Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome

What happens to a man who stays in The Reserves long enough without realizing that he’s better off without women?  Eventually, he will suffer from what I call Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome from the waiting.  The ForeverAlone subreddit (which is no longer about being forever alone since it is now controlled by women in relationships and maginas who worship them) has good examples of Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome.

One one end, we have a forever alone man who found a girlfriend.  Sounds good, right?  Except that she’s 10 years older than him, and she using him just to have a kid.

Basically she is 10 years older than me and absolutely desperate to have a kid before it’s too late, if it’s not already.

She keeps telling me how much having a child will change me for the better and she thinks we will have kids soon

The man who wrote this is aware that he is just being used so that his girlfriend can have a kid.  His follow up comments make it clear that he know that he is just being used for his money.  It’s previous obvious that as soon as she has his kid and his money, she will dump him and go back to the men she actually wants to have sex with.  This sounds pretty bad but compared to the next example, this was a weak case of Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome.

Someone decided to ask the ForeverAlone subreddit if they would rather be single forever or be married to a woman that cuckolds them.  A significant fraction of the responses were men who would be willing to be married to a woman that cuckolded them even though they would get nothing they wanted from the deal.  (Fortunately, a lot of men still had their self respect and chose to be single forever instead.)  The men willing to be cuckolds are the ultimate in Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome.  They are so desperate that they are willing to be cuckolded by a woman.  They won’t get want they want because being cuckolded especially in their case is just play acting at a sexual relationship with a woman.  These men represent the ultimate goal of keeping men in The Reserves, conditioning men to accept any behavior from a woman, no matter how abusive.  And that is what cuckolding is, particularly in this case, abuse.

Someone may say that these men have a sexual fetish.  That is clearly not the case.  Holding these men in The Reserves has conditioned brainwashed them into willing to be cuckolded and abused.  Their own words make it clear that they do not get off on a woman cuckolding them.  It’s clear that they are so desperate for female contact of any kind that they are willing to let themselves be abused by women.  There are plenty of women ready to take advantage of these men from dominatrices trying to find more customers to women who get off on small penis humiliation.

The only answer to this is to refuse to be a part of The Reserves and GYOW.  When a man goes his own way, he won’t be abused by a woman (at least not directly, being abused by the state working on behalf of women is a different matter).  He will also have his self respect intact.

White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists Are Con Artists

All of the major personalities (and minor personalities) in the manuresphere are incapable of holding down jobs.  This is why they try to sell books and other media about game.  They don’t have the ability to produce anything of value.

It’s not just the manuresphere either.  Men with similar beliefs have the same problem.  Take Angelo John Gage, a white vagina worshiping nationalist, who Barbarossa talked about due to his emotional female like rant where he blamed MGTOW for the New Year’s Eve rapes in Germany (which we don’t even know if they happened).  I did a search on Gage and found out that what he does for a living is “teach” NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and hypnosis. He also is a “life coach”.  NLP was a predecessor to game, and it’s a scam in its own right.  Life coaching is also a scam.  In other words, Gage is a con artist just like the major personalities of the manuresphere.

It’s not a coincidence that Gage is a con artist.  Any man who starts buying into manuresphere ideology or one of its components like white vagina worshiping nationalism is going to have trouble with gainful productive employment or running their own business.  All that is left for them is to become a con artist trying to sell game (or something related like NLP).

The same thing was true with white vagina worshiping nationalists before they discovered game.  The redemption conspiracy theory is a conspiracy theory where there was a secret account of $630,000 which you could access if you signed the right government forms. This conspiracy theory was created by Roger Elvick, a white vagina worshiping nationalist, who used the conspiracy theory to defraud other white vagina worshiping nationalists.  Elvick ended up in jail but lots of white vagina worshiping nationalists STILL believe that the redemption conspiracy theory isn’t a scam.

This just proves that white vagina worshiping nationalists (including the manuresphre) are all con artists by definition.  They hate MGTOW because MGTOW will never fall for their scams.


