Conspiracy Theorists Want To Put You In A Concentration Camp

Conspiracy theorists believe that there is a secret plan to implement a totalitarian surveillance state.  They also believe that there is a secret plan to force people into concentration camps.  (Although, they refer to those concentration camps as “FEMA camps” since they think that FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, runs them.)  Conspiracy theorists talk about these things over and over again.  You can see that within the manuresphere or outside of it.  Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that they are against a totalitarian surveillance state and concentration camps.  To show just how much he was against the latter, Alex Jones once attacked Michelle Malkin for defending the internment of Japanese-Americans.

Yet, conspiracy theorists want a totalitarian surveillance state and concentration camps.  This became clear when Donald Trump went on the Alex Jones show and spoke about the “need” for state surveillance.

After Jones assured Trump that his memory was correct and that there were “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in the streets of New Jersey on 9/11, the front-runner explained why this fact was so important. Trump said that we know many of “these people” are “evil” and “we need proper surveillance, whether it’s a mosque or anywhere else. Because we’re not going to have a country anymore.

Trump said that not only do we need surveillance on Mosques, but pretty much everywhere.  Since Alex Jones has been a vocal opponent of the state engaging in surveillance in the past (although he has been more of an opponent of his fantasies about state surveillance than actual reality), one would expect him to strongly disagree with Trump and call him a fascist.  That did not happen, and Alex Jones still supports Trump.  Similarly, we have not seen any reaction from the manuresphere, and they are still sucking Trump’s dick.

In fact, there are plenty of examples of conspiracy theorists supporting what Trump wanted to do not opposing it.

Conspiracy theorists are fine with the surveillance state and concentration/FEMA camps provided their man is in charge of it.  Psychological research has shown that conspiracy theorists believe in conspiracy theories because they want to do what the conspiracy theories say.  They want a surveillance state and concentration camps.  Their “opposition” to them is only because they believe that their enemies were in charge of those things.  It is a massive case of projection on the part of conspiracy theorists to believe that their enemies are even interested in a surveillance state and concentration camps.

This also answers the question of why conspiracy theorists never do anything to stop the alleged conspiracies they believe in.   While it is still true that conspiracy theorists don’t do anything because conspiracy theory is a scam and conspiracy theorists are incapable of accomplishing anything, there is a darker reason why conspiracy theorists do nothing to stop the alleged conspirators.  It is because they want everything they accuse their alleged enemies of doing.  They want the surveillance state and the concentration camps.  However, conspiracy theorists don’t want to stop them because they want to take them over when their alleged enemies are finished building them.  Since there is no secret plan for FEMA camps or anything else in conspiracy theory, conspiracy theorists will be the ultimate layabouts forever.

Who do conspiracy theorists want to put in their concentration camps?  Clearly, the answer is non-mangina men.  We know this because Alex Jones said that men aren’t the “full species of humanity” but that women are. He also said that men were meant to die for women.  In other words, men are only half human (which is the same as saying not human) according to Alex Jones.  It is clear from his words that Alex Jones (along with other conspiracy theorists) would have no problem putting men in concentration camps.  That means that conspiracy theorists want to put you and me in concentration camps since we refuse to die for women.

More Men Are Discovering That They Need To Avoid Women

Originally, I was going to write about conspiracy theorists and their obsession with imaginary pedophilia today.  However, that needs to be preempted for this post.

When I started suggesting several years ago that men need to avoid women as much as possible, I was accused of being paranoid many times.  Yet over time, there are more and more examples of men who agree with me.  They don’t agree with me because they read my blog.  They chose the most rational path for their lives based on what they saw with their own two eyes.  For example, “Hank”, one of the two men who were the victims of Donglegate, is now choosing to avoid female software developers.

In the last couple of days, another major example has come to light proving the need to avoid women.  Eric S. Raymond or ESR, a big name in the open source software community, found out that the ADA initiative, a feminist tech organization which thankfully no longer exists, had a plan to go after well known people in the open source community by getting them alone and then falsely accusing them of sexual assault. Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, was one of their main targets. They tried their scheme on him several times, but it failed. ESR said, “if you are any kind of open-source leader or senior figure who is male, do not be alone with any female, ever, at a technical conference. Try to avoid even being alone, ever, because there is a chance that a “women in tech” advocacy group is going to try to collect your scalp”. The conversation at ESR’s blog also brings up mentoring women in tech and how that should be avoided as well.

