Both Conspiracy Theorists And Feminists Demand You “Listen And Believe”

We have been talking a lot lately about the Cultural Marxism/Frankfurt School conspiracy theory.  With this conspiracy theory, there is a lack of original references about cultural marxism from the Frankfurt School’s own texts.  (This is common in a lot of conspiracy theories besides the cultural marxism conspiracy theory.)  If you want to know what happens when you ask for an original source reference from cultural marxism conspiracy theorists, take a look at what happened when Boxer tried asked for a original source reference on the subject.  (This was after another person who tried to pass off a youtube video as “proof” of the cultural marxism conspiracy theory which didn’t reference any original sources.)

Boxer, knock off the faux-scepticism. The Frankfurt School’s influence on Cultural Marxism is undeniable. They literally *invented the term*; they talk about it in their papers. The idea that it’s a conspiracy theory is Leftist whitewashing, and an attempt at covering their tracks to delude the masses.

Boxer then asks for the specific source where the Frankfurt School invented the term, “cultural marxism”.  After that the conspiracy theorists do nothing but throw links at Boxer that have no references to any original source material and attack Boxer for asking for references to original source material.  Boxer describes what is happening with an excellent analogy.

Citing sources that you’ve never read is a problem, no? It’d be like arguing that the author of Dalrock blog is a misogynist who has written articles on his blog encouraging men to play grab-ass with random chicks on the street. When (and it’d be when, not if) the claimant was asked for a source, he’d post links to Amanda Marcotte and Manboobz, who made that claim.

The problem with all these conspiracy theories is that the sources are mostly online, free for anyone to read. You’re going to run into people like me, who have read them all and written peer-reviewed journal articles on the original sources, who will have to say “he’s an internet kook” when people wonder where you’re pulling all this nonsense from. Sadly, it makes everything else you say suspect.

Whenever you ask a conspiracy theorist for a reference to original source material, they will almost never provide it.  Instead they will give you youtube videos and other links that provide no references to original source material.  They love youtube videos because they are trying to hide the fact that what they are saying has no connection to original source material.  In the rare cases, you get a reference to a piece of original source material, one of two things will happen.  Either the original source material never existed, or the original source material says something completely different.

Boxer makes an apt comparison to feminism.  Feminists want you to “listen and believe” instead of investigating and evaluating evidence.  Conspiracy theorists want you to “listen and believe” instead of investigating and evaluating evidence, too.  This is another example of how feminism and conspiracy theory is similar.  Never listen and believe.  Always demand evidence and original source material.  If someone whether a feminist or a conspiracy theorist refuses to produce references to original source material or produces false references to original source material, assume they are lying because most likely, they are.

Nearly All Sexual Harassment Accusations From Women Are False

The Men’s Rights subreddit found information from the EEOC about how many sexual harassment accusations are false.  The EEOC is willing to admit that more than half of all sexual harassment accusations have “no reasonable cause”.  In other words, they’re false accusations.

Unfortunately, there is no breakdown by gender how many of the sexual harassment accusations are false even though they list how many sexual harassment accusations were made by men.  We can assume that sexual harassment accusations by men have reasonable cause because men know they would be laughed at if they made sexual harassment accusations like women do.  Based on that and the numbers provided by the EEOC, that means that at least two thirds of sexual harassment accusations from women have “no reasonable cause” or are false.

The EEOC probably used every trick they could to keep a sexual harassment accusation from a woman from being classified as having “no reasonable cause”.  We can reasonably conclude that nearly all sexual harassment accusations from women are completely false.

Why We Must Fight The MDAD

In the comments of the last post, there has been a conversation about the importance of our rights instead of worrying about getting laid.  This is why we must fight the MDAD (the Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction).  While idiots are talking about how to get laid (and failing to do so) or complaining about women are not being attracted to them, they are creating a distraction from the real problem.  And that real problem is that women are coming up with new strategies to take away our rights.

Here is a good example of that.  Back in 2011 the manuresphere was saying (as it still does) that game will prevent false rape accusations.  In 2011 women were creating a new way to take away the rights of men, by using Title IX to move rape cases from the criminal justice system to college “courts”.  The Dear Colleague letter that started the whole college “courts” mess was written in 2011 while the manuresphere and others were busy trying to sell (fraudulent) ways to get laid.  Now, we have a human rights travesty where men can get thrown out of college simply on woman pointing a finger at them.  Worse, men attending college can have their lives ruined simply for resembling an alleged rapist.

We need to stop giving a shit about getting laid.  We need to stop giving a shit whether women find us attractive or not.  Instead we need to put a stop to the loss of our human rights.  Otherwise, we men will all end up in concentration camps.  Many men wouldn’t care if they ended up in a concentration camp.  The manuresphere would start writing books about “concentration camp game”.

