Women Get A Pussy Pass When It Comes To Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are more pervasive among women than you realize.  The reason you may not have noticed this fact is because a conspiracy theory only tends to get called a conspiracy theory if a man says it.  For example, you don’t see skeptics spending time on exposing conspiracy theories like the incel virgin domestic terrorist organization conspiracy theories or the conspiracy theory that the MRM has taken over local, state, & federal law enforcement along with the national security & intelligence agencies.

Another reason you may not realize how pervasive conspiracy theories are among women because it involves pointless shit you don’t care about.  For example, there are conspiracy theories about the action, Benedict Cumberbatch, and his wife, Sophie Hunter.  There is a legion of female fans of Benedict Cumberbatch obsessed with him that believe Sophie Hunter is either a prostitute, a hired PR girlfriend, a blackmailer, a con artist, a domestic abuser, or mentally ill.  They also believe that his marriage, his wife’s pregnancy, and the existence of their child are are fake.  They even believe that anytime Benedict Cumberbatch has been seen with his child, that he was actually carrying around a plastic doll.

The conspiracy theories that women believe in are no better than the conspiracy theories that the manuresphere believes in.  The only difference is that when it comes to conspiracy theories women are not getting called out like men do.  Women are getting a pussy pass when it comes to conspiracy theories and are not being held to the same standard as men.

Cuck VS. Mangina

Dr. van nostrand said the following.

Slight OT: I wonder how much this cuckservative silliness ties into white nationalist own feelings of sexual inadequacy. I mean if u look at how they describe the black male sexual vitality as a threat , it sounds damn near pornographic. .”aggressive “,”muscular”,”dominant “,”predatory”,”virile” are words that often come up. It’s like almostike reading 50 shades of gray with all these racist oh Im sorry I mean race realist hbd blogs. BTW the cuck buster Donald Trump cheerleader Ann Coulter was herself mocked as a Coalburner until a couple of years ago for dating not just Indians and blacks but black Muslims with nation of Islam links as well.Guess neo nazis forgive and forget easily lol

A lot of the white vagina worshiping nationalist use of the word, cuck, has to do with feelings of sexual inadequacy, repressed homosexuality, etc.  There is more to it.  It’s a way to blame (black, Jewish, etc.) men for what white women have done.  The only way for a man to be a “cuck” is if another man is involved.  This lets the (white) woman off the hook for her behavior by blaming another man.  This is what is at the heart of their racism, blaming black men, Jewish men, and other non-white men for what white women have done.  White women are nothing more than victims of non-white men to white vagina worshiping nationalists, and so are they.  This is the same thing that is seen in conspiracy theory.  The conspiracy in a conspiracy theory is always made up of a group of men.

Since white vagina worshiping nationalists started using the word, cuck, I haven’t seen them use the word, mangina, at all.  There is a reason for this.  A mangina is a man is has submitted to and obeys women regardless of how it harms him.  There is no other man involved so the white vagina worshiping nationalists would be forced to hold (white) women accountable for their actions.  Obviously, white vagina worshiping nationalists don’t want to do this so they accuse men of being cucks instead of manginas so that they can blame men for what (white) women have done.

Both Conspiracy Theorists And Feminists Demand You “Listen And Believe”

We have been talking a lot lately about the Cultural Marxism/Frankfurt School conspiracy theory.  With this conspiracy theory, there is a lack of original references about cultural marxism from the Frankfurt School’s own texts.  (This is common in a lot of conspiracy theories besides the cultural marxism conspiracy theory.)  If you want to know what happens when you ask for an original source reference from cultural marxism conspiracy theorists, take a look at what happened when Boxer tried asked for a original source reference on the subject.  (This was after another person who tried to pass off a youtube video as “proof” of the cultural marxism conspiracy theory which didn’t reference any original sources.)

Boxer, knock off the faux-scepticism. The Frankfurt School’s influence on Cultural Marxism is undeniable. They literally *invented the term*; they talk about it in their papers. The idea that it’s a conspiracy theory is Leftist whitewashing, and an attempt at covering their tracks to delude the masses.

Boxer then asks for the specific source where the Frankfurt School invented the term, “cultural marxism”.  After that the conspiracy theorists do nothing but throw links at Boxer that have no references to any original source material and attack Boxer for asking for references to original source material.  Boxer describes what is happening with an excellent analogy.

