Black Pill Herman Cain vs. Red Pill Ron Paul

Herman Cain has suspended his presidential campaign, which means it’s over.  While I’m disappointed with this, at least we know that progress has been made against feminism.  He was the first American politician to admit confront sexual harassment charges with the truth that they are false accusations.  This made Herman Cain the most anti-feminist American politician in the last few decades.  Yes, Cain didn’t do much in being against feminism, but it’s a quantum leap beyond any other American politician.  It may not seem like much now, but it opens the door for other politicians to be that much more anti-feminist.  Eventually, I hope this will snowball into real anti-feminist politicians.

The reason why Herman Cain was attacked with false sexual harassment charges and a (likely) false affair charge is because he is viewed as a threat by the establishment.  The establishment is among other things feminist, and Herman Cain’s (minimal) anti-feminist stand was a threat to the establishment.  This got me thinking about Ron Paul.  How come we don’t see false sexual harassment accusations against Ron Paul?  Since these things are fake, it isn’t hard to find women who would be willing to make false accusations against a politician.  In other words, the fact that Ron Paul hasn’t ever sexually harassed anyone is immaterial.  We are told by many of the “red pill” takers in the manosphere that Ron Paul is a “threat to the establishment”.  Ron Paul is the “red pill” candidate.  So why hasn’t the establishment taken out Ron Paul in this manner?

It’s because Ron Paul and the “red pill” in general is not a threat to the establishment.  Ron Paul isn’t an anti-feminist at all.  The only reason he gets called anti-feminist is because he is against abortion.  The anti-abortion movement is just as feminist as the pro-abortion movement as PMAFT has demonstrated.  Plus, feminists like Naomi Wolf have spoken at Ron Paul rallies.  This is another example of how the “red pill” is not truth, but just an alternate delusion.

Herman Cain has nothing to do with the red pill.  Instead he touched the black pill.  It was very brief and minimal, but he realized the anti-feminist truth.  This was part of the reason why the establishment worked hard to take him out.  They stopped Herman Cain, but they haven’t stopped the black pill truth.  We will defeat feminism.  It will take time, but the truth of the black pill can not be denied forever.

Herman Cain Makes David Futrelle Piss In His Pants

Herman Cain could use this hand to bitchslap feminists.

Many of you have noticed that I got written up in a post at Manboobz for my support of Herman Cain and the truthAll Futurelle proved was that he is illiterate.  He did notice one thing, that I put my money where my mouth is.  That’s not limited to this case.  I always put my money where my mouth is.  I donated to the Herman Cain campaign more money than any of the boobs at Manboobz have seen at one time.

If you think about, it’s clear that Herman Cain makes David Futrelle piss in his pants.  Here we have a man running for president that in a tiny way fought back against feminism.  Even just a small action worries manginas like Futrelle.  Right now we have Herman Cain correctly identifying what happened to him as false accusations.  In the next presidential election we will have a candidate or candidates that will be slightly more anti-feminist.  In the election after that the anti-feminism in the candidates grows and so on for each subsequent election.  Between 2024 and 2032, I could become a viable candidate for president.  Think about that and think about how much Futrelle will be pissing in his pants when that happens.

I Support Herman Cain For President

I usually don’t bother with voting.  Everyone running for most offices is either a liberal feminist or a conservative feminist.  To me that is no difference.  However, if Herman Cain is still in the running by the time my state’s primary happens (and in the general election if he is the Republican nominee) I will vote for him.

Herman Cain is now dealing with at least three women who are claiming that he sexually harassed them.  Public figures who were accused of sexual harassment in the past didn’t take on their accusers directly, but Herman Cain did.  He pointed out how what is happening to him is a false accusation.  As a result of this Cain has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations in the last few days.  One of those donations was my donation.

This may not seem like much, but this small act as made Cain more anti-feminist than all of the other candidates for president.