8 comments on “Deep Green Resistance

  1. ““Caring for myself is not self-indulgence,” wrote Audre Lorde in 1988, in what came to be the manifesto of the self-care movement, “it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.”
    That is the basic philosophy behind self-care: that it is not selfish to take the time to take care of oneself, that it is in fact necessary for one’s strength and well-being. Especially when embraced by people from disenfranchised groups, who are taught that they do not have the right to expect care from anyone — like Lorde, a black lesbian poet — self-care is fundamentally subversive and anti-capitalist. It means thinking of yourself as a human being with inherent value regardless of your social capital or what you are able to produce.
    In her history of self-care for Slate, Aisha Harris writes that self-care began as a medical concept used to encourage patients to exercise healthful habits, was taken up by civil rights activists as a way of bringing health care to disenfranchised communities, and began to enter the mainstream during the wellness movement of the ’90s.
    In this decade, self-care became a topic for blog series and Solange songs. And in the wake of the 2016 election, as shell-shocked progressives took to the internet to share their coping rituals for living in the age of Donald Trump, self-care became a topic for think pieces about how we live now. Ultimately, the rise of skin care is part of the post-election rise of self-care. Jia Tolentino describes her skin care routine as “one of many small, ridiculous attempts to affirm to myself that I will outlive the Trump Administration.””

    This is mentally ill dribble, I never laughed so hard in my life!

  2. unfortunately, despite living in an era with unrestricted freedom to learn, people seem to spend more time being misinformed than anything. hence paleo, holistic medicine, and such.

    sexbots will be a terrific invention to help soothe an entire generation of males being insulted and spurned my modern roast whores, but now stupid women are attempting to push a narrative that these robots are automatically sentient and deserve the right to say no to their owners, like a toaster being given the option to not toast your bread. this will naturally only result in women being hated even more.

  3. I cannot help but think that women hate tech because the money did went into it did not go trough them first.

  4. Isn’t it contradictory that the manosphere blames technology for women not loving them anymore yet these same men turn around and brag about using the most advanced forms of condoms and birth control pills. Yet, they scream that their sleeping around is potential for pro-creation.

    Check out the link below:


    Rocking Mr. E says in his article: “… Before my daughter was born, and before my wife and I were married, we relied on the contraceptive pill for around ten years. Not once in that time did my wife get pregnant. Not once did we need to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. One of the biggest reasons (or excuses) given for an unplanned pregnancy while on the pill is being on antibiotics….”

    Interesting how Rocking Mr. E gets upset about unplanned pregancies but is obsessed with pro-creation. He had his lover (if not one of other lovers) on the pill for ten years?!?! So he has been too chicken to have children. I just love how he is bragging about not getting his wife pregnant. What a hypocrite and scared man trying to act so tough just like most of the manosphere.

    • @ Gargoyle Virgin:

      My advice, do not believe a word that the lying camel jockey “Rocking Mr. E” says.

      1. Rocking Mr. E is CLEARLY a homosexual. Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with that, but as deep in denial as he lives, his very “faggy” British accent coupled with his gender confusion proclivity to cross dress scream “closet case” and his virulent homophobia is an obvious defense mechanism. His “wife” is an obvious beard. I doubt they even knew each other for 10 (now… 15? 16 years?), but I can guarantee his only form of “birth control” was/is his lack of innate desire for women. While he was off putzing aroung Cardiff taking cock of every size, shape, and colour, his wife was hunting for the right Chad. And then she found one or two, while RME was busy sucking and fucking his way through the men of Cardiff. The fact that he is of (very visibly) Middle Eastern descent, and that such cultures are notorious for their homophobia, would explain why he would feel the need to hide behind “muh wife n’ kieds n’ shiet” in this day and age. Now he has a “wife” and HER daughters to parade around to his homophobic third world immigrant parents and their family.