There Is Nothing About The MGTOW Manifesto That Isn’t A Fraud

Tamerlame brought this page on the MGTOW reddit about the MGTOW manifesto to our attention.  I knew the MGTOW manifesto was fraudulent, but it turns out it is way more fraudulent than I could have imagined.  The author of the page on the MGTOW reddit even discovered that that MGTOW manifesto didn’t exist in 2004 when MGTOW allegedly started.  Everything about the MGTOW manifesto is a fraud.

Anyone who takes the MGTOW manifesto seriously is full of shit and trying to use it as a club to attack MGTOW.  The guys attacking MGTOW can be best described by this pic Stoner created.

The MGTOW Manifesto Has Nothing To Do With MGTOW

One thing that keeps coming up in attacks on MGTOW is the so called MGTOW Manifesto.  Typically, the accusation is that men who are GTOW aren’t “real MGTOW” because they aren’t following the MGTOW Manifesto which is full of bullshit like “instill masculinity in men and femininity in women” and requiring MGTOW to be Libertarian.  Fatt Fuck Forney’s most recent attack on MGTOW (which CS MGTOW ripped apart) brought that up.  There is even a white vagina worshiping nationalist who is trying to use the MGTOW Manifesto (any reference to MGTOW being “created” in 2004/2005 means the MGTOW Manifesto) to trick MGTOW into becoming white vagina worshiping nationalists.  Since there is finally a push to completely separate MGTOW fully from the manuresphere, the MGTOW Manifesto needs to be exposed for what it is.

The reason why the MGTOW Manifesto is a fraud is because MGTOW was never created from the top down.  Just as no person is the MGTOW “commander”, no document can be said to be the beginning of MGTOW.  MGTOW happened because of the decisions of many men concerning the nature of women.  They made those decisions not because of a document but because they rationally assessed the situation with women.  Even the authors of the so called MGTOW manifesto knew this.  They came up with the phrase “men going their own way” because they noticed one reason the MRM which was not working was because “men kept going their own way”.  The authors of the so called MGTOW Manifesto invented nothing.  They only observed a phenomena among men (which if you include monasticism has been going on for centuries), gave it a name, and then tried to use that name to control it.  They failed at trying to control MGTOW, but since their document exists enemies of MGTOW can use to pull the “I’m not really against MGTOW because the MGTOW Manifesto” scam.  Regardless, even the authors of the so called MGTOW Manifesto knew that it had nothing to do with actual MGTOW.

MGTOW Has No Commander

There have been several anti-MGTOW meltdowns recently from Dean Esmay, John the Other, and Fatt Fuck Fornedarmu.  This included attacks on MGTOW included attacks on Barbarossaa.  Fatt Fuck Fornedarmu even said that MGTOW has been taken over by the “cult of Barbarossaa”.  Not only is that clearly a lie, it’s impossible.  MGTOW is too decentralized for that.  Most men who choose to go their own way never hear about the term, MGTOW, much less Barbarossaa.

What is with the obsession with Barbarossaa?  It comes from the fact that none of them can understand that many men would analyze the nature of women and come to the same conclusion independently of each other.  The manuresphere is filled with conspiracy theorists, and they assume everything is a conspiracy theory.  One aspect of conspiracy theories I have noticed is the “commander”, and the commanders in conspiracy theories are always obeyed.   In any conspiracy theory there is never an example of disagreements between the “commander” and his underlings.  That’s absurd and is contrary to everything we know about organizational dynamics (and history as well).  And that is true even for totalitarian states.  (Some manurespherians will realize this but to get around the contradiction, they will say that the devil is the “commander” of the world because a supernatural entity need not be bound by human limitations.  This is the same line of reasoning that leads to the belief that women aren’t responsible for their actions because they’re possessed by demons.)  Even though its absurd, this is how the manuresphere thinks that things work.  Ironically, the closest thing that has unquestioned commanders is the manuresphere itself.  Manurespherians obey and rarely question the big names in the manuresphere despite evidence all around them that the leaders of the manuresphere are full of shit.  In many cases it’s self evident because the manuresphere is filled with 300 pound fat fucks who obviously can’t get laid without paying for it.  While many manurespherians are delusional enough to believe their “commanders”, I suspect that the rest of the manurespherians don’t question their “commanders” for political or ideological reasons.

