Lowering Your Standards And Subjecting Yourself To Abuse Are Not The Same Thing

One piece of dating advice you will hear occasionally is to “lower your standards”.  One reason its a common piece of dating advice is that it is designed to accuse a man of only chasing after supermodels.  Thus, his datelessness is due to being an asshole and completely his fault.  In reality, that is not what is happening.  Men don’t need to be told to lower their standards because they have already done that.  Ironically, this would be good advice for women because they’re doing what men are accused of doing.  In fact, telling men to lower their standards is nothing more than a huge case of projection.

When you get past the “unwilling to data non-supermodels” BS, there’s another aspect of “lowering your standards” that is very dangerous.  Here is an example that came from another thread asking the denizens of the ForeverAlone reddit if they would rather be single or a cuckold like the previous one I wrote aboutOne man answered that he would rather be single, and this was a serious response.

then I think perhaps your standards are a bit too high.

If you ask me I would choose to be a cuckold without a doubt

Refuse to be abused as a cuckold?  Your standards are too high

Refuse to be abused as a victim of small penis humiliation?  Your standards are too high.

Refuse to be beaten up and abused by a dominatrix?  Your standards are too high.

We know that The Reserves attracts predatory women who want to humiliate and abuse men with few or no options.  This is the reason being a cuckold is coming up so much now on the ForeverAlone reddit.  Any man who refuses to be abused and humiliated as a cuckold (or a recipient of small penis humiliation, or a recipient of abuse from a dominatrix, etc.) will be shouted down with “your standards are too high”.  They will also be told they are not really ForeverAlone because they have the option to be abused and humiliated.  There’s a difference between lowering your standards and subjecting yourself to humiliation and abuse, but predatory women and desperate women are trying to smear them together.

Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome

What happens to a man who stays in The Reserves long enough without realizing that he’s better off without women?  Eventually, he will suffer from what I call Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome from the waiting.  The ForeverAlone subreddit (which is no longer about being forever alone since it is now controlled by women in relationships and maginas who worship them) has good examples of Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome.

One one end, we have a forever alone man who found a girlfriend.  Sounds good, right?  Except that she’s 10 years older than him, and she using him just to have a kid.

Basically she is 10 years older than me and absolutely desperate to have a kid before it’s too late, if it’s not already.

She keeps telling me how much having a child will change me for the better and she thinks we will have kids soon

The man who wrote this is aware that he is just being used so that his girlfriend can have a kid.  His follow up comments make it clear that he know that he is just being used for his money.  It’s previous obvious that as soon as she has his kid and his money, she will dump him and go back to the men she actually wants to have sex with.  This sounds pretty bad but compared to the next example, this was a weak case of Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome.

Someone decided to ask the ForeverAlone subreddit if they would rather be single forever or be married to a woman that cuckolds them.  A significant fraction of the responses were men who would be willing to be married to a woman that cuckolded them even though they would get nothing they wanted from the deal.  (Fortunately, a lot of men still had their self respect and chose to be single forever instead.)  The men willing to be cuckolds are the ultimate in Reserves Desperation Derangement Syndrome.  They are so desperate that they are willing to be cuckolded by a woman.  They won’t get want they want because being cuckolded especially in their case is just play acting at a sexual relationship with a woman.  These men represent the ultimate goal of keeping men in The Reserves, conditioning men to accept any behavior from a woman, no matter how abusive.  And that is what cuckolding is, particularly in this case, abuse.

Someone may say that these men have a sexual fetish.  That is clearly not the case.  Holding these men in The Reserves has conditioned brainwashed them into willing to be cuckolded and abused.  Their own words make it clear that they do not get off on a woman cuckolding them.  It’s clear that they are so desperate for female contact of any kind that they are willing to let themselves be abused by women.  There are plenty of women ready to take advantage of these men from dominatrices trying to find more customers to women who get off on small penis humiliation.

The only answer to this is to refuse to be a part of The Reserves and GYOW.  When a man goes his own way, he won’t be abused by a woman (at least not directly, being abused by the state working on behalf of women is a different matter).  He will also have his self respect intact.

Going Green Will Not Get You Laid Because Of The Just World Fallacy

I have talked about how dating advice is used as a scam to convince people to believe in a particular ideology.  While the manuresphere is a good example of this, using dating advice to make men believe in a particular ideology is not limited to them.  The Dickless Mangina Project has a page about how going green will makes men attractive and sexy (and by extension get men laid).

If going green will get a man laid, then it should be easy to show examples of ugly and poor men who go green and become attractive to women.  The page has no examples.  In fact, the two examples the page gives of guys who are going green are a rock star and a rich and famous actor.  Both men are good looking.  Women would be attracted to them whether they were going green or industrial level polluters.  This shows that going green has no effect on a man’s attractiveness.  If a man is already attractive, then going green won’t have a negative effect, but it won’t have a positive effect either.  If an unattractive man goes green, women won’t care and will treat him the same as they did before.

A while ago, I was in downtown Vancouver for several days.  There was this homeless guy who was picking up trash and trying to keep part of the downtown area clean and green.  (He was doing this as a form of panhandling, but he was trying to do something rather than just hold his hand out.)  It was pretty obvious that this homeless guy was not getting laid at all.  His decision to be green did not help him proving the page at The Dickless Mangina Project to be a complete lie.  This is just another example of trying to use dating advice to manipulate men into a political ideology.

