More Men Are Discovering That They Need To Avoid Women

Originally, I was going to write about conspiracy theorists and their obsession with imaginary pedophilia today.  However, that needs to be preempted for this post.

When I started suggesting several years ago that men need to avoid women as much as possible, I was accused of being paranoid many times.  Yet over time, there are more and more examples of men who agree with me.  They don’t agree with me because they read my blog.  They chose the most rational path for their lives based on what they saw with their own two eyes.  For example, “Hank”, one of the two men who were the victims of Donglegate, is now choosing to avoid female software developers.

In the last couple of days, another major example has come to light proving the need to avoid women.  Eric S. Raymond or ESR, a big name in the open source software community, found out that the ADA initiative, a feminist tech organization which thankfully no longer exists, had a plan to go after well known people in the open source community by getting them alone and then falsely accusing them of sexual assault. Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, was one of their main targets. They tried their scheme on him several times, but it failed. ESR said, “if you are any kind of open-source leader or senior figure who is male, do not be alone with any female, ever, at a technical conference. Try to avoid even being alone, ever, because there is a chance that a “women in tech” advocacy group is going to try to collect your scalp”. The conversation at ESR’s blog also brings up mentoring women in tech and how that should be avoided as well.

While this is particularly shocking, more and more men are choosing to avoid women to one degree or another.  Men from members to Congress to college professors are avoiding being alone with women now.  It happens enough that women are creating a conspiracy theory that men are trying to shut them out instead of protect themselves.

The next step for these men is to realize that they need to avoid women as much as possible.  I realized that several years ago, and we will see more and more men realize this over time.  The reality is that women are dangerous, and the only way for men to protect themselves is to avoid women.  Many men are coming to this conclusion independently of each other because it is simply reality.

Another Man Chooses To Avoid Women

Donglegate was a couple of years ago.  An article recently caught up with “Hank”, the man who lost his job due to Adria Richards’ campaign to crucify him over a silly joke.  Fortunately, “Hank” was able to quickly find a new job.  (Adria Richards is still unemployed because no one is stupid enough to hire her.)  “Hank” was asked if he acts differently because of what happened to him.  Here is his response.

I asked Hank if he found himself behaving differently since the incident. Had it altered how he lived his life?

“I distance myself from female developers a little bit now,” he replied. “I’m not as friendly. There’s humour, but it’s very mundane. You just don’t know. I can’t afford another Donglegate.”

“Give me an example,” I said. “So you’re in your new workplace…” (Hank was offered another job right away) “…and you’re talking to a female developer. In what way do you act differently towards her?”

“Well,” Hank said. “We don’t have any female developers at the place I’m working at now. So.”

“Hank” has decided to avoid women in his working life.  Many other men are making the same decision or the decision to avoid women as much as possible both on the job and not.  This is a sensible decision.  There are a lot of women like Adria Richards who are out to destroy the lives of men.  There are even more women who will support women like Adria Richards, even if they are too nervous about going after men like Adria Richards does.  I know this all to well as the victim of false sexual harassment charges.

Adria Richards has a long history of causing trouble at her places of employment and destroying the lives of men.  We will never know how many men’s lives she has destroyed.  Adria Richards does not consider most men to be human beings.  She thinks that she is perfectly justified in destroying a man’s life because men aren’t human to her.

Somebody getting fired is pretty bad,” I said. “I know you didn’t call for him to be fired. But you must have felt pretty bad.”

“Not too bad,” she said. She thought more and shook her head decisively. “He’s a white male. I’m a black Jewish female. He was saying things that could be inferred as offensive to me, sitting in front of him. I do have empathy for him but it only goes so far. If he had Down’s Syndrome and he accidently pushed someone off a subway that would be different… I’ve seen things where people are like, ‘Adria didn’t know what she was doing by tweeting it.’ Yes, I did.”

“Hank’s actions resulted in him getting fired, yet he framed it in a way to blame me. If I had two kids, I wouldn’t tell ‘jokes’”

Adria Richards is willing to use any and all lies to destroy men.  She has no problem invoking conspiracy theories against men like “Hank”.