This is why we must fight the MDAD.  If we expose dating advice (AKA all of this how to get laid bullshit) as a fraud (which it is), then there will be no way for men to ignore the loss of their human rights.  There will be no way for women and manginas to hide what they’re doing behind, “You’re just pissed that you can’t get laid”.

It’s as simple as asking the question, “Do you want a blow job or do you want freedom and human rights?”  And you’re not going to get the blow job, so you might as well pick freedom and human rights.

Feminists And Manginas Will Soon Say That Paul Nungesser Is A Gay Virgin Player Rapist

When it comes to the gay virgin player rapist accusations, they are usually the result of throwing a bunch of accusations that a man is gay, a virgin, a player, and a rapist semi-separately and seeing what works the best against that man.  When it comes to Paul Nungesser, the victim of mattress girl’s false rape accusations, it looks like feminists might be trying to make false accusations against where he is gay, a virgin, a player, and a rapist (of women) all at the same time.

First, we all know about the false rape accusations against Paul Nungesser.  Those false rape accusations make him out to be a player abusing women.  Paul Nungesser has also been the victim of the false accusation bandwagon effect because mattress girl’s friends also made false rape accusations against him.  Part of the false accusation bandwagon against Paul Nungesser has been a false rape accusation against him by a guy.  Already, feminists and manginas have tried to turn Paul Nungesser into a gay player rapist (of women).

The only thing missing is virgin.  Sooner or later, I expect that feminists and manginas will say that Paul Nungesser has only had sex when he was raping someone.  Thus they will accuse him of being a virgin.  With all of their other accusations, that will mean they will be accusing him of being a gay virgin player rapist.  This may be the first time that feminists and manginas have tried to make all of their contradictory accusations against a man (i.e. being gay but also a rapist of women, being a rapist but also a player, being a virgin but also a rapist, etc.) into a merged false accusation against a man.  I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Eric S. Raymond Is A Gay Virgin Player Rapist

After Eric S. Raymond revealed that women were planning to falsely accuse open source leaders of sexual assault, a woman decided to falsely accuse ESR of groping her. She provides no evidence whatsoever, but she also says a lot of other things that make it clear she’s lying. She refers to open source as “open sores”. What is the point of that? She also tries to use ESR’s pro second amendment beliefs against him as evidence that he groped her. None of that compares to the most absurd thing she said that proves she’s lying.

The fact he’s a swinger and I couldn’t get a date until 25 is still something I puzzle over as surely there’s a lesson to be had in that

She couldn’t get a date until she was 25? We know that’s bullshit. A woman would have to be locked in a cage for that to be true. The lesson to be learned is that this woman is a liar.

There’s another problem with this woman trying to use ESR’s status as a swinger against him. Women have spent a lot of time trying to trick everyone that any man who stands up to women is a loser who can’t get laid. As we know, people are accusing ESR of being a loser who can’t get laid. So which one is it? Is ESR is a loser who can’t get laid or a predatory womanizer preying on virginal women? It can’t be both.

Even though ESR can’t be both a loser who can’t get laid and a predatory womanizer at the same time, women and manginas will accuse him of being both at the same time. What is happening to ESR is another example of women and manginas attacking a man with so many contradictory accusations that effectively they accuse that man of being a gay virgin player rapist. (I’m sure if I looked long enough I would find accusations that ESR both raped women and was gay.)

This isn’t the first time a man will be accused of being a gay virgin player rapist nor will it be the last.

More Men Are Discovering That They Need To Avoid Women

Originally, I was going to write about conspiracy theorists and their obsession with imaginary pedophilia today.  However, that needs to be preempted for this post.

When I started suggesting several years ago that men need to avoid women as much as possible, I was accused of being paranoid many times.  Yet over time, there are more and more examples of men who agree with me.  They don’t agree with me because they read my blog.  They chose the most rational path for their lives based on what they saw with their own two eyes.  For example, “Hank”, one of the two men who were the victims of Donglegate, is now choosing to avoid female software developers.

In the last couple of days, another major example has come to light proving the need to avoid women.  Eric S. Raymond or ESR, a big name in the open source software community, found out that the ADA initiative, a feminist tech organization which thankfully no longer exists, had a plan to go after well known people in the open source community by getting them alone and then falsely accusing them of sexual assault. Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, was one of their main targets. They tried their scheme on him several times, but it failed. ESR said, “if you are any kind of open-source leader or senior figure who is male, do not be alone with any female, ever, at a technical conference. Try to avoid even being alone, ever, because there is a chance that a “women in tech” advocacy group is going to try to collect your scalp”. The conversation at ESR’s blog also brings up mentoring women in tech and how that should be avoided as well.

