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  1. hate gets a bad rap, most especially because people are afraid of what a motivated person can do when driven by hate. they should be afraid, but they should also be ready to ask themselves what caused the hate. no one’s willing to do that anymore.

  2. Bourdian was an entirely uninteresting man. His superficial career was primarily aimed at enteraining women. Other than noticing this, I paid him no attention.

    Hate makes sense only if it means a separation from women. A “cutting-away”, if you will, because, after thinking seriously about them, you conclude, correctly, that they are not to be regarded highly.

    Hate isn’t the right emotion if it is the mirror-side of love. Men who love women hate that the women are not how they want them to be in order to love them. Those men who hate women in that manner are still obsessed with women.

    • hate always comes first, but when it’s exhausted any normal or sane person will ask themselves what comes next.

      and what comes next is usually that fallout 76 is coming in 5 months and I’m gonna build a settlement with my brother and nuke giant sloths. but I get it, some people don’t want to play an online fallout. some people don’t like fallout at all. whatever.

  3. “Bourdain was not different from many incels whose self image and mental state is completely dependent on women.”

    why do you think I politely tried to tell you guys to leave the “incels” behind?

    “Incels” worship womyn and think of themselves as incomplete without one…

    • incel is the label they created to demonize people who don’t worship the biological impulse to procreate.

      ironically, the most incel people I have ever seen tend to be women.

    • Incomplete? Why, no, not at all. Worship women? Are you running a high fever, Stoner?
      I don’t worship poison oak, or crave chocolate that’s been laced with rat poison.
      You put yourself on thin ice when you try to make statements that apply to all incels.

      “Generalizations and absolutes are always false”, he said, laughing at himself.

      • y’know what dude, there used to be a condescending blog called “feminist critics” and this dude Ballgame used to always police my speech. (At least I think BG was a dude, but they subscribed to the notion there are 87.95321 gendars so maybe Ballgame was zir/zheng squared by the nth degree quadrapled.)

        SWAB: “I really think it’s hypocritical when feminists say f#ck depression after Robin Williams death but a week before they were parading around in their I Bath In Male Tears T-Shirt.”

        Ballgame: “SWAB, I am getting really tired of playing police man to you sloppy language and I will put you on moderation if you do not put the qualifier **many feminists** because, y’know not all feminists are like that…”

        SWAB: “Okay, Ballgame, I find it hypocritical that many, if not most feminists…”

        Ballgame: “Your testing my patience, permanent moderation for you, you little, little man!!!”

        SWAB (In Moderation): “I don’t appreciate being called a little, little man. In fact it almost feels like fat shaming.”

        Ballgame (In notes onyl moderation hell guy can see): “You kyriarchical misogynist. You cannot compare being short for a man to a woman being fat. YOU COULD GO GET AN OPERATION TO RAISE YOUR HEIGHT. Asking a fat woman to eat less is misogyny!!!! You are not welcome at our progressive blog. Now do remember to vote for Hillary Clinton, we cahn’t let that monster Donald Trump win. And do remember to laugh when Bill Maher is on TV otherwise you are a worse bigot than I thought….

        • Educated in public schools after the 1970s, weren’t you?

          It’s not your fault, then.

        • Stoner, this could be a topic for a thread of its own. The debasement of language, that is, the role of the public school system to push the feminist agenda.
          I was lucky. I was educated in both public and private schools before the radicalization of the curriculum, and my parents and teachers demanded a very high standard of academic performance from me.
          George Orwell prophetically foresaw the utility of controlling the language as a form of mind-control. In effect, if you don’t know the word, you can’t think the thought.
          Ray Bradbury saw it happening, also. ‘Fahrenheit 451’ isn’t just a sci-fi novel, it’s a warning.

        • “In effect, if you don’t know the word, you can’t think the thought.”

          I actually think thought is more powerful than words. My understanding is Einstein visualized the theory of relativity. Of course he had the language to describe it and maybe even the salesmanship to sell the ideas. Similar to the idea that musical notation isn’t music…

          But I do understand that if you don’t have the “language” it will be difficult to communicate ideas, that was why it was so frustrating discussing gender stuff with feminists and MRA’s. Feminists invented the lingo and MRA’s were stuck in that wrold view, just in reverse, MGTOW looked promising but turned into libertarian tough guy posturing and obsessing over womyn…

          oh, well…

  4. I would argue that going through a phase of hate is necessary to distance one from their emotional crutch on women/their indoctrinated perception of them. However, My tastes personally advocate disdain, wariness or apathy.

    Either love or hate is giving yourself into the feminine imperative – remember that women are eternal victims signalers and narcissists. So, I give them nothing. That said, I certainly don’t won’t chastise any man who ends up hating women. Frankly, its an logical reaction to the actions we witness from females on a daily basis. I’m shocked more men DON’T despise women.

    Furthermore, I’ve been accused of this by other MGTOW and various men. Citing that my posts are predicated on misogyny.

    As we know, society is feminine focused so any opinion critical of women is vilified and the term misogyny is invoked as a shaming tactic and ultimately shut down any opposing views. In that sense, you bring up a good point. They subtlety prove that men are second class citizens in relation to women and that any negative perception of women is not allowed. Its like religious people and the concept of blasphemy.

    An adequate response to these appeals to emotion is state that regardless of your hate, it doesn’t mean it isn’t justified nor does it mean you are wrong. Its like shaming Jews for hating the Nazis, or Japanese Americans for being bitter after their disgusting treatment following the pearl harbor incident.

    It is perfectly normal and just to be angry, or even hate those that have wronged you. In women’s case, they do this repeatedly and often maliciously.

    Any attempt to shame men who point this out is gaslighting. Stand your ground.

  5. Moving on from hatred of women to utter indifference is part of freeing one’s self, it seems to me.

    I’m allergic to poison oak, for example. If I come into contact with it, I end up looking (and feeling!) like somebody with bad radiation burns (hatred). The wounds heal, but I don’t go on a mad rampage to eradicate poison oak. I just avoid it (indifference, or aversion, if you like).

  6. A lot of men especially the manosphere (like Aaron Clarey) say they love women but I think most of them hate women and just try to hide behind them when arguing. This may be a stretch, but I think such guys are like Hamas and other terrorist groups of the Middle East. When fighting against the U.S. or other groups, they shoot behind and hide behind among civilians especially women and children. Yet such terrorist groups claim they love women and are fighting to protect them from the enemy.

    For example, in a video by Rocking Mr. E on YouTube, I said how most people who preach traditional monogamy are hypocrites and liars. I said one can’t go from just the privilege of polygamy to only the responsibility of traditional monogamy. Suddenly, someone responded to me basically screaming misogynist at me, just accusing me of hating all women, calling me sick and yucky, and so on. I wasn’t going to waste my time responding back to an emotional response with no substance. I wasn’t really thinking of women at the time. I was thinking of men like Aaron Clarey and Rocking Mr. E.
    Overall, this commentor runs behind women in a cyber arguement so I couldn’t say anything without appearing to hate women.

    • @ GargoyleVirgin:

      My advice, don’t waste your time with the likes of Rocking Mr. E or Aaron “Captain Capitalism” Clarey or other YewToob alt-right tards. The last person I would take any kind of advice or elucidation from, let alone take seriously, is some transparent closet homosexual NEET metalhead loser manchild who LARPs as a Greek (despite not knowing a syllable of Greek, not looking like ANY Greek I have ever seen (and I’ve known plenty but none look like hook-nosed “camel jockeys” to me), or never having any affiliation with the Greek Orthodox Church), a LITERAL CUCKOLD who spends his days in his cuckshed producing shitty autistic vidya rants, begging for Patreon shekels, while his wife works, earns the family’s revenue, and rides alpha cock.

      His latest bunch of videos seem to have taken a surprisingly anti-Semitic turn. What is he, a self-hating Jew now all of a sudden? Is he trying to be the next Bobby Fischer? [Or was RME an Arab crypto-Muslim practicing taqiyya all along?] Funny, he was such a staunch Zionist, fairly consistently pro-Israel and anti-Islam, but he has one video promoting the long-discredited Khazar hypothesis for the origin of Ashkenazim, and, perhaps more ironically, attacking Christian Zionism of all things. (Does this Dunning-Kruger shitskin even realize what he’s doing? Is he that hard up for views that he would literally overturn almost everything he purported to believe like that?) Does that parasitic, ungrateful Mizrahi kike not realize who much Ashkenazim (i.e. “Khazars” and therefore “not Semitic”) have strove and sacrificed and worked to get where Israel is today? Who do you thing bore the brunt of the Holocaust? Millions of Jews? Millions of Ashkenazim. The millions of Jews slaughtered by the Nazis were overwhelmingly Ashkenazic. Not to discount the suffering of, say the Sephardic Jews from Axis-occupied Greece, but while millions of people who Rocking Mystery-Meat Cuckold denounces as “not Semitic therefore not really Jewish” were living in terror, fleeing, suffering, perishing, RME’s inbred Mizrahi ancestors were busy roaming the Middle East living as beggars… which fits because that’s all he is today, a filthy beggar, who married some skank to {A} conceal his painfully obvious homosexuality, and {B} live a carefree NEET lifestyle where all he does is babysit his wife’s kids of mysterious paternity and retreat to his cuckshed once a week for some vlogging. And don’t forget that the foundation of Israel was largely an Ashkenazic enterprise. Theodor Herzl? Chaim Weizmann? If not for those Ashkenazi “fake” Jews, there would be no safe haven for Mizrahi kikes like him to retreat to.

      Rant over, but that’s just what I think about Rocking Mr. Cuck and Craptain Crapitalism…

      • Being pro-Israel and anti Islam does not equate to being a Zionist.