Citing sources that you’ve never read is a problem, no? It’d be like arguing that the author of Dalrock blog is a misogynist who has written articles on his blog encouraging men to play grab-ass with random chicks on the street. When (and it’d be when, not if) the claimant was asked for a source, he’d post links to Amanda Marcotte and Manboobz, who made that claim.

The problem with all these conspiracy theories is that the sources are mostly online, free for anyone to read. You’re going to run into people like me, who have read them all and written peer-reviewed journal articles on the original sources, who will have to say “he’s an internet kook” when people wonder where you’re pulling all this nonsense from. Sadly, it makes everything else you say suspect.

Whenever you ask a conspiracy theorist for a reference to original source material, they will almost never provide it.  Instead they will give you youtube videos and other links that provide no references to original source material.  They love youtube videos because they are trying to hide the fact that what they are saying has no connection to original source material.  In the rare cases, you get a reference to a piece of original source material, one of two things will happen.  Either the original source material never existed, or the original source material says something completely different.

Boxer makes an apt comparison to feminism.  Feminists want you to “listen and believe” instead of investigating and evaluating evidence.  Conspiracy theorists want you to “listen and believe” instead of investigating and evaluating evidence, too.  This is another example of how feminism and conspiracy theory is similar.  Never listen and believe.  Always demand evidence and original source material.  If someone whether a feminist or a conspiracy theorist refuses to produce references to original source material or produces false references to original source material, assume they are lying because most likely, they are.

It Is All About Conspiracy Theorists Making Excuses For Their Lack Of Action

Tamerlame asked about this Yuri Bezmenov video and why it is linked to antifeminism.  If you bother to watch the video (and watching it is a waste of time), you will notice that feminism is not brought up at all in the video.  So why is this video linked to antifeminism at all?  There are two reasons.  First, conspiracy theory is filled with old men who are fighting enemies that no longer exist like communists.  They are incapable of dealing with the reality that communism is dead so they still imagine communist conspiracies.

Second, the video talks about what would be called “useful idiots” getting theirs.  Conspiracy theorists don’t believe that feminism is actually bad.  They believe that a secret entity is behind feminism, and that entity is bad.  One thing that is either implied or explicitly stated in conspiracy theories about feminism is that whenever whoever is behind feminism is done with it, they will remove feminism.  In the video, part of the plan for communist takeover involves murdering supporters of the communist takeover who are considered too dangerous to keep around for whatever reason.  Similarly, conspiracy theories only see feminists as “useful idiots” that will be eliminated by the conspiracy eventually.  Conspiracy theorists find this comforting since it means they don’t have to do anything.  Someone else will take care of the problem even if it is the the same conspiracy they’re fighting against.

Conspiracy theorists don’t want to accept that there isn’t a plan behind feminism.  They find the idea the feminism doesn’t have a plan behind it to be scary since it requires conspiracy theorists to actually do something about it.  If there’s a plan behind feminism, then conspiracy theorists can justify their laziness and cowardice.  Similar thinking that leads to inaction and apathy is pervasive in conspiracy theory and has been documented in scientific studies.  We see conspiracy theories bitch a lot on the internet, but nothing beyond that.  Given the nature of the conspiracy theories they believe in (i.e. conspiracies to murder 80% or more of the world’s population), we would expect conspiracy theorists to try to stop the conspiracy from implementing their plans, but conspiracy theorists never do that.  If you question conspiracy theorists on why they don’t do anything about the conspiracies they believe in, they will give excuses like accusing anyone trying to do something as “controlled opposition”.  In other words, anyone who tries to oppose the conspiracy is really working for the conspiracy.  It is a Kafkatrap that provides an excuse for conspiracy theorists to be lazy cowards.

Another excuse that you will commonly see from conspiracy theorists is that the conspiracy is “spiritual”.  Thus, the conspiracy can only defeated with “spiritual” means which requires something like the return of Jesus.  This is just another example of conspiracy theorists being lazy cowards since they are using Jesus as an excuse to not do anything.  There are other excuses that conspiracy theorists come up with to avoid doing anything, but they are all the same.  Somebody else is going to conveniently take care of all the problems caused by the conspiracy even if it is the conspiracy itself.  The reason why the Yuri Bezmenov video is linked to feminism is because it is a way for conspiracy theorists to make excuses for their lack of action against feminism.