While this is particularly shocking, more and more men are choosing to avoid women to one degree or another.  Men from members to Congress to college professors are avoiding being alone with women now.  It happens enough that women are creating a conspiracy theory that men are trying to shut them out instead of protect themselves.

The next step for these men is to realize that they need to avoid women as much as possible.  I realized that several years ago, and we will see more and more men realize this over time.  The reality is that women are dangerous, and the only way for men to protect themselves is to avoid women.  Many men are coming to this conclusion independently of each other because it is simply reality.

LIHOP And MIHOP Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theories

There are two types of 9/11 conspiracy theories, LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) and MIHOP (made it happen on purpose).  In LIHOP 9/11 conspiracy theories, Al-Queda actually did 9/11, but the government was aware that it was going to happen and intentionally decided not to do anything about it.  In MIHOP 9/11 conspiracy theories the government actually did 9/11 such as by hijacking the planes themselves or putting explosives in the World Trade Center.  One thing I have noticed about the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory is that it is starting to adopt the idea that the government is letting incel virgin men engage in mass shootings.  Potentially, this is will lead to a MIHOP conspiracy theory where the government will be accused of facilitating mass shootings by incel virgin men.

One example of the LIHOP Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory is from feminist Laurie Penny.  She demands that the mass shooters be treated as “terrorists” and says that they only reason they’re not is because the government refuses to treat white men as terrorists.  Thus, according to Penny, the government is letting incel virgin men engage in mass shootings by refusing to treat them as terrorists.  In other words, the government is letting mass shootings by incel virgin men happen on purpose.  This is a lie for multiple reasons.  First, not all of the shooters are white.  For example, the most recent shooter in Oregon was mixed race.  Second, the government does go after white men they consider to be terrorists such as the KKK and and white supremacist terrorist groups.  (If you expand that to include white criminal organizations, you can add the mafia to that list.)

Other examples are much worse.  Here is an example from the GamerGhazi subreddit (which had to do with an alleged swatting from 8chan that probably never happened, but I’m sure this person believes in the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory).

The FBI has already had several chances to stop these guys, but Agent No Reply continues to be Agent No Show.

I know there are many fine officers of law enforcement, but how many MRAs are there in LEA, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security? How many white nationalists? Percentage higher than that of the general population? Any way to even know?

It’s not like these are particularly feminist agencies (Google the stats for female officers and agents. 80+% male is typical.).

Are women’s safety issues being downplayed or outright silently dismissed because the guys in charge of our safety are part of the problem?

Not only do these women believe in a fictitious Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization, they think it has infiltrated law enforcement and the national security establishment.  (Women think that incel virgin men, 4chan, 8chan, internet trolls, #GamerGate, the MRM, and so forth are all the same.)  What’s really happening is that the accusations against incel virgin men, MRAs, #GamerGate, etc. are false, so nothing is happening to them. What do women expect to be done about the non-existent problem of the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization?  Put guys who look like they haven’t gotten laid in a while into camps?  Arrest 4chan posters for trolling or making fake death threats against no one in particular (assuming that they have even done that)?  With the latter, to find those “death threats” you have to go to 4chan and search them out.  It’s not like they are calling in bomb threats to colleges.  In other words, that’s half way to a fishing expedition.  No court will take that seriously.

Also, there are actual criminal and terrorist organizations for law enforcement and national security to track whereas the Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization does not exist.  Since it’s a safe bet that law enforcement and the national security establishment are going to concern themselves with actual terrorists and criminals, expect women’s LIHOP conspiracy theories to turn into MIHOP conspiracy theories out of frustration that law enforcement and the national security establishment are actually doing their jobs.


Who Needs Feminists When You Have MRAs Like These?

JudgyBitch ran an article written by former AVFM news director Ty Henry declaring Bill Cosby to be guilty.  This was an article that was rejected by AVFM.  It has the usual lie that since the women VOLUNTARILY took drugs that Cosby gave them, he raped them.

After saying he conferred quaaludes to women to have sex, I can reasonably infer that he did not answer the question as to whether the women consented to the drugs because he was guilty. Indeed, that’s because his attorneys instructed him not to answer. Of course, that begs the question, why would he be instructed not to answer in a proceeding all go into knowing testimony will likely be sealed?

Which is why, had I heard him make the same statements in a criminal trial, I would vote “guilty.”

There is many reasons that Cosby’s lawyers would not want him to answer that question.  No one has even accused Cosby of shoving drugs down these women’s throats so it was all voluntary.  We know this so the real question is why would an alleged female MRA run an article that AVFM rejected.  In fact, let’s look at what Paul Elam had to say about why this article was rejected by AVFM.