““Maybe it was [Hank] who started all of this,” Adria told me in the cafe at San Francisco Airport. “No one would have known he got fired until he complained. Maybe he’s to blame for complaining that he got fired. Maybe he secretly seeded the hate groups. Right?”

If a man did what Adria Richards (and many other women are doing), he would be put in prison or a mental institution.  Since Adria Richards has a vagina, she was able to get away with it for a long time.  It wasn’t until Donglegate where she was stupid enough to let her behavior become so odious and toxic to her employer that something was finally done about her.  If she had been smarter, she would still be employed right now working to destroy the lives of various men she encountered.  At least now, Adria Richards will never be able to get a job again, so she can never destroy a man’s life again.

But what about the millions of women like Adria Richards?  They’re still out there wrecking havoc on men.  The only time they get caught is when they are stupid enough to do something that can be ignored because they have vaginas.  This is how I got lucky with the false sexual harassment accusations against me.

Most women hate most men and want to see us destroyed.  The only reason we don’t see signifigantly higher numbers of women like Adria Richards out there is because women are afraid of being caught.  That’s it.  As men discover this, we realize that our only option right now is to avoid women whether its just at the workplace or more broadly in our lives just like “Hank” did.  Interacting with women has no benefits and a growing number of dangers for most men.

Leftism In Disguise

Last Friday was Halloween, and it got me thinking of something I have noticed about the so called manosphere and related groups like the white vagina worshiping nationalists.  They all will tell you that they are right wing, but that isn’t true.  They are all leftists in disguise.

With the white vagina worshiping nationalists, they believe in Marxist redistribution of wealth just like regular socialists do.  The only difference is that the white vagina worshiping nationalists want wealth redistributed to the white proletariat instead of the entire proletariat like socialists do.  There is a reason why Nazi is short for national SOCIALISM.  Additionally, white vagina worshiping nationalists are pretty much indistinguishable from feminists.  Take that Viking Bitch woman who showed up here a while back.  If you try reading her blog, it becomes clear that she thinks of “Jews” as men and “whites” as women (even to the point where she accuses Jewish men of being obsessed with their penises).  If you removed the word, Jew, from her blog it would become indistinguishable from a feminist blog.  Even the name, “blonde gynocide” makes it indistinguishable from a feminist blog.  On top of that, she’s a single mother and defends single motherhood just like a feminist would except for using the white race as a defense for her bad choices that wreck society.

The so called manosphere also has plenty of leftism in disguise.  The Dickless Mangina Project has an author named RudyDeuceTruth who is indistinguishable from Hawaiian Fat Blob and other conspiracy theorists of the so called manosphere.  If I showed you RudyDeuceTruth’s writings without telling you it came from the Dickless Mangina Project, you would think it came from a conspiracy theorist in the so called manosphere.  This is because the conspiracy theory in the so called manosphere is completely leftist so it can be re-posted on a feminist blog without changing it one iota.  The “bad guys” in conspiracy theory are always rich capitalists (even if a conspiracy theorist believes that they’re taking direction from extraterrestrials or demons).  Even when conspiracy theorists are supposedly opposed to socialism, it’s because they believe socialism is a plot by said rich capitalists, not because they’re opposed to big government, Marxist redistribution of wealth, or actual socialist policies.

The so called manosphere also has a contingent of tradcons (traditionalist conservatives).  They are also hostile to capitalism and the free market.  Most of them will tell you that they’re opposed socialism too, but that’s because they associate socialism with being “godless” not because of actual opposition to socialist policies.  Many of the tradcons in the so called manosphere are Catholic and subscribe to “distributism”, an economic theory that grew out of Catholic social teaching.  They will use this to show that they are opposed to socialism in addition to capitalism, although distributism requires socialist policies like nationalization of banks.  Also, it grew out of Catholic social teaching which means it came from Catholic versions of social justice warriors or a Catholic form of leftism.  The Catholic Church is a very leftist organization.  The only reason people think otherwise is because of the Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion.  However, if you look at how the Catholic Church’s support for Obamacare until the church would have to pay for abortions, for example, it becomes obvious that the Catholic Church is nothing but a bunch of leftists who happen to be anti-abortion.

