The Manuresphere Is On The Horseshoe

StonerWithABoner asked, “Mr. Black Pill (or anyone else here) can you explain this too me?

When O’bama talked about a stimulus plan, all the “right leaning guys” like Bernie Chapin and Crappity Crapitalism said that it was Keynesian economics and was as irresponsible as using a credit card to buy yourself out of debt….

Now, Trumpy wants to borrow money to build, build,build because rates are low. But isn’t this essentially the same or at least 70% similar to O’bummer’s stimulus program? Why aren’t the alter-righties crying about fiscal responsibility, smaller gov’t and states rights? Is it because a domineering “alpha male” is suggesting these plans?

Unless I am confusing something, then they seem to be exhibiting similar behavior to feminists. When times are good, demand the high paying jobs but when they are on a sinking ship, demand women (and a far secondary children) first. Seems like they change colors on a whim and have no cohesive ideology except to scapgoat low status men with darker skin for all their massive personal failures…

I can explain this.  It’s the Horseshoe theory of politics in action where the farther right you go politically, you become more left and vice versa.  This is a phenomena that I have noticed before in the manuresphere.  In other words, the manuresphere’s politics is indistinguishable from the left they (claim to) abhor.  They were only against massive spending when Obama wanted to do it.  Now, that Trump is suggesting the same thing they are all for it.

This is something we see over and over again with nearly all political factions.  They are all feminists and manginas.  The only difference between all these political factions is that they have cosmetic differences between them.  Everything they do is for the benefit of women and the subjugation of men (or what they believe to be the benefit of women and the subjugation of men).  The manuresphere isn’t different than nearly all political factions.

That being said I expect that sooner or later (probably sooner), the manuresphere will start denouncing Trump once they figure out that Trump has no use for them.  When that happens the manuresphere will be like, “We were always at war with Eastasia Eurasia Trump.”

Massive Rationalizations

I was thinking more about what Dr. van nostrand said.

Slight OT: I wonder how much this cuckservative silliness ties into white nationalist own feelings of sexual inadequacy. I mean if u look at how they describe the black male sexual vitality as a threat , it sounds damn near pornographic. .”aggressive “,”muscular”,”dominant “,”predatory”,”virile” are words that often come up. It’s like almostike reading 50 shades of gray with all these racist oh Im sorry I mean race realist hbd blogs.

While I wrote about the non-sexual aspects of this before, what about the sexual aspects?  As Dr. van nostrand says it does tie into their feelings of sexual inadequacy, but they have always had those feelings.  Why do we see these guys saying, “cuck”, all the time now?  Why is this a (relatively) recent development?  I found someone with a theory that it started with an article published last year by a mangina whose wife was cheating on him.  In that article the mangina tried to justify his so called “open marriage”, which was really nothing more than his wife cheating on him, abusing him, and forcing him to accept her cheating as an “open marriage”, via feminism.   If you read the article, it’s clear that the mangina is in a horrific situation created by his wife.  But how, did that lead to the alt-right/white vagina worshiping nationalists using the word, cuck, all the time?

The answer is that it hit too close to home for them.  While most alt-right/white vagina worshiping nationalists may not be actual cuckolds, that article was a little too close in describing how women dominate them.  That contributes to their feelings of sexual inadequacy because at some level they know they reason why their women “semi-cuck” them is because they allow it happen.  They are desperate for the sexual and other scraps their women give them.  They can’t accept that their women are shitty so they project their pain outward.  They accuse other men of being “cucks” to mask their own shame of being dependent on women.  They would all be better off if they just accepted that white women are shitty like non-white women.  But that is a bridge too far for them.

This is not the only way men will try to avoid the reality that they are begging for sexual and other scraps from women.  The guy from the dating advice board that got involved with small penis humiliation that I have talked about before is another variant of this.  He didn’t go around calling other men, cucks, but he did try to justify it as “being sexual”.  It’s all the same whether it’s the mangina who is forced into accepting his wife’s “open marriage”, the alt-right/white vagina worshiping nationalists calling guys, cucks, the forever alone men who think that they should be cuckolds, or the the guy who got involved in small penis humiliation.  They all generate massive rationalizations to avoid the fact that women are shitty.

Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome

What happens to a man who stays in The Reserves long enough without realizing that he’s better off without women?  Eventually, he will suffer from what I call Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome from the waiting.  The ForeverAlone subreddit (which is no longer about being forever alone since it is now controlled by women in relationships and maginas who worship them) has good examples of Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome.

One one end, we have a forever alone man who found a girlfriend.  Sounds good, right?  Except that she’s 10 years older than him, and she using him just to have a kid.

Basically she is 10 years older than me and absolutely desperate to have a kid before it’s too late, if it’s not already.

She keeps telling me how much having a child will change me for the better and she thinks we will have kids soon

The man who wrote this is aware that he is just being used so that his girlfriend can have a kid.  His follow up comments make it clear that he know that he is just being used for his money.  It’s previous obvious that as soon as she has his kid and his money, she will dump him and go back to the men she actually wants to have sex with.  This sounds pretty bad but compared to the next example, this was a weak case of Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome.

Someone decided to ask the ForeverAlone subreddit if they would rather be single forever or be married to a woman that cuckolds them.  A significant fraction of the responses were men who would be willing to be married to a woman that cuckolded them even though they would get nothing they wanted from the deal.  (Fortunately, a lot of men still had their self respect and chose to be single forever instead.)  The men willing to be cuckolds are the ultimate in Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome.  They are so desperate that they are willing to be cuckolded by a woman.  They won’t get want they want because being cuckolded especially in their case is just play acting at a sexual relationship with a woman.  These men represent the ultimate goal of keeping men in The Reserves, conditioning men to accept any behavior from a woman, no matter how abusive.  And that is what cuckolding is, particularly in this case, abuse.

Someone may say that these men have a sexual fetish.  That is clearly not the case.  Holding these men in The Reserves has conditioned brainwashed them into willing to be cuckolded and abused.  Their own words make it clear that they do not get off on a woman cuckolding them.  It’s clear that they are so desperate for female contact of any kind that they are willing to let themselves be abused by women.  There are plenty of women ready to take advantage of these men from dominatrices trying to find more customers to women who get off on small penis humiliation.

The only answer to this is to refuse to be a part of The Reserves and GYOW.  When a man goes his own way, he won’t be abused by a woman (at least not directly, being abused by the state working on behalf of women is a different matter).  He will also have his self respect intact.

Why White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists Keep Showing Up Here

I have wondered why white vagina worshiping nationalists keep commenting on this blog.  They are wasting their time because no one here is convinced by their arguments.  I don’t go to white vagina worshiping nationalist blogs and forms so they are not following me back here because I was trolling them.  Thanks to Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School (H/T Boxer), I now know the reason why.

Herbert Marcuse wrote about something he named “the defeated logic of protest”. His ideas are applicable here. By going to these mainstream feminist churches and raising hell, the protestor is actually entering into a dialogue with them, and in effect strengthening them. The fact that he shows up means that (at some level) he recognizes their authority. The feminists get lots of media time when people do this and their feminist message grows stronger.

White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists recognize my authority.  Unconsciously, they know I am correct about everything.  Thus they continually protest me despite their inability to convince me or the readership of this blog of anything.  White vagina worshiping nationalism has nothing to offer men.  It is filled with man hating women.  Because of this they already defeated before they start saying anything to me.  They protest me since their own women have them on a leash, and they can’t do anything else.  I have already defeated them by pointing out these facts before they attempt to protest me.

When taking about “the defeated logic of protest”, Marcuse had a suggestion to deal with that.  In a general sense it is MGTOW.

I guarantee you that Marcuse’s suggestion here will be used as a basis for a conspiracy theory that MGTOW is a Cultural Marxist plot.  At least with this, they will be referencing something someone in the Frankfurt School actually said instead of making shit up about the Frankfurt School.