While this is particularly shocking, more and more men are choosing to avoid women to one degree or another.  Men from members to Congress to college professors are avoiding being alone with women now.  It happens enough that women are creating a conspiracy theory that men are trying to shut them out instead of protect themselves.

The next step for these men is to realize that they need to avoid women as much as possible.  I realized that several years ago, and we will see more and more men realize this over time.  The reality is that women are dangerous, and the only way for men to protect themselves is to avoid women.  Many men are coming to this conclusion independently of each other because it is simply reality.

LIHOP And MIHOP Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theories

There are two types of 9/11 conspiracy theories, LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) and MIHOP (made it happen on purpose).  In LIHOP 9/11 conspiracy theories, Al-Queda actually did 9/11, but the government was aware that it was going to happen and intentionally decided not to do anything about it.  In MIHOP 9/11 conspiracy theories the government actually did 9/11 such as by hijacking the planes themselves or putting explosives in the World Trade Center.  One thing I have noticed about the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory is that it is starting to adopt the idea that the government is letting incel virgin men engage in mass shootings.  Potentially, this is will lead to a MIHOP conspiracy theory where the government will be accused of facilitating mass shootings by incel virgin men.

One example of the LIHOP Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory is from feminist Laurie Penny.  She demands that the mass shooters be treated as “terrorists” and says that they only reason they’re not is because the government refuses to treat white men as terrorists.  Thus, according to Penny, the government is letting incel virgin men engage in mass shootings by refusing to treat them as terrorists.  In other words, the government is letting mass shootings by incel virgin men happen on purpose.  This is a lie for multiple reasons.  First, not all of the shooters are white.  For example, the most recent shooter in Oregon was mixed race.  Second, the government does go after white men they consider to be terrorists such as the KKK and and white supremacist terrorist groups.  (If you expand that to include white criminal organizations, you can add the mafia to that list.)

Other examples are much worse.  Here is an example from the GamerGhazi subreddit (which had to do with an alleged swatting from 8chan that probably never happened, but I’m sure this person believes in the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory).

The FBI has already had several chances to stop these guys, but Agent No Reply continues to be Agent No Show.

I know there are many fine officers of law enforcement, but how many MRAs are there in LEA, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security? How many white nationalists? Percentage higher than that of the general population? Any way to even know?

It’s not like these are particularly feminist agencies (Google the stats for female officers and agents. 80+% male is typical.).

Are women’s safety issues being downplayed or outright silently dismissed because the guys in charge of our safety are part of the problem?

Not only do these women believe in a fictitious Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization, they think it has infiltrated law enforcement and the national security establishment.  (Women think that incel virgin men, 4chan, 8chan, internet trolls, #GamerGate, the MRM, and so forth are all the same.)  What’s really happening is that the accusations against incel virgin men, MRAs, #GamerGate, etc. are false, so nothing is happening to them. What do women expect to be done about the non-existent problem of the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization?  Put guys who look like they haven’t gotten laid in a while into camps?  Arrest 4chan posters for trolling or making fake death threats against no one in particular (assuming that they have even done that)?  With the latter, to find those “death threats” you have to go to 4chan and search them out.  It’s not like they are calling in bomb threats to colleges.  In other words, that’s half way to a fishing expedition.  No court will take that seriously.

Also, there are actual criminal and terrorist organizations for law enforcement and national security to track whereas the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization does not exist.  Since it’s a safe bet that law enforcement and the national security establishment are going to concern themselves with actual terrorists and criminals, expect women’s LIHOP conspiracy theories to turn into MIHOP conspiracy theories out of frustration that law enforcement and the national security establishment are actually doing their jobs.


