Pak Protectors Going Their Own Way

A year ago I talked about how long term the only way to get away from women and manginas was to head for the stars.  I had also talked about how the Thrint from Larry Niven’s Known Space universe were an excellent metaphor for women.  Larry Niven’s Known Space universe also includes a species called the Pak which were a thought experiment to explain why aging and other things like mid life crises happened.  More importantly like the Thrint, the Pak are an excellent metaphor for everything we talk about.

In Larry Niven’s Known Space universe, humans are not originally from Earth.  Humans are the decedents of the Pak who colonized the Earth 2.5 million years ago.  Under our classification system Pak are Homo Habilis.  Pakhome, the Pak homeworld is near the galactic core.  The Pak have three life stages, child, breeder, and protector.  Pak children and breeders are not sentient, but Pak protectors are.  The transition from from breeder to protector is accomplished by gorging on what is known as tree of life.  It’s basically a sweet potato with a special virus that causes a Pak to transform from breeder to protector.  When a pak breeder becomes 42 years old, they have a sudden urge to eat tree of life non stop until they transform into a protector.  Niven created this to explain how age related deterioration could be positive.  The health problems associated with aging actually become positives during the transformation from breeder to protector.  Thus a protector looks like a buff elderly man with a beak like in the picture above.

Pak protectors are hyper intelligent, more intelligent than a human.  Pak breeders have a particular odor that protectors can smell.  However, the only breeder odor that smells right to a Pak protector is the odor that comes from their descendants.  Thus a protector is compelled to protect their own descendants at any cost will trying to kill the descendants of other Pak tribes.  As a result Pakhome is in a constant state of warfare.  Since Pak protectors are hyper intelligent, protectors have no trouble inventing things like nuclear weapons and spaceships.

This is where the Pak start becoming an excellent metaphor for men and women.  Each of the Pak life stages corresponds to something in the real world, child to child, breeder to women, and protector to men.  Pak protectors, for reasons of biology, are forced to “man up” and protect/fight over women.  The only reason the breeders aren’t actively manipulating the protectors is because the breeders aren’t sentient.  That’s the only place this metaphor fails.

A Pak protector needs to keep smelling the odor of its descendants.  If all of the descendants of a Pak protector get killed, then the protector will lose its purpose, get into something akin to depression where they just stop moving, and die.  A Pak protector can avoid this fate by finding a new purpose for its life.  Often, Pak protectors in this situation will choose to adopt the whole of the Pak species as their descendants.  Many Pak protectors in that situation will choose to go to work for the great library on the Pak homeworld.  This is akin to going to following Paul Elam or the manuresphere.

Since the Pak protectors can build spaceships, they can colonize other planets.  Planets near Pakhome could be reached by other Pak so any Pak that attempted to colonize them would just get attacked by other Pak.  One tribe of Pak came up with a way around this by colonizing a planet very far away which ended up being Earth.  This tribe of Pak went off and colonized Earth.  However, tree of life could not grow properly on Earth since radiation present in the galactic core was not available on Earth.  Thus no new Pak protectors could be created, and all of the Pak protectors died of starvation since they needed tree of life to live.  The breeders they took with them survived and became us.

Another group of Pak a million years ago realized that fighting over breeders would destroy the Pak.  They found a record of the Earth colonization mission and decided to follow the first mission.  This tribe did something different on their colonization mission.  While they brought breeders with them, their colonization ship was separated into two parts, one for the protectors and one for the breeders.  The Pak protectors made an agreement that any protector sneaking in to smell the odor of the breeders would be immediately executed.  This was because this group of Pak protectors knew that to end fighting over breeders, they had to get rid of the need to smell the odor of breeders.  This was Pak protectors forcing themselves to go their own way and destroy their need to be around breeders (or in this metaphor women).  Several hundred protectors were originally a part of this colonization mission.  Half of them were executed during the trip for trying to smell the odor of the breeders.  The other half freed themselves of the need to smell breeders anymore.

The Pak protectors that went their own way decided to avoid Earth and settled in another star system.  These Pak protectors built themselves a Ringworld, a massive cosmic mega-structure to live.  Like on Earth, the breeders evolved, but on the Ringworld there ended up being several species of hominids instead of just one as on Earth.  However, the Ringworld hominids still could not be manipulated via sex.  Ringworld culture had a practice called rishathra, where hominids from different species would have sex with each other.  It was used in many cases like a handshake to seal agreements.  It was also used for pure sexual pleasure since STDs and pregnancy were not issues in rishathra.  Thus, the women from any one of the Ringworld hominid species could not use sex as a means to manipulate the men of their species.  It’s like having legalized prostitution being perfectly acceptable as an option for sex.