Why Won’t White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists Go In For The Kill?

Like AVFM, white vagina worshiping nationalists are jumping on the Roosh (and Fatt Fuck Forney) is a rapist bandwagon.  Unlike AVFM who I anticipate will be in bed with Roosh again in a month or so, the white vagina worshiping nationalists will be consistent in their hatred for Roosh since he’s middle eastern.  By their own admission in that link, there are only two options.  Roosh is either a rapist or a fraud.  The clear answer is that Roosh is a fraud, but white vagina worshiping nationalists pick that Roosh is a rapist.

Why did the white vagina worshiping nationalists pick the Roosh is a rapist option?  It’s because they are manginas.  They are looking for an excuse to white knight for white women.  There is no other possible reason because if they could destroy Roosh by choosing the Roosh is a fraud option.  As we know Roosh being a fraud goes beyond just lying about sexual encounters.  His fraud reaches into “health” related products he is associated with.  (Even AVFM was willing to admit this.)  Roosh’s fraud could be used to destroy him, but white vagina worshiping nationalists won’t go in for the kill even though they hate him for being non-white.  White vagina worshiping nationalists don’t actually want to win against non-white races or the Jews.  What they want is an equivalent to Emmanuel Goldstein (the enemy of The Party in 1984).  They want an eternal enemy to fight that they can paint as a threat to white women so that they can play Captain Save A Ho for white women.  Actual victory for their cause is the last thing they want.

This is another reason why white vagina worshiping nationalists are useless.  They have no intention of trying to accomplish their own stated goals (as horrid as they are).  They are doing nothing more than a big “lets you and him fight” (just like AVFM) which is what women want to see since women like to see men fighting each other.  No one should be surprised by this since white vagina worshiping nationalism is completely controlled by white women and their agenda.

White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists Are Con Artists

All of the major personalities (and minor personalities) in the manuresphere are incapable of holding down jobs.  This is why they try to sell books and other media about game.  They don’t have the ability to produce anything of value.

It’s not just the manuresphere either.  Men with similar beliefs have the same problem.  Take Angelo John Gage, a white vagina worshiping nationalist, who Barbarossa talked about due to his emotional female like rant where he blamed MGTOW for the New Year’s Eve rapes in Germany (which we don’t even know if they happened).  I did a search on Gage and found out that what he does for a living is “teach” NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and hypnosis. He also is a “life coach”.  NLP was a predecessor to game, and it’s a scam in its own right.  Life coaching is also a scam.  In other words, Gage is a con artist just like the major personalities of the manuresphere.

It’s not a coincidence that Gage is a con artist.  Any man who starts buying into manuresphere ideology or one of its components like white vagina worshiping nationalism is going to have trouble with gainful productive employment or running their own business.  All that is left for them is to become a con artist trying to sell game (or something related like NLP).

The same thing was true with white vagina worshiping nationalists before they discovered game.  The redemption conspiracy theory is a conspiracy theory where there was a secret account of $630,000 which you could access if you signed the right government forms. This conspiracy theory was created by Roger Elvick, a white vagina worshiping nationalist, who used the conspiracy theory to defraud other white vagina worshiping nationalists.  Elvick ended up in jail but lots of white vagina worshiping nationalists STILL believe that the redemption conspiracy theory isn’t a scam.

This just proves that white vagina worshiping nationalists (including the manuresphre) are all con artists by definition.  They hate MGTOW because MGTOW will never fall for their scams.


Conspiracy Theorists Want To Put You In A Concentration Camp

Conspiracy theorists believe that there is a secret plan to implement a totalitarian surveillance state.  They also believe that there is a secret plan to force people into concentration camps.  (Although, they refer to those concentration camps as “FEMA camps” since they think that FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, runs them.)  Conspiracy theorists talk about these things over and over again.  You can see that within the manuresphere or outside of it.  Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that they are against a totalitarian surveillance state and concentration camps.  To show just how much he was against the latter, Alex Jones once attacked Michelle Malkin for defending the internment of Japanese-Americans.

