The Age Of The Secular Cult

Over the holidays, I was able to get together with a friend I haven’t talked to in a while.  His work takes him to the former Soviet Union, central Asia, and the Middle East a lot.  Since he had the opportunity for more on the ground knowledge about the situation in the Middle East than anyone else I know, I asked him if he saw any groups worse than ISIS on the horizon.  I expected him to either answer, “I don’t know”, “No”, or give the name of some Islamic Fundamentalist group.  Instead he started talking about these groups in the former Soviet Union.  These groups were all secular but had crazy beliefs such as strange mathematical theories.  If these groups had the opportunity, they would do things like nuke cities that they thought their wacky mathematical theories said was in the wrong place, for example.  I said to him that I was expecting him to name an Islamic Fundamentalist group not the groups that he did.  He explained that as horrific as ISIS is, they still have to obey Islam.  They still have to obey the Koran.  They can’t diverge from Islam without causing problems for themselves so that puts a lid on just how bad ISIS or any Islamic Fundamentalist group can get.  The groups from the former Soviet Union that he described have no such limitations because they are completely secular.  They don’t have to worry about their coreligionists reigning them in or obeying a holy text.  This gives them complete freedom to believe or do the most horrific things possible.  My friend described them as secular cults.  These groups all had many of the components of being a religious cult but without a belief in a god or gods.

As my friend described these groups from the former Soviet Union, I noticed how similar these groups were to everything from the alt-right, neoreaction, the manuresphere, white vagina worshipers, to social justice warriors/intersectional feminists and other feminists.  All of these groups believe nonsense with religious fervor.  Look at how often white vagina worshipers show up to comment on this blog despite it being a waste of time for them.  They do it because they’re the secular equivalent of religious zealots, and they don’t understand how illogical it is to waste their time on this blog.  I have even seen social justice warriors described as “if Pat Robertson was a woman born in 1990 to an atheist family in a deep blue state but otherwise was completely the same”.  The actual Pat Robertson can’t diverge from the Bible without causing problems.  On the other hand, social justice warriors don’t have that limitation.

We are living in the age of the secular cult, and secular cults are wrecking havoc with everything.  Feminism, in particular, controls the political apparatus of western countries and uses that control to wage war on men.  Russia is in a sorry state so expect the secular cults in the former Soviet Union to get popular when Russia falls apart.  In fact, I expect with all of the anti-Russia paranoia going on now that the CIA or some other part of the government will start funding the secular cults in Russia to destabilize Russia.  That may have already begun.  It’s the same problem as with Syria where the US government has been so obsessed with getting Assad that the US government is funding Islamic terror groups it should be fighting against.  Secular cults aren’t treated as the threat they are so they get propped up by people thinking they can control them for their own ends.  Also, secular cults prop each other up so that they can fight endless wars with each other.

I have no idea on how to solve the problem of secular cults.  The problem is global so there is no place to reasonably escape to except maybe Japan, and how long can the Japanese hold out against them?