The Manuresphere Is On The Horseshoe

StonerWithABoner asked, “Mr. Black Pill (or anyone else here) can you explain this too me?

When O’bama talked about a stimulus plan, all the “right leaning guys” like Bernie Chapin and Crappity Crapitalism said that it was Keynesian economics and was as irresponsible as using a credit card to buy yourself out of debt….

Now, Trumpy wants to borrow money to build, build,build because rates are low. But isn’t this essentially the same or at least 70% similar to O’bummer’s stimulus program? Why aren’t the alter-righties crying about fiscal responsibility, smaller gov’t and states rights? Is it because a domineering “alpha male” is suggesting these plans?

Unless I am confusing something, then they seem to be exhibiting similar behavior to feminists. When times are good, demand the high paying jobs but when they are on a sinking ship, demand women (and a far secondary children) first. Seems like they change colors on a whim and have no cohesive ideology except to scapgoat low status men with darker skin for all their massive personal failures…

I can explain this.  It’s the Horseshoe theory of politics in action where the farther right you go politically, you become more left and vice versa.  This is a phenomena that I have noticed before in the manuresphere.  In other words, the manuresphere’s politics is indistinguishable from the left they (claim to) abhor.  They were only against massive spending when Obama wanted to do it.  Now, that Trump is suggesting the same thing they are all for it.

This is something we see over and over again with nearly all political factions.  They are all feminists and manginas.  The only difference between all these political factions is that they have cosmetic differences between them.  Everything they do is for the benefit of women and the subjugation of men (or what they believe to be the benefit of women and the subjugation of men).  The manuresphere isn’t different than nearly all political factions.

That being said I expect that sooner or later (probably sooner), the manuresphere will start denouncing Trump once they figure out that Trump has no use for them.  When that happens the manuresphere will be like, “We were always at war with Eastasia Eurasia Trump.”

Why Won’t AVFM Go In For The Kill?

Tamerlame brought this article from AVFM to our attention where AVFM calls out Roosh (and Matt Forney) for selling piece of shit “supplements” and game that doesn’t work and doesn’t exist.  While I liked a good portion of the article, one of the problems with it is that AVFM will be in bed Roosh again next week.  They have a yo-yo relationship.

There is a fundamental flaw in the article, namely accusing Roosh (and Forney) of being rapists.  If you believe what they have written, they may be rapists.  However, that is all predicated on whether Roosh (and Forney) are getting laid or not.  By definition rapists get laid.  A man who doesn’t get laid can not logically be a rapist.  If you know that game is bullshit, if you have talked to men who have had disastrous results from trying game (as Dean Esmay, the author, has), why would you believe that Roosh and Forney are rapists given that their alleged rape exploits are based on game working?  On the one hand Dean Esmay says that game doesn’t work.  On the other hand, he is accusing Roosh and Forney of being game based rapists which mean that game must work at some level.  Why doesn’t AVFM go in for the kill shot on these two and point out that their rape stories are lies so that they can pretend they are getting laid?  Why doesn’t AVFM point out that it costs $6500 for Roosh to get laid?  Even when AVFM is attacking Roosh, it is still propping up Roosh.

There are two possible reasons I can see that AVFM isn’t going in for the kill.  One, they’re going to flip flop on Roosh again.  Two, like with the rest of the manuresphere, they won’t give up on game because it would be an admission that the best thing for any man to simply avoid women.  AVFM is too filled with tradcons and other assorted old guys to speak the truth about women.

Manurespherians Are Cultural Marxists

There’s this conspiracy theory that “Cultural Marxists” were behind feminism.  Cultural Marxism is an obscure set of ideas created by the Frankfurt School.  Except for people doing very in depth studies of philosophy, cultural marxism and the Frankfurt School was unknown because it had little to no effect on the world.  Somehow conspiracy theorists found the Frankfurt School and decided to make them a conspiracy theory.  It’s the same thing that conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck did with Agenda 21. Agenda 21 was an obscure non-binding policy paper created in 1992. Nobody cared about it until a few years ago until Glenn Beck decided to lie about it to sell books.  Now, Agenda 21 conspiracy theories are everywhere.