MGTOW is not screwed up like that, but the manuresphere can’t understand that since they thing everything else works like the manuresphere.  Thus the manuresphere is on this quest to find and eliminate the commander of MGTOW.  Right now, they’re focused on Barbarossaa because he’s the closest thing they can find.  Even if they managed to eliminate Barbarossaa (which would never happen because the manuresphere is ineffectual at everything it does), MGTOW would go on because Barbarossaa is not the commander of MGTOW.  MGTOW has no commander.  It never has had a commander, and it never will.  That’s not just because the manuresphere’s belief in commander’s is absurd.  MGTOW comes from the bottom up decisions of individual men, not the top down orders of a commander.  This is why MGTOW will outlast the manuresphere.  The manuresphere requires you to ignore what is right in front of you on the orders of its leaders and such a mentality has already reached its limits.  The only thing needed for a man to go his own way is to rationally analyze his situation.  It doesn’t even require contact with other MGTOW.

Pak Protectors Going Their Own Way

A year ago I talked about how long term the only way to get away from women and manginas was to head for the stars.  I had also talked about how the Thrint from Larry Niven’s Known Space universe were an excellent metaphor for women.  Larry Niven’s Known Space universe also includes a species called the Pak which were a thought experiment to explain why aging and other things like mid life crises happened.  More importantly like the Thrint, the Pak are an excellent metaphor for everything we talk about.

In Larry Niven’s Known Space universe, humans are not originally from Earth.  Humans are the decedents of the Pak who colonized the Earth 2.5 million years ago.  Under our classification system Pak are Homo Habilis.  Pakhome, the Pak homeworld is near the galactic core.  The Pak have three life stages, child, breeder, and protector.  Pak children and breeders are not sentient, but Pak protectors are.  The transition from from breeder to protector is accomplished by gorging on what is known as tree of life.  It’s basically a sweet potato with a special virus that causes a Pak to transform from breeder to protector.  When a pak breeder becomes 42 years old, they have a sudden urge to eat tree of life non stop until they transform into a protector.  Niven created this to explain how age related deterioration could be positive.  The health problems associated with aging actually become positives during the transformation from breeder to protector.  Thus a protector looks like a buff elderly man with a beak like in the picture above.

Pak protectors are hyper intelligent, more intelligent than a human.  Pak breeders have a particular odor that protectors can smell.  However, the only breeder odor that smells right to a Pak protector is the odor that comes from their descendants.  Thus a protector is compelled to protect their own descendants at any cost will trying to kill the descendants of other Pak tribes.  As a result Pakhome is in a constant state of warfare.  Since Pak protectors are hyper intelligent, protectors have no trouble inventing things like nuclear weapons and spaceships.

This is where the Pak start becoming an excellent metaphor for men and women.  Each of the Pak life stages corresponds to something in the real world, child to child, breeder to women, and protector to men.  Pak protectors, for reasons of biology, are forced to “man up” and protect/fight over women.  The only reason the breeders aren’t actively manipulating the protectors is because the breeders aren’t sentient.  That’s the only place this metaphor fails.

A Pak protector needs to keep smelling the odor of its descendants.  If all of the descendants of a Pak protector get killed, then the protector will lose its purpose, get into something akin to depression where they just stop moving, and die.  A Pak protector can avoid this fate by finding a new purpose for its life.  Often, Pak protectors in this situation will choose to adopt the whole of the Pak species as their descendants.  Many Pak protectors in that situation will choose to go to work for the great library on the Pak homeworld.  This is akin to going to following Paul Elam or the manuresphere.

Since the Pak protectors can build spaceships, they can colonize other planets.  Planets near Pakhome could be reached by other Pak so any Pak that attempted to colonize them would just get attacked by other Pak.  One tribe of Pak came up with a way around this by colonizing a planet very far away which ended up being Earth.  This tribe of Pak went off and colonized Earth.  However, tree of life could not grow properly on Earth since radiation present in the galactic core was not available on Earth.  Thus no new Pak protectors could be created, and all of the Pak protectors died of starvation since they needed tree of life to live.  The breeders they took with them survived and became us.