        After looking at the facts and the real reason for the middle east conflict, the sides turn out to be far more black and white than progressives and moderates would have us believe.

        Supporting Israel’s right not to be attacked by religious madmen due to insane doctrine and irrational hatred, combined with propaganda aimed at the west for handouts is simply having a modicum of sense.

        • @ Ergeniz:

          What is Israel then? The Jewish State, an entity founded by repatriating a diasporic people to their ostensible homeland. If you are pro-Israel, then you are by definition a “Zionist” in a literal, not pejorative sense. If you agree that Israel should exist, that founding it was the right move and that the struggle to preserve it is worth fighting for, then I would say you are a Zionist, at least in a minimalistic sense. I support the State of Israel on the grounds that we deserve a home country. Ideally, every people should have a homeland.

          That of course does not mean I support EVERYTHING about Israel. Jews, as a people, are entitled to a nation-state, a homeland, ideally more-or-less where it is. Beyond that, I don’t support more subversive actions of the Israeli regime (right off the top of my head, the de facto Israeli alignment with the Sunni powers, the “Judeo-Sunni axis” that forces the USA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia into a fucked-up love triangle to the detriment of Shiite & Alawite powers…). Of course, the conflict is not some fairy tale Manichean struggle between Light and Dark [as if this were fucking “Star Wars”] as you seem to present it. Personally, I see Israel as being on somewhat of a moral higher ground, but the truth is, the Jews inherited a shit situation, establishing Israel in a very volatile part of the world, and stuck with the aftermath of rather hastily and poorly setting up the enterprise, an aftermath worsened by Bloods-and-Crips style cyclical hatred. [If anything, I would blame the British, (((le Eternal Anglo))), Perfidious Albion, more than the Jews on that one.] BUT THAT IS A WHOLE ‘NOTHER POINT.

          (I am still not sure whether he is a dirty Mizrahi Jew, once zealous but now jealous, or if he is an Arab practicing taqiyya. He claims to be Greek, but I know for a fact that is not the case. I had many Greek friends over the years, not one who looked anything like Rocking Mystery Meat.)

          I think the point went over your head. I was merely pointing out the irony that Rocking Mystery Meat would argue passionately for Israel to the point of denying that Palestine ever existed (even though, it was the British more so than any Arab who founded “Palestine” in the first place), only to make a Face-Heel Turn. Going from being an apologist to a critic of Judaism, denouncing Christian Zionism (which was literally the 100% extent of whatever religious views that vacuous retard held), and promoting the ridiculous, long-debunked Khazar theory… Granted, there is probably SOMETHING to the Khazar hypothesis, in that there WAS a short-lived Jewish Khazar polity. I am sure some conversion and intermarriage occurred both ways, though Khazaria was an ethnically and racially mixed nation, and the Khazar Jews were, as I understand it, more of an endogamous elite lording over the Khazar Turks. Plus, Khazaria was not really the urheimat of Ashkenazic Jewry, the most likely candidate being the eastern fringes of the Carolingian Empire (particularly the tributary provinces), essentially the Germanic-Slavic boundary. The Yiddish language itself is evidence of this, originating as a German dialect that was heavily Slavicized. If there is anything to the Khazar hypothesis, it is greatly exaggerated. At most a large subset of Ashkenazic Jewry have non-negligible Turkic and other admixture from that brief chapter of history, still does not make the Ashkenazim “not Semitic” or “not really Jewish” though. [Then again, we Ashkenazim are notorious for our lead in Nobel prize count. Mizrahi kebabs like RME only serve to drag down the national IQ of Israel, indicating that perhaps Operation Magic Carpet was a big fucking mistake.]

          My POINT is that Rocking MrE is NEVER to be taken seriously. He is a whore who will say anything for Patreon shekels. It is best to let him languish in obscurity, yet GV was practically spamming that clown as if he is now, or ever really was, relevant.

          General takeaway, disregard anything from a man who:
          > lives in the UK, LARPs as some kind of “White Nationalist” against globalism when he is some kind of smelly Semitic wog living where he does purely due to globalism.
          > is very painfully obviously a homosexual (given away by his laughably effete mannerisms and his unnecessary homophobia, i.e. defensive posturing) and a literal cuckold, not to mention a crypto-feminist who tells other men to “man up” and be “TRADITIONAL”(TM) whilst his feminist wife works out in the corporate world, riding Chad cock, and earning the family income all the while he is a lazy NEET parasite who vlogs and begs from his cuck shed when he is not busy babysitting his wife’s kids.
          > is literally too stupid to argue, so insults all dissenters and threatens to block any who dare to disagree, only allowing cock-sucking sycophants to post fawning praise. (Most notably by his gay lover Bernard Chapin and the rest of his small but zealous core of homoerotic fanboys.)

          I think the bigger issue is that this effeminate literal cuckold SHAMES ANY AND ALL MEN WHO DO NOT LIVE A GYNOCENTRIC EXISTENCE despite being a “libertarian” or “classical liberal” or whatever the fuck inane ideology he claims to hold. [Apparently, an eclectic blend of free market capitalism, civic nationalism, and Islam-tier sharia (…but mostly for men, as his crypto-feminism lends him a soft spot when it comes to women), but I am pretty sure he is too stupid to maintain a coherent ideology.] Certainly more relevant than arguments in favor of or antagonistic to Israel.

        • We are more in agreement than you think.

          I’m simply saying that one can make an argument for Israel without necessarily agreeing with the Jewish state, let alone everything they do. That does not constitute being Zionist. That’s like saying frowning upon any violation of human rights makes one Zionist. There need not be a word for it other than being called ‘sane’.

          In terms of human rights violations, Israel is the only middle eastern country that actually engages in democracy and where people of all faiths can live and contribute with insane religious laws threatening them for trivial and ridiculous reasons. Israel goes out of their way to minimize civilian causalities and only respond to attacks by HAMAS and other Muslim majority countries; they even (stupidly) surrendered Gaza among other things in an attempt to appease these madmen. Which of course simply resulted in Gaza becoming a base for rocket barrages aimed at Israel, all the while the incompetent and corrupt UN and western media bang the drum for the non-existent country of Palestine.

          I’ve thought the Jews occupying the so-called holy land was outrageous from the start. The only reason they’ve put themselves into such a position is because of the stupidest reason one could ever conceive: Religion. In the vein, they’re as irrational as the Arabs. I’m in full agreement Jews deserve their own state however, and I support them ignoring the ridiculous UN ‘resolutions’, especially when its obvious they are in the Arab’s back pocket.

          Regardless, they’ve never set out to attack anyone and Israel is a world technological leader. This conflict could have ended ages ago if the Arabs put down their weapons, but the last thing the Muslims desire is peace. Its in the HAMAS charter; that this isn’t even about the so-called Holy Land but about Jewish extermination and genocide. They’re not interested in land or even the well-being of their own people. Every peace settlement has been de-railed with more and more excuses by the Arabs.

          This is simply a war based on Islamic scripture and irrational hatred of Jews. And so, it doesn’t take being a Zionist shill to agree with Israel’s stance.

        • Point taken! My only issue is that your account is hopelessly biased and one-sided. You see Israeli Jewry as fundamentally blameless and the Arabs as mindless Islamic fundamentalists, when the truth is a lot muddier than that. I grant that Israel is the closest thing to a modern nation-state in that hellhole called the Middle East. The closest to a functioning democracy, a SECULAR entity that actually respects human rights (including women’s rights, gay rights, etc.) when many Arabs seem to be reverting to sharia ideologies. On this basis alone, one might favor Israel, (are you by chance a Jew?) and I have my personal preference towards Israel given my own Ashkenazi Jewish origin…

          That said…
          “I’m simply saying that one can make an argument for Israel without necessarily agreeing with the Jewish state, let alone everything they do. That does not constitute being Zionist. That’s like saying frowning upon any violation of human rights makes one Zionist. There need not be a word for it other than being called ‘sane’.”

          The above makes absolutely NO SENSE!


          “…an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel…”

          Makes you a Zionist by definition, in a literal and tautological sense, yet you seem to project a pejorative connotation to the term “Zionist.” I would venture that most people are “Zionist” to some extent or other. In my case, I am all for Jewish Israel, but in a way that acknowledges Palestine. Two-state solution? Alternately, maybe the “three state solution” is the best… {1. Israel fucks off behind their 1967 borders. All neighboring Arab countries fuck off in turn, agreeing to cease all aggression and hostility against the Jewish State and leaving it in peace. 2. Egypt annexes the Gaza Strip, Jordan annexes the West Bank. All “Palestinians” granted citizenship in either country. The Golan Heights is returned to Syria.}

          I am aware that any solution to the Middle East is likely to be idealistic. I can easily draw up dozens of solutions, but essentially all of them involve TIME TRAVEL. The problem is that the whole region is fucked to the core, not merely because of “Islam” but more so because of the fucking British! The British Empire is the most evil empire ever to befall this world. Perhaps the number one problem in the Arab world is the lack of any organic nationalism, forcing Arabs to chose between Ba’athism and Islamism. Remember that the Middle East is made up of non-countries, essentially neo-colonies. Fake countries like Lebanon, Syria, “Iraq,” “Palestine,” and the various Arab monarchies, all created, directly or indirectly, by the British (or French in some cases) out of former Ottoman clay. Palestinians who claim that Jews stole Palestine from the Muslims might be incorrect but they’re not far off. It was the Eternal Anglo who stole “Palestine” from the “Muslims” (Ottomans) and invented the modern concept of Palestine, issuing contradictory promises to the Jews (Balfour Declaration) and the Arabs. [Also, le Eternal Anglo is directly responsible for the evil Islamic Republic of Iran existing when they used their agent, the Anglo-Indian Khomeini, to undermine the Shah in the “Iranian” Islamic Revolution of 1979. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.] It is unfortunate that the Jews trusted le (((Eternal Anglo))) to topple the Ottoman Empire and release Palestine overnight, when perhaps a gradualist approach would have worked better. I envision a world where the Ottoman Empire survived for most of the 20th century, during which Jews could have subtly settled Palestine, perhaps getting an autonomous but loyal Jewish Autonomous Sanjak around Jerusalem, which could form the core of an independent Jewish state upon the (invetiable?) breakup of the Ottoman Empire [whether this process would have been peaceful like Czechoslovakia or violent like Yugoslavia is another question].