Cultural marxism and the Frankfurt School had nothing to do with feminism except that feminists hated the Frankfurt School. This is a historical fact. In particular, they hated Theodor Adorno, a leading member of the Frankfurt School, to the point where feminists disrupted his last public lecture with a topless protest in an attempt to shut it down.  In other words, the cultural marxist conspiracy theory has everything backwards.

What the Frankfurt School was mainly about was criticizing the Enlightenment.  The manuresphere also criticizes the Enlightenment.  And both groups criticism of the Enlightenment is pretty similar. Despite all the verbal diarrhea of the manuresphere and related conspiracy theorists, they are not against cultural marxism. Ironically, they are cultural marxists.

The Manuresphere’s Demon Obsession

I wrote about back in August how at Dalrock, they were blaming demons for the actions of women.  The manuresphere obsession with demons isn’t limited to the Dalrock blog.  Return of Kings Court Jesters also believes in demons.  If you read the comments, most of the commenters believe that Ouija boards are the like are real in that they can summon demons.

I don’t know if demons exist or not.  What I know is that Return of Kings Court Jesters and all of the other major personalities don’t want you to see that game doesn’t exist.  Thus they flood you will rubbish about demons, conspiracy theory, and other things that have nothing to do with meeting women and getting laid.  If you are too busy worrying that demons are hiding under your bed, you won’t notice that game isn’t working for you or anyone else.

I’m Part Of The Fact Acceptance Movement

I found a comment on one of Cheetos Eating Fatt Fuck Forney’s attempts to neutralize MGTOW.

factacceptanceFor those of you who care “Toads” is one of the sock puppets of the manurespherian known as TFH (confirming once again that the manuresphere is also the sockpuppetosphere).  Obviously, “fact acceptance movement” is a typo, and he meant to say fat acceptance movement.  Yet, it doesn’t make sense to compare MGTOW to the fat acceptance movement whereas MGTOW can be called a “fact acceptance movement”.  On the other hand the manuresphere is filled with obese individuals who do have their own form of the fat acceptance movement, which is really about accusing men who aren’t fat of being fat.

Unlike MGTOW, the manuresphere can’t deal with facts.  For starters, take this comment from Toads.

factacceptance2Can anyone even name a single MGTOW who has “drifted into white nationalism”?  Just look at how many times I have had to deal with white vagina worshiping nationalists invading this blog or other MGTOW blogs.  The facts are the complete opposite of what Toads says.

You might have heard of the phrase, “feelz before realz”, that describes of feminists (and women in general) evaluate whether something is correct.  They don’t base the beliefs on facts but feelings.  The manuresphere does the same thing as you can see in the example above to the point where they literally believe things that are the opposite of reality.  The manuresphere has even justified this on the basis of “verisimilitude”.  In other words, they actually only believe something if it feels correct to them regardless of the evidence and facts of a situation.  The manuresphere is exactly like the feminists.  This is why dating advice from both feminists and the manuresphere sound like magic rituals where you draw a pentagram and sacrifice a goat.

This blog and MGTOW in general are completely different.  MGTOW exists because many men independently of each other actually looked at the facts when it comes to women.  Thus it makes sense to say that this blog and MGTOW overall belong to the “fact acceptance movement” if there was ever such a movement.


Roosh Never Got Laid In Ukraine

Roosh went to the Ukraine where he supposedly got laid using game and wrote a book about it.  Roosh was interviewed on a Ukrainian TV show, and they exposed Roosh as a fraud.  In some ways it was as bad as Roosh’s appearance on the Dr. Oz show.  (Roosh clearly needs to stop appearing on TV for his own good.)  While watching this video, make sure closed captioning in on to see subtitles in English.