Another group of Pak a million years ago realized that fighting over breeders would destroy the Pak.  They found a record of the Earth colonization mission and decided to follow the first mission.  This tribe did something different on their colonization mission.  While they brought breeders with them, their colonization ship was separated into two parts, one for the protectors and one for the breeders.  The Pak protectors made an agreement that any protector sneaking in to smell the odor of the breeders would be immediately executed.  This was because this group of Pak protectors knew that to end fighting over breeders, they had to get rid of the need to smell the odor of breeders.  This was Pak protectors forcing themselves to go their own way and destroy their need to be around breeders (or in this metaphor women).  Several hundred protectors were originally a part of this colonization mission.  Half of them were executed during the trip for trying to smell the odor of the breeders.  The other half freed themselves of the need to smell breeders anymore.

The Pak protectors that went their own way decided to avoid Earth and settled in another star system.  These Pak protectors built themselves a Ringworld, a massive cosmic mega-structure to live.  Like on Earth, the breeders evolved, but on the Ringworld there ended up being several species of hominids instead of just one as on Earth.  However, the Ringworld hominids still could not be manipulated via sex.  Ringworld culture had a practice called rishathra, where hominids from different species would have sex with each other.  It was used in many cases like a handshake to seal agreements.  It was also used for pure sexual pleasure since STDs and pregnancy were not issues in rishathra.  Thus, the women from any one of the Ringworld hominid species could not use sex as a means to manipulate the men of their species.  It’s like having legalized prostitution being perfectly acceptable as an option for sex.

What happens when humans or Ringworld hominids come into contact with Pak protectors.  Several thousand years ago, a lone Pak protector decided to travel to Earth, and he finds Earth a couple of centuries from now.  The Pak protector abducts a human and puts the human in his cargo hold with his tree of life.  The human is 42 years old so he starts eating the tree of life and becomes a human protector.  Since human breeders (adults) are sentient and Pak breeders are not, human protectors end up being significantly smarter than Pak protectors.  The human protector kills the Pak protector and sets up an operation to look for other Pak.  A couple of centuries later a Pak invasion fleet is found.  (In the Known Space universe the galactic core becomes uninhabitable so all the Pak left Pakhome.  The first Pak to leave were the librarians.)  The human protector makes the tree of life virus airborne and infects a human colony to turn them into human protectors to fight the Pak protector librarians.  The human protectors obliterated Pak protector librarians and the proceeded the find the rest of the Pak that were several centuries behind them and obliterate them as well.

There is at least one protector that was created on the Ringworld, Tunesmith.  He was from one of the Ringworld hominid species, and they are somewhat smarter than a human so as a protector he is smarter than a human protector.  In other words, in both cases, descendants of Pak colonies (who are equivalent of Pak who chose or were forced to go their own way) are superior to the original Pak in every way possible.  If some men who are going their own way chose to set up colonies in space, a similar situation would arise where the descendants of the MGTOW colonists would be on a higher level than women and manginas from Earth.

The Pak are a better metaphor for the world today than even the Thrint are.

Who Needs Feminists When You Have Paul Elam?

One of Paul Elam’s insults for MGTOW is PigTOW.  A person on the MGTOW subreddit noticed that its the same as the feminist “men are pigs” insult.

Just as one little specific point, I take note that in CHOOSING to create his little “PIGTOW” ad hom label, complete with full-blown “Pig-nose/face” imagery — Paul Elam is (wittingly or unwittingly) adopting/channeling the old feminist “Men are PIGS” insult.*

Which to my mind… would be enough to render him as a piece of shite (even if I wasn’t aware of his other various frauds and problems — the guy is a fucking opportunistic/parasitic wanker, a complete hypocrite who is trying to both skim AND control the various “men’s movement” things… much like the celebrity feminists, though with less success because he’s an incompetent boob).

*And an ironic one really, since if anyone is “feeding from the trough” it’s Elam.

Who needs feminists when you have Paul Elam?  He might as well be an outright feminist at this point.