          My ideal Middle East would consist of: one Syriac Christian country comprising Mesopotamia (most of Iraq, major parts of Syria and Turkey, parts of Iran and Jordan, perhaps part of Kuwait; essentially the Euphrates-Tigris watershed minus the Karun-Zagros basin, which would go to Iran) for Assyrians and Chaldeans; one Jewish state centered on Jerusalem, roughly corresponding to where it is now; the Arab Republic of Egypt; Turkey; Iran (ideally a constitutional monarchy); one Lebanese Christian state (“Greater Lebanon”) corresponding to historic Phoenicia; one Alawite state in northwest Syria, presumably with the Hatay area of southern Turkey (I can see this entity being a de-facto monarchy and “hereditary republic” under the Assad clan, but absent ethnic and sectarian violence, nobody would likely have any issue); one single pan-Arab state, the Hashemite Kingdom of Arabia, consisting of essentially the entire Arabian Peninsula plus Transjordan / the Syrian Desert, so much the worse for the perfidious House of Saud… But alas, none of this is likely to transpire!

          But whatever your or opinion, or mine, that is besides the point. Rocking MrE once took a hardline stance, going so far as to deny the very existence of “Palestinians” when, ironically, that filthy wog constantly shills for the Eternal Anglo (fitting as he resides in the UK, where he was born, and seems to have no sense of identity or heritage beyond his obviously fake “Greek” identity) and it was Perfidious Albion who is more responsible for the concept of an Arab Palestinian national identity (via their mandate of Palestine) than anyone else. He once took a hardline stance pro-Israel, but recently released no fewer than three (3) videos attacking Judaism / Christian Zionism / the Jewishness of Ashkenazim. Needless to say, I found this very bizarre! Perhaps he has been a crypto-Muslim practicing taqiyya all along!

          Only problem with this hypothesis is that Rocking Mystery Meat is too much of a feminist mangina to be the type of Muslim to practice taqiyya. If anyone is a taqiyya agent it would be Roosh. He is the type of over-the-top nut who would demand that women go burka’d. Perhaps his PUA manslut schtick was all a cover for his Islamist agenda (then again it could just be a cover for his obvious down-low homosexuality). At least Roosh is a NEET or semi-NEET who lives with his mother. RME is a NEET who lives with his feminist working “wife” (READ: beard and ersatz “mother” for purpose of maintaining a parasitic NEET lifestyle). Personally, I believe that both Rocking MrE and Roosh V are Mizrahi Jews (…they both look so much alike! both have that ambiguously brown über-Semitic mystery meat look…) and incidentally both are transparent closet homosexuals. (Roosh hides it with his PUA manslut schtick and his retarded chest-thumping hyper-masculine posturing, which he in turn attempted to monetize with his astoundingly shitty “Bang” books. RME hides behind “muh-wife-n-kieds-n-shiet” while hypocritically promoting a Tradcon lifestyle.) I personally think Roosh V. is an Iranian Jew (he produced so much contradictory information on his ethnic and religious background, there is no telling what the truth is!) but would not be TOO surprised if he turned out to be a crypto-Muslim with a taqiyya agenda. As to RME, I am unable to imagine any man being happy living as a stay-at-home cuckold, let alone the type of Muslim to do taqiyya, so don’t see how that would account for his sudden anti-Jewish streak.

          MY ISSUE, MR. ERGENIZ, AND MY POINT ALL ALONG, is that Rocking MrE is not, and never was, credible on ANYTHING! You keep bringing up Israel and the Middle East, but whether or not the Jewish State of Israel should even exist, and the where/when/how/why of it all, is not really on topic and beyond the scope of this Blog. I merely meant to point out how RME went from a staunch supporter to a rival of Jewry out of left field. The idiot contradicts himself with virtually every new video. (Yet ironically he refuses to change his mind in the context of honest debate.) My last word RE: Rocking Mystery Meat is that he should not be taken seriously by anyone ever, that he is deserving of nothing short of derision, mockery, and scorn… or better yet being ignored altogether. The man is as stupid as he is ugly. I suppose he may have an agenda on YouTube (besides begging for Patreon shekels while babysitting his wife’s kids), but who knows what? If he is a Hasbara agent then that would beg the question of his last few videos. If he is an undercover Islamist, that begs the question why he would live a feminist househusband lifestyle without even bothering to hide it.

        • I’m not a Jew.

          I thought it made it clear that I don’t subscribe to the notion that the Jews are baseless victims and somehow shining white paragons of virtue. I said explicitly that the Jews settling in that area was stupidly provocative (intentional or not) and they were fully aware of it. This decision was made completely based on religious ideology and ‘divine right’. A thinking process that I cannot at all sympathize with or support.

          The appropriate place for Israel would be in Europe, if anything. If there were need for reparations, that would be it. Considering the travesty that was the Holocaust and European countries pathetic cowardice at allowing it to occur.

          However, it is objectively true that Israel has gone out of its way to otherwise remain peaceful in the face of irrational Arab hatred and genocidal tendencies. The sole perpetrators of the middle eastern conflict are the Muslims as a result of their Jew hating indoctrination. One can see how they raise young Arabs in Muslim majority countries – brainwashing them into thinking the Jews are obsessed oppressors, that they are subhuman and inferior and there are actually schools that teach children to be suicide bombers with the notion of an martyr that has wasted his life to extinguish an Jew is the highest achievement one can attain.

          As I mentioned before, Israel has never gone out of its way to initiate violence against its neighbors and the entire conflict was started by several Muslim nations that converged on the nation of Israel with the intention of committing genocide – entirely out of baseless, religious hatred. Before Israel had relinquished Gaza, they had initiated a peace treaty with the previous Egyptian president. Guess what happened to him?

          From a practical standpoint, Israel is an civilized nation with many technological and scientific contributions to society as a whole. As opposed to Arabs, who only have monopolies on oil and are using it to force their poisonous Wahhabi doctrine into western territories.

          So no, while the Jews are hardly saints this conflict is as pretty close to white and black as one can get. There are numerous, demonstrable reasons to support Israel over any of its neighbors.

  7. Oh, and about Andrew B. –

    I don’t give a flying figleaf about anything that so-called ‘celebrities’ think, say, or do. They never call, text, or come over for coffee – they simply have zero effect on what I think, say or do.
    Too bad the guy killed himself, though. That is sad.

  8. Here is a video from Rocking Mr. E discussing incels, MGTOW, male virgins, and much more. I didn’t watch the video, at least not yet, because of all the hatred in the comments toward single, virgin men. I don’t think I can stomach it. Rocking Mr. E and so many others,, in the comments, has insulted and attacked physically unattractive men and men in the bottom 5%. He and the others are practically screaming for Holocaust for low-status, virgin, men. Notice in the thumbnail he has a picture of Elliot Rodger dressed up like a god, passing off propaganda that he worshiped by undesirable men.

    • I watched the video. He basically says all of the shooters were incels/male virgins and the incels/male virgins see Elliot Rodger as a hero.
      Rocking Mr. E also says that there is very little truth to hypergamy, and he says any man who talks about hypergamy is a misogynist and a loser who can’t get laid.
      Me (in sarcastic tone): “Really? I didn’t know there were princesses marrying street rats” (reference to Disney’s Aladdin.) “So, we’re back to the old, “Oh, women only care about confidence and personality. Any man can get any girl he wants as long as he has social skills

      • “Any man can get any girl he wants as long as he has social skills.’

        Sounds like he missed the idea.

        I know how to make sure that I get tetanus by wounding myself with a piece of rusty iron, but that doesn’t mean that I want to. Truth be told, I have fairly good manners, and can be charming.
        What I won’t do is deliberately bring yet another parasitic female into my life. I had a hell of a time dealing with the last one.

  9. Sloppy Joe “Where’s the Beef” Rogan….

    “They have to become men….”

    “Marriage won’t help “incels”

    No, Brogan, marriage won’t help MEN!

    and notice how Barbarbarrossa and Stardusk would line up to give these two dudes blowjobs….

      • That was a figure of speech. A shot at Barbs and Ziggy Stardusk for all their libertarian tough guy talk. (And you have seen even more of that talk than I have.) Barbie seems like an MMA type guy who would love Rogan though I never met the guy, just get that impression from his tough guy personna and incredibly arrogant manner of speech. Ironically, for all Rogan’s faults, I think he is much more open minded and politically moderate than Barbs and Ziggy.

  10. Here is a question I would like to ask the manosphere guys like Rocking Mr. E (who has two daughters):
    When your daughters enter the teen years, hit puberty, (whatever you want to call it), are you going to become suspicious of every guy who flirts, hits on, (whatever you want to call it), your daughters. Are you going to demand only the best of the best for your daughter? What if a man entices your daughter and gets her to have consent sex with him? What if he puts her on birth control pills or other drugs risking doing damage to her body? What if the man leaves her under the guise of “Oh, she wasn’t the one. After all, one has to date a few times before finding their wife, right?” (Kind of like you did.)
    Would this all be okay or are your daughters suddenly special snowflakes?
    Funny thing is, a guy claims that Roosh V said that if any man practiced game/PUA on any of his female relatives, Roosh V would kill them. Well, not much of a surprise there.

