This Picture Shows That There Is No Such Thing As Male Entitlement

I found a picture that shows how massive female entitlement is.  This is a picture of the womens march in Portland last weekend.  On top are the entitled women protesting.  Below is a camp of the homeless.  Notice how all the homeless are all men.

femaleentitlementWhere I got this picture from made it clear that the women in the Portland womens march did nothing to help these homeless men.  (If the women were aware of the homeless men at all, I’m sure that the women falsely accused the homeless men of male entitlement.)  The women above are throwing a temper tantrum because they might have to pay for their own birth control & abortions instead of the government.  The men below are suffering from actual problems including homelessness, unemployment, and in many cases mental illness.  (And that’s actual mental illness not the bullshit women make up.)

This picture shows that any accusation of male entitlement is a lie, and that women are the entitled ones.

Women Aren’t Responsible For What They Do Because They’re Possessed By Demons?

At the Dalrock blog recently, they were talking about abortion.  Rather than hold women accountable for making the choice to abort their babies, they blame anyone and everyone else starting with a super secret pagan takeover of the culture.  Only one man, Boxer, objects to this delusion.

Dear Oscar:

as a result the culture drifts further from Christ, we drift closer to superstitious pagan practices.

Please. In saying this, you’re displacing the blame from women to men. This is the same motivation that the kooks here are driven by when they blame Jews, illuminati, etc. You (and they) always excuse the behavior of feral wimminz by creating some boogeyman who is actually in charge — the hidden demon always being male.

Pagan societies that were viable never allowed women to kill their children for convenience sake (see Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars for two clear examples of viable pagan cultures).

Women and their white-knights have seized some social control, and thus they’re pushing society closer to a Christian matriarchy. What religious or cultural customs are extant doesn’t matter. When feral wimminz and their enablers take over a society, this is the result.

Blame the Jews, blame the NWO, blame the Illuminati, blame lizardmen from Planet X, just don’t blame a (white) woman.  At least one man stood up to that.  Boxer continued in another comment.

The abortion trend really has nothing to do with religion, and most of the feral wimminz who get abortions have nothing to do with “pagan practices”. They remain protestant, catholic and jewish wimminz, same as they were before.

By bringing up nonsense about “pagan practices”, you’re opening the door for us to blame some pre-Christian resurgence, rather than the actual christian wimminz, who are (lest we forget) doing the killing of the babies. This is the same tactic as the kooks who blame Jewish conspiracies, illuminati, etc. for wimminz bad behavior. All these other groups open the door to displacing blame from where it really belongs.

Human sacrifice in general – and child sacrifice in particular – are common in pagan cultures. There are exceptions, but they are exceptions. Furthermore, non-ritual infanticide and abortion were common among the Greeks, Romans and most other pagan cultures.

1. You have provided no historical sources for this contention. Can you kick one out to support this nonsense?

2. Neither the Greeks, nor the Romans, nor “most other pagan cultures” murdered babies with the ferocity of the Christian/Jewish society you live in. Stats for the abortion trend are right here. Thus, by your own logic, murdering babies must be a Christian/Jewish sacrament, as Christians and Jewish wimminz do it more than anyone else, by a long mile.

There is no such thing as a Christian matriarchy.

Yes, there is. You’re living in one, right now.

Try blaming the actual Christian and Jewish wimminz who are murdering their own children, rather than blaming “pagans” (that don’t exist) for this shit. It’s less palatable to face the truth, but much more effective.

Then the comments turn into a No True Scotsman argument about why Christian women aborting their babies aren’t really Christian.  The argument continues in the comments until someone says, more or less, that there’s a super secret moloch pagan conspiracy.  It turns out that doesn’t mean what you would think it does.  It means that women are possessed by demons.


[M]ost importantly, it’s all a conspiracy, started by a resurgence of the Moloch cult. These Moloch pagans are all around us. We need to fight the Moloch worshippers!”

There is a cant used among American Protestants/Evangelicals to which you are not privy. It uses the same words as the rest of American English, but there is a shared context about how to think about certain words; for example pagan or Moloch

In this case: You see both the worship of Christ and the (now defunct) worship of Moloch as sociological phenomenon. We don’t. We know there are spirits, and we know that the spirit(s) who animated Moloch worshippers in the past, and that they still exist and move.

Neither you nor we have ever heard anyone say they worship Moloch. Because your worldview is blind to the spiritual, and since you have no evidence of a current sociological phenomenon of Moloch, then the idea of a conspiracy of Moloch strikes you are ridiculous. But we don’t need to witness people praise Moloch to know that they act in service to the spirit(s) of Moloch; who are demons.

