In A Couple Of Months No One In The Manosphere Will Remember Mark Minter

YBM and The Real Peterman let us know that Mark Minter, a prolific commenter in the so called manosphere, known for his strong stance against marriage has decided to get married.  On top of that Mark Minter is getting married to a single mother.  Obviously, the so called manosphere is attacking Minter as a phony given his previous anti-marriage stance.

Minter is trying to defend this as a “validation of game” and different than just getting married because his fiance is a “red pill woman” that comments on Heartiste.  Both of those are wrong.  She may be younger than him, but she’s still a single mother.  If game really existed, then Minter should have been able to get a woman who doesn’t have any kids.  Also, there is no difference between a “red pill woman” and a “blue pill woman”.  What happened here is that Minter’s fiance hit her 30s with a kid in tow and realized that she had no options.  (Likely, she is a “former” slut.)  Just when it’s most beneficial to her, she “discovers” the red pill.  Minter’s fiance isn’t the only “red pill woman” to have such a background.  Most women in the manosphere have such a history of being a “former” slut (usually without the kid) and “discovered” the red pill right when their slut lifestyle started running into problems.  In other words, the entire idea of the “red pill woman” is a scam, and there is no difference between a “blue pill woman” and a “red pill woman”.  (This is a subject I will write about more extensively at a later time.)

So what happened to Mark Minter?  He didn’t just get married after being a stalwart against marriage.  He married a single mother.  Only he knows, but one possibility (assuming that he didn’t troll the manosphere or something like that) is that he came to the realization that the so called manosphere is insane and ran back to his old life (in a manner of speaking).  A few months ago Minter had a problem with a Return of Court Jesters had an article about how Obamacare mandated that everyone have a RFID chip in them and that this was going to lead to the mark of the beast in the Book of Revelations in the Bible.  (This is completely false.)  This is something that I suspect happens to a lot of the men who vanished from the so called manosphere or suffer from so called “player burnout”.  These men come across some aspect of the manosphere that is too insane for them which causes them to run back to their old (likely feminist derived) ideology because it appears sane in comparison.  Minter just chose a way of dealing with this that didn’t involve vanishing (at least not right away) or coming up with a contrived explanation like “player burnout”.

I don’t know what will happen next, but my guess is that Minter will use the ensuing criticism to exit the so called manosphere completely.  After that, in a few months no one in the so called manosphere will remember who Mark Minter was, just as they “don’t remember” the University of Man and all of the other blogs that got deleted after the Great Manosphere Meetup of Doom.

“Player Burnout”: An Excuse To Exit The So Called Manosphere

Eventually, many men realize that (Roissyite) game if not the entirety of the so called manosphere is bunk.  A man can only deal with increasing insanity needed to believe in (Roissyite) game and all other red pill BS for so long.  Eventually, either he realizes that red pill BS is absurd, or he completely cracks and goes into deeper levels of insanity (which is a subject for another blog post).  The typical way for a manospherian to deal with the realization that red pill ideology is BS is just to completely disappear one day adding to the missing manospherians that the manosphere quickly forgets about.

One thing I have noticed lately is an increase in the so called manosphere of talk about “player burnout”.  “Player burnout” is exactly what it says.  Supposedly, all these gamers eventually get tired of massive amounts of sex with lots of women.  As has been written about extensively on this blog, (Roissyite) gamers aren’t getting laid.  So, they can’t be suffering from “player burnout” if they aren’t getting laid.  Then we have to ask, what is really behind the uptick in talk about “player burnout”?

What’s going on is that these men taking about “player burnout” have either realized that the ideology of the so called manosphere is BS or are on the verge of doing so.  “Player burnout” is a way for these men to exit the manosphere without just vanishing one day (although the net effect will be the same).  The difference is that these men need to rationalize their exit so they use “player burnout” as their excuse.

The “Galileo Defense” Fallacy

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A common logical fallacy in the so called manosphere is what I have seen called the “Galileo Defense”.  The “Galileo Defense” can be summed up as “I’m being persecuted so I must be right”.  A person who uses the “Galileo Defense” will compare themselves to Galileo.  Since he turned out to be right, they must be right too.  There are two relevant logical fallacies in the “Galileo Defense”.