What happens when humans or Ringworld hominids come into contact with Pak protectors.  Several thousand years ago, a lone Pak protector decided to travel to Earth, and he finds Earth a couple of centuries from now.  The Pak protector abducts a human and puts the human in his cargo hold with his tree of life.  The human is 42 years old so he starts eating the tree of life and becomes a human protector.  Since human breeders (adults) are sentient and Pak breeders are not, human protectors end up being significantly smarter than Pak protectors.  The human protector kills the Pak protector and sets up an operation to look for other Pak.  A couple of centuries later a Pak invasion fleet is found.  (In the Known Space universe the galactic core becomes uninhabitable so all the Pak left Pakhome.  The first Pak to leave were the librarians.)  The human protector makes the tree of life virus airborne and infects a human colony to turn them into human protectors to fight the Pak protector librarians.  The human protectors obliterated Pak protector librarians and the proceeded the find the rest of the Pak that were several centuries behind them and obliterate them as well.

There is at least one protector that was created on the Ringworld, Tunesmith.  He was from one of the Ringworld hominid species, and they are somewhat smarter than a human so as a protector he is smarter than a human protector.  In other words, in both cases, descendants of Pak colonies (who are equivalent of Pak who chose or were forced to go their own way) are superior to the original Pak in every way possible.  If some men who are going their own way chose to set up colonies in space, a similar situation would arise where the descendants of the MGTOW colonists would be on a higher level than women and manginas from Earth.

The Pak are a better metaphor for the world today than even the Thrint are.

The War On MGTOW Is Out In The Open Now

For a while now, we have been dealing with a secret war on MGTOW.  This consisted of bullshit like we have seen and still see at AVFM or Hawaiian Fat Blob that married men can be MGTOW and from conspiracy theorists telling us that we need to man up and marry sluts to stop the fictional depopulation agenda.  This was designed to subvert MGTOW by making us fight nonexistent enemies and devaluing the term, MGTOW, into meaninglessness.  How can a married man truly go his own way?  He can’t because by getting married he is under the complete control of his wife and the state.  His wife can divorce him at any time, take half or more of his assets, and take his kids (if he has any) away from him.  Tradcon bullshit about marriage doesn’t change these real facts.  When a man gets married, he is no longer going his own way whether he likes it or not.

For that matter, why can’t a male feminist be said to be going his own way?  Obviously he can’t because he is going the way of women.  However, if a married man can be said to go his own way, then so can a male feminist.  Thus saying that married men can go their own way makes the term, MGTOW, meaningless.  Even the so called “MGTOW manifesto” which talks about restoring masculinity in men and femininity in women has been rejected because it’s another attempt to make MGTOW meaningless.

Actual MGTOW rejected these attempts to redefine MGTOW into meaninglessness.  Sooner or later one of the groups would trigger a movement from waging a secret war on MGTOW to waging an open war on MGTOW.  That’s what happened when PrisonPlanet/Infowars (Alex Jones’s band of conspiracy theorists) released their video on “neomasculinity” (which should really be called neo pussy begging) that attacks MGTOW.  Bar bar eviscerated PrisonPlanet’s “neomasculinity” video on his blog and in this video.

I like that the war on MGTOW is completely out in the open now.  It not only proves everything that I have been saying about how conspiracy theorists are manginas, but we will no long have to suffer idiots talking out of both sides of their mouth with bullshit like “a married man is going his own way”.  From now on no one can seriously say that manuresphere unity is a virtue.

The manuresphere is facing its demographic time bomb (along with manuresphere adjacent groups like PrisonPlanet), and this is just the first of series of desperate actions we will see from them.

Why Isn’t Paul Nungesser Suing Emma Sulkowicz Or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand?

Paul Nungesser, the German student studying at the University of Columbia who was falsely accused of rape by Emma Sulkowicz (a.k.a. mattress girl), is suing Columbia University, its president and trustees and the visual arts professor that allowed Emma Sulkowicz’s mattress project to go forward.  This law suit is necessary because all these people aided and abetted Emma Sulkowicz’s false rape accusation.  However, there are two names missing from this list, Emma Sulkowicz herself, and Democrat senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who has been harassing Nungesser and calling him a rapist despite being exonerated by both Columbia University and the police.

Why are Sulkowicz and Gillibrand not being sued by Nungesser?  It’s because they’re women.  Too many men, have internalized “never hit a girl” to a point where they can’t hold a woman responsible for her actions.  I suspect this is the case with Nungesser (or his lawyer).  While there’s a long list of people who aided and abetted Sulkowicz who deserved to be sued into homelessness, they were all acting on the behalf of Sulkowicz, not the other way around.