Libertarianism Is Becoming Another Form Of Gynosocialism

In a comment Tamerlane linked to this video from CS MGTOW on Libertarianism.  Before I start talking about the video, it’s important to understand why MRAs and MGTOW are attracted to Libertarianism.  Regardless of whatever the pluses or minuses of Libertarianism may be, the fact is most of government exists to benefit women.  Take any government social program and the beneficiaries are either mostly or all women.  The USDA even has a program called WIC which stands for women, infants, and children which obviously means that this program only benefits women.  The only example I could find of a government program that benefits men would be veterans’ benefits, but that’s a stretch to call it a social program.  Also, since women can serve in the military, they can access it too.  Plus, many men have died serving in the military so they could never see their veterans’ benefits by definition.  What is happened that any degree of socialism is really gynosocialism where women get all the benefits but men do nothing but pay taxes.  Looking at this, it becomes logical for men to support Libertarianism since government doesn’t do a single thing for men.

In fairness, there are socialists who see a problem with this, but they are marginalized by their fellow leftists as “brosocialists” or “brocialists”.  Also, there is no reason to have a lot of sympathy for the “brosocialists” since rather than realizing that gynosocialism is a cancer of the left, they will blame this on a right wing conspiracy to discredit socialism.  Regardless of that all socialism is gynosocialism now.

So doesn’t that mean we should all support Libertarianism if it’s far from perfect?  Not so fast.  The first problem is that many so called Libertarians are Libertarian in name only.  This is common in the manuresphere.  Many manurespherians say that they’re Libertarian yet they have never advocated for a distinctly Libertarian position and have been hostile to the Libertarian Party.  Manurespherians are also consider themselves “Libertarian” in bizarre ways.  CS MGTOW brought up an example from Hawaiian Fat Blob where he is against domestic violence shelters for men under any circumstances.  CS MGTOW brought up the point that this was a case of Libertarianism being used to hurt men, but it’s actually worse than that.  It’s one thing to say that domestic violence shelters for men shouldn’t be funded by the government.  It’s another to say that they should never exist, and that is not Libertarian.  While Libertarians would be against government funded domestic violence shelters for men, they would have no problem with a privately funded domestic violence shelter for men.  Hawaiian Fat Blob was advocating an anti-Libertarian position while lying about it being a Libertarian position.  None of this should be surprising since the manuresphere is constantly lying.

However, that’s a sideshow to the real problem that CS MGTOW spends most of the video talking about which is that Libertarianism is being taken over by women.  Watch the video for some good examples that show how Libertarians are accusing men of being statists while excusing female support for big government as women desperate for protection against evil men. The so called Libertarians can provide no evidence for their accusations against men so these Libertarians are guilty of false accusations against men.

With Libertarians making excuses for female support for big government, Libertarianism is becoming another form of gynosocialism. Where Libertarian Gynosocialism is unique compared to other forms of gynosocialism is that it has the potential to be the most dangerous form of gynosocialism. Due to historical reasons other forms of gynosocialism have to at least pretend to support non-gynosocialist government programs such as veterans’ benefits, fighting terrorism, etc. Libertarian Gynosocialism has no such problem. They can have a justification to squeeze out all other government spending in favor of government spending on women. Libertarian Gynosocialism has the potential to be the purest form of gynosocialism there is. Some will make the argument that at least under Libertarian Gynosocialism we will get rid of things like NSA spying. This will not happen because women want to use NSA spying to track incel virgin and other unattractive men who they incorrectly believe are all about to become mass shooters. The Libertarian Gynosocialists will give in to this demand so they won’t get rid of NSA spying.

There is no such thing as a political system that can prevent gynosocialism. Women and manginas will just wear it down until even political positions like Libertarianism become the opposite of what they are supposed to be. The problem here isn’t the what but the who. What needs to be done is keep both women and manginas out of government. Thus something like taking away the vote from women is not enough. Anyone who wants to take away the vote from women has a scheme they want to use such as only married men get to vote. This is guaranteeing that only manginas will be in government with women controlling the government by proxy.

