21 comments on “Hating Women Can Save Your Life

  1. hate gets a bad rap, most especially because people are afraid of what a motivated person can do when driven by hate. they should be afraid, but they should also be ready to ask themselves what caused the hate. no one’s willing to do that anymore.

  2. Bourdian was an entirely uninteresting man. His superficial career was primarily aimed at enteraining women. Other than noticing this, I paid him no attention.

    Hate makes sense only if it means a separation from women. A “cutting-away”, if you will, because, after thinking seriously about them, you conclude, correctly, that they are not to be regarded highly.

    Hate isn’t the right emotion if it is the mirror-side of love. Men who love women hate that the women are not how they want them to be in order to love them. Those men who hate women in that manner are still obsessed with women.

    • hate always comes first, but when it’s exhausted any normal or sane person will ask themselves what comes next.

      and what comes next is usually that fallout 76 is coming in 5 months and I’m gonna build a settlement with my brother and nuke giant sloths. but I get it, some people don’t want to play an online fallout. some people don’t like fallout at all. whatever.

  3. “Bourdain was not different from many incels whose self image and mental state is completely dependent on women.”

    why do you think I politely tried to tell you guys to leave the “incels” behind?

    “Incels” worship womyn and think of themselves as incomplete without one…

    • incel is the label they created to demonize people who don’t worship the biological impulse to procreate.

      ironically, the most incel people I have ever seen tend to be women.

    • Incomplete? Why, no, not at all. Worship women? Are you running a high fever, Stoner?
      I don’t worship poison oak, or crave chocolate that’s been laced with rat poison.
      You put yourself on thin ice when you try to make statements that apply to all incels.

      “Generalizations and absolutes are always false”, he said, laughing at himself.

      • y’know what dude, there used to be a condescending blog called “feminist critics” and this dude Ballgame used to always police my speech. (At least I think BG was a dude, but they subscribed to the notion there are 87.95321 gendars so maybe Ballgame was zir/zheng squared by the nth degree quadrapled.)

        SWAB: “I really think it’s hypocritical when feminists say f#ck depression after Robin Williams death but a week before they were parading around in their I Bath In Male Tears T-Shirt.”

        Ballgame: “SWAB, I am getting really tired of playing police man to you sloppy language and I will put you on moderation if you do not put the qualifier **many feminists** because, y’know not all feminists are like that…”

        SWAB: “Okay, Ballgame, I find it hypocritical that many, if not most feminists…”

        Ballgame: “Your testing my patience, permanent moderation for you, you little, little man!!!”

        SWAB (In Moderation): “I don’t appreciate being called a little, little man. In fact it almost feels like fat shaming.”

        Ballgame (In notes onyl moderation hell guy can see): “You kyriarchical misogynist. You cannot compare being short for a man to a woman being fat. YOU COULD GO GET AN OPERATION TO RAISE YOUR HEIGHT. Asking a fat woman to eat less is misogyny!!!! You are not welcome at our progressive blog. Now do remember to vote for Hillary Clinton, we cahn’t let that monster Donald Trump win. And do remember to laugh when Bill Maher is on TV otherwise you are a worse bigot than I thought….

  4. I would argue that going through a phase of hate is necessary to distance one from their emotional crutch on women/their indoctrinated perception of them. However, My tastes personally advocate disdain, wariness or apathy.

    Either love or hate is giving yourself into the feminine imperative – remember that women are eternal victims signalers and narcissists. So, I give them nothing. That said, I certainly don’t won’t chastise any man who ends up hating women. Frankly, its an logical reaction to the actions we witness from females on a daily basis. I’m shocked more men DON’T despise women.

    Furthermore, I’ve been accused of this by other MGTOW and various men. Citing that my posts are predicated on misogyny.

    As we know, society is feminine focused so any opinion critical of women is vilified and the term misogyny is invoked as a shaming tactic and ultimately shut down any opposing views. In that sense, you bring up a good point. They subtlety prove that men are second class citizens in relation to women and that any negative perception of women is not allowed. Its like religious people and the concept of blasphemy.