    • Here is a question I would like to ask the manosphere guys like Rocking Mr. E (who has two daughters):
      When your daughters enter the teen years, hit puberty, (whatever you want to call it)

      Correction, his “wife” (read: beard) has two daughters, which I guarantee are NOT his biologically. [Alpha fucks, Beta bucks… or in this case; Alpha fucks, Omega NEET babysitter, I guess]

      What will most happen well before that point, “Rocking Mrs. E” will divorce Rocking Mr. E’s lazy, parasitic, greasy NEET ass and throw him out of the fucking house. Presumably, the family will conduct DNA testing proving what we all knew all along, depending on the nature of RME’s denial, confirming that he is not the father of either of the girls. (Fortunately, in this case, I would hope the poor schmuck is not liable for any sort of alimony or child support payments. As much as I hate that man and would take pleasure at his suffering, it would be a travesty of justice for him to support kids that are obviously not his, but I am not sure how the laws in the UK operate in that regard. I know that in the USA there are cases where genetic testing proving that the assumed father is not the biological father does not necessarily get the man off the hook.)

      I mean how old is “their” youngest daughter by now? Four, five years old? Figure when the youngest is old enough to be independent (not necessarily to live on her own as an adult, but where she will not require constant supervision when she is back from school), “Rocking Mrs. E” will be able to continue working fulltime at her corporate job and, not needing a live-in babysitter, could kick RME’s worthless ass out of the house so that she does not need to bother sending him to his cuckshed whenever corporate Chad after Chad visits. After which he will attempt suicide in various hilarious ways, hopefully succeeding. [Emphasis on “hilarious” because living in the UK, where firearms are rare and English bobbies do not generally carry guns, neither self-inflicted gunshot nor suicide-by-cop are viable options.]

      P.S. Yes, apologies in advance. I am aware that Tamerlame, and perhaps you, maybe even The Man in the Orbital Castle will hate this. Tamerlame in particular, partially owing to his socialist (NOT “Marxist” or “communist” I mean, I see him as a social democrat, no I am NOT RME…) leanings, he might misread something as racist (or homophobic, anti-Semitic, whatever) in my comments, but more so for my schadenfreude at Rocking Mr. Cuck’s expense he might call me anti-male.

      Ordinarily I feel nothing but sympathy for any man who got cucked (literally or figuratively) by his wife and/or divorce-raped. However, in the case of schmucks like Rocking Mystery Meat, or really anyone who engages in all the chest-thumping tradcon faggotry, if, no WHEN, the worst befalls them, I can’t help but smirk and laugh at their plight. For someone who shames MGTOW men, or anyone who does not fall for the LifeScript or the “Vaginal Jew” like he does… HA! Told ya so! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. [Funny, I thought he was a libertarian, or so he styled himself, I have no idea what he calls himself now, but for an alleged “libertarian” he sure loves to spew reactionary horseshit about how you must live your life. Nothing libertarian about that!] This goes beyond my seething hatred of that “man” on a molecular level, for reasons too numerous to elucidate here. I mean, I believe the whole entire world would be better off with him dead, most of all him, considering what an abject failure of a man, of a “human” being he is, but such an outcome would be deliciously ironic. As a NEET Mr. Mom, once his wife evicts him, he will be forced to live as a street musician, but when his shitty guitar playing does not earn him enough pounds or pence he will have to prostitute himself to random men of Wales, some of whom would pay him for a blow job just to avoid hearing his shitty singing in his disgusting, whiny nasal voice.

      • LOL look at this facebook post I found from Rocking Mr.E

        Here is a small piece of it, “They play first person war games, while hypocritically complaining that men are forced to get involved in war, as they play simulation war games. Oh, the male disposability!”

        This is hypocrisy?!?! Are these video game characters alive? Is he saying that men who play video games are killing actual people, spilling their blood, while whining and complaining about male disposablility in war???? Am I missing something here??????

        This is like saying someone who wants to save endangered animals is a hypocrite by playing a Mario game where he jumps on and kills goombas.

        Woah, sounds like RME sounds really desperate to demonize male virgins and this was back in April 2014.

        Below is the link.

    • This is like arguing that I’m a hypocrite because I buy Amazon products but won’t buy Amazon stock. Would I want my daughter to be a slut?(speaking hypothetically, I’m MGTOW) No. But if other girls are gonna be sluts, I don’t see why I should leave them to other men.

  11. This is an important article, and it’s relevant to the ongoing incel-demonization. The people who are labeled as incels compose a spectrum, and at least one shade of this set are people who are better known as wannabe simps, who worship wimminz, rather than dismiss them.

  12. hey The artist formerly known as black pill. When do you think of the current banning of Alex Jones from youtube?

  13. From a October 2018 magazine, Angelie Jolie, when asked about feminism, is quoted saying, “I think it is not said enough how much we need the men in our lives to be strong and capable and the best they can be.” I think we can all tell what she and so many other women and men (like the manosphere) who say similar things are really saying about men today.

  14. Nothing new from Omega Virgin Revolt for months. I think I’ll post this video. It is from the series
    Yu-Gi-Oh GX. I know what you are thinking. What could this video have to do with feminism, women, and men today? Well, I think it represents how most men especially the Man-o-sphere will give up the fight against feminism and turn against their fellow men especially virgin males/incels. They turn against their fellow men in their white vagina worship. For example, the creature called maiden in love manipulates the male monsters to do her bidding. As soon as they attack her, they apologize when promised sexual favors (to put it in an adult manner) and turn on their master Jaden.
    When Sparkman attacks the maiden, he apologizes and asks her what she desires in return. The maiden responds, “I wish for you to beat up the mean boy over there” She points to Jaden. I think the mean boy falsely accused could represent male virgins/incels.

    The main part I am talking about in the video starts at the 8 minute mark, when the duel begins between Jaden and Blair. Just watch it. I think it is quite hilarious and has some cool symbolism of the current situation today.

      • Hello entitled backstabbing slimeball. Are you here to spam up this site with plugs to the blog you overtook from your comrades before you booted them out?

        Just so you know: I want you to stand trial with the likes of TFM, Sandman and other MGTOW hijackers. It just turned out you’re as much of a problem as them. MGTOW was meant to discuss survival tactics for men, while you saw it as a recruitment platform for your “cause.”

        What’s in it? Do you really believe spamming the Internet would aid men in the third world?

        You pay lip service to men’s rights in the third world, but then go: “You want it done, do it yourself.” All while insisting on “collectivism” as the only solution. The problem is, you see a collective as a bunch of drones taking orders from you, always ready to relinquish all expectations of any reciprocity.

        In other words, you tolerate some gullible third-world men having a misfortune of stumbling upon you as cannon fodder up to the point when you decide to discard them. You want to have your cake and eat it too.

        Oh, and by the way. In your “tactics” video you “forgot” to mention that the members of “Anonymous” were tracked down once they started to cause trouble, paid their fines and served their sentences. And oh, that’s information from Wikipedia! I literally didn’t hear of them before you brought them to my attention. “Anonymous”‘s a failure, no wonder any residual traces of the fallout were quickly swept under the carpet.

        You’re a fraud. Your “movement”‘s a con that’s destined to never produce tangible results….Please step in front of a moving bus.

        • The problem i have to deal with is hostile mentally ill men like yourself, wanting to sabotage pro male spaces.

          Nut jobs like you will not stop me from doing what I am going to do.

          You came onto my blog, demanding content from me, asking me loaded questions like a left wing nut job.

          Then you tried calling me racist, and tried playing the victim.

          Hit the road nutcase

        • “The problem i have to deal with is hostile mentally ill men like yourself, wanting to sabotage pro male spaces.”

          Correction: you were not prepared to deal with intelligent men with high sense of self esteem forming a collective opposition to your attempts at spreading dogma and exploitation lol

          “Nut jobs like you will not stop me from doing what I am going to do.”

          Yep, you can always piss off to your blog where you can rant and rave with impunity. Adios amigo!

          “You came onto my blog, demanding content from me, asking me loaded questions like a left wing nut job.

          Then you tried calling me racist, and tried playing the victim.”

          I am sure Kurt did nothing of it. I was following you from the beginning.

          Fun fact: if he did care enough to accuse you of inceldom, bull’s-eye!

        • “The problem i have to deal with is hostile mentally ill men like yourself”

          I’d approached respectfully when I first came to the blog you stole from your comrades. Any hostility from that point on you’ve rightly earned by being a rude dodgy slimeball.

          “You came onto my blog, demanding content from me, asking me loaded questions like a left wing nut job.

          “Then you tried calling me racist, and tried playing the victim.”

          Do I need to debunk this or is it self-evident that you’re lying?

          I asked whether you’d anything useful for men’s rights in the third world. You didn’t, but instead of admitting that you made a bunch of nonsense accusations and gaslighted me.

          How’s that for an answer?

        • one more thing nut case, I have never advocated for men to be cannon fodder, I have not advocated men to do anything illegal, You are one paranoid mental case.

          People who get arrested for doing things online, only get arrested for doing illegal things. 99.9999999% of anonymous does not get arrested anyway.

        • You’re a manipulative twat, and now that you’ve been exposed you spazz out.

          If it’s TFM acting up like that, you’d bee all over him

        • I can’t say I know for sure what Antidote meant by submitting that comment, but I’ll guess he points out how it’s perfectly fine by you to assume the worst when TFM says it (e.g. TFM collapse nonsense which’s at worst a thing of feeling powerless, but you say he actually wants to kill men off). Well, you do the same all the time, first you give off plenty of authoritarian passive-aggressive vibes, are strongly in favor of revolutionary activity (but of course you don’t forget to put a waiver of the liability in the far corner), then act terribly insulted when people treat you accordingly, with great distrust and prejudice.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Antidote was so terse because he doesn’t want to waste his time on you.