Why are there all these attempts to link being successful at getting women with believing in the “right” political ideology?  It is because most people believe in the Just World Fallacy when it comes to men and dating/relationships/sex.  They believe that a man who is successful at getting women must have the “right” politics whatever they believe the “right” politics to be.  This is because having the “right” politics is believed by most people to be equivalent to being moral and virtuous.  In the page from The Dickless Mangina Project, the “right” politics happens to be environmentalism.  For others it is feminism.  For the manuresphere, it is racism and anti-semitism.  The reality is that the Just World Fallacy is a fallacy for a reason.  There is no connection between being attractive to women and having a particular set of political beliefs.  In fact, there is no connection between being attractive to women and being moral and virtuous.

Why We Must Fight The MDAD

In the comments of the last post, there has been a conversation about the importance of our rights instead of worrying about getting laid.  This is why we must fight the MDAD (the Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction).  While idiots are talking about how to get laid (and failing to do so) or complaining about women are not being attracted to them, they are creating a distraction from the real problem.  And that real problem is that women are coming up with new strategies to take away our rights.

Here is a good example of that.  Back in 2011 the manuresphere was saying (as it still does) that game will prevent false rape accusations.  In 2011 women were creating a new way to take away the rights of men, by using Title IX to move rape cases from the criminal justice system to college “courts”.  The Dear Colleague letter that started the whole college “courts” mess was written in 2011 while the manuresphere and others were busy trying to sell (fraudulent) ways to get laid.  Now, we have a human rights travesty where men can get thrown out of college simply on woman pointing a finger at them.  Worse, men attending college can have their lives ruined simply for resembling an alleged rapist.

We need to stop giving a shit about getting laid.  We need to stop giving a shit whether women find us attractive or not.  Instead we need to put a stop to the loss of our human rights.  Otherwise, we men will all end up in concentration camps.  Many men wouldn’t care if they ended up in a concentration camp.  The manuresphere would start writing books about “concentration camp game”.

This is why we must fight the MDAD.  If we expose dating advice (AKA all of this how to get laid bullshit) as a fraud (which it is), then there will be no way for men to ignore the loss of their human rights.  There will be no way for women and manginas to hide what they’re doing behind, “You’re just pissed that you can’t get laid”.

It’s as simple as asking the question, “Do you want a blow job or do you want freedom and human rights?”  And you’re not going to get the blow job, so you might as well pick freedom and human rights.

Even If You Can Easily Get Laid, You Will Be Treated As A Loser Who Can’t Get Laid

Eric S. Raymond’s reveal that women in tech groups were trying to falsely accuse Linus Torvalds of sexual assault got a particularly absurd reaction from someone writing a comment at New York magazine.

I wonder what Eric Raymond’s girlfriend thinks about all this. Wait. He doesn’t have one? What about his female friends? Few and far between? I’m so confused. Where does he get all his ideas on women if not from experience? Some intersection of confusion and repressed desire? Oh right, that is it. Poor MRA guys, all they need is a little love.

There’s a big, a huge, a massive problem with this (in addition to several other problems).  ESR is married.  This person didn’t even bother to check what ESR’s actual relationship status was (much less his dating history).  Since ESR dared to speak out against a group of women, he was immediately accused of being an incel virgin despite extensive evidence of him not being one.  There could have been videos of ESR banging supermodels on Youtube, and he still would have been accused of being an incel virgin.

The problem is that women and manginas are applying The Just World Fallacy to dating in the same way some rural Romanians believe that vampires exist.  Thus to them, any honest criticism of women is bad, and any man who dares to criticize women is scum in every other way and deserves to be without dating, sex, and relationships.  And they believe this automatically happens.  ESR proves that they are all wrong, if not liars.  However, this shows us that your actual dating history doesn’t matter.  Even the most minimal of criticism of women will get people to accuse you of being an incel virgin, as if that was a crime.

The Manuresphere Is The Fat Acceptance Movement For Men

I wondered what a fat acceptance movement for men would look like.  Then I saw this, and it became clear to me.

The manuresphere is the fat acceptance movement for men.  It’s not just that the manuresphere is filled with obese blobs, although that is a major part of it.  It’s that the manuresphere says that looks don’t matter for men similar to how the fact acceptance movement for women says that a woman’s looks shouldn’t matter.  Sure, the manuresphere says that men should lift weights, but look at any picture of manurespherians.  Clearly, none of them lift weights, not even the few that aren’t obese blobs.  Despite what the manuresphere says, they don’t actually believe in lifting weights.

Inherent in how the manuresphere peddles game is the idea that looks don’t matter for men.  The manuresphere says that any man no matter how ugly can bang the hottest chicks provided they act “alpha” enough and/or do game routines of women.  This isn’t true.  Looks do matter.  In general, the more attractive a man is the easier it will be for him to get laid and get relationships with women.  This makes sense, but the manuresphere says different.  Dating advice in general says the same thing since looks do matter can’t be used to sell anything except diet and excercise advice which is done better elsewhere.

Looks aren’t absolutely everything either.  Many incel and forever alone spaces are guilty of thinking that looks are everything.  It’s understandable since these men have been subjected to dating advice which says that looks don’t matter for men.  It’s obviously false so it makes sense that these men would strongly endorse the opposite view.  Regardless of this, any dating advice that says or implies you can be weigh 350 pounds and land hot chicks should not taken seriously.  And that definitely includes anything coming from the manuresphere to “just be yourself” dating advice.