There you have it.  Christian men believe that women only have abortions (or commit sin in general) because they are possessed by demons.  Thus, Christian men are think women are completely blameless.  They should have stuck with the super secret moloch pagan conspiracy.  At least that’s physically possible.

It’s amazing the length manginas will go to avoid holding women accountable for their actions.  Even if demons actually exist, the Christian manginas are fighting an imaginary enemy.  It doesn’t matter if demons exist or not.  “Demons made me do it” is not a legitimate defense for anything even if they actually exist.  Women are acting on their own choices but the Christian manginas would rather believe that women have no agency, moral or otherwise.  Thus, they invent stories about demons possessing women because they can’t face the reality that women are acting on their own agency.

Why Isn’t Paul Nungesser Suing Emma Sulkowicz Or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand?

Paul Nungesser, the German student studying at the University of Columbia who was falsely accused of rape by Emma Sulkowicz (a.k.a. mattress girl), is suing Columbia University, its president and trustees and the visual arts professor that allowed Emma Sulkowicz’s mattress project to go forward.  This law suit is necessary because all these people aided and abetted Emma Sulkowicz’s false rape accusation.  However, there are two names missing from this list, Emma Sulkowicz herself, and Democrat senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who has been harassing Nungesser and calling him a rapist despite being exonerated by both Columbia University and the police.

Why are Sulkowicz and Gillibrand not being sued by Nungesser?  It’s because they’re women.  Too many men, have internalized “never hit a girl” to a point where they can’t hold a woman responsible for her actions.  I suspect this is the case with Nungesser (or his lawyer).  While there’s a long list of people who aided and abetted Sulkowicz who deserved to be sued into homelessness, they were all acting on the behalf of Sulkowicz, not the other way around.

I have noticed that in many cases when a woman does something evil and/or illegal, there is a search for the man behind her who is “really” running things.  Unfortunately, #GamerGate provides a good example.  A lot of gamergaters believe that Jonathan McIntosh, Anita Sarkeesian’s partner at Feminist Frequency, is really running the show and that Sarkeesian is just a puppet.  While I’m sure McIntosh is glad to have Sarkeesian as the public face of Feminist Frequency and does contribute his share, Sarkeesian contributes her share as well.  She is not McIntosh’s puppet, and all the gamergaters who believe this are doing is giving Sarkeesian an out if she decides to cash out.  Sarkessian is her own agent, so she is responsible for the lies she has told.  She needs to be held accountable for that.

The same thing exists in conspiracy theory.  Women are never agents of their own.  They’re always agents of the Jews, the bankers, aliens, or demons (who are all conveniently described as men).  It’s the same with traditionalist conservatives too.

What all of these groups have in common is that they’re working hard at avoiding the reality that they need to fight women.  If Nungesser is successful in his lawsuit, it will only help on the margins.  It may convince a few men not to aid and abet the criminal activity of women like Sulkowicz.  However, it won’t change the mind of most manginas since they will be more than happy to be martyrs for women.  To stop false rape accusations and everything else women do, we need to attack the source of the problem.  That means going after women’s lackeys is not enough.  We need to go after women.

More Green Aliens

I have noticed that metaphors for women in science fiction seem to involve green skinned aliens a lot.  The Thrint are green skinned aliens.  Star Trek has green skinned aliens called the Orions.  Orion women have these ultra powerful pheromones they use to manipulate Orion men and men from other species, including human men.

The real nature of Orion women is fleshed out in Star Trek: Enterprise.  Initially in Star Trek: Enterprise we learn that Orion women and only Orion women are sold as slaves.  That along with everything else we see about that Orions makes it look like Orion men are in charge and that Orion women are virtual slaves if not outright slaves.  However, that’s not the case.  Several episodes later we discover it’s actually the reverse.  Orion women secretly rule and enslave Orion men, and things like Orion women being sold into slavery is just a cover for the Orion women’s scam.  Orion women use their pheromones and sex in general to control men similar to how the Thrint used their telepathic “power” to make slaves of aliens.

I’m surprised that something so accurate about the nature of women was ever shown on TV.  However, that’s the beauty of science fiction.  If someone were to accurately depict the nature of women, it would never be shown on TV.  Instead use green skinned aliens, and it doesn’t get noticed by the gynocrats who would normally put a stop to such things.