        • No offense brother, but your post comes across as in defense of TFM. I don’t have much respect for TFM either, I was using him as an example.

          To follow your own train of thought, perhaps taking it to another qualitative level, if it’s highly probable that TFM collapse rants are strong indicators of TFM wanting to kill men off, then by the same token we can assume Tamerlame’s evasiveness’s nothing but attempt to avoid accountability for his actions.

          My remark about Tamerlame being a manipulative twat is essentially your post down below compressed to a single line. Think of it as tl;dr. We all did pretty similar observations.

        • It is important to understand that tamerlame (or is it Fist now?) does not engage honest people in good faith. I can point out a couple of situations where he directly contradicts his own “party line” to fend off the skeptics. Trying to argue with him is mostly futile and a waste of time. Therefore I object to the use of TFM examples entirely: it gives him too much unfair tactical advantage. There must be more effective approaches we have to work out.

          Kurt, your first post was well-thought out, there was little need to dig deeper. As much as we would like to think otherwise, it is impossible to argue with a true believer.

          We must try to insult his sense of moral superiority by pointing out his infidelities. He rallies against incels? Well, there’s evidence he is one himself. Remember those clerical scandals? A priest who is a closeted homosexual and an outspoken homophobe in public. The same line of reason holds true here. Not many people can bother to read a long-winded explanation of why your position is the right one. By contrast, anyone can understand the primal hypocrisy of a closeted homosexual homophobe.

          We must show him that we as men will fight tooth and nail against his invasion of men’s spaces.

        • “99.9999999% of anonymous does not get arrested anyway.”

          For a fraction of 0.999999999 to make sense there must be at least 1 billion! anons (unless you implicitly propose to arrest parts of people’s bodies lol). Continue to shoot yourself in the foot, low life, you are doing well in this department.

        • “You are clearly mentally ill.”

          You did diagnose it over the wire? Why are you here then and not busy collecting a Nobel Prize or something? lol Perhaps you are afraid to read a Nobel lecture on the subject, I would attend. I would bring a delivery truck full of rotten tomatoes so people would not run out of things to throw at you when they realize what a fraud you are lol

          Then I would kill to see your laundry bill!! Lmao

        • “I was not using a literal statistic.”

          You’re none the wiser if you think he meant that as a skeptical criticism.

          He just offhandedly shown you you’re not worth engaging, and must be dealt with by ridicule. You must be a nutjob not to grasp that.

          You’re of course welcome to start playing the victim, implying you didn’t earn such treatment.

        • “I have never advocated for men to be cannon fodder, I have not advocated men to do anything illegal”

          Everyone who dealt with you knows that you invoke plausible deniability tactics every now and then to sweep controversial aspects under the carpet. You’re also sending a lot of mixed signals (conflicting messages) all the time. For example, you blame females a lot, but when you get guys disgruntled with women you don’t see it as a result of your actions, but as a fault of your subs. Well, this won’t work with me.

          As an aside, I quite suspect you’d quickly ran out of ideas pertaining to the male dominance hierarchy, but “forgot” to rebrand your “movement”. You know full well that male dominance hierarchy’s an issue that trumps other men’s problems, and that people discussing male dominance hierarchy typically have better qualities as far as “recruitment” is concerned. Of course you’ll resist any attempt to set this matter straight, as everyone’ll instantly see what a fraud you are.

          Returning to the matter at hand. As far as I’m concerned, you did advocate for illegal stuff, even if you invoked a standard disclaimer. A refusal to answer “loaded” questions’s one big red flag to me.

          But even if you didn’t mean it literally, you give off plenty of aggressive in-favor-of-violent-conflict vibes. A lot of information are things we read between the lines. Since you deny people the opportunity to ask you for clarifications, I, and I hope, many others, assume the worst about you and your slimy “cause”.

        • Slimeball, I didn’t notice you did such a low effort post.

          But I won’t get lost. I’ll try to alert as many people as possible about you.

          I’ll see to it, you won’t be conning any third-world men who’re none the wiser.

        • “take your meds nut job, and get lost”

          “lolol carry on posting, everyone sees what a nut case you are.”

          I can see where the sentiment of fathers being better parents than mothers comes from. Your mother clearly did little to curb such attitudes in you. Perhaps if your father would have punished you in time with a belt we would not be seeing you doing this now. Physical pain is a helluva lot of a motivator, and especially ridicule from your peers at school when they notice you cannot sit on your ass lol

        • By the same token RBK is a child abuse monster.

          And another thing, and this is where I do most certainly agree with the tradcons, the state has to get out of family life. Parents need to be able to raise their children as they see fit without state interference. And if you are speculating that this is code for “spank children’s asses”, yes, you are right. Kids need force and threat of force to keep them in line. Children are out of control. The amount of 13 year olds literally crying because of a down vote on their picture on the internet, cutting themselves, or tearing their hair out during a temper tantrum, is amazing. And I personally believe it is the direct result of being spoiled, existing without substance, structure, purpose, without a sense of belonging within the family, and having no discipline. Not only do children need attention (something a hormonal gossiping mother won’t give, and a father alienated from his children can’t give) but they also need boundaries, and those boundaries have to be reinforced with a belt, or the children know that all said boundaries are imaginary lines their parents are begging them to please follow. The threat of a belt will make those boundaries very real very fast.

        • You want to beat children with belts mental case.

          Your obsessive stalking has proven me right. I called you a nut case, and you flipped out, renamed yourself, and started stalking me.

          This will be the last time i reply to you.

        • Your own role model thinks you have lacked boundaries in your childhood, since you were not punished by your father, what this has to do with my attitude towards beating children with a belt?

          “Your obsessive stalking has proven me right. I called you a nut case, and you flipped out, renamed yourself, and started stalking me.”

          You are “Mr. Always Right”, closet case. Everything proves you right, even when you do not make sense.

          You abused me like an anti-male scumfuck. My name is a reflection of verbal abuse you dished out at me. I am a mirror that flings shit you thrown at me back at yourself.

          “This will be the last time i reply to you.”

          lololol, is that the hundredth time you make such empty statements?

          Please carry on, you are not welcome here, closet case.

        • lolol last reply i am giving you, but i just had to, since what you wrote is so funny.

          You must be paranoid and mentally ill ill to think RBK was talking about me.

          You honestly need to take your meds

          The reason why you are single is because women are creeped out by obsessive stalking men.

          Goodbye incel

        • “Goodbye incel”

          This is just projection. You are a closet case incel, not me. I have seen you talk of killing yourself over female rejection.

          “You must be paranoid and mentally ill ill to think RBK was talking about me.”

          No the only mentally impaired paranoid schizophrenic are you.

          Your attempts at defense truly look pathetic now.

          RBK was talking about children like you, who lacked boundaries because they were not punished by their fathers.

          Now we all see the results.

          Entitled slimy rude pathetic ugly closet case incel

          When you look in the mirror do you often think of suicide? I can link you a crisis hotline.

        • “The reason why you are single is because women are creeped out by obsessive stalking men.”

          Felfop was right when he called you a feminist. Your frame of reference is anti-male to the core.

        • “The reason why you are single is because women are creeped out by obsessive stalking men.”

          The reason you are no longer welcome at your mother’s house is your disrespect for her.

        • Kurt, glad to see more people joining the fight. I was waiting for a proper casus belli for a long while now.

        • Antidote, WTF Mental Case:

          Wow, had to be out for a whole day and what do I see? Thanks guys for sticking up for me.

          A couple of months ago I had a French sidekick, he lost interest though.

          Glad to know I’m not the only one resisting this slimy scumbag. Let’s mix him with dust!

          He wants the rule of the Fist? Let’s give him the Fist!

        • i didn’t want to attack antidote in anyway. antidote is one of the few saner people left who is really promale. antidote is only exposing the phony promale collective and i appreciate that.

        • Did you shit and shout at *David*? Yes you did.

          You are the first among those who want to shun and abuse and make a cannon fodder out of blacks and minorities.

          If you were sincere you would help *David* to overcome his self-harming obsessions instead of making it worse by insulting and treating him like shit because he did not project an image of a person you like. You would be extra diligent and sensitive talking to him.

          Where’s the “male solidarity” in that? Oh, I see, you anti-male incel care about nobody except yourself. Somehow when it is *David* relaying his misery he is a fair target for abuse by you and your edgelords, even though you know how hard it is for black men like him. You accuse him of having an “incel mentality.” Yet you are an anti-male closet case incel and you do not see the hypocrisy in that. You even told us on this very blog how you never tried to kill yourself over sexual abuse as a child but valued pussy so much you wanted to die over rejection. Let me remind you incel.

          sulla on June 9, 2014 at 7:09 am said:

          I have been raped and I am incel.

          Being an incel is far more soul crushing. I never tried killing myself over the rape, but I tried killing myself over loneliness and female rejection.

          Did you barge in on stonerwithaboner’s blog, demanding him to work for free for you? Yes you did.

          The dude plainly said to you he is a victim of race discrimination, yet you derailed the conversation to talk about homosexuality. You insulted him on his own blog, because he would not take orders from a bunch of entitled white dudes, (you being one of them, wasting taxpayer money sitting on welfare to be able to obsessively harass men’s spaces day and night) who would never see him as equal and will constantly look down on him.

          Why your edgelord Eric Schiedler obsessively reprints what was posted on Stoner’s comment section instead of going there and challenging the views he holds in contempt out in the open?

          You lack compassion for people of other races, and it is telling you lament people are justly accusing you of racism, instead of reflecting on your own behavior.

          Go back and make amends with those people. Maybe then you will stop being a racist shit.