  1. Galileo was persecuted, but so are cannibals and Nazis.
  2. Often times when a person invokes the “Galileo Defense”, they are lying about being persecuted.  There is DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE that the so called manosphere has lied about being persecuted, so this applies in a big way to them.

There are other problems with the “Galileo Defense” like how Galileo wasn’t persecuted for his ideas as much as for being an asshole to various powerful individuals at the time, but that is particularly relevant.  What is important is that the so called manosphere’s use of the “Galileo Defense” is wrong because being persecuted doesn’t automatically mean you’re right, and even if it did, the so called manosphere is lying about being persecuted.

The “Galileo Defense” is relevant now because as the great die off of the so called manosphere continues, the groundwork is being laid (either intentionally or unintentionally) for the lie that the manosphere died because of persecution using the “Galileo Defense” .  (This is likely to be the so called manosphere’s last scam.)  There is no persecution of the so called manosphere going on, but that won’t stop them from lying about being persecuted as they did in the pastSome are laying the groundwork to blame being persecuted by the government.  Others will blame persecution by employers (even though this can’t make sense for the reason that no one in the manosphere has consistent employment).  A few will blame persecution by MRAs, MGTOW, and “anti-gamers”.  (I’m sure this will include some conspiracy theory about how MRA’s, MGTOW, and “anti-gamers” are working for the government or the Rockefellers.)  It doesn’t matter which one anyone in the so called manosphere picks, they will be lying about being persecuted invoking the “Galileo Defense” as their ideology goes down in flames.


Another Day, Another Manosphere Blog Dies

Manosphere blogs are dropping like flies.  The University of Man blog was deleted after the Great Roissyite Gamer DC Meetup fiasco.  Several other manosphere blogs including Alpha Persona, Gmac, and Fly Fresh & Young, are all dead.  (Socialkenny predicted all of this.)  Some of you may remember Mojo of the Neckbeard chronicles who came here to attack me a few months ago.  He too is going to delete his blog, just like Alek Novy predicted.

How much money you want to bet that in the next 6 months Mojo will either commit suicide or leave his past cult in embarassment and change all online identities in shame, once he wakes up from what a fucking idiot he was?

Alek definitely called it when it came to Mojo.

I’m certain more manosphere blogs will die in the near future.  Since that will be the case, where do we go from here?  Let’s try to make a final push of killing the manosphere.  The married gamers like Hawaiian Fat Blob and Athol Kay are still hanging around so we need to focus our efforts on them.  We should also try to push high profile manospherians like Roissy and Roosh to delete their blogs.  Once they’re all gone, it will be time to dedicate our efforts to fighting feminist peddlers of the MDAD (Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction).

One by one all the roadblocks to the progress of mens rights are being removed.

Endgame: Part 3

One of the reasons I have been hammering so hard on the Paleo-Game Cult and all the other kook bullshit in the so called manosphere is to provide a voice for anyone who thinks the same way about this but is afraid to speak up.  I want them to know that they are not alone, and that many people agree with them.  One of the weapons women/feminists use against men is making it look like they’re the only one who isn’t a mangina.  This is done so that a man who realizes the truth about women will think that he’s the problem since as far as he can see he is the only one with his views when in reality his views are shared by many men.  The kooks in the manosphere use the same weapon against sane men in pretty much the same way.  Thus, it’s important to speak out so that sane men know they aren’t alone.

I know I have been successful at providing a voice for sane men.  A recent example at the Anti-misandry forums proves this.  Someone on those forums decided to post some some off topic anti-vaccine BS with a story about a woman who supposedly had her baby taken away from her for “questioning vaccination”.  (Besides being off topic this shows one of the problems with off topic bullshit on an anti-feminist/mens rights forum.  We don’t know if this story is true, and it likely isn’t since it advances the idea that women are the real victims of what is going on and not men.  One thing women do to anti-feminist/mens rights spaces is post BS about how “women are the real victims of feminism” and little to nothing bad happens to men because of feminism.  It’s not a coincidence that this off topic BS so often advances those ideas.  It certainly does in this case.)  MrWombat, a user at the anti-misandry forums decided to speak out against this off topic BS with links to this blog.