I had no trouble finding examples of manospherians actually explicitly agreeing with feminist ideas.  Obsidian, a major figure in the manosphere, said that white men in the manosphere were filled with privilege.  That’s exactly what a feminist would say and think.

What you see in all of these examples is trying to get men to believe in socialism, feminism, and other parts of leftism through the back door.  It’s leftism but the people promoting it disguise it with use of anti-semitism and rhetorical tricks.  That isn’t to say that these people don’t actually believe they’re right wing.  They do, but 99% of their political ideology is leftist with an attempt at putting it in a right wing costume.  And it doesn’t even work well since anti-semitism is now more associated with the left than the right now, for example.  What we are seeing here is the horseshoe theory of politics in action.  The white vagina worshipping nationalists, the so called manosphere, conspiracy theorists, and related groups moved so far to the right that they ended up adopting leftism, including feminism, wholesale.


It Costs Roosh $6500 To Get Laid Each Time He Gets Laid

Aaron Sleazy has a new post where someone did a calculation on how much it effectively costs Roosh each time he gets laid.  It costs Roosh $6500 each time to get laid.  That’s not a typo.  Roosh would have been better going to hookers, even expensive ones.

This may sound absurd, but it’s not.  Consider all of the expenses a man has just to get laid and/or get a girlfriend.  Chances are it’s much more than you would expect.  There’s a saying, “you don’t get rich writing checks”.  You don’t get rich spending money to chase women.  This is one of the reasons why I’m rich.

Also, this is another example of game being a complete failure.  It’s ROI (return on investment) is the same if not worse than placebo.

Zoe Quinn Is A Thrint

If you don’t know who Zoe Quinn is, she’s a woman who created a shitty video game (if you can call what she vomited a video game) about depression.  To get visibility for her so called video game, she cheated on her boyfriend with 5 different guys.  On top of that she verbally abused and gaslighted her now ex-boyfriend.  This was one of the events that caused the GamerGate scandal to explode.

Despite Zoe’s unethical and evil behavior, she has an army of manginas willing to do her bidding.  The Corruption In Video Game Journalism Facebook page said it well.

I know this isn’t about Zoe anymore but christ this whole thing is such bullshit.

She could do anything, ANYTHING she fucking wants and still have a legion of followers back her purely because she is a girl. If she was man this would be a non-story, nobody would care about the harassment, nobody would give him the benefit of the doubt, nobody would pull articles down all over the net for his privacy.

You know what it comes down to? These people treat women like fucking children, poor helpless creatures that need to be protected. It fucking disgust’s me that people like this have such absurd pull in both the industry and the media. Yet we can’t even debate the issue without instantly discrediting the entire movement as sexists because we dared to criticise a public female figure.

Her career should be imploding and instead she’s making more patreon bux now than she was before because MUH SOLIDARITY.

When you look at Zoe Quinn’s ability to manipulate legions of manginas, something no man could do, she is an example of how the Thrint really is a metaphor for women.

Women Have No Right To Free Contraceptives Or Anything Else From Men

Mark Plus asked a good question.

Mark Plus has a point. Women accuse men of feeling entitled to sex with women, but the reality is that women are full of entitlement. Women think they’re entitled to free contraception (paid for by men whether its their male employers or via government assistance) and men’s wallets in general. Women think they’re entitled to husbands when they decide they want to get married and divorce where they get half or more of a man’s assets when they no longer feel like being married. Women even think they’re entitled to sex. You just don’t notice it most of the time because they don’t want to have sex with most men, but they quickly get violent when a man they want refuses to have sex with them. As you can see from that link, women also feel entitled to use violence against men while denouncing “violence against women”.

When a woman accuses a man of entitlement its just really projection on her part. Women think they’re to entitled to anything a man has including his body. In reality, men owe women absolutely nothing. If women want contraception or anything else, they can work to pay for it themselves without government assistance like the supposedly adult humans they claim to be.