I have noticed that in many cases when a woman does something evil and/or illegal, there is a search for the man behind her who is “really” running things.  Unfortunately, #GamerGate provides a good example.  A lot of gamergaters believe that Jonathan McIntosh, Anita Sarkeesian’s partner at Feminist Frequency, is really running the show and that Sarkeesian is just a puppet.  While I’m sure McIntosh is glad to have Sarkeesian as the public face of Feminist Frequency and does contribute his share, Sarkeesian contributes her share as well.  She is not McIntosh’s puppet, and all the gamergaters who believe this are doing is giving Sarkeesian an out if she decides to cash out.  Sarkessian is her own agent, so she is responsible for the lies she has told.  She needs to be held accountable for that.

The same thing exists in conspiracy theory.  Women are never agents of their own.  They’re always agents of the Jews, the bankers, aliens, or demons (who are all conveniently described as men).  It’s the same with traditionalist conservatives too.

What all of these groups have in common is that they’re working hard at avoiding the reality that they need to fight women.  If Nungesser is successful in his lawsuit, it will only help on the margins.  It may convince a few men not to aid and abet the criminal activity of women like Sulkowicz.  However, it won’t change the mind of most manginas since they will be more than happy to be martyrs for women.  To stop false rape accusations and everything else women do, we need to attack the source of the problem.  That means going after women’s lackeys is not enough.  We need to go after women.

The Manuresphere’s Demographic Time Bomb

Why is AVFM getting into bed with the manuresphere now?  Why would AVFM have an interview with a manurespherian like Roosh?  Why would AVFM pick up someone like Obsidian who was run off of two different manuresphere blogs?  There’s a reason why this is happening, and I realized this from reading this section of part 2 of Roosh’s interview at AVFM.

MGTOWs take the red pill, rightly realize that modern life is getting harder for men, and then… quit. In the one life that we all get, they have decided that the best way to spend it is to let time pass them by, be spectators as if watching a sporting match, and not even try to work for the pleasures that it still has on offer. Their laziness is not admirable and not deserving of respect from men who do work hard at trying to game the system (or fight it) to squeeze whatever drops of happiness on this earth are left for men. I highly suspect that their lack of drive or motivation could be related to depression or other hormonal problems.

Since their “movement’ requires absolutely no effort or activism, it will undoubtedly grow by leaps and bounds as it perfectly speaks to the millennial generation of men who have low work ethic along with an entitled attitude

Like with the rest of the interview, Roosh can’t stop lying.  Millennial men are perfectly happy to work when the reward is commensurate with the work.  Otherwise, why bother?  It’s basic economics, but the manuresphere doesn’t understand basic economics.  Also, in manuresphere lingo, “work” is limited to lifting weights, game, etc.  It doesn’t involve what those of us who speak English mean by work.  For example, to manurespherians, Bill Gates and Elon Musk have never done any work in their lives.

Putting that aside, how many men of the millennial generation do you see in the manuresphere or at AVFM?  Particularly younger millennial men.  Not a whole lot.  The manuresphere is dominated by old men and men, while not old, aren’t young either.  There seems to be similar situation at AVFM.  It seems like the break is around men born before 1990 and men born after 1900, possibly plus or minus a few years.  The manuresphere and AVFM are not only missing youthful energy, but are running into a demographic time bomb.  The millennial generation is the most numerous generation in American history.  Millennials are even more numerous than the baby boomer generation.  Both the manuresphere and AVFM should have significantly more millennial men than they do now.  The manuresphere and AVFM have failed to make inroads with (younger) millennial men which means the manuresphere and AVFM have peaked.

Is the failure of the manuresphere and AVFM to reach (younger) millennial men mean that they have been brainwashed by feminism?  No, far from it in fact.  I would bet money that millennial men are the least feminist men in history.  What is the problem?  For the manuresphere a big part of the problem are the white vagina worshiping nationalists.  Millennial men are more racially diverse than men of earlier generations so the white vagina worshiping nationalists alone will alienate them from the manuresphere.  Even if the white vagina worshiping nationalists weren’t a problem, neither the manuresphere or AVFM can provide solutions or even answers for millennial (and younger) men.

Recently, a young man at a liberal arts college in Oregon was effectively banned from the college including his campus job and housing (meaning that it has the potential to make him homeless).  The reason why this happened to him was because a woman at his college said that he resembled a man who raped her.  She did not claim he was the rapist.  In fact, the alleged rape took place thousands of miles away.  Despite these facts which aren’t even in dispute, this woman was able to completely wreck this man’s life simply because he looked like another man by complaining to their college.  The college forced him to undergo an invasive investigation where they tried to find any sexual wrongdoing he may have committed.  Again, the woman never claimed that the man was her rapist, just that that he happened to look similar.  Even after the investigation cleared him, he was still effectively banned from his college.

