, no lesbian or no straight man should be shamed for not liking dick or artificial “””vaginas””” – but this shaming is the logical conclusion of current academia’s gender policy T

    • Autism shaming, zzzzzz.

      So people who have Autism deserve to be treated like shit by women?

      Socially weak men = deserving of victimhood?

      using that logic that means women who are victims deserve it being they are weaker and smaller.

      Physically weaker = deserving of victimhood

  3. OT, regarding the Las Vegas shooter (tragedy happened last night), the shooter is dead but there was a woman in the hotel room. He is another non-virgin shooter with a woman acting (pushing?) cooperating or just taking advantage of benefits from a mangina. The FBI has an alert out for the woman that was also registered to the hotel room even though they already killed the shooter.

    • Correction. I saw a report that the woman was found and was not in the country at the time, so could’ve been an estranged ex or pen pal or something.

  4. @GargoyleVirgin

    Another cliche from tradcons to watch out for is “happily married” and “happily PUA” – they’ll never mention the tremendous personal cost to their sanity for this type of supposed “happiness.” They’ll always deflect the question even though they know they should present some evidence for us to believe the cliche – which they never do, btw.

    And another one I like to point out is the contradiction that everyone can keep looking for that special someone, that you’ll find her eventually guys, just keep trying, but at the same time be very selective.

    If guys are very selective, they’ll quickly rule out a woman and she won’t be one any guy will want to marry (not to mention that relationships themselves are false constructs, but just sticking to the contradiction I’ll continue). There aren’t enough women to meet their standards for “all” guys to keep looking. Furthermore, why don’t these women who meet great standards show up anywhere, where is their responsibility? Obviously, it all falls on the guy.

    These are different ways to tell if a guy is a tradcon blue-piller gynocentric mangina at heart that is simply posing online as MGTOW.

    • Another cliche from tradcons to watch out for is “happily married” and “happily PUA” – they’ll never mention the tremendous personal cost to their sanity for this type of supposed “happiness.” They’ll always deflect the question even though they know they should present some evidence for us to believe the cliche – which they never do, btw.

      The tradcon “married PUAs” also don’t provide evidence that they have accomplished anything or that they have even tried anything. All the “married PUAs” from Vox Day to Hawaiian Fat Blob have produced nothing but hot air. (Given that Hawaiian Fat Blob has disappeared, it’s likely he failed at keeping his wife using PUA.)

      Also, if someone told these guys about PUA pre roissy then they would have thought it was a conspiracy by the Jews, bankers, or Illuminati to destroy the family and reduce the population.

      • That’s right.

        Most of these tradcon claims are empty. Take the Dalrock blog for example, is just more and more talk without proof. Even worse, lack of proof is a type of proof, since they never accomplish anything to achieve their goals. They never use Game to change the culture, get young people married, change other Christian churches or start their own church. They are full of hot air.

        • There was talk in the past of Vox Day’s wife actually being a fake. It wouldn’t surprise me.

        • @Eregniz

          While it wouldn’t surprise me that his marriage is fake, even if Vox Day is actually married, I have no doubt that everything he says about his marriage is fake or an obfuscation. That goes for the other “married gamers” or married Tradcons, like Molyneux or Tomassi. They’ll never come clean about how many bitter fights they have in their marriages or how they had to grovel to avoid divorce.

        • This Vox Day guy is probably a liar and a fake just like many of the married gamers and married tradcons. Reminds me of that Dave guy on Dalrock’s blog I brought up before. Dave attacks me personally attacking me, he acts all macho and tough, he shames me and attacks me for wanting to marry young, accussing of thinking my dick won’t work in my 30s (basically saying I just want a woman for sex.) , and telling that there plenty of good virgin women in their 30s, and so on.. He says he got married when he was 26, and tells me man up.
          Funny thing is I stalk his comments after that in suspicion that he is a liar and he is. He comments and brags about how American women are worthless and can’t compare in 100 years with other foreign women. He brags that he is going to marry a beautiful 24-year old foriegin woman. The others in the blog pat him on the back and congradulate him. So Dave either lied about being married or he got divorced and tried to hide it. Either way, he lied.
          Not to mention Dave likes to talk and act all spiritual and how close he is to Jesus on Dalrock’s blog.
          I grow tired of being lectured by those PUAs, gamers, tradcons, and bitter divorced old men. I am sick of their attitudes of “Do as I say, not do as I do.” and “If I can’t have it, you can’t have it either.”

        • @GargoyleVirgin

          They joined Christianity to get laid, like a sex cult, which from history it’s hard to tell exactly but it seems the first 100 years it was a sex cult. Nevertheless, in today’s day and age, it doesn’t take long to see that they don’t try and follow any of the principles.

        • That is an interesting viewpoint. While many people join religion for a variety of reasons, I did for some reason did not consider one might be for reproductive interest.

          I was aware of many cases of people ‘converting’ to a religion simply because their potential spouse made it a requirement, as opposed to them actually subscribing to the doctrine on their own.