    An adequate response to these appeals to emotion is state that regardless of your hate, it doesn’t mean it isn’t justified nor does it mean you are wrong. Its like shaming Jews for hating the Nazis, or Japanese Americans for being bitter after their disgusting treatment following the pearl harbor incident.

    It is perfectly normal and just to be angry, or even hate those that have wronged you. In women’s case, they do this repeatedly and often maliciously.

    Any attempt to shame men who point this out is gaslighting. Stand your ground.

  5. Moving on from hatred of women to utter indifference is part of freeing one’s self, it seems to me.

    I’m allergic to poison oak, for example. If I come into contact with it, I end up looking (and feeling!) like somebody with bad radiation burns (hatred). The wounds heal, but I don’t go on a mad rampage to eradicate poison oak. I just avoid it (indifference, or aversion, if you like).

  6. A lot of men especially the manosphere (like Aaron Clarey) say they love women but I think most of them hate women and just try to hide behind them when arguing. This may be a stretch, but I think such guys are like Hamas and other terrorist groups of the Middle East. When fighting against the U.S. or other groups, they shoot behind and hide behind among civilians especially women and children. Yet such terrorist groups claim they love women and are fighting to protect them from the enemy.

    For example, in a video by Rocking Mr. E on YouTube, I said how most people who preach traditional monogamy are hypocrites and liars. I said one can’t go from just the privilege of polygamy to only the responsibility of traditional monogamy. Suddenly, someone responded to me basically screaming misogynist at me, just accusing me of hating all women, calling me sick and yucky, and so on. I wasn’t going to waste my time responding back to an emotional response with no substance. I wasn’t really thinking of women at the time. I was thinking of men like Aaron Clarey and Rocking Mr. E.
    Overall, this commentor runs behind women in a cyber arguement so I couldn’t say anything without appearing to hate women.

  7. Oh, and about Andrew B. –

    I don’t give a flying figleaf about anything that so-called ‘celebrities’ think, say, or do. They never call, text, or come over for coffee – they simply have zero effect on what I think, say or do.
    Too bad the guy killed himself, though. That is sad.

  8. Here is a video from Rocking Mr. E discussing incels, MGTOW, male virgins, and much more. I didn’t watch the video, at least not yet, because of all the hatred in the comments toward single, virgin men. I don’t think I can stomach it. Rocking Mr. E and so many others,, in the comments, has insulted and attacked physically unattractive men and men in the bottom 5%. He and the others are practically screaming for Holocaust for low-status, virgin, men. Notice in the thumbnail he has a picture of Elliot Rodger dressed up like a god, passing off propaganda that he worshiped by undesirable men.

    • I watched the video. He basically says all of the shooters were incels/male virgins and the incels/male virgins see Elliot Rodger as a hero.
      Rocking Mr. E also says that there is very little truth to hypergamy, and he says any man who talks about hypergamy is a misogynist and a loser who can’t get laid.
      Me (in sarcastic tone): “Really? I didn’t know there were princesses marrying street rats” (reference to Disney’s Aladdin.) “So, we’re back to the old, “Oh, women only care about confidence and personality. Any man can get any girl he wants as long as he has social skills

  9. Sloppy Joe “Where’s the Beef” Rogan….

    “They have to become men….”

    “Marriage won’t help “incels”

    No, Brogan, marriage won’t help MEN!

    and notice how Barbarbarrossa and Stardusk would line up to give these two dudes blowjobs….

      • That was a figure of speech. A shot at Barbs and Ziggy Stardusk for all their libertarian tough guy talk. (And you have seen even more of that talk than I have.) Barbie seems like an MMA type guy who would love Rogan though I never met the guy, just get that impression from his tough guy personna and incredibly arrogant manner of speech. Ironically, for all Rogan’s faults, I think he is much more open minded and politically moderate than Barbs and Ziggy.

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