Manurespherians Are Cultural Marxists

There’s this conspiracy theory that “Cultural Marxists” were behind feminism.  Cultural Marxism is an obscure set of ideas created by the Frankfurt School.  Except for people doing very in depth studies of philosophy, cultural marxism and the Frankfurt School was unknown because it had little to no effect on the world.  Somehow conspiracy theorists found the Frankfurt School and decided to make them a conspiracy theory.  It’s the same thing that conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck did with Agenda 21. Agenda 21 was an obscure non-binding policy paper created in 1992. Nobody cared about it until a few years ago until Glenn Beck decided to lie about it to sell books.  Now, Agenda 21 conspiracy theories are everywhere.

Cultural marxism and the Frankfurt School had nothing to do with feminism except that feminists hated the Frankfurt School. This is a historical fact. In particular, they hated Theodor Adorno, a leading member of the Frankfurt School, to the point where feminists disrupted his last public lecture with a topless protest in an attempt to shut it down.  In other words, the cultural marxist conspiracy theory has everything backwards.

What the Frankfurt School was mainly about was criticizing the Enlightenment.  The manuresphere also criticizes the Enlightenment.  And both groups criticism of the Enlightenment is pretty similar. Despite all the verbal diarrhea of the manuresphere and related conspiracy theorists, they are not against cultural marxism. Ironically, they are cultural marxists.

Conspiracy Theorists Want To Put You In A Concentration Camp

Conspiracy theorists believe that there is a secret plan to implement a totalitarian surveillance state.  They also believe that there is a secret plan to force people into concentration camps.  (Although, they refer to those concentration camps as “FEMA camps” since they think that FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, runs them.)  Conspiracy theorists talk about these things over and over again.  You can see that within the manuresphere or outside of it.  Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that they are against a totalitarian surveillance state and concentration camps.  To show just how much he was against the latter, Alex Jones once attacked Michelle Malkin for defending the internment of Japanese-Americans.

Yet, conspiracy theorists want a totalitarian surveillance state and concentration camps.  This became clear when Donald Trump went on the Alex Jones show and spoke about the “need” for state surveillance.

After Jones assured Trump that his memory was correct and that there were “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in the streets of New Jersey on 9/11, the front-runner explained why this fact was so important. Trump said that we know many of “these people” are “evil” and “we need proper surveillance, whether it’s a mosque or anywhere else. Because we’re not going to have a country anymore.

Trump said that not only do we need surveillance on Mosques, but pretty much everywhere.  Since Alex Jones has been a vocal opponent of the state engaging in surveillance in the past (although he has been more of an opponent of his fantasies about state surveillance than actual reality), one would expect him to strongly disagree with Trump and call him a fascist.  That did not happen, and Alex Jones still supports Trump.  Similarly, we have not seen any reaction from the manuresphere, and they are still sucking Trump’s dick.

In fact, there are plenty of examples of conspiracy theorists supporting what Trump wanted to do not opposing it.

Conspiracy theorists are fine with the surveillance state and concentration/FEMA camps provided their man is in charge of it.  Psychological research has shown that conspiracy theorists believe in conspiracy theories because they want to do what the conspiracy theories say.  They want a surveillance state and concentration camps.  Their “opposition” to them is only because they believe that their enemies were in charge of those things.  It is a massive case of projection on the part of conspiracy theorists to believe that their enemies are even interested in a surveillance state and concentration camps.

This also answers the question of why conspiracy theorists never do anything to stop the alleged conspiracies they believe in.   While it is still true that conspiracy theorists don’t do anything because conspiracy theory is a scam and conspiracy theorists are incapable of accomplishing anything, there is a darker reason why conspiracy theorists do nothing to stop the alleged conspirators.  It is because they want everything they accuse their alleged enemies of doing.  They want the surveillance state and the concentration camps.  However, conspiracy theorists don’t want to stop them because they want to take them over when their alleged enemies are finished building them.  Since there is no secret plan for FEMA camps or anything else in conspiracy theory, conspiracy theorists will be the ultimate layabouts forever.

Who do conspiracy theorists want to put in their concentration camps?  Clearly, the answer is non-mangina men.  We know this because Alex Jones said that men aren’t the “full species of humanity” but that women are. He also said that men were meant to die for women.  In other words, men are only half human (which is the same as saying not human) according to Alex Jones.  It is clear from his words that Alex Jones (along with other conspiracy theorists) would have no problem putting men in concentration camps.  That means that conspiracy theorists want to put you and me in concentration camps since we refuse to die for women.