          One must remember most actions (if not all) made by humans are made in self-interest.

  5. You guys might enjoy this video:

    No idea who this guy is. Randomly appeared on my feed. But he interviews university chicks. Topic is invisible men.

    • Oh and apparently one of the girls who was interviewed reported him to security and had him escorted off campus for “making girls uncomfortable”.

  6. “Usually an obsession with sluts in indicative of hating third wave feminism only and wanting a reset to second wave feminism.”

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually think the blue haired tumblrina feminist’s are less hateful than my mother’s generation of feminists.

  7. OT: Harvey Weinsten may be a scumbag but this shit about dozens of actresses coming forward all of a sudden and veritable queens of Hollywood such as Meryl Streep and Jane Fonda aint adding up.

    If his reputation was known since atleast the 1980s, most actresses who wanted a role in his films knew what they were getting into. Thats the price of admission. I am not justifying it but there are other places in Hollywood to find work. Fact of the matter is casting couch or not, being an actor or actress is degrading and soul crushing. Until 100 years ago, actors were considered on par with prostitutes when it came to respectability. I doubt too much has changed when it comes to their character. Its amazing that actresses who take their clothes for money in a movie balk at posing nude for say Playboy claiming that exploitative! Most nudity and sexuality male or female is exploitative under all that shiny veneer of “requirement for scene or development of the character”. I am sorry to be rather jaded but I really cant sympathize with women who are willing to take their clothes for money when they claim to be schocked SHOCKED that they would propositioned by a crude Hollywood producer whose reputation preceeded him for the last three decades.

    What is sad and predictable is the tradcons and left are wrestling for mantle of who is thebest white knight.

    • Weinstein got some quick sex, the actresses got roles and a long-term career. This was pretty much an exchange; it’s not like he raped them at gunpoint. And at the end of the day, the women have profited more from that exchange than the guy. Weinstein only got some -probably lousy, pressured- sex in his office, the women a career and fame.

      I mean, we could talk about economic vulnerability and how this can be exploited (the more the worse the economy is; the more, the more people compete for the same position – which is also why open borders and immigration is promoted: to import low-wage workers that drive down wages, but that’s another topic). But instead of talking about this, both left-wingers (because of feminism, sexism) AND right-wingers (because of Hollywood / Jews / liberals) are now totally in witch hunt mode. If you got to reddit, the chans, alt-right sites, tumblr – BOTH sides are hunting witches with torches in their hands now and are seeing rape, rape everywhere.

      Western rape hysteria is just as bad as Western pedo hysteria. This is another thing both the left and the right have in common: they both believe that soon pedophilia will be legalized, although the opposite is happening and even teenage sweethearts can get in trouble now for having some consensual fun with each other. And the fucking media is all about how hawt pregnant adult women are, and how men should “man up” to marry some single-mum MILF etc.

      We’re heading into high-tech dark ages again. Not only economically, but also sexually. “Sexist” is the new “sinful”, and everything sex-related is now burdened with guilt and neuroses. Sex is icky and dangerous and only allowed for reproduction. At least for the majority of men. Since women are hypergamous, a gynocentric society must be both extremely slutty and extremely puritanic at the same time: slutty for the minority of high-status men women compete about, puritanic for the majority of “sexual proletarians” so to speak who are accused of being rapist just for daring to have a sexuality.

      With Weinstein, another thing is that his net worth is around 130 million. So, for Hollywood standards, he’s actually a small fish. Even someone like Jessica Alba who has never really made anything big, has a net worth of 350 million. So maybe Weinstein simply stepped on the toes of someone REALLY rich and powerful. I mean, celebrities and people who are in the spotlights generally tend to overestimate their power, although there are thousands of other actors and producers who could immediately replace them. If Johnny Depp would say one “wrong” word, his career would immediately be over as well.

  8. An interesting thought came in my mind. Ever read the book Night by Elie Wiesel? It is about first-person experience of being in the Holocaust, concentration/death camps, and so on. Anyway, there is a scene taking place on a transportation train moving the prisoners. At this point, they were really starving. The Nazi soldiers threw in a piece of bread in the coach. Most of the men began tearing each other apart for it. A son began killing his father for some bread. The father said, “I have some bread…for you too…for you too.” The son kills his father. The son takes the bread, but then he is killed by his fellow prisoners. Elie Wiesel said he stayed where he was and did not fight over the bread for fear of being killed. Also later on in the train, Elie woke up to a fellow prisoner choking him in his sleep and he didn’t know why.
    Was Elie Wiesel being a pussy for not going after it? Would the manosphere guys like Aaron Clarey call him a pussy? What if the Nazi soldiers threw a woman in the coach? I bet the manosphere guys would call Elie Wiesel a pussy and he needed to man up.

  9. Just like all the group thinking #MeStoopid women, the her-icanes don’t care either.

    It *is* funny watching them take out all the mob kingpin and manholes left and right. Serves `em right!

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