How would the manuresphere and AVFM “help” this man?  The manuresphere would have told him to lift and get game.  Putting aside that game is a complete fraud, it wouldn’t have stopped a rape thousands of mile away (if that actually happened).  His college wouldn’t have decided to not investigate him if he had bigger muscles.  If the man went to AVFM, Driversuz would have banned him for “misogyny”.  On top of that, they can see how a manurespherian like Bill Price of The Spearhead gets divorced, has trouble getting access to his children, yet gets married again.  And he gets married to a self admitted feminist of all women.  Why would an (younger) millennial man with a functioning brain want that?

Millennial men are dealing with situations like the college man above effectively getting banned from his college just for looking like another man.  The manuresphere and AVFM don’t get it, in part because they’re old enough to have avoided these situations.  Millennial men need solutions and the manuresphere and AVFM and unable to provide them.  What are millennial men going to do?  GTOW and avoid women.  That’s the only immediate option they have.  WOMEN ARE THAT FUCKING DANGEROUS NOW.  Millennial men aren’t attracted to MGTOW because they’re lazy.  It’s because they aren’t morons.

Millennial men aren’t hiding.  Where is all that youthful energy that is missing from the manuresphere and AVFM.  It can be found at #GamerGate.  #GamerGate has accomplished more in 7 months than the manuresphere and AVFM has accomplished in 7 years.  #GamerGate is completely outside of the control of the manuresphere which must make the likes of Paul Elam and Roosh very angry.  Roosh tried to trick #GamerGate into joining the manuresphere with his Reaxxion blog.  Clearly, that has failed.  #GamerGate and by extension (younger) millennial men have rejected the manuresphere.  They have recognized the manuresphere’s lies for what they are.

Since the manuresphere and AVFM are suffering from the same demographic time bomb, it’s natural that they would join forces out of desperation.  This is the same desperation that has caused AVFM to pander to women.  This will only alienate (younger) millennial men more.  That’s fine because it will only accelerate the deconstruction of the manuresphere and AVFM.  Both of them are roadblocks in the way of destroying feminism and all other forms of misandry.

More Green Aliens

I have noticed that metaphors for women in science fiction seem to involve green skinned aliens a lot.  The Thrint are green skinned aliens.  Star Trek has green skinned aliens called the Orions.  Orion women have these ultra powerful pheromones they use to manipulate Orion men and men from other species, including human men.

The real nature of Orion women is fleshed out in Star Trek: Enterprise.  Initially in Star Trek: Enterprise we learn that Orion women and only Orion women are sold as slaves.  That along with everything else we see about that Orions makes it look like Orion men are in charge and that Orion women are virtual slaves if not outright slaves.  However, that’s not the case.  Several episodes later we discover it’s actually the reverse.  Orion women secretly rule and enslave Orion men, and things like Orion women being sold into slavery is just a cover for the Orion women’s scam.  Orion women use their pheromones and sex in general to control men similar to how the Thrint used their telepathic “power” to make slaves of aliens.

I’m surprised that something so accurate about the nature of women was ever shown on TV.  However, that’s the beauty of science fiction.  If someone were to accurately depict the nature of women, it would never be shown on TV.  Instead use green skinned aliens, and it doesn’t get noticed by the gynocrats who would normally put a stop to such things.

I’m Thankful For #GamerGate

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for #GamerGate because #GamerGate is everything the so called manosphere is not.  #GamerGate is actually anti-feminist.  #GamerGate actually does things instead of starting meaningless internet fights and trying to con men out of their money.

#GamerGate has accomplished more in 3 months than the so called manosphere could accomplish in 3 centuries.  #GamerGate’s latest accomplishment is getting the Federal Trade Commission to take action against the feminists masquerading as game journalists.  This may not seem like much, but the so called manosphere has never gotten the FTC to do anything.  Consider how much fraud and corruption feminists engage in.  Action by FTC will lead to larger actions by the FTC and other government agencies.  This is only the beginning, so this Thanksgiving be thankful for #GamerGate.

This Could Have Been Partially Inspired By My Blog

Over at the KotakuInAction reddit, there’s a page about Anita Sarkeesian’s connections to online marketing scams.  It references the Scamworld video and even mentions Eben Pagan/David DeAngelo and game.  With that last part, it’s like the reddit entry could have been partially inspired by my page on The Syndicate.

Was part of the reddit entry inspired by this blog?  Probably not, but that doesn’t matter.  My ideas are based on observing reality.  That’s why someone on the KotakuInAction reddit can come up with the same conclusions as me.  Typically, I just get there first.  It’s frustrating waiting for others to catch up, but over time more and more men will come around to my thinking.  A man who is dealing with reality and not a mangina can’t help it.