World Of Ptavvs

There’s a science fiction novel by Larry Niven called World Of Ptavvs.  The back story of it is that 1.5 billion years ago there was a slave empire run by aliens called the Thrint.  The Thrint were not very intelligent and had poor skills with tools.  The only reason they could create a slave empire was because they had telepathic abilities that could allow them to control other aliens which the Thrint called “the power”.  On the Thrint homeworld, the Thrint’s telepathic abilities weren’t anything special.  Since the Thrint weren’t intelligent, the only reason they were able to create an interstellar slave empire was because other aliens had sent manned probes to explore the Thrint homeworld.  The Thrint were able to take control of the aliens that visited their homeworld via “the power”, and that’s how the Thrint were able to get their interstellar slave empire.  The Thrint pretty much never invented anything on their own.  Sometimes a Thrint would be born without “the power”.  Those Thrint were labelled Ptavvs and sold into slavery or murdered.  The Thrint empire was destroyed by a slave rebellion led by other aliens called the Tnuctipun.  While the slave rebellion was successful to a point, the Thrint decided to create a mega amplifier for “the power” where they telepathically forced everyone to commit suicide.  All that’s left of the Thrint in modern times are some creatures descended from them called Grogs whose telepathic powers are so minimal as to be effectively harmless.

The Thrint, their “power”, and the Tnuctipun are metaphors for the world today.  Women are like the Thrint in that their singular “power” is their ability to manipulate men.  Beyond that they can’t do anything else.  The equivalent to the Tnuctipun are MRAs and MGTOW.  The one difference between women and the Thrint is the myth of female hypoagency.  All the aliens conquered by the Thrint knew that they were being enslaved by the Thrint.  On the other hand many men don’t know they are being ruled by women because of propaganda that says women have no agency.

One of the things those of us opposed to misandry need to do is create a “world of ptavvs”.  In other words, we have to nullify women’s power to manipulate men .

The Hypoagency Scam Women Use To Manipulate Men

A lot of you have already seen this video where Whoopi Goldberg points out that a woman shouldn’t hit a man and expect that a man won’t hit back.  The other women in the video are aghast at what Whoopi Goldberg is saying.  There’s an acronym for this, DHMIAG, or “don’t hit me I’m a girl”.  What’s missing from that acronym is the second part, “but I can hit men because I’m a girl”.

This is an example of how women use hypoagency, the idea that women are never actors but only acted upon, to manipulate men.  Hypoagency is also tied to women being “weaker” than men.  In the DHMIAG example, there are two things going on.  First, if a woman hits a man it’s assumed to be a man’s fault.  The woman is only reacting to what the man did so he “deserved” it.  Second, the man isn’t supposed to hit back, that is engage in self defense, against women because it was somehow his fault that she hit him.  Third, the man isn’t supposed to hit back because the women is basically equivalent a child or a pet.

When described in this fashion, it sounds pretty demeaning to women in theory.  Yet, women across the political spectrum from liberal feminists to conservative traditionalists argue in favor of women having hypoagency.    Supposedly, this means that women are treated as “inferior”, but in reality that isn’t the case.  On the feminist side, this shows up in lobbying the government for special treatment (affirmative action, transfer payments that only go to women etc.) since women are supposedly in a “weaker” position, yet women get all this free stuff.  This was what the Hobby Lobby case was all about.  Women are supposedly incapable of getting their own birth control so employers have to pay for it.  It’s using “weakness” as an attempt to get free stuff.

On the traditionalist side, it’s even more obvious.  In traditional Christian churches, for example, it is taught that women are the “weaker vessel” and are “inferior” to men.  What ends up happening is that the church says that men are supposed to “lead” but if women sin, then it’s all the fault of a man (typically a husband) for failing to lead.  Even though women are supposedly in an “inferior” position in church, women conveniently are exempt from all responsibility and accountability.  This is why women are the biggest defenders of traditionalism.

While in the DHMIAG example women have the equivalent status of a child or a pet, it’s important to remember that most people treat children and pets very well.  And it’s not like women are treated like children or pets all the time.  Women can move back between child/pet and independent adult status as is convenient for them.  And that’s how all these examples work regardless of whether it’s on the feminist or the traditionalist side of the political spectrum.

Women know that most men are honorable so that men will instinctively defend those they perceive as weak.  So women present themselves as “weak” to manipulate men into giving them whatever woman want.   Women use our honorable nature against us in a very insidious and evil manner.

Anytime you hear a woman arguing for their “inferiority” or “weakness” in some area, it’s an attempt to manipulate you.  The thing to remember is that women have political power so even though men are on average stronger than women, for example, it doesn’t matter.  Political power trumps all, but part of the hypoagency scam is to distract you from that.