13 comments on “From #MeToo To #MeTooSanta

  1. Santa is essentially a bearded low-status man (old postman who still has to do 24-hour-shifts!) who sneaks into your house in the middle of the night through the chimney. AND he is an adult man whom children love! This should really be enough for feminists to eventually ban him.

  2. Yeah, good article. Despite all these pathetic little excuses in the beginning, but in the current atmosphere that’s understandable, of course.

    But this is why it’s so important to make antifeminism about FREEDOM from oppression, freedom from having to walk on eggshells all the time, freedom from being at the MERCY of women, freedom from having to sacrifice yourself for women, freedom from having to apologize for nonharmful behavior, freedom from having to see everything through a gynocentric angle (“Is immigration good or bad for women”, etc.)

    Sadly, antifeminism today is either about men not finding a girlfriend and/or not finding a girlfriend who is a virgin…

    • Yep. Antifeminism seems to have become a game among most men with who can get laid the most. With many “Christian” men, it seems to have turned into a game of who can get divorced and remarried again the most. Both men, Christain or not, are behaving the same way except the Christain men seem to believe that as long as you have a wedding ceremony and a ring on your finger before you lay with a new woman, you’re fine with God.

      I remember on YouTube some man constantly commenting that any man by the time he is 40 if he does not have a wife and his own biological kid, he should be attacked and shamed. He also said that the men who are not reproducing are committing murder and killing off humanity. He also said MGTOW (referring to male virgins) are just as bad as feminism. Just like many men, he says he is not PUA but yet defends PUA if anyone attacks it. He says PUA show potential for pro-creation.

      When someone says PUA show potential for pro-creation, I think in my head, “Sure thing buddy! Let me let you get back to sleeping around using condoms, making sure the women you sleep with are on birth control pills, and other means of making sure the women don’t get pregnant.

      • I swear if men like that crazy violent YouTuber you mentioned or the other fake antifeminist men didn’t give a rats ass about which other men got laid or didn’t get laid, a lot of this nonsense would evaporate tomorrow and we could all move on.

      • Birth rates are dropping because women do not want babies.

        Mentally defective tradcon’s who do not understand basic cause and effect, have to blame men though.

        Any dick head who gets married, and then dares utter the words. “They are just as bad as the feminists” are the foulest hypocrites.

        ANyone who gets married willing is in fact worse than any feminist and is anti male, it is as simple as that.

        Have you noticed feminists have labeled marriage oppressive, but have done nothing to get rid of it? In fact the national organization for women, have advocated for marriage indirectly, by lobbying the republicans to block alimony reform.

        Marriage is a sweet deal for women, so feminists want to keep it around as an option for them.

        Yet right wing mental defects will claim that feminists want to abolish marriage, because of what a few fringe feminists said in the 70’s, then they claim being against marriage is just like being the feminists.

        Trad cons and feminists are anti male, they are more alike than any other group.

  3. LOL

    With few exceptions, women writers build their stories on a predictable list of generic complaints. They are:

    * Bad men treat women badly.
    * Good men treat women badly.
    * Men do not understand that all women are creatures of fine intelligence, character, and sensitivity.
    * Life in any society debases women and fails to support their physical and emotional needs and desires.
    * Men impose themselves on women’s bodies and inflict abuse and pain.

    One or a combination of these grievances is the tension and the reason for every romance novel and for most of the novels from the finer women writers. They are also the basic grievances of the feminists. Any female, be she a fourteen-year-old cheerleader or a forty-year-old feminist, knows the feelings.
    – Helen Hazen, “Endless Rapture” (Rape, Romance, and the Female Imagination)

    We need to call more attention to the obvious fact that Ms. Claus is being kept down in a subservient position by the glass ceiling and isn’t allowed to work the all-important delivery run.

    And the Mister, what with all those elves in the workshop, is probably a freaky creepy pedophile.

    Santa Claus has coasted on fake news and a biased media for far too long!

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