Yet, conspiracy theorists want a totalitarian surveillance state and concentration camps.  This became clear when Donald Trump went on the Alex Jones show and spoke about the “need” for state surveillance.

After Jones assured Trump that his memory was correct and that there were “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in the streets of New Jersey on 9/11, the front-runner explained why this fact was so important. Trump said that we know many of “these people” are “evil” and “we need proper surveillance, whether it’s a mosque or anywhere else. Because we’re not going to have a country anymore.

Trump said that not only do we need surveillance on Mosques, but pretty much everywhere.  Since Alex Jones has been a vocal opponent of the state engaging in surveillance in the past (although he has been more of an opponent of his fantasies about state surveillance than actual reality), one would expect him to strongly disagree with Trump and call him a fascist.  That did not happen, and Alex Jones still supports Trump.  Similarly, we have not seen any reaction from the manuresphere, and they are still sucking Trump’s dick.

In fact, there are plenty of examples of conspiracy theorists supporting what Trump wanted to do not opposing it.

Conspiracy theorists are fine with the surveillance state and concentration/FEMA camps provided their man is in charge of it.  Psychological research has shown that conspiracy theorists believe in conspiracy theories because they want to do what the conspiracy theories say.  They want a surveillance state and concentration camps.  Their “opposition” to them is only because they believe that their enemies were in charge of those things.  It is a massive case of projection on the part of conspiracy theorists to believe that their enemies are even interested in a surveillance state and concentration camps.

This also answers the question of why conspiracy theorists never do anything to stop the alleged conspiracies they believe in.   While it is still true that conspiracy theorists don’t do anything because conspiracy theory is a scam and conspiracy theorists are incapable of accomplishing anything, there is a darker reason why conspiracy theorists do nothing to stop the alleged conspirators.  It is because they want everything they accuse their alleged enemies of doing.  They want the surveillance state and the concentration camps.  However, conspiracy theorists don’t want to stop them because they want to take them over when their alleged enemies are finished building them.  Since there is no secret plan for FEMA camps or anything else in conspiracy theory, conspiracy theorists will be the ultimate layabouts forever.

Who do conspiracy theorists want to put in their concentration camps?  Clearly, the answer is non-mangina men.  We know this because Alex Jones said that men aren’t the “full species of humanity” but that women are. He also said that men were meant to die for women.  In other words, men are only half human (which is the same as saying not human) according to Alex Jones.  It is clear from his words that Alex Jones (along with other conspiracy theorists) would have no problem putting men in concentration camps.  That means that conspiracy theorists want to put you and me in concentration camps since we refuse to die for women.

Libertarianism Is Becoming Another Form Of Gynosocialism

In a comment Tamerlane linked to this video from CS MGTOW on Libertarianism.  Before I start talking about the video, it’s important to understand why MRAs and MGTOW are attracted to Libertarianism.  Regardless of whatever the pluses or minuses of Libertarianism may be, the fact is most of government exists to benefit women.  Take any government social program and the beneficiaries are either mostly or all women.  The USDA even has a program called WIC which stands for women, infants, and children which obviously means that this program only benefits women.  The only example I could find of a government program that benefits men would be veterans’ benefits, but that’s a stretch to call it a social program.  Also, since women can serve in the military, they can access it too.  Plus, many men have died serving in the military so they could never see their veterans’ benefits by definition.  What is happened that any degree of socialism is really gynosocialism where women get all the benefits but men do nothing but pay taxes.  Looking at this, it becomes logical for men to support Libertarianism since government doesn’t do a single thing for men.

In fairness, there are socialists who see a problem with this, but they are marginalized by their fellow leftists as “brosocialists” or “brocialists”.  Also, there is no reason to have a lot of sympathy for the “brosocialists” since rather than realizing that gynosocialism is a cancer of the left, they will blame this on a right wing conspiracy to discredit socialism.  Regardless of that all socialism is gynosocialism now.