        • “Did you shit and shout at *David*? Yes you did.”

          Nope, we banned him for being pro marriage and being a trad con. No one shouted at him.

          Keep on lying though.

          Since you lied right off the Bat, I decided not to read the rest of your post.

        • “I decided not to read the rest of your post.”

          code phrase for “I beg of you my redemption, you are right, I’m a bad child stuck in its ignorance phase”

        • lololol, everyone saw through your attempt at smearing me as a liar, incel

        • “Those two concepts mean basically men are n#%%&s who need to shut up, and need to cower in the corner and not be seen by women.”

          Yes, it is because he is left wing he says in the open what me and the Wolves of Vineland can only say behind closed doors….

          It is just like when “comedian” Bill Maher said that he was a house N%&&#r. Donchya know that me, Billy Maher and Dickie Spencer all hang out in hot tubs to discuss “masculinity”?

          Just remember, right vs left, it’s all the same, us white guys want those stupid drakes to do the dirty work we don’t wanna do then take all the credit and get all the rewards.

          BTW, could one of you alpha males tell that horrid homeless cretin to stop spreading’ memes about me, I’m getting really triggered…

      • “Those two concepts mean basically men are n#%%&s who need to shut up, and need to cower in the corner and not be seen by women.”

        what does that mean? you talked like niggers are subhuman you retarded piece of shit. you are the liar you racist cunt.

        • I am saying mean are treated like Nigger, I am using an analogy, you know this, you are a dishonest piece of shit.

          You attacked me right from the start, you tired tone policing me like a feminist.

          You are anti male scum, not willing to contribute, but looking to tear stuff down.

          This is my last reply to you.

        • “mean”

          You meanie, get off me!

          meanie meanie meanie meanie median

          You mean and median personal honesty values are nil lololol

          meanie meanie meanie meanie median

          sulla sulla anti male

          sulla sulla anti male

          anti male anti male


    • Pretty much. TFM’s a little less bad than Tamerlame in a regard he doesn’t just come and invade men’s spaces. If he did, he’d be a fair target.

      • shut the fuck up you right wing cunt. The only ones invading spaces are you and you’re delirious nazi boyfriends. Fuck off.

        • What a pity you chose not to pay attention to what I was trying to convey. Once again, TFM’s a little less bad than Tamerlame, but nevertheless he’s still a scumfuck. If he was intruding here, I’d fight him.

        • Do not bother, Eumenes is a butthurt “true believer”. A little bit disingenuous as well.

          Just ridicule him ’till he runs outta here to shit bricks lol

        • “nazi”

          Are you a Jew? You seem to bring up thought-terminating clichés out of the blue a little bit too much. You seem to be paranoid delusional as well. Most nazis are dead by now.

    • Shut up, NAzi’s are good men! I write for the good men project, I know the things….

      now buy my book and don’t you dare give it a 1 star review like you assholes did to my good buddy Paul Elam…

      • Stoner, you are doing more harm than good.

        The following I wrote only with consideration of my respect for you and the fact that you are not a true believer. These people do not understand civilized conversation, they must be dealt with by ridicule and scold.

        Some pro male (sic) scumfuck by the name of Eumenes comes to this space and starts making nonsensical statements about fucking Trump, then goes fully paranoid delusional imagining nazis. One of my comrades (gently) attempts to call him out on this, Eumenes goes ballistic and starts making even more insane posts.

        Am I to stay outside pretending nothing is happening?

        The fact that Eumenes invoked “the white race” card is a loud alarm whistle to me. True believers are not short of strawmanning and bullying, and come prepared to dish out all sorts of underhanded tactics. Just why do you expect us to play nice with them when there is ample evidence they are the men’s spaces equivalent of schoolyard bullies?

        Just look at my very recent posts at Pro-Male Anti-Feminist Tech, and you will see how I was “diagnosed” to be “mentally ill” for calling out tamerlame on his lack of proof or relevant citations. Yet you see the very same person in a second most recent blog post branding a person a “nut” for failing to cite any sources.

        Harry Buttchin says:
        I recently did research on child labor.

        (Harry of course doesn’t provide the links to his research or name drop the books he read, I highly doubt he did any research,)

        They want justice? We need to serve them justice. They are nuts by their own words, since they seldom bother to support their rhetoric with factual evidence or at least references to authoritative studies.

        By the way, I did not appreciate you taking my words out of context in a commentary on your blog.

        Stoner, I get it, you want welfare, and that is where we totally disagree.

        My last post on your blog was under your recent Bitcoin article. Check it out; there will not be any more.

        • White vagina worshipers like you should just watch an episode of Blacked to cure you of your racism.

        • Eumenes needs banning too. He’s just a clown who forgot the Christmas is over and his WW2 soldier uniform doesn’t look so funny anymore.

        • My post was not directed at you closet case. I have long since given up on hope for a reasonable respectful conversation with you. You understand only the language of ridicule and scorn. You did not come here to bring peace, but a sword.

          You ask all those questions to put me on defensive but you never answer mine?

        • “Just look at my very recent posts at Pro-Male Anti-Feminist Tech, and you will see how I was “diagnosed” to be “mentally ill” for calling out tamerlame on his lack of proof or relevant citations. Yet you see the very same person in a second most recent blog post branding a person a “nut” for failing to cite any sources.”

          You accuse me of quoting people out of context, then you quote me out of context. I did not call him a nut for not citing proof. I called him a nut for making paranoid mentally ill claims.

          Right wing trad cons who just want to mate guard and let other men perish are disgusting people.

          Why are you stalking me you nut? lolol

        • “You accuse me of quoting people out of context, then you quote me out of context.”

          You do the same all the time. You lack intellectual honesty, and you lack moral integrity. I am just putting out fire with fire.

          You do not deserve the time it takes me to consider your mental dribble more than at surface value. You play dirty, and I can do the same with you.

          “Right wing trad cons who just want to mate guard and let other men perish are disgusting people.”

          And so are closet case incels who just want to take from society while sitting on their ass not working full-time or not working at all. I agree about tradcons with their mate-guarding obsession, but you pointing out to tradcons is a disingenuous deflection move. Anyway, when I utterly destroyed you in a debate on PMAFT you cited an article that reinforced a tradcon point of view, on which I called bullshit. Given that incels are mostly tradcons who cannot get laid according to you, this is just another marker you are a closeted anti-male incel who hopes by shooting the flak he will not be caught in the barrage.

          “Why are you stalking me you nut? lolol”

          Says the nut who came a month after the party was over.

          If you wanted to say something, why did you come so late? You had plenty of opportunity to offer us a demonstration of your ignorance, stupidity and “outstanding” grammatical prowess when Kurt, I and antidote assembled to kick your ass. It is probably because you are just projecting your own traits on me, and you are stalking me.

          Also you intruded on a conversation that was not destined to you, does that make you a stalking nut job?

        • “By the way, I did not appreciate you taking my words out of context in a commentary on your blog.

          Stoner, I get it, you want welfare, and that is where we totally disagree.

          My last post on your blog was under your recent Bitcoin article. Check it out; there will not be any more.”

          I get it, you want to resource horde take from society and not give back. You want men to perish and starve to death, or turn to crime and cause chaos.

          Of course you would be happy shooting petty criminals as well most likely.

          You are a mental defect.

        • “I get it, you want to resource horde take from society and not give back. You want men to perish and starve to death, or turn to crime and cause chaos.”

          We are far beyond the point where we can hope to entertain any rational discussion on this matter. Fuck off scum fuck. You ban people if you even slightly suspect they strawman you. Yet you use such dirty tactics all the time. Talk about hypocrisy. You are incel closet case, and you lash out at incels by calling them anti-male. Anti-male men such as yourself invade men’s spaces and ruin them out of spite. Kurt seems to be an authority on the subject, you also tried to hijack MGTOW to make it about you and your pet obsessions. You were told to fuck off and cease your unacceptable behavior at once by every MGTOW. You just doubled down on harassing people.

          “Of course you would be happy shooting petty criminals as well most likely.”

          No I am not. I am pro self-defense though. You disagree? Your discord proves otherwise.

          Male Sentient Void 12/12/2018, 4:53:45 PM
          In close quarters knifes are quite effective anyway.

          sulla82 12/12/2018, 4:53:58 PM
          you can get stabbed

          sulla82 12/12/2018, 4:54:04 PM
          if you use a knife on someone

          sulla82 12/12/2018, 4:54:07 PM
          can get cut yourself

          sulla82 12/12/2018, 4:54:11 PM
          just use a gun if you have one

          Men like me need guns to defend ourselves from violent aggressive incel criminals like you who are contemplating incel power fantasies of shooting those who dare offend them.

          sulla82 12/12/2018, 4:59:49 PM
          anyone who violates my personal safety

          sulla82 12/12/2018, 5:00:00 PM
          has to face the consequences of his actions

          Which is why we have stand your ground laws which govern whether your actions constituted a reasonable defense of your “personal safety.” For example if he flees you cannot shoot him in the back unless his fleeing route intersects your child’s bedroom and you are in reasonable fear he might use your child as a hostage or break its neck out of spite.

          “I get it, you want to resource horde take from society and not give back.”

          And so what if I have savings? You sound like you want men to be screwed over if they are temporarily out of workforce or face a dire life circumstance situation and do not have a savings account to depend on. Also you closet case incel accused me of not giving back when I gave back more than you ever earned sitting on your ass on welfare or shoplifting.

          “You are a mental defect.”

          Oh please?! Have you really ran out of insults so fast closet case? You are surely much softer around the edges than I first assumed.

          You lost, I won, now get the fuck outta here!