      2. Which brings up my next point, neither of the kids are his, I guarantee it. I presume YOU saw the introductory video to his channel. My favorite is the one photograph of his family. In it, his wife (who incidentally, is not exactly model material, but WAY out of his league looks-wise, she being an okay-looking “ethnik-white” (Mediterranean? Jewish? Swarthy Welshman type?) lady, he being a monstrously ugly rodent-faced Semitic caricature) VERY AWKWARDLY holds on to BOTH of “their” (her) daughters, who look unsurprisingly very much like their mother, but suspiciously NOTHING like their alleged “father” while he no less awkwardly drapes his lanklet arm across her shoulders. I mean, her kids look suspiciously White for having an “ethnik-white” mother (I think she might be of Greek-Cypriot descent, hence where RME gets his fake ethnic identity, wouldn’t be surprised if that cuck took his wife’s surname!) and an “ethnik” father. Needless to say RME’s homosexual lover had to tell him how much “his” eldest daughter, who looks like a carbon copy of his wife / beard, resembles him… I have no idea who their father was, or if it was the same man in both cases, though it may be too early to tell, but in either case, I imagine them growing to look like their mother – brown eyes, dark hair, olive skin, and NOT, to their good fortune, like the alleged father – greasy brown skin, beady little eyes with droopy eyelids, or that disgusting humongous hook nose.

      What was my point? Oh yeah! You, GargoyleVirgin, would be better off not taking the words of compulsive liars at face value. Granted, Rocking Mr. E is an inbred low-IQ retard and consequently not a good liar because he is too stupid to keep his story straight, but if there is any common thread in his “Rocking Philosophy” (or “R(f)cking (F)hil(f)s(f)phy” in PSEUDO-Greek, i.e. how a smelly Semitic wog pretending to be a Greek would spell it), one would think he would be very anti-contraception yet this blog post argues otherwise. He obviously would not need to worry about birth control, because I’m fairly confident that he never had sexual relations with a female woman in his life, perhaps not even his “wife.” But… “we used birth control pills for 10 years.” HA! Another one of those “we’re pregnant” cucks. Cute, but no! SHE used birth control consistently so Chad after Chad would not impregnate her, until she found a reliable cuckboi to babysit any of her children. I understand, GV, that you were trying to point out RME’s hypocrisy (and the hypocrisy of the manosphere generally) but that is a fool’s errand. Pointing out RME’s hypocrisy and double-speak is too easy when that inbred moron can’t go much more than a week without contradicting himself. You’re wasting your time.

  5. Did you ever read Roy Baumeister’s book “Is There Anything Good About Men?” about how societies flourish by exploiting men?

    The more civilization (built by men) advances, the less relevant women become in it. “Equality” only obtains in the most primitive societies.

    A century ago, one in sixteen women giving birth died. Now it’s down to one in 5,000, but you’ll never hear any woman express boundless admiration and appreciation for all the male science and other advances, etc. which has improved things for them by a factor of >300x in this area. Instead we get #meh,stupid, about how they have to suffer through bad dates, out the wazoo.

    When we develop artificial wombs and synthetic eggs, us men can move to another planet or star system and leave them behind for good. Good riddance to this feminized hell-hole Earth! lol

  6. In Chapterhouse: Dune, the final original Dune series novel by Frank Herbert, he reveals the truth about the Tleilaxu “axlotl tanks”: The Tleilaxu are a race of altered humans who mastered genetic engineering (“The Language of God”), who have re-engineered themselves, but are an all-male society: because they reduced their females to torsos with no limbs & only rudimentary heads containing only a brain stem to support basic life functions. (Despite what would seem to be a great advantage, the insanely murderous “Honored Matres”–a combination of “Fish Speakers” & degenerated Bene Gesserit female Sisterhood “Reverend Mothers”–basically wipe out the Tleilaxu. It’s even more odd considering key characters [as of Heretics of Dune & Chapterhouse: Dune] admit the Bene Gesserit haven’t really known what they were doing any more than anyone else, eg, the whole “animal” versus “human” thing that was the basis for book 1 was incorrect. The whole male/female polarity thing is the heart of Dune.)
    I find it doubly (if not trebly) ironic that people thought Herbert had gone off the rails with the completely “unbelievable” Honored Matres story arc, etc. I wonder if anyone nowadays thinks that’s the case, or if rather not only was Herbert prescient, but these ideas have arrived 10-15,000 years sooner than expected: “…the overthrow of the Ancien regime and the onset of the Terror.” (Allan Bloom, 1985)

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