More Exit Strategies From The So Called Manosphere

Note: This article was edited because Bill Price returned to The Spearhead

People vanish from the so called manosphere all the time.  Most of the disappearances are nobodies leaving the so called manosphere for whatever reason.  In many cases, it can be due to anything from realizing that the manosphere is filled with bullshit to the failure of married gamers to keep their marriages.  Sometimes, bigger names in the so called manosphere disappear.  This is what happened after the Great DC Manosphere Meetup of Epic Failure.

Now another big name in the so called manosphere has disappeared (for a month).  This is probably the biggest manosphere disappearance so far even though it was only temporary.  Bill Price, owner of The Spearhead, has completely disappeared, and no one else at The Spearhead knew where he was until today.  Why did Bill Price disappear?  While we know that it was because of family problems, there was speculation that he is in jail because he got behind on his child support payments.  (It was also possible that he has realized manosphere red pill ideology was completely bullshit and couldn’t pull a “player burnout” excuse or that Bill Price’s feminist wife demanded that he pull the plug.  This is still possible even though he’s back for now.)

We heard from him today, but from his own words it’s still possible he might disappear due to financial reasons.

However, during my time offline, I was forced to confront a few realities that may have some implications for the future of this site. Quite frankly, the ROI isn’t adequate given the time I put into it. Of course, that wasn’t the point initially. If I’d started the site for money, I would have taken an entirely different approach (in fact, I would have avoided men’s issues altogether).

For now, I’ll keep The Spearhead going, but I have to start selling something, and fast.

Financial reasons for leaving the so called manosphere can be valid.  Manospherians have been trying to monetize their content and failing to do so.  Bill Price may be the first to leave due to financial reasons, but if he does others will do the same as it will be a safe excuse (like “player burnout”) to leave.

Another excuse to leave is to declare victory.

I think this made a difference, and I have noticed the narrative has shifted somewhat over the last few years. How much remains to be seen, as one still runs across feminist tripe with some regularity in trendy magazines and the like, but this isn’t the 90s anymore; people don’t take it as gospel.

The so called manosphere hasn’t done anything about feminism except spend countless hours trolling feminists online.  This has produced exactly ZERO results.  No laws have been changed.  Feminism is still as powerful as it ever was.  Another excuse to leave the so called manosphere is to pretend that you actually produced results in rolling back feminism.  It’s like how Saddam Hussein “declared victory” at the end of the Iran-Iraq War while having absolutely nothing to show for the longest and deadliest war of the 20th century.

I’m sure we will see more silly reasons used as exit strategies from the so called manosphere.

The Reason Why The Manosphere Attracts Scams By The Truckload

We know that game is a scam, the paleo diet is scam, conspiracy theories are scams, and everything else the so called manosphere believes in are scams.  The so called manosphere doesn’t just fall victim to large scale scams like game, the paleo diet, and conspiracy theory.  It falls victim to small scale scams like the fake Georgetown admissions employee that was supposedly discriminating against men and photoshopping of faces on to underwear models.

On top of this there are other scammers which are trying to break into the so called manosphere.  John Rambo has been trying (unsuccessfully) to get the so called manosphere to buy into his fake Indian bride scam.  Peter Andrew Nolan (who is probably the same person as John Rambo) is running a scam known as “freeman on the land”.  “Freeman on the land” is a conspiracy theory where there is a secret way to make yourself exempt from all laws, debts, and taxes (including alimony and child support).  Of course, to get this exemption for all laws everywhere you need to have one of these “freemen” help you who conveniently charge a lot of money for their “help”.  Peter Andrew Nolan has been trying to sell “freeman on the land” unsuccessfully to the so called manosphere.  The only reason Rambo/Nolan haven’t been successful at conning the manosphere with their scams is because their method of selling their scams was to insult, harass, and spam the manosphere.  If Rambo/Nolan had a more slick presentation everyone in the manosphere would be trying to get an Indian bride and trying to exempt themselves from the law.  (I wish that Rambo/Nolan did have a more slick presentation at least when it came to the “freeman on the land” scam because anyone who has tried it has ended up in jail.  It would have been a good and quick way to get rid of the so called manosphere.)