  15. Although I have been suspicious of this for some time, I found some comment on YouTube on a video, relating to feminism and the such, a comment by I believe a woman. She was commenting to a guy (possibly a virgin) who left dating behind telling him something of (to paraphrase), “You are letting those PUAs have sex with your would-be girlfriend/wife.”
    Yep. Just as I thought, society is blaming male virgins/incels for their sexual sins and misconduct. Dear Lord!

  16. W&N finding a woman, yeah right! The odds of a guy who is an incel as long as W&N finding a woman are zilch, zero, nada! Far greater are the odds he offed himself. I certainly hope not, and I hope he is ok!

      • He was well off financially from many hints he gave. An advanced well-paid engineer in his 30s is prime catch for women who decide to settle. Even above average and hot looking women. Some are very good at seduction. It’s a very plausible scenario.

        • Impossible. He was a misanthrope through and through. Plus, an engineer can’t just get a woman in the US like in Eastern Europe.

          Then again, AlekNovy is infamous for knowing zero about women, what with his ‘anti-game’ scam that even ripped off OmegaVirginRevolt back in the day.

        • You’re starting to get on my nerves.

          “what with his ‘anti-game’ scam that even ripped off OmegaVirginRevolt back in the day.”

          Proofs or get fucked

        • Or he left to live in the woods

          Seen a few of those software developer types boasting “leaving it all behind” after they secure some money in their bank accounts for an occasional trip to the city.

          Frankly, all you brats should be ashamed of thinking his absense had something to do with women. You appear juvenile as fuck

        • “Impossible. He was a misanthrope through and through. Plus, an engineer can’t just get a woman in the US like in Eastern Europe.

          Then again, AlekNovy is infamous for knowing zero about women, what with his ‘anti-game’ scam that even ripped off OmegaVirginRevolt back in the day.

          Okay you are a troll. Or you are the biggest idiot on the planet. An Engineer can’t get a woman? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sure

      • well, I thought everyone here was a corrupted vibration or hindu muffin….

        Sure glad too see I was wrong and that the Wolves of Vineland have allies with the “pro”male collective….


        There is no white supremacy !!!

        There is no anti-semitism !!!

        Yehaaw, just like the ole Democratic party, fist gets those stinky minors to do the work he won’t do himself !!!!

        • Stoner I never said there was no antisemitism.

          There is no white supremacy in the mainstream any more,

          You know cops who crush and kill low status men can be black you know that and many are.

          What does a black man have to worry about more? The KKK or a black woman alienating him from his kids and making him a child support slave? or getting pregnant and not telling him and then hitting with back date child support thus enslaving him?

          How many black men have lost their jobs or been jailed due to false accusations.

          this is not white supremacy, this is female supremacy.

          Fuck you for trying to play the race card like an intersectional feminist, you should know better.

        • Fist,

          IDK why you called me a stoner the only time I use drugs is when I roofie new initiates at the Wolves of Vineland and when I take my AIDS meds…

          and, uh, I know you are one of our guys but keep it to dog whistles rather than howling off the rooftops that we are the best….


          Your Buddy,


        • Take your meds nutjob, your paranoia got the better of you

          If your current mental condition lingers for any length of time without treatment soon we’ll see you confusing me with Santa Claus or Count Dracula.

        • a trad con from india who speaks exactly like another trad con from india. You may be different people. you may not i do not really care.

          Also how do you know about this so called zip code doxing? How did the people who know about it know it was a zip code?

          Your lies do not make much sense to me.

          This is my last reply to you, you are nothing to me, stop stalking me.

        • your post was debunked nut case, don’t let facts get in line of your argument though

          repeating the same points over and over again like a Tourette case won’t make them true

      • I from beginning told you that i am not a tradcon yet you keep calling tradcon again and again. you say a person is a tradcon if he wants to marry. what logic is there in it? i want to marry a working woman who is loyal to me how does that make me a tradcon. if you dox me again then i will report you.

      • I promise you that i am not kurt or antidote if you again dox me thinking that i am kurt or antidote in revenge to them. than i will report you i have no other options.

      • I didn’t even see the numbers they didn’t showed me. i don’t know how they found it was my zipcode, i think they googled it. if you look close i don’t speak english as well as antidote or kurt. what else you want to believe i am not kurt or antidote?

      • Hey idiot how many times i can tell you that i am not antidote or kurt. you again made a blogpost saying that i was kurt or antidote? you want me to report you? i don’t know how antidote find its my zipcode. i don’t know if its my zipcode or not.leave me alone you idot i never involved or involve in your fight with antidote then why you are involving me in your fight against antidote or kurt? leave me alone idiot.

      • If kurt spies you then you should talk to him i am not kurt or antidote. you are exposing yourself as a psychopath. i can’t believe this that you can be this stupid. leave me alone idiot i don’t want to talk to you again.

      • You have to ask antidote how they found that it is my zipcode. i don’t have to suffer for your missassumptions. if you never change then i will request wordpress for you to be banned.

      • How the fuck did you got my zipcode? I said googling numbers will reveal addresses so in that way they may cam to the conclusion that it was my zipcode.

      • I am donw ith you when you had shown sympathy for the nazis. if you ever dox me even if antidote issues a rape threat to you i will ask wordpress to ban you. i can’t take the blame for someone else harrasing you.

        • Okay fuckboy. I do not have to endure your hijacking of this space to sort out your own problems.

          I have lost all sympathy for you and I do not care if you “take the blame”.

          Issuing rape threats, “harrasing”, are you insane?

          Turn it as you wish, you have been targeted for smears and false accusations just like other people. You are not special.

          You are a cowardly person running around pissing in your pants, hoping that my comrade will take your place.

          You have no loyalty and proved to be ready to accept whatever horseshit Fist spouts. That makes you as bad as Tamerlame in fact, an unworthy scumbag.

        • A Proud Right Wing Anti Male (sic) Mental Case, hold your horses.

          Darksats has poor language skills, you must give him a chance to redeem himself first.

        • @A Proud Right Wing Anti Male (sic) Mental Case –even though we have both been attacked by the TamerLoon brigade, I just wanted to take a second and for posterities sake mention: YOU ARE A FUCKING A$$Hole!!!

      • I am done with you when you had shown sympathy for the nazis. if you ever dox me even if antidote issues a rape threat to you i will ask wordpress to ban you. i can’t take the blame for someone else harrasing you.

        • Your post’s a passive-aggressive attack on Antidote, among other things.

          What Tamerlame did to you’s wrong, but it doesn’t give you a right to claim Antidote harassed anyone.

          You’re walking a fine line, snitch. Either run back to your daddy Tamerlame and beg him to take you back, or side with me, apologize to Antidote and I’ll help you.

  17. I’m triggered, which one of you dirtbags pt this up outside of the Wolves of Vineland recruiting station…

    …y’know just outside of the county jail where we recruit violent aryan brotherhood guys and beat the hell outta non-violent, non-white drug offenders…

    you guys are dampening our recruiting efforts, not cool…

    • There is an immense element of homosexuality within White Trashionalism.

      Most WNs openly say that they would rather have sex with a white man than a black woman, since they think blacks are subhumans and they say that no baby is better than a mulatto baby.

  18. Pingback: The Only Blog Post I Will Ever Do About Stoner With A Boner. – Fist in the Face of Misandry

  19. https://promalecollective.wordpress.com/2019/03/03/the-only-blog-post-i-will-ever-do-about-stoner-with-a-boner/

    If only I had a dollar for every lie that TamerLAME and Boxer have told about me, well, I think I’d be even richer than Mr. Black Pill…

    First, I politely withstood an attack from TamerLAME, KKKirea, Male Sentient Droid and their sockpuppets…

    When I dished it out on their blog, they banned me. My final comment was something along the lines of “Good, that means I won’t have to deal with you lunatics any more.”

    Instead of leaving me alone, they then tried to insult me on my own blog. So I banned them. Ironically, they have relentlessly attacked so many men that I got a ton of comments regarding their shady behavior. A guy named Kurt even showed screen shots where they obsessively talk about me in their secret “safe space.” If I am the loser dug addict they claim I am, why do they obsessively talk about me? My best guess is because they need someone to steal ideas from and then pretend it is their own. In fact, they even stole the name of their blog from someone they booted from their little mean girl click.

    • “My best guess is because they need someone to steal ideas from and then pretend it is their own.”

      Tamerlame has readily adopted the syntax you invented. He routinely refers to relationships as relationshiTs, his peddling of the phrase “low status man” you coined has already attracted scorn from some of his subordinates, who insist they should be called “regular men” instead.

      Tamerlame is unoriginal, hostile and resentful twat. He considers laying any groundwork beneath him.

  20. Here is an interesting video on Davis Aurinii. This guy discusses Davis Aurini’s hypocrisy on him preaching sexual immortality. According to him, Davis slept with his neighbor’s wife and collapsed their marriage, which had a few kids.
    Well, I’m not surprised since I recall in a comments section Davis Aurini defending Aaron Clarey’s book on how to sleep with students.
    If a male virgin/incel preached something like that, society would be calling for his head. Of course, if a PUA/player/non-virgin preached something like that, he is excused and justified, if not treated like a hero.

  21. Pingback: The Obligatory Davis M. J. Aurini Post – v5k2c2.com

  22. @Fist In the Face Of Misandry

    “In case OP locks me off the conversation to make it appear I vanished when confronted, I urge any reader to visit a blog called omegavirginrevolt, where my debate with OP will continue if neccessary in the comments section.”

    As promised, this convo continues here.

    “what doxing? Whos name and address or face have i shared with anyone?”

    Quit shifting goalposts.

    Your intent was malicious.

    You had no permission to post personal data in a public comments section.

  23. Emergency Must Read if you are a low status male:


    Doxx Alert, Doxx Alert!!!

