Dating Websites Are Useless

Dating websites are useless and dangerous.  Many of the profiles of women on dating websites don’t even exist.  Dating websites also end up being vehicles for massive phishing operations by criminal gangs.

Another problem with dating websites is that they are easily hacked.  Recently, a hacker created a hack on Tinder that tricked men who thought they were flirting with women into flirting with each other.  Not only do you have to worry about nonexistent women and phishing scams, that woman you met on a dating site might actually be a guy.  (And that guy might be a victim of the same scam believing you to be a woman.)

There’s a reason why dating websites are such a fertile ground for these problems.  They benefit from these sorts of scams because it increases use of their websites.  No dating website will beef up its security to prevent these problems.  In some cases, they may be behind what is happening.

Dating websites do nothing but prey on men.  Don’t bother using them.

Scams Are Everywhere In The Dating Industry

I talk a lot about scams in dating advice, but pretty much everything involved in dating has scams embedded in it.  Online dating certainly isn’t safe.  Netcraft has discovered that criminals are running MASSIVE phishing scams against online dating sites.  Netcraft describes how the online dating phishing scams work.

Online dating fraud is often orchestrated by criminal gangs who use fake profiles to trick victims into developing long distance relationships. Once the fraudsters have gathered enough sympathy and trust from a victim, they will exploit this by claiming they need money to pay for travel costs, or to afford medical treatment for a family member. After the money has been stolen, the criminals will make up further reasons why they need more money. In some cases, the fraudsters blackmail their victim into sending money – if the victim has sent any explicit photos or videos to the criminals, they may threaten to send them to the victim’s friends and family.

The amount of money involved in these scams can be considerable. In 2011, a woman in Britain was tricked into sending more than $59,000 to a pair of fraudsters who pretended to have inherited millions of dollars from a military friend in Nigeria. The fraudsters – who were actually a mother and daughter in America – managed to net more than a million dollars before being jailed in 2013.

When I read this I realized that other than the parts that make this an organized scam, this isn’t much different than what the average woman does, especially when she taps into the reserves.  Everything in the dating world whether its dating advice or online dating is a ready made venue for fraud.  Whether its just a woman looking for a man to fix her financial problems or a criminal organization running a massive phishing scam, it’s all the same.  The world of dating is filled with so much deception that it creates a venue that criminals can use easily.  Fraud attracts more fraud so a venue where women are trying to defraud men will naturally attract actual criminals sooner or later.  There’s no way of protecting online dating sites from criminals since the fundamental nature of everything involved in the dating industry is fraudulent.

When you use an online dating site, do you know if you are dealing with an actual woman or a criminal organization?  No, you don’t.  And in some ways it doesn’t matter.  It’s all about defrauding you.  In the dating industry, scams are everywhere and fundamental to the way it operates so you should just avoid it.

Scams Are Everywhere

Game is a scam designed to separate you from your money.  If you have been reading this blog, you know this.  The game scam exists because society has dictated that men who don’t have a woman are lower than dirt.  This creates a large group of desperate men which scammers can exploit.  The gamers are just one group of scammers exploiting womanless men.

Supposedly “reputable” online dating sites like are filled with fake profiles of women because they would have hardly any female profiles otherwise.  (I’m not just talking about the foriegn bride scams that have fake profiles on online dating sites.  It’s much bigger than that.)  It’s gets worse with plenty of cases of outright fraud and nonexistent women.

Just because you don’t end up spending any money, it still could be a scam.  For example, with many gamers, it isn’t about the money but their own self-aggrandizement.  Or it could be about getting you to view ads.  Consider this rubbish on how to date a model at  Obviously 99.9% of’s readership will never date a model so from that alone it’s likely a scam.  The video has a hot woman talking to distract you from how you’re being bamboozled.  At the beginning the video says, “become a better man”.  That’s just like the self improvrement rubbish we hear from the game scammers.  Even if you think this doesn’t matter since you didn’t give any of you’re money to, how much is your time worth?  If you take it seriously, they scammed you out of your time.

It’s easy to say that desperate men who have been scammed should have known better.  There is some truth to that, but society effecitvely allows such scams because it forces men who can’t get women into a desperate position.  What you have to take away from this is that anything that promises to help you get a woman is likely a scam.  That’s true if it’s game or online dating or pretty much anything promising to help you get women.  When it comes to women, there are scams everywhere.