LIHOP And MIHOP Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theories

There are two types of 9/11 conspiracy theories, LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) and MIHOP (made it happen on purpose).  In LIHOP 9/11 conspiracy theories, Al-Queda actually did 9/11, but the government was aware that it was going to happen and intentionally decided not to do anything about it.  In MIHOP 9/11 conspiracy theories the government actually did 9/11 such as by hijacking the planes themselves or putting explosives in the World Trade Center.  One thing I have noticed about the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory is that it is starting to adopt the idea that the government is letting incel virgin men engage in mass shootings.  Potentially, this is will lead to a MIHOP conspiracy theory where the government will be accused of facilitating mass shootings by incel virgin men.

One example of the LIHOP Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory is from feminist Laurie Penny.  She demands that the mass shooters be treated as “terrorists” and says that they only reason they’re not is because the government refuses to treat white men as terrorists.  Thus, according to Penny, the government is letting incel virgin men engage in mass shootings by refusing to treat them as terrorists.  In other words, the government is letting mass shootings by incel virgin men happen on purpose.  This is a lie for multiple reasons.  First, not all of the shooters are white.  For example, the most recent shooter in Oregon was mixed race.  Second, the government does go after white men they consider to be terrorists such as the KKK and and white supremacist terrorist groups.  (If you expand that to include white criminal organizations, you can add the mafia to that list.)

Other examples are much worse.  Here is an example from the GamerGhazi subreddit (which had to do with an alleged swatting from 8chan that probably never happened, but I’m sure this person believes in the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory).

The FBI has already had several chances to stop these guys, but Agent No Reply continues to be Agent No Show.

I know there are many fine officers of law enforcement, but how many MRAs are there in LEA, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security? How many white nationalists? Percentage higher than that of the general population? Any way to even know?

It’s not like these are particularly feminist agencies (Google the stats for female officers and agents. 80+% male is typical.).

Are women’s safety issues being downplayed or outright silently dismissed because the guys in charge of our safety are part of the problem?

Not only do these women believe in a fictitious Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization, they think it has infiltrated law enforcement and the national security establishment.  (Women think that incel virgin men, 4chan, 8chan, internet trolls, #GamerGate, the MRM, and so forth are all the same.)  What’s really happening is that the accusations against incel virgin men, MRAs, #GamerGate, etc. are false, so nothing is happening to them. What do women expect to be done about the non-existent problem of the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization?  Put guys who look like they haven’t gotten laid in a while into camps?  Arrest 4chan posters for trolling or making fake death threats against no one in particular (assuming that they have even done that)?  With the latter, to find those “death threats” you have to go to 4chan and search them out.  It’s not like they are calling in bomb threats to colleges.  In other words, that’s half way to a fishing expedition.  No court will take that seriously.

Also, there are actual criminal and terrorist organizations for law enforcement and national security to track whereas the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization does not exist.  Since it’s a safe bet that law enforcement and the national security establishment are going to concern themselves with actual terrorists and criminals, expect women’s LIHOP conspiracy theories to turn into MIHOP conspiracy theories out of frustration that law enforcement and the national security establishment are actually doing their jobs.


The Just World Fallacy & The Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory

There’s a myth going around that the recent Oregon shooter was an incel (involuntary celibate) virgin.  The justification for this is based on posts he allegedly made on the r9k board on 4chan.  That’s very weak evidence, and it turns out that r9k was trying to frame one of its own users, Eggman, as the shooter.  Even if other evidence supposedly surfaces that the shooter was an incel virgin, it should be treated with skepticism.  The media said that he is a white supremacist, even though he is actually mixed race, so the media can not be trusted to report accurate details about the shooter.

The real reason so many people want to label the Oregon shooter an incel virgin isn’t about the whatever was written on 4chan.  It’s because they believe in the just world fallacy in dating and sex (which is the basis of the feminist time machine).  They think, correctly, that murdering lots of people makes a man evil, but then they assume that evil men can’t get laid or get into relationships with women.  Thus, in the minds of most people being evil and being an incel virgin is one in the same.  They also believe that if one is true than the other is true as well.  In other words, this isn’t a case of evil men are incel virgins, but only some incel virgins are evil.  What they believe is that being an incel virgin alone is evidence that a man is evil and will go around raping women and murdering people.

Believing that being evil and being incel virgin man is the same is very dangerous for incel virgin men.  For example, DailyKos is now promoting a conspiracy theory that r9k is an “online domestic terrorist organization”Some DailyKos users are suggesting that a list get created to track men, who I guess they would suspect of being incel virgins later, starting in third grade. (By their own admission such a list would be illegal and unconstitutional, but that doesn’t seem to bother them.)  Other DailyKos users want the NSA to track incel virgin men.  (I’m certain that everyone on DailyKos who wants the NSA to spy on incel virgin men was previously against NSA spying).  There are even some other DailyKos users who think that the government is intentionally turning a blind eye to the so called “incel virgin terrorism”, possibly as a method to keep the public in a state of panic.