Social change could solve the problem, but it won’t happen.  The problem is too connected to biological impulses for large scale social change.  It’s the same problem the Pak Protectors have. Only a small percentage of them were able to rise above their biology, and many of them who recognized their biology as a problem failed in their attempt to rise above it.  Thus the only solution is what the Pak Protectors who could rise above their biology tried which is setting up colonies in space far away from their homeworld.  We need to do the same and leave the women and manginas behind.

The Just World Fallacy & The Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory

There’s a myth going around that the recent Oregon shooter was an incel (involuntary celibate) virgin.  The justification for this is based on posts he allegedly made on the r9k board on 4chan.  That’s very weak evidence, and it turns out that r9k was trying to frame one of its own users, Eggman, as the shooter.  Even if other evidence supposedly surfaces that the shooter was an incel virgin, it should be treated with skepticism.  The media said that he is a white supremacist, even though he is actually mixed race, so the media can not be trusted to report accurate details about the shooter.

The real reason so many people want to label the Oregon shooter an incel virgin isn’t about the whatever was written on 4chan.  It’s because they believe in the just world fallacy in dating and sex (which is the basis of the feminist time machine).  They think, correctly, that murdering lots of people makes a man evil, but then they assume that evil men can’t get laid or get into relationships with women.  Thus, in the minds of most people being evil and being an incel virgin is one in the same.  They also believe that if one is true than the other is true as well.  In other words, this isn’t a case of evil men are incel virgins, but only some incel virgins are evil.  What they believe is that being an incel virgin alone is evidence that a man is evil and will go around raping women and murdering people.

Believing that being evil and being incel virgin man is the same is very dangerous for incel virgin men.  For example, DailyKos is now promoting a conspiracy theory that r9k is an “online domestic terrorist organization”Some DailyKos users are suggesting that a list get created to track men, who I guess they would suspect of being incel virgins later, starting in third grade. (By their own admission such a list would be illegal and unconstitutional, but that doesn’t seem to bother them.)  Other DailyKos users want the NSA to track incel virgin men.  (I’m certain that everyone on DailyKos who wants the NSA to spy on incel virgin men was previously against NSA spying).  There are even some other DailyKos users who think that the government is intentionally turning a blind eye to the so called “incel virgin terrorism”, possibly as a method to keep the public in a state of panic.

Such reactions aren’t limited to DailyKos.  Jezebel declared that “sexually frustrated men” are “the real terrorists.  (Notice how “sexually frustrated men” is a much larger category than incel virgin men.)  Jezebel also demanded that “sexually frustrated men” be castrated (obviously such as castration would not be voluntary).

Other reactions appear to be less extreme at first glance, but on further analysis are not.  Someone at Reddit is suggesting that camps be created for incel virgin men. That person had to put that they didn’t mean concentration camps in the title (which in itself is very revealing).  If you read the link, it doesn’t sound sinister until that person says “lets round them up”.  Even in a conversation about incel virgin men that looks innocuous on the surface still treats incel virgin men as terrorists who are going to snap at any second.

There are many more examples I could document, but this where the just world fallacy in dating and sex leads.  If a man has any trouble getting getting laid or getting into a relationship, then lots of people, especially women, believe him to be evil, on the verge of a murderous rampage, and part of a incel virgin domestic terrorist organization (that is nothing but a conspiracy theory) that requires NSA spying to stop (NSA spying they were formerly against).

You are not safe if you aren’t an incel virgin.  Jezebel included all “sexually frustrated men” as terrorists.  DailyKos included #GamerGate as part of the incel virgin domestic terrorist organization conspiracy theory, as well as the MRM & MGTOW.  If they don’t like something about you, then you will be accused of being an incel virgin, so that people can treat you as if you were synonymous with evil and part of a domestic terrorist organization.

Predatory Sex Therapists In Silicon Valley

I found this article about how sex therapy in Silicon Valley is a booming business.  What it doesn’t tell you is that these sex therapists are preying on male techies in a way that should be considered malpractice. Let’s look at what these sex therapists have to say.

There’s something else at play here, though: In general, tech workers are more vulnerable to issues around love and intimacy, according to several local sex therapists I’ve interviewed. The reasons for this are wide-ranging, but in Dan’s particular case, it resulted from being tagged as a prodigy at a young age. He excelled in science and was encouraged to pursue it to the exclusion of all else.

