18 comments on “Women Open You To Manipulation From Other Men

  1. “The lesson that should be learned is that the way to have any control whatsoever over your own life is to completely remove women from your life.”

    There is also the option of realizing that women are inherently amoral and dehumanizing them in your mind based on this truth. This is extremely difficult for most American men to do though since they believe that women can “redeem” them.

  2. Greed, materialism, and hedonism are issues here as well. If Little Miss Thing can use man’s addiction to endorphins against him, she will.
    Endorphins, such as oxytocin, are the drugs the gynocrats use to manipulate men. The gynocrats can be regarded as drug pushers, and the manginas can be regarded as helpless addicts.
    See also Larry Niven’s “The Ringworld Engineers” – the protagonist, Louis Wu, becomes an addict to a device called a “droud”.
    A wire is implanted into his brain’s pleasure center, and electrical current stimulates the release of endorphins. Louis Wu becomes a “wirehead” – a pleasure addict.

    Break the addiction. Pleasure isn’t all that there is to life. Neither is money. If you can’t live comfortably with $40 million in the bank, you’re doing something wrong.

    • incel is a toxic label, and it is nonsense.

      no one is an icel, since everyone can pay for sex.

      Incel’s have unrealistic expectations in relationships, 99% of men bribe women to be with them in some way.

      Why should anyone want to speak up for a label that breeds resentment hopelessness and is an identity based on rejection by females?

      • In America and Europe, men’s libidos are constantly being aggravated and stimulated. Soda ads, short skirts, magazine covers, beer commercials, all ruthlessly stimulate his sex. His relentless exposure to things feminine keeps him in a constant state of sexual arousal – a testosterone nightmare of cruel pervasiveness which is not known in ‘primitive’ societies.
        – Rich Zubaty

        It wouldn’t make much difference to me whether this cesspool in hell is destroyed by aliens from the planet Zorcon or homegrown incels, since it shows no tendency to fix itself.

      • Maybe you’re not aware that major news networks like ABC, CBS, Fox, etc are all currently talking about incels and their threat to civilization? Should all incels be lumped into the dangerous terrorist category?

        • I am not an incel and there is no such thing as an incel.

          Sticking up for such a female obsessed movement is not a hill worth dying on.

      • > no one is an icel, since everyone can pay for sex.

        It comes from the popular notion that real men don’t pay for sex; only losers have to do that. This is a projection of course. It comes from men who are indeed paying/bribing but are trying to convince themselves that they aren’t.

        > Incel’s have unrealistic expectations in relationships, 99% of men bribe women to be with them in some way.

        There are men who are more attractive and have to pay less, but it’s noy like “Chads” are coasting through life.

        • For me, its a self respect issue.

          After all the abuse from and misandrist attitudes from women I simply can’t bring myself to even consider the prospect an escort. Parting with my income so an entitled member of the leisure class can begrudgingly ‘grace’ me with her presence is demeaning.

          And yes, another faucet of it was the resentment of seeing various losers, psychopaths and shysters that women tend to flock to, then turn around and use the men they find unattractive as fallback options after they’ve had several children. My own mother did it with her revolving door of bed-mates as a matter of fact.

  3. The urge to strike back at Chad and Stacy is a familiar theme. I experienced this during my adolescence, and acted on it – by humiliating a prominent Chad in class (I pulled a chair out from under him, which caused him to fall on his ass).

    Physical violence is, of course, unacceptable. So, how do we redirect the incel’s survival response in a safe manner?

    I chose bicycling and long-distance running. Strenuous, lengthy, regular exercise which involves isolation from social contact were the best way I could find to cleanse my mind and body of the impulse to deal harshly with Chad and Stacy.

    Oh, and get a dog or a cat. Be kind and loving to your pets, and in their naïve gratitude, they will provide you with some of the oxytocin that Chad and Stacy so maliciously deny you.

    OT – You may be wondering why an older volcel with three grown children has any interest in incel issues. It’s a good question.

    The only thing a Pak protector cares about is his children’s welfare.

    One of my adult children is an incel male. I don’t have any regular contact with him, but I do care deeply for him – and, by extension, all incel males are of interest for me.

    Health and happiness to you all.

  4. > the way to have any control whatsoever over your own life is to completely remove women from your life.

    Yes, the worst men are those whose nuts are being held in some woman’s purse. “Bros before hos…”

    RE billionaire hedge fund types… If you have just 5 megabucks you can put it into low risk tax free muni bonds and earn maybe 4% (3%?), which is $200K per year in interest, or $4K per week, just sitting around not doing anything.. Now I know people like Shaq O’Neil talk about getting a megabuck to do an ad or endorsement, and then spending it in a day, but if you can’t get by on a mere $4K a week ad infinitum there’s something seriously wrong w/you, whether women are involved or not.

    You make me glad I don’t have cable. That sort of dreck you’re writing about will rot your mind, even if you think you’re getting something out of it.

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