Sorry for using the comments for this but I think it is important that all those participating in this discussion be aware of something going on here.

The piece that Ty Henry submitted to AVFM, and which was rejected, is not the same piece that he submitted to So any notion that you just read what AVFM rejected is untrue.

His original piece included the term “Bill Cosby is a serial rapist,..” a flat declaration of guilt. That was the precise reason why the piece was rejected. He was also offered the opportunity to retool the piece, sans the declaration of guilt, which we would have been more likely to run.

Mr. Henry is well aware of this, as I personally informed him of such.

This posting amounts to a bait and switch on the readers, one that I do not attribute to the blog owner, but do suspect that it was very much intentional on the part of Mr. Henry. It also serves as validation as to why Mr. Henry was terminated as AVFM’s news director. To allow this piece to run as seen above, while knowing it was not the same piece AVFM rejected, paints a picture of someone clearly outside the requirements we have at AVFM for journalistic ethics.

First, we have a bait and switch going on here.  Second, while the revised article may not include the term, “serial rapist”, it still declares him guilty on the basis of lies as can be seen from the first excerpt above.  I don’t know if JudgyBitch knew this was a bait and switch, but it almost doesn’t matter.  She should have known better than to run an article declaring Bill Cosby guilty if she really was a female MRA.  Ty Henry should know better too.

With MRAs like these who needs feminists?

Bill Cosby Is Still Innocent

I said before that Bill Cosby was a victim of the false accusation bandwagon effect (and a victim of a horde of white women wanting to lynch a black man), and that is still true.  The latest thing being used to crucify Cosby is that he admitted to buying women quaaludes in the 70s.  The media is trying to turn this into Cosby drugged and then raped dozens of women.

Cosby never gave a quaaludes to anyone underage or a woman who did not consent to taking them.  Thus, Cosby never “drugged” any women.  Quaaludes were legal in the 70s and they were believed to be an aphrodisiac at the time.  Women were voluntarily deciding to take what they believed to be aphrodisiacs.  That can only make sense if they decided to have sex with Cosby.

Cosby is still innocent, and the women accusing him of rape are all liars looking for a payday.  That was true last year.  It’s still true now.

Why Isn’t Paul Nungesser Suing Emma Sulkowicz Or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand?

Paul Nungesser, the German student studying at the University of Columbia who was falsely accused of rape by Emma Sulkowicz (a.k.a. mattress girl), is suing Columbia University, its president and trustees and the visual arts professor that allowed Emma Sulkowicz’s mattress project to go forward.  This law suit is necessary because all these people aided and abetted Emma Sulkowicz’s false rape accusation.  However, there are two names missing from this list, Emma Sulkowicz herself, and Democrat senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who has been harassing Nungesser and calling him a rapist despite being exonerated by both Columbia University and the police.

Why are Sulkowicz and Gillibrand not being sued by Nungesser?  It’s because they’re women.  Too many men, have internalized “never hit a girl” to a point where they can’t hold a woman responsible for her actions.  I suspect this is the case with Nungesser (or his lawyer).  While there’s a long list of people who aided and abetted Sulkowicz who deserved to be sued into homelessness, they were all acting on the behalf of Sulkowicz, not the other way around.

I have noticed that in many cases when a woman does something evil and/or illegal, there is a search for the man behind her who is “really” running things.  Unfortunately, #GamerGate provides a good example.  A lot of gamergaters believe that Jonathan McIntosh, Anita Sarkeesian’s partner at Feminist Frequency, is really running the show and that Sarkeesian is just a puppet.  While I’m sure McIntosh is glad to have Sarkeesian as the public face of Feminist Frequency and does contribute his share, Sarkeesian contributes her share as well.  She is not McIntosh’s puppet, and all the gamergaters who believe this are doing is giving Sarkeesian an out if she decides to cash out.  Sarkessian is her own agent, so she is responsible for the lies she has told.  She needs to be held accountable for that.

The same thing exists in conspiracy theory.  Women are never agents of their own.  They’re always agents of the Jews, the bankers, aliens, or demons (who are all conveniently described as men).  It’s the same with traditionalist conservatives too.

What all of these groups have in common is that they’re working hard at avoiding the reality that they need to fight women.  If Nungesser is successful in his lawsuit, it will only help on the margins.  It may convince a few men not to aid and abet the criminal activity of women like Sulkowicz.  However, it won’t change the mind of most manginas since they will be more than happy to be martyrs for women.  To stop false rape accusations and everything else women do, we need to attack the source of the problem.  That means going after women’s lackeys is not enough.  We need to go after women.