“These are the tropes of tech development,” says Elizabeth McGrath, his sex therapist, who shared his story with me. (McGrath did not give me her patient’s name, and asked me to use a pseudonym when writing about him.) “To his mind, and his processing, there was no desire to prioritize anything other than that.”

No, this is not a trope of tech development. Even by the sex therapist’s admission, tech guys are in a path created by external forces, yet she tries to make this the fault of tech guys. What actually happened is that these men were being groomed for The Reserves. However, it worked a little too well. These guys managed to avoid getting ensnared by used up women in a bizarre form of good luck for these guys. As we will see these sex therapists aren’t acting in the best interests of their male tech clients, but instead are trying to reroute them back into The Reserves.

“[These men] often spend their time in environments that are mostly male, like in school and tech offices,” explains another therapist, Celeste Hirschman. “So they don’t have a lot of practice just relating to women, period, let alone learning how to meet, pickup, seduce, touch.”

Of course, this is true, but that’s because women don’t want them until they need a chump with money to pay their bills. How do these sex therapists help men get practice with women?

Hirschman follows a less-traditional therapy method known as Somatica, which is “body-based” and allows for non-genital touch between the counselor and client, the idea being that there are things that can’t be learned through talk alone. For example, she will wrestle with clients just to get them out of their heads and into their bodies.

“Less traditional” likely means crackpot in this case.

“Getting them out of their heads” does not get them experience interacting with women. It certainly does not get these men experience actually having sex with women. And if they’re like the 40 year old male virgin that the article talks about, he is going to need significant sexual experience to have relationships with age appropriate women. Adult women who are virgins are practically nonexistent.

Another reason that a lack of sexual experience is a problem is that these tech guys won’t recognize women who are out to steal their money. The sex therapists say that such women don’t exist.

Hirschman says some of her clients will downplay or hide the money they make out of fear that it’s the primary reason a woman will be interested in them. “I had one client I was just talking to the other day, he said, ‘I don’t know if I want to bring women to my house right away because it’s a big, huge house and suddenly they’re wanting to nest after the second date and they haven’t even gotten to know me yet!’”

McGrath believes that while there may be women out there on the prowl for a Google billionaire, these men’s fears largely come from deep-seated personal insecurity. “Part of that is, ‘A woman couldn’t be interested in me for me,’” she says. “That is a common thread for many men who are in the tech industry. They have never been seen as ‘the boyfriend’ or felt attractive or sexy. They felt dorky or like outsiders.”

This is not personal insecurity. It is what they have observed not only in their own lives but in the lives of many other men. Playing this off as a problem that only affects “Google billionaires” is like saying that bank robbers only try to rob Fort Knox and not small town banks with lax security.

One thing that gets repeated over and over is how these tech guys are “too much in their own heads”. In other words, these sex therapists don’t want them thinking. In fact, these sex therapists attack everything that made the tech guys so successful.

Another common issue that these therapists encounter with tech clients is they treat sex like a line of broken code in need of debugging, or a mathematical equation. “That’s the crux of trying to interact with a human, though: there isn’t a formula,” says McGrath. “Human connection is not formulaic. Does it have statistics, can you look at data, can you research it and quantify it? Sure. But in one-to-one, it is always variable. That’s where those things fail.”

This is an admission that these sex therapists don’t want their male tech clients using their best asset, their brains, making observations, or using the scientific method. (As we know attacking the scientific method is common to purveyors of dating advice.) The tech guys might actually notice the real nature of women and how vile it is, not to mention that they are being scammed by their sex therapists.

However, there is a big problem for the sex therapists when they attack data and the scientific method. If the tech guys are wrong for using those tools, then sex therapy can’t be based on science which uses those tools. It means that what these sex therapists are doing is no better than voodoo. By selling their voodoo as therapy, these sex therapists are quacks and con artists. The reason they are in Silicon Valley is for the same reason that bank robbers rob banks. That’s because banks are where the money is, and in this case it has little to no security protecting it.