So doesn’t that mean we should all support Libertarianism if it’s far from perfect?  Not so fast.  The first problem is that many so called Libertarians are Libertarian in name only.  This is common in the manuresphere.  Many manurespherians say that they’re Libertarian yet they have never advocated for a distinctly Libertarian position and have been hostile to the Libertarian Party.  Manurespherians are also consider themselves “Libertarian” in bizarre ways.  CS MGTOW brought up an example from Hawaiian Fat Blob where he is against domestic violence shelters for men under any circumstances.  CS MGTOW brought up the point that this was a case of Libertarianism being used to hurt men, but it’s actually worse than that.  It’s one thing to say that domestic violence shelters for men shouldn’t be funded by the government.  It’s another to say that they should never exist, and that is not Libertarian.  While Libertarians would be against government funded domestic violence shelters for men, they would have no problem with a privately funded domestic violence shelter for men.  Hawaiian Fat Blob was advocating an anti-Libertarian position while lying about it being a Libertarian position.  None of this should be surprising since the manuresphere is constantly lying.

However, that’s a sideshow to the real problem that CS MGTOW spends most of the video talking about which is that Libertarianism is being taken over by women.  Watch the video for some good examples that show how Libertarians are accusing men of being statists while excusing female support for big government as women desperate for protection against evil men. The so called Libertarians can provide no evidence for their accusations against men so these Libertarians are guilty of false accusations against men.

With Libertarians making excuses for female support for big government, Libertarianism is becoming another form of gynosocialism. Where Libertarian Gynosocialism is unique compared to other forms of gynosocialism is that it has the potential to be the most dangerous form of gynosocialism. Due to historical reasons other forms of gynosocialism have to at least pretend to support non-gynosocialist government programs such as veterans’ benefits, fighting terrorism, etc. Libertarian Gynosocialism has no such problem. They can have a justification to squeeze out all other government spending in favor of government spending on women. Libertarian Gynosocialism has the potential to be the purest form of gynosocialism there is. Some will make the argument that at least under Libertarian Gynosocialism we will get rid of things like NSA spying. This will not happen because women want to use NSA spying to track incel virgin and other unattractive men who they incorrectly believe are all about to become mass shooters. The Libertarian Gynosocialists will give in to this demand so they won’t get rid of NSA spying.

There is no such thing as a political system that can prevent gynosocialism. Women and manginas will just wear it down until even political positions like Libertarianism become the opposite of what they are supposed to be. The problem here isn’t the what but the who. What needs to be done is keep both women and manginas out of government. Thus something like taking away the vote from women is not enough. Anyone who wants to take away the vote from women has a scheme they want to use such as only married men get to vote. This is guaranteeing that only manginas will be in government with women controlling the government by proxy.

Social change could solve the problem, but it won’t happen.  The problem is too connected to biological impulses for large scale social change.  It’s the same problem the Pak Protectors have. Only a small percentage of them were able to rise above their biology, and many of them who recognized their biology as a problem failed in their attempt to rise above it.  Thus the only solution is what the Pak Protectors who could rise above their biology tried which is setting up colonies in space far away from their homeworld.  We need to do the same and leave the women and manginas behind.

The Manuresphere’s Demon Obsession

I wrote about back in August how at Dalrock, they were blaming demons for the actions of women.  The manuresphere obsession with demons isn’t limited to the Dalrock blog.  Return of Kings Court Jesters also believes in demons.  If you read the comments, most of the commenters believe that Ouija boards are the like are real in that they can summon demons.

I don’t know if demons exist or not.  What I know is that Return of Kings Court Jesters and all of the other major personalities don’t want you to see that game doesn’t exist.  Thus they flood you will rubbish about demons, conspiracy theory, and other things that have nothing to do with meeting women and getting laid.  If you are too busy worrying that demons are hiding under your bed, you won’t notice that game isn’t working for you or anyone else.