Why are there so many scams in the so called manosphere?  Why does the manosphere fall victim Why is the “gullibleosphere” a more accurate name for the so called manosphere?  Why are scams outside of the manosphere trying to get into the manosphere?  There are several good reasons for this.

It’s the same reason the scam capital of the U.S. is in Utah.  Scams are a huge problem in the Mormon Church to the point where the leadership of the Mormon Church had to directly address the problem.  The reason why scams happen so much among Mormons is because of what is known as “affinity fraud“.  People trust members of “their group” whatever that group is.  In the case of the Mormons, a Mormon will trust another Mormon more than a non-Mormon.  This makes it easier for scammers and con artists to do their job in the Mormon Church because they are already starting from a state of trust and a lack of skepticism.  While the Mormons are the best known example of affinity fraud, it can and does happen in every other group whether its an ethnic group or even just a group of like minded individuals.

Affinity fraud is much easier to accomplish in fringe groups such as white (vagina worshiping) nationalists.  Not only do the W(VW)N trust each other more than the outside world (even more so than say the Mormons), scammers and con artists have additional ways to deflect any skepticism of their actions with techniques like accusing skeptics of working for the Jews.  The nature of W(VW)N makes it easier for scammers and con artists to scam them.  A good example of this is the “redemption” scam/conspiracy theory.  The “redemption” scam was a scam started by a white (vagina worshiping) nationalist named Roger Elvick.  He told his fellow W(VW)N that the government created a secret bank account for each American worth $630,000.  This was supposedly started when the U.S. went off the gold standard because the U.S. had to put up its own citizens as collateral to get loans from bankers.  (Of course, these $630,000 bank accounts are managed by a Jewish cabal.)  Elvick’s scam was that he told people you could access that $630,000 through some legal tricks to pay off debts.  (I’m sure he charged for the service of this “help”.)  Elvick ended up in jail, of course, but he was able to scam so many of his fellow W(VW)N because his scam was an affinity scam squared.  Not only did all of the W(VW)N Elvick scammed trust him because he was one of them, but they trusted Elvick more because they thought they were constantly under siege by the government and the Jews.  Their thinking prevented them from rationally analyzing Elvick’s claims.  Plus, Elvick could shout down any skeptic by accusing them of working for the government or the Jews.  Even scammers in the Mormon Church don’t have options like that.

The redemption scam didn’t die when Elvick was put in jail.  It was repackaged by Mary Elizabeth Croft into its current version which is known as “freeman on the land”, the scam that Peter Andrew Nolan promotes.  (When it comes to the redemption/freeman on the land scam, Roger Elvick is its Eben Pagan, and Mary Elizabeth Croft is its Roissy.)  “Freeman on the land” continues to scam people because its an affinity scam spread among fringe groups who are more susceptible to affinity scams than more mainstream groups.

The so called manosphere is the fringe of the fringe so they are even more susceptible to affinity fraud than regular fringe groups like like the W(VW)N.  The so called manosphere has already attacked scientific inquiry and rational analysis making a scammers job much easier before he even tries to scam the first manospherian.  By their own admission manospherians evaluate things not on an objective analysis of the facts but on verisimilitude.  In other words, the manosphere evaluates things on whether it appears to be correct to them.  For something to appear to be correct to them, it has to fit their own biases and ideology.  Manospherians determine if something is true or not based on their own feelings about it, not facts.  This makes a scammers job much easier since any scammer can easily fool any manospherian by putting the right packaging around their scam.  Unless you’re looking to make millions of dollars (because the so called manosphere doesn’t have much money), the so called manosphere is a wet dream for scammers, particularly small scale scammers.