Starting at 5:00, the host of the TV show brings in two women that Roosh allegedly met and banged while in the Ukraine.  Roosh had pictures of them on his website.  Neither woman knew who Roosh was.  One of the women said that she was going to sue Roosh for using pictures of her without her permission.  The TV show actually did find a woman who had met Roosh.  This woman was not interested in him, but Roosh spent a whole lot of time chasing her.  Roosh denied knowing her.

The TV show also brought out the man that Roosh stayed with while he was in the Ukraine.  Roosh lied to this man by telling him that he was doing research on nightclubs for his employer.  This man also confirmed that Roosh always struck out with women while he was in the Ukraine.

If you have been wondering why it costs Roosh $6500 each time he gets laid, Roosh’s appearance on this TV show proves why.  Roosh is rarely getting laid, and the stories of him getting laid in his books are all or nearly all fiction.

Peak Manuresphere

Various things have happened that have convinced me that peak manuresphere has been reached, and that the manuresphere is on its way to imploding.  First, Roosh is closing down Reaxxion, his attempt to suck #GamerGate in the manuresphere. Roosh says that it’s because Reaxxion was not getting enough views.  While that is likely true, the few times I looked at that site, it always had the same crowd in the comments section that his other sites had.  In other words, #GamerGate was not interested in the manuresphere, and Reaxxion only served to cannibalize traffic from Roosh’s other sites since it could not generate new viewers.  Reaxxion’s failure is also a failure for Roosh when it comes to reaching out to younger men.  Younger men aren’t interested in the manuresphere, as I talked about before.

Second, Mitchel informed us that AVFM has gone all in when it comes to joining hands with Roosh.  Before AVFM could blame anything having to do with Roosh on Obsidian, but now they can’t.  So why go all in with Roosh?  AVFM has the same demographic problem that Roosh and the manuresphere has.

Third, these sorts of problems can be seen elsewhere in the manuresphere.  The following comment describes the state of Roissy’s blog.

The comments at Heartiste nowadays deal exclusively with omega males whining that some colored men are sexually involved with white women, and not enough whites are angry about this. 99% of their ideology, at least going by the Heartiste comments, are of a ‘restrict outside competition’ nature by bottom-rung males, ironically on a blog that used to be about Game. Heartiste’s traffic is now only a fraction of what it was 5 years ago, as a result.

The manuresphere has already reached its peak and is in the first stages of imploding.  This includes AVFM.  AVFM and the manuresphere are trying to stop the bleeding by cannibalizing their assets and de facto mergers (such as with AVFM and Roosh).  This will not work as it will drive away readership who were only interested in one or the other and not both.  The manuresphere’s collapse will continue.

If there’s anything left of the manuresphere after the collapse, it will be owned by Alex Jones.  (Roosh is already a wholly owned subsidiary of Alex Jones.)  If we’re lucky the collapse of the manuresphere will take out Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists.

Does The Manuresphere Even Lift?

One thing the manuresphere will tell you to do is lift weights.  Unlike the rest of what the manuresphere tells you, lifting weights is a fine hobby.  Yet, it’s not the requirement that the manuresphere makes it out to be.  Given how much the manuresphere hypes lifting weights, you would expect manurespherians to be serious about lifting weights and exercise in general.  However, you would be wrong.

Fatt Fuck Fornedarmu says you’re a loser who masturbates and eats Cheetos all day and doesn’t understand why you and many other people are laughing at him.

All you need to do is look at pictures of manurespherians to see that they don’t lift or even care about excercise.  Fatt Fuck Fornedarmu is one such example, but the manuresphere is filled with fat blobs like Fatt Fuck Fornedarmu.  (Barbarossa has pointed out that the picture to the left was taken after Fatt Fuck Fornedarmu was supposed to have been on a two year diet and exercise regimen that failed.) They are even too stupid to see their own hypocrisy when they accuse MGTOWs of eating Cheetos and masturbating all day and attacking others for being fat.  (Ironically, it’s likely that the targets of the manuresphere’s fat shaming campaigns are less fat than the fat blobs of the manuresphere.)