Staying on topic.

Mother Who Questions Vax at Hospital Has Newborn Taken Away

Quote Originally Posted by Moi
First the christians came, but I did nothing because I was a christian.
Then the creationists came, but I did nothing because I am a creationist.
Then the libertarians came, but I did nothing because I was a libertarian.
Then the anti-vaxxers came. And I did nothing because I know big pharma is a conspiracy.
Then the scientologists came. And it was pointless replying, because the core message of the site had already been drowned in a tidal wave of off-topic shit.

Every manosphere site that does not have a decent moderation policy is vandalised by these paranoid schizophrenics, one after the other (well, maybe not by the scientologists). There are plenty of places on the net to bewail atheism, evolution, statism, big pharma, and thetans. Can these off-topic threads be locked, with a polite “please take this discussion to”, and repeat offenders suspended? It’s reaching the point that following the RSS is just not worth it.

Anti-misandry, people. Anti-misandry.

Also, this guy:
The Kooks Aren’t MRAs | The Black Pill
Blah Is Banned And Other Conspiracy Theory Topics | The Black Pill

Hammering on the Paleo-Game Cult and the rest of the kooks so much provides a wealth of content that someone like MrWombat can use to stand up to the kooks.  That has value.  It allows more men to move forward beyond manosphere BS to real mens rights ACTIVISM.

Because activism is important because we need a mens rights movement completely free of the useless so called manosphere.  The manosphere with few exceptions doesn’t under the concept of real action to combat feminism/misandry/women.  This is why they come up with bizarre, insane, and false reasons to hate someone like Glenn Sacks.  Glenn Sacks accomplishments may not be huge, but they’re real and have improved the lives of men.  The manosphere is incapable of understanding someone like Glenn Sacks.  It’s another form of their intentional blindness.

The good news is that activism happens regardless of what the manosphere thinks of it.  Take the Brian Banks Documentary.  The producers of the documentary got $47,264 which was beyond the $40,000 they needed.  This success happened in spite of the manosphere, not because of it.  In the so called manosphere only, PMAFT, The Fifth Horseman, and the Community of the Wrongly Accused even talked about the Brian Banks documentary.  The Brian Banks documentary was invisible to most of the manosphere because of their intentional blindness.

These two examples show that the so called manosphere is either dying or will completely lose relevance.  More men are willing to speak out and leave behind the manosphere kooks.  More men are engaging in real anti-feminist/mens rights activity without the involvement of the so called manosphere.  Anyone who is serious about anti-feminism/mens rights will simply work through a venue outside of the manosphere making the so called manosphere completely irrelevant.

Endgame: Part 2

In my previous Endgame post, I started talking about how the Paleo-Game Cult is falling apart.  Another reason why the Paleo-Game Cult is falling apart is because of their paranoid delusions about anyone who disagrees with them.  Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know about all the accusations Roissyite gamers (and the Paleo-Game Cult) have made about how anyone who disagrees with game is a sockpuppet of Alek Novy.  (Like with most of the accusations from the Roissyite gamers & the Paleo-Game Cult, they are just accusing us of what they are doing.  We know this because Roissyite gamers have been caught sockpuppeting.)

The sockpuppeting accusations are only the tip of the iceberg.  Alek has been accused of working with Lady Raine and Denise Romano.  Most of you reading this are probably wondering who these two women are.  They’re a couple of feminist nutjobs who the Roissyite gamers bring up as a boogeyman.  Lady Raine was the woman who outed Roissy’s real name and job.  These two have more or less vanished, but Alek still got accused of working with them.  It’s an example of the the Roissyite gamers & the Paleo-Game Cult just dig a deeper hole for themselves.