I wasn’t joking when I said that the so called manosphere should be called the gullibeosphere.  The reason why the so called manosphere attracts scams by the truckload is because it’s incredibly easy to scam them.  A scammer won’t make huge amounts of money off the manosphere since they don’t have much money, but a scammer only needs to do a minimal amount of work to scam the manosphere.  Given how little work a scammer has to do to scam the manosphere, the ROI (return on investment) on scamming the manosphere is higher than the ROI on scamming anyplace else despite the small amounts of money the scammer will be getting.

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Sign The Petition To Reinstate Artis Hughes

I know just how difficult it can be to deal with women in the workplace.  All of you know about my experiences with false sexual harassment accusations.  At least I didn’t have to deal with women violently attacking me.  Artis Hughes wasn’t so lucky.  Mr. Hughes is a bus driver who had to deal with a woman, Shidea N. Lane, who boarded his bus and refused to pay the fare.  She said that she had no money but was shown to be a liar because she eventually paid.  She then became verbally abusive against Mr. Hughes.  She threatened to spit on him repeatedly.  Then she actually did spit on him.  After that she grabbed his head and punched him.  Several passengers recorded the assault with their phone cameras.  (Here is one of the videosAnother video actually showing Lane attacking Hughes was pulled from Youtube for violating Youtube’s policy on “shocking and disgusting content”.)  Hughes defended himself (and by extension all of the passengers on the bus) from Lane but was later suspended by his employer, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, pending an investigation.

A petition has been setup to call on the Greater Cleveland RTA to reinstate Hughes.  Do something for mens rights and sign it.

Just like with the Brian Banks documentary, (except for a few voices)you won’t be hearing about this in the so called manosphere.  What happened to Artis Hughes doesn’t fit into their conspiracy theory, paleo diet, or game bullshit.  It can’t be used by them to fake government persecution.  Plus, like Brian Banks, Artis Hughes is black so the so called manosphere doesn’t care about him.

Fighting feminism takes real world action, and that includes supporting men like Artis Hughes.  Make sure you sign the petition to have the Greater Cleveland RTA reinstate him.

What Would Happen If The Government Destroys My Business/Job?

Those of you reading this blog for a while know that I run my own one man business in the field of computer vision software.  What would happen if the feminist controlled government were to destroy my business/job?  This isn’t an idle question. I started thinking about this as I was reading PMAFT’s blog today where he talked about how if there were more women involved in the NASA’s curiosity Mars rover (which landed on Mars this week) it never would have happened.  On a similar note, PMAFT also wrote a month ago on the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast from Telstar, the first commercial satellite in orbit how the feminist Obama administration’s plan to apply Title IX to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) jobs would prevent innovations like Telstar from ever happening or move them to other countries.

Both these posts got me thinking about what would happen if the government was able to successfully destroy my business via feminist regulations.  Title IX applied to STEM would mean the destruction of many STEM jobs.  First, there will never be enough women to fill the jobs the government will force men to abandon.  There is no guarantee that addition women will even go the STEM route of employment.  Second, even if additional women do enter the STEM workforce, it is guaranteed they will be less competent than the men forced out of these jobs.  These women would be coming in on what is effectively an affirmative action program guaranteeing that they are incompetent in the subject matter.  (If you want a good example of this, just take a look at this challenge for high school girls to produce basic android apps where the apps they produced were nonsense like “how not to get pregnant”.  Many of the girls even had to have “mentors” do most of the programming for them.)  One of two things will happen.  Either more STEM work will be shipped to Asia where they don’t have these feminist regulations (yet) or the jobs and associated businesses will close down.

What this means for my business if this scenario comes to pass is that I will have to move to another country or close up shop.  There is no woman out there who can replace me, period.  This will cause a chain reaction stunting technological advancement if I can’t move to another country.  Even with moving my business to another country, from the perspective of the US that is still a loss to the economy.  What I do isn’t just technical, it’s understanding the business case for computer vision software too.  If I can’t work with American companies in America, then I would have to work more with foreign companies elsewhere (assuming I can move my business someplace else).

Multiply my story across men who are self employed like me in STEM, men who work for small businesses in STEM, and for large corporations in STEM.  It is a major cascade of economic destruction.  Just remember this is what women wanted.