Given that the manuresphere is incapable of exercising, it’s no surprise they fall for scams like the paleo diet.  It promises a quick cure all to being a fat blob.  Yet, as we see from the fat blobs of the manuresphere, it does not work.  Beyond that we have to wonder how man manurespherians say they’re on the paleo diet, but are too lazy to actually follow that scam diet.  Why should you listen to diet advice from guys who either can’t follow through with a scam diet like the paleo diet or conclusively prove that it doesn’t work?

This “do as I say, not as I do” attitude is prevalent throughout the manuresphere.  Some of the biggest proponents of game, are guys who have never actually tried game themselves to see if it actually works.  They just heard it does from other manurespherians.  Why should you listen to dating advice from guys who haven’t even tried it themselves but heard it works from someone else?  The manuresphere can’t even follow its own advice when it comes to something everyone knows is healthy like lifting weights.  If they can’t do that, then there is no reason to listen to them on bullshit like the paleo diet or game or any other weird shit they believe.

The problem of not following their own dating advice extends beyond the manuresphere and into the dating advice industry in general.  Pretty much any dating advice you get is going to be from someone who hasn’t tried it themselves.  (This is not surprising as most dating advice is designed to keep you in The Reserves and not actually help you get dates/sex/girlfriends.)  There is the alternative of actually running experiments with dating advice and gathering data to see how it works, but such things are kryptonite to the dating advice industry.  Since they’re unwilling to perform experiments and gather data, their unwillingness to use their own dating advice proves it’s bullshit.

If Game Just Works Why Can’t It Be Completely Independent Of Ideology?

I have talked about how in many cases dating advice is a scam to sell an ideology.  Anyone who is doing that will deny that so I was surprised to find that Roosh basically admitted it.

Game is a collection of tactics/rules/behaviors that work, but it can’t exist in isolation without an ideology that complements it and gives men guidance besides just sex. Hence, neomasculinity, which even touches on the political nature of societies.

If game just works, why can’t it be completely independent of ideology?  In fact, if game did just work, it would have to be completely independent of ideology.  Otherwise game’s effectiveness would be dependent on belief in a particular ideology.

We can take away from this that game doesn’t exist because if it did there would be no attempt to tie an ideology to it.  By saying that game has to be tied to an ideology, Roosh pretty much just admitted that game is a scam.

Neomasculinity Is All About Gay Butt Sex

Roosh made this schism in the red pill video, and I noticed that there are a lot of strange references and comments about homosexuality.

At 1:45 he points out that the red pill is now calling him gay.  At 2:05 he talks about how the red pill has his “seed” in it which sounds gay given that he’s talking about guys who are red pill.  None of that compares to the tirade against homosexuals that Roosh starts at 6:50.  He says that there will be “no homosexuals in neomasculinity” and that red pill has catered to gay men to have “butt sex” (his words) with other gay men.

Is the red pill community really filled with gay men having “butt sex” with each other?  I doubt it so why is Roosh imagining this as a major problem?  (And even if it was the case, who cares?)  To answer that question consider the other comments about his “seed” and how many in the red pill community think he is gay.  Maybe its because they can tell that Roosh is a gay man in the closet, possibly even denying his real orientation to himself.  We all know that Roosh is full of shit when he talks about getting laid.  Why go to such efforts (that don’t even work) to convince the world that he is getting laid?  Maybe its because Roosh is denying his real sexual orientation.

To deny his real sexual orientation, Roosh is getting into bed with conspiracy theorists with “neomasculinity”.  In other words, he is engaging in virtual gay butt sex with conspiracy theorists and probably some real gay butt sex too.  Conspiracy theorists are obsessed with homosexuality (and pedophilia) for some strange reason too.  Maybe that’s because conspiracy theorists are also denying their real sexual orientation.

It would be easier for Roosh and conspiracy theorists to accept their homosexuality and come out.  There is nothing wrong with being homosexual.  They will be much happier when they can accept their sexual orientation for what it is.  And the rest of us won’t be subjected to their insane rants.