It still gets worse.  I have been accused of being a feminist troll and running a false flag operation.  This guy has also lied by saying that I have called for the elimination of women and lied by saying that Alek is a virgin.  We’re already at the point where disagreeing with the Paleo-Game Cult no matter how much or how little you disagree with them gets you labeled a “feminist troll” and someone who is running a “false flag operation” on top of the many other lies they will make up about you.

This sort of thing isn’t limited to one person.  Hawaiian Fat Blob says that the manosphere has “PsyOp Shills & DisInfo Troll Whores” (in addition to sockpuppets) working for the government and corporations.  He even says that he won’t debate anyone he suspects of being one of these “PsyOp shill government agents” which is just a convenient way of avoiding the facts.  The comments at that post are even worse.  One comment accuses someone at The Spearhead of being one of these “PsyOp shill government agents” for what I can only determine is the “crime” of disagreeing with the Paleo-Game Cult.  Another comment says that there are two of these “PsyOp shill government agents” are bloggers on Hawaiian Fat Blob’s blogroll (in addition to accusing anyone involved with the paleo diet who thinks eating a bit a grains is a good idea as an agent of Monsanto or other corporations).

While the Paleo-Game Cult was always extremely paranoid, these examples show us how the Paleo-Game Cult is becoming even more paranoid.  Anyone who has even a minimal disagreement with these people will be attacked as “disinfo shill” or “government agents”.  They’re even doing it to their fellow paleo dieters.  They’re getting ready to attack MRAs with these lies.  How long will it be until MRAs like PMAFT or Elusive Wapiti become the recipient of these attacks?  Not long, and this will be another reason the Paleo-Game Cult will die.  Being attacked as a “government agent” or a sockpuppet isn’t going to be tolerated by the larger group of MRAs and will only serve to isolate the Paleo-Game Cult from everyone else bringing to the cult closer to complete and total irrelevance and death.

Endgame: Part 1

I’m starting a new series of posts called Endgame about the end of the Paleo-Game Cult.  (These posts will all be part of the Endgame category.)  This week we have gotten the official announcement that Ferdinand Bardamu is closing down Inmalafide.  He has already taken the content down.  If you go there now, it’s nothing but a bunch of links to other blogs.  This is nothing less than the beginning of the end of the Paleo-Game Cult.  Soon we will see the end of other Paleo-Game sites.

Why is the Paleo-Game Cult starting to unravel?  It fails to produce results.  It makes a lot of promises that you will be healthier and get laid that just aren’t true.  What has been keeping it going is a combination of an attempt to make money off the cult by selling paleo diet and game books and DVDs and doubling down with more insanity.  Sales of game and paleo products by the Paleo-Game Cult are nothing but a rounding error compared to the sales done by the big names in those areas.  It’s impossible for anyone in the Paleo-Game Cult to make any real money off it, and I suspect that this is one of the reasons Bardamu chose to leave.

Another reason the Paleo-Game Cult is falling apart is the gulf between them and the non-Roissyite gamers.  While I think the non-Roissyite gamers are misguided, they are not insane.  They are not interested in the racism, conspiracy theory, and collapse porn/compulsive doomsaying of the Paleo-Game Cult and the Roissyites.  The Paleo-Game Cult has had to fight a two front war from the non-Roissyite gamers on one side and the anti-gamers on the other.  That forces members of the Paleo-Game Cult to rethink their beliefs and gives them the option of one of two paths to do so.  In documenting the end of the Paleo-Game Cult, I think this will be a recurring theme.

As time goes on a Paleo-Game Cult member has two options, leave (either by suddenly disappearing without explanation or with an absurd explanation like Bardamu did) or go even deeper.  The have been many lesser known members of the Paleo-Game Cult who chose the leave option.  Bardamu is just one of the most visible.  Other Paleo-Game members choose to do even deeper.  For example, Hawaiian Fat Blob has chosen to dive fully into antisemitism and begun the process of accusing various MRAs of being government or Rockefeller or Illuminati agents.

The most important thing is that this is good news for the MRM.  Without the Paleo-Game Cult being an albatross around the MRM’s neck, mens rights can actually move forward.