Such reactions aren’t limited to DailyKos.  Jezebel declared that “sexually frustrated men” are “the real terrorists.  (Notice how “sexually frustrated men” is a much larger category than incel virgin men.)  Jezebel also demanded that “sexually frustrated men” be castrated (obviously such as castration would not be voluntary).

Other reactions appear to be less extreme at first glance, but on further analysis are not.  Someone at Reddit is suggesting that camps be created for incel virgin men. That person had to put that they didn’t mean concentration camps in the title (which in itself is very revealing).  If you read the link, it doesn’t sound sinister until that person says “lets round them up”.  Even in a conversation about incel virgin men that looks innocuous on the surface still treats incel virgin men as terrorists who are going to snap at any second.

There are many more examples I could document, but this where the just world fallacy in dating and sex leads.  If a man has any trouble getting getting laid or getting into a relationship, then lots of people, especially women, believe him to be evil, on the verge of a murderous rampage, and part of a incel virgin domestic terrorist organization (that is nothing but a conspiracy theory) that requires NSA spying to stop (NSA spying they were formerly against).

You are not safe if you aren’t an incel virgin.  Jezebel included all “sexually frustrated men” as terrorists.  DailyKos included #GamerGate as part of the incel virgin domestic terrorist organization conspiracy theory, as well as the MRM & MGTOW.  If they don’t like something about you, then you will be accused of being an incel virgin, so that people can treat you as if you were synonymous with evil and part of a domestic terrorist organization.

MGTOW Has No Commander

There have been several anti-MGTOW meltdowns recently from Dean Esmay, John the Other, and Fatt Fuck Fornedarmu.  This included attacks on MGTOW included attacks on Barbarossaa.  Fatt Fuck Fornedarmu even said that MGTOW has been taken over by the “cult of Barbarossaa”.  Not only is that clearly a lie, it’s impossible.  MGTOW is too decentralized for that.  Most men who choose to go their own way never hear about the term, MGTOW, much less Barbarossaa.

What is with the obsession with Barbarossaa?  It comes from the fact that none of them can understand that many men would analyze the nature of women and come to the same conclusion independently of each other.  The manuresphere is filled with conspiracy theorists, and they assume everything is a conspiracy theory.  One aspect of conspiracy theories I have noticed is the “commander”, and the commanders in conspiracy theories are always obeyed.   In any conspiracy theory there is never an example of disagreements between the “commander” and his underlings.  That’s absurd and is contrary to everything we know about organizational dynamics (and history as well).  And that is true even for totalitarian states.  (Some manurespherians will realize this but to get around the contradiction, they will say that the devil is the “commander” of the world because a supernatural entity need not be bound by human limitations.  This is the same line of reasoning that leads to the belief that women aren’t responsible for their actions because they’re possessed by demons.)  Even though its absurd, this is how the manuresphere thinks that things work.  Ironically, the closest thing that has unquestioned commanders is the manuresphere itself.  Manurespherians obey and rarely question the big names in the manuresphere despite evidence all around them that the leaders of the manuresphere are full of shit.  In many cases it’s self evident because the manuresphere is filled with 300 pound fat fucks who obviously can’t get laid without paying for it.  While many manurespherians are delusional enough to believe their “commanders”, I suspect that the rest of the manurespherians don’t question their “commanders” for political or ideological reasons.

MGTOW is not screwed up like that, but the manuresphere can’t understand that since they thing everything else works like the manuresphere.  Thus the manuresphere is on this quest to find and eliminate the commander of MGTOW.  Right now, they’re focused on Barbarossaa because he’s the closest thing they can find.  Even if they managed to eliminate Barbarossaa (which would never happen because the manuresphere is ineffectual at everything it does), MGTOW would go on because Barbarossaa is not the commander of MGTOW.  MGTOW has no commander.  It never has had a commander, and it never will.  That’s not just because the manuresphere’s belief in commander’s is absurd.  MGTOW comes from the bottom up decisions of individual men, not the top down orders of a commander.  This is why MGTOW will outlast the manuresphere.  The manuresphere requires you to ignore what is right in front of you on the orders of its leaders and such a mentality has already reached its limits.  The only thing needed for a man to go his own way is to rationally analyze his situation.  It doesn’t even require contact with other MGTOW.