    I am fairly certain that OmegaVirginRevolt would not stand for what TamerLame is now doing. I am confident that he would delete all links to Fist In the Face of Misandry and warn guys on how to protect themselves online. He would not want low status men to be attacked, lose their employment or be shamed even if they don’t have “the right” politics.

  24. I see that Man in the orbital castle is back


    You can contact me here.

    Stoner is a nut case who has been shit posting porn over your blog and falsely accusing people of being part of the KKK.

    Stoner is an intersectional feminist of some sort, but only left feminism when he realised feminists shat on black men too. Stoner would be a intersectional feminist if they only attacked white men.

    I denied white male privilege and stoner went berserk.

    • “You can contact me here.”

      Beware The Man In The Orbital Castle, Tamerloon’ll dox you in a nick of time if things go astray. Use protection if you must post there! This happened to several men already, you may well be the next!

      Leave Tamerloon’s dribble and uncalled for false accusation against Stoner unanswered: you can’t argue with demagogues. Tamerloon throws a bitch fest every time something goes against his will, his attacks on Stoner are no exception.

      Tamerloon has a history of unprovoked attacks against men and treating them as disposable utilities. When Stoner tackled CS MGTOW fascist ideas of the minimal enfranchisement age, Tamerloon has repeatedly insulted and lashed out at Stoner. Even his name, Fist In the Face Of Misandry, he stole from someone called Thrash, whom he doxxed on Youtube with his gang to make him leave.

        • “Did he just admit to being KKKirea???”

          I think he speaks untruth about more recent events, when Darksats brought up Tamerloon’s “white privilege doesn’t exist” post as a so-called proof of Tamerloon being racist. While Tamerloon’s no saint himself, accuses people of racism and inceldom at a drop of a hat, and now everyone who disagrees with him gets smeared as an intersectional feminist, I felt the move was rather harmful….

          I’m fine with Tamerloon’s cult for white Western men. He can do what he wants to do after all, and he can keep obsessively hating on the Western left to his heart’s content for abandoning him. I don’t like the fact Tamerloon’s not upfront about it, and acts as a dodgy slimeball when challenged directly. It’s funny he and his brigade’re so queazy about Jagoff Don-0-van articles, feeling they can dictate you to stop, since Don-0-van’s got no power. The white man hating left’s got no mainstream political representation too, so the accusation can be returned, but he’ll ban you for that of course.

          Anyway, I doubt he cares about men that much at all….

      • No response; very strange.

        I think Tamerloon PMed The Man In The Orbital Castle to slander me and other men behind our backs.

    • “Stoner is a nut case who has been shit posting porn over your blog and falsely accusing people of being part of the KKK.

      Stoner is an intersectional feminist of some sort, but only left feminism when he realised feminists shat on black men too. Stoner would be a intersectional feminist if they only attacked white men.”

      I’ve never looked closely into your alleged meltdown but with this post you’ve finally proven that you’re a nut, Tamerlame.

      • “I’ve never looked closely into your alleged meltdown” Pretending to be an impartial observer.

        ” but with this post you’ve finally proven that you’re a nut, Tamerlame.”

        There is nothing nutty in what a say you dishonest person. You know this yourself thus you are gaslighting.

        Stoner attacking me for denying white privilege and calling me a member of the KKK is acting like an intersectional feminist, and I would guess he tried joining a feminist group in the past.

        Stoner has spammed porn in this very blog.

        Gaslighting and being so blatantly dishonest, you are the one who is a nut, and is deeply deranged.

    • I have seen your post on reddit. So you want old islamic style patriarchy traditionalism? where men did all the work while women sit at home. but men used to beat women and women had no rights? confusing. tfm has asked for more or less the same if i recollect. he said to me he want soft patriarchy.

    • Johnny sez:

      Did OmegaVirginRevolt blow his brains out? Seems like it.

      Freedom From Gynocracy is an internet web log. It’s not some some sort of supervised probation program where we are forced to regularly provide an update on our whereabouts and status. Participants and hosts come and go as they like, and when regulars wander off to pursue other interests it’s not because they’ve been harmed (other than, perhaps, by boredom).

      HTH, HANDF


    • Boxer,

      you are one of our own goys…

      Let’s celebrate the love of the white man as only us nationalists can…

        • yeah, lots of white women are racist but when I try to recruit, it doesn’t go well.

          here’s a screencrap for you

  25. Just think, even a month ago, pieces of shit like Amanda Marcote, David Futrelle and Hugs Skeezer would’ve gladly made fun of a low status male who staid home and played video games. Now, staying home and playing video games is the best many people can do right now. What a fucking weird world we live in.

    • what a load of crap…

      it “celebrates” that POS Roosh basically saying he would like to see half of men die off with a virus…

      he is a real Piece of Excrement….

  26. Pingback: …this blog doesn’t have a purpose… – stonerwithaboner

  27. good vid here….

    most surprising part is he discusses how pua’s exploit incels….

    hopefully it means the narrative is changing and eventually garbage like futrelle and marcote will be shown to the world as the bigots they are…

  28. “What would have helped both Bourdain and incel men is hating women.”
    Whatever you hate is what controls you. The only way for any man, whether incel or Chad, to break free from the tyranny of gynocentrism is to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. The only way for any of you to be truly free of women’s control is to forgive them by understanding that they do not know what they are doing. By doing this you become completely free to take the reigns of civilization and steer it back toward a firm patriarchy.
    But you are too weak to forgive, confusing true benevolence and kindness for weakness, just as women do.
    You have become what you hate, as is always inevitable.

    I wish you the best.

  29. Oh hai misogynists,

    Here’s moi:

    Offering BJ’s, which one of you wants to man up?

  30. Nope, not for me, I’m going to take Jack Donovanup for his invitation of some mangina!

    (But David Futrelle is first!)

  31. Empowered Toronto feminazis hate men, and they walk naked on the street for young children, while using Toronto Police to arrest men for eye rape disguised as “criminal harassment”.

  32. Most Toronto women are feminist shit.

    Never forget Marc Lepine and Alek Minassian like the Jews to the Holocaust. The Canadian government wages war on 99% men and reward the top 1% of men with these feminist man-haters.

  33. Brit tw*t radica lising Canadian women to h8 men using the guvernment funded TVO:

    Can Extreme Misogyny Be Stopped?The Agenda with Steve PaikinView Transcript
    Laura Bates is the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project,

  34. @Minaj: Marc Lepine was a hero. Canada is the inverse to Saudi Arabia [a pro-woman cuntry]

    If he was alive today, he would have gone after the terrorist loving Justin Trudeau for treason. Chanty Binx, Stephanie Guthrie, Mandi Gray and those lying feminazi whores would be exterminated, and for good reason.

    • Toronto…that is where dreams are broken.
      There’s nothing you can do

      Only the few like Mark Lepine tried, but Toronto is different than Montreal.

  35. TORONTO!

    That is where dreams are broken,
    There;s nothing you can do
    When you’re in Toronto!
    The thots will enrage you
    Your wife will divorce you
    Now you’re in Toronto, ronto, ronto!

    Jay Z:

    You immigrate to Canada
    stuck in Toronto
    Your women don’t wanna deal with ya
    They want a Chad’s cum
    Brown skin, black skin ,man have no rights there

    Toronto the city of sin
    Chads with cunts here
    The system rigged
    None of y’all won’t get laid
    Unless you’re a member of tribe, Chad or Bay Street banker
    Toronto was the dream
    Broken to smithereens
    You’re homeless now, man go to jump the DVP
    Now you’re in Toronto!

  36. Toronto women naked right with the children
    Pika pika chu!
    Go Pikachu
    Pika pika chu
    Toronto women faint
    Pika pika chu chu!
    Pow pow Mankey Hitmonlee Staryu

    Toronto womyn suck
    Feminist Steph Guthrie
    Mandi Gray a bitch
    Chanty Binx fish
    Toronto Gomorrah
    Feminazis Canada
    Pikachu and Staryu!
    Staryu flood the Gay Pride
    Pikachu use Thunder
    Get rid of SJW

  37. Toronto is a city run by the son of a billionaire’s lawyer, in a province run by the son of a politician, in a country run by the son of a politician, on behalf of a Monarchy.

    You know, a real meritocracy.

    Feminisms is an elite movement.

  38. Marco muzzo got off free and he killed childten.his dad is a billionaire.
    Thousands of “social justice” women flock to his dating profile, begging to lick his arsehole, though he’s responsible for the murder of children.

    Thats canada.

    • Toronto is a city for the rich men, and the thousands of women who chase after the “Chads” of Bay Street:

      Don’t end up trapped in a coffin like tent within a park:

  39. This is the state of Toronto women: They are nude in public, but cover their bodies when around non-eligible men:

    • Ryu was a huge fag. Some suspected he was crybaby Chris “piss his pants” Cantwell. What a piece of shit. Int was funny how scumfuc% Paul Elam kissed up to white nationalists. And that C#nt gurl reiches whut, she, er, Zhing or whatever pronoun it demands hated low status non suite men but anted them to work for it’s causes. Fuck the MRM!

  40. boxer hear,

    got to have seXXXy time with the gayest of the alt reich…

    my booty isn’t sore because they all have micro you know whats…

    • “https://www.redditmedia.com/r/prostatemassage2/comments/pey6zs/never_waste_a_milking/?ref_source=embed&ref=share&embed=true” sandbox=”allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups” style=”border: none;” height=”429″ width=”640″ scrolling=”no”

  41. I am sooo triggered reich now!

    One of you hindu muffin IT goys hacked in and put this on our computers!

    Hate Crime!

    Hate Crime!

  42. goys, dis ain’t funny

    you are hurting our recruiting efforts, next you will warn racist white guys not to get drunk with us and that a sore rectum is not a natural part of a hangover!

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