6 comments on “She Could Try Fighting Back Instead Of Whining

  1. We need to reconcile: “There is no personal solution to systemic problems, and feminism/women is a systemic problem” with “Instead of whining about it, Ramsey could try to take some action.”

    When the problem becomes a personal lawsuit, discrimination, or illegal injury to your estate, then you have a moral duty to fight back, because you are fighting a direct problem and can take appropriate counter-measures. Until more people do this as a matter of course, and don’t submit as manginas and feminists, then the only personal “solution” is risk management (apart from gaining and spreading knowledge about the problem, of course).

    • In this case, fighting back against the DCCC/DNC policy is the systemic solution since the end goal is to change a policy that would help everyone who could be affected by the policy. It would even benefit someone like Trump because it would help to establish a standard of due process in this area. A personal solution would be what Franken tried that he’s innocent but Trump is guilty. That did not work for Franken since this is a systemic problem.

  2. A sexually satisfied person, having tasted the blood of self-determination, will be more motivated, encouraged and willing to fight for the extension of this area of self-determination into the political realm, while sexual misery is a breeding ground for neuroses, violent revenge fantasies and an appetite for authoritarian misery. “Freedom without sexual self-determination is in itself a contradiction.” – Wilhelm Reich

    Hence, ruling classes, interested in obtaining systems of unjust class domination and so on, always had an interest in neuroticizing sexuality and reducing it to a tool to merely create soldiers and workers (the more the merrier = the more competition the lower the wages and the lower the possibility that strikes and organizations can happen). So sex always just for procreation.

    Feminism, with its outright hatred for sexuality and creating neuroses etc. simply had the function religions usually had. Puritanism. After feminism, we’ll probably get a kind of unified NWO-religion.

  3. I’ve noticed more than once that feminists and Democratic Party females who scream the loudest for “equality”, don’t REALLY LIKE IT when they get treated ‘equally’.
    Isn’t that interesting?

  4. The Disease Animal Farm America is being ‘Put Down’ Because Of.

    “…the thirst for martyrdom which shows itself in so many women, particularly under the higher [sic] forms of civilization.

    “This unhealthy appetite, in fact, may be described as one of civilization’s diseases; it is almost unheard of in more primitive societies. The savage woman, unprotected by her rude culture and forced to heavy and incessant labor, has retained her physical strength and with it her honesty and self-respect.

    “The civilized woman, gradually degenerated by a greater ease, and helped down that hill by the pretensions of civilized man, has turned her infirmity into a virtue, and so affects a feebleness that is actually far beyond the reality.

    “Man is flattered by any acknowledgement, however insincere, of his superior strength and capacity. He likes to be leaned upon, appealed to, followed docilely. And this tribute to his might caresses him on the psychic plane.

    “He not only enjoys helping a woman over a gutter; he also enjoys helping her dry her tears. The result is the vast pretense that characterizes the relations of the sexes under civilization.

    “Man is always looking for some one to boast to; woman is always looking for a shoulder to put her head on.

    “This feminine affectation, of course, has gradually taken on the force of a fixed habit, and so it has got a certain support, by a familiar process of self-delusion, in reality. The civilized woman inherits that habit as she inherits her cunning. She is born half convinced that she is really as weak and helpless as she later pretends to be, and the prevailing folklore offers her endless corroboration.

    “One of the resultant phenomena is the delight in martyrdom that one so often finds in women, and particularly in the least alert and introspective of them. They take a heavy, unhealthy pleasure in suffering; it subtly pleases them to be hard put upon; they like to picture themselves as slaughtered saints.

    “Thus they always find something to complain of; the very conditions of domestic life give them a superabundance of clinical material. And if, by any chance, such material shows a falling off, they are uneasy and unhappy. The most esteemed woman gossip is the one with the longest and most various repertoire of complaints.

    “The way to put an end to the gaudy crimes that the suffragist alarmists talk about is to shave the heads of all the pretty girls in the world, and pluck out their eyebrows, and pull their teeth, and put them in khaki, and forbid them to wriggle on dance-floors, or to wear scents, or to use lip-sticks, or to roll their eyes.

    “Reform, as usual, mistakes the fish for the fly.”
    – H.L. Mencken (1922)

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