The Reason Why The Manosphere Attracts Scams By The Truckload

We know that game is a scam, the paleo diet is scam, conspiracy theories are scams, and everything else the so called manosphere believes in are scams.  The so called manosphere doesn’t just fall victim to large scale scams like game, the paleo diet, and conspiracy theory.  It falls victim to small scale scams like the fake Georgetown admissions employee that was supposedly discriminating against men and photoshopping of faces on to underwear models.

On top of this there are other scammers which are trying to break into the so called manosphere.  John Rambo has been trying (unsuccessfully) to get the so called manosphere to buy into his fake Indian bride scam.  Peter Andrew Nolan (who is probably the same person as John Rambo) is running a scam known as “freeman on the land”.  “Freeman on the land” is a conspiracy theory where there is a secret way to make yourself exempt from all laws, debts, and taxes (including alimony and child support).  Of course, to get this exemption for all laws everywhere you need to have one of these “freemen” help you who conveniently charge a lot of money for their “help”.  Peter Andrew Nolan has been trying to sell “freeman on the land” unsuccessfully to the so called manosphere.  The only reason Rambo/Nolan haven’t been successful at conning the manosphere with their scams is because their method of selling their scams was to insult, harass, and spam the manosphere.  If Rambo/Nolan had a more slick presentation everyone in the manosphere would be trying to get an Indian bride and trying to exempt themselves from the law.  (I wish that Rambo/Nolan did have a more slick presentation at least when it came to the “freeman on the land” scam because anyone who has tried it has ended up in jail.  It would have been a good and quick way to get rid of the so called manosphere.)

Why are there so many scams in the so called manosphere?  Why does the manosphere fall victim Why is the “gullibleosphere” a more accurate name for the so called manosphere?  Why are scams outside of the manosphere trying to get into the manosphere?  There are several good reasons for this.

It’s the same reason the scam capital of the U.S. is in Utah.  Scams are a huge problem in the Mormon Church to the point where the leadership of the Mormon Church had to directly address the problem.  The reason why scams happen so much among Mormons is because of what is known as “affinity fraud“.  People trust members of “their group” whatever that group is.  In the case of the Mormons, a Mormon will trust another Mormon more than a non-Mormon.  This makes it easier for scammers and con artists to do their job in the Mormon Church because they are already starting from a state of trust and a lack of skepticism.  While the Mormons are the best known example of affinity fraud, it can and does happen in every other group whether its an ethnic group or even just a group of like minded individuals.

Affinity fraud is much easier to accomplish in fringe groups such as white (vagina worshiping) nationalists.  Not only do the W(VW)N trust each other more than the outside world (even more so than say the Mormons), scammers and con artists have additional ways to deflect any skepticism of their actions with techniques like accusing skeptics of working for the Jews.  The nature of W(VW)N makes it easier for scammers and con artists to scam them.  A good example of this is the “redemption” scam/conspiracy theory.  The “redemption” scam was a scam started by a white (vagina worshiping) nationalist named Roger Elvick.  He told his fellow W(VW)N that the government created a secret bank account for each American worth $630,000.  This was supposedly started when the U.S. went off the gold standard because the U.S. had to put up its own citizens as collateral to get loans from bankers.  (Of course, these $630,000 bank accounts are managed by a Jewish cabal.)  Elvick’s scam was that he told people you could access that $630,000 through some legal tricks to pay off debts.  (I’m sure he charged for the service of this “help”.)  Elvick ended up in jail, of course, but he was able to scam so many of his fellow W(VW)N because his scam was an affinity scam squared.  Not only did all of the W(VW)N Elvick scammed trust him because he was one of them, but they trusted Elvick more because they thought they were constantly under siege by the government and the Jews.  Their thinking prevented them from rationally analyzing Elvick’s claims.  Plus, Elvick could shout down any skeptic by accusing them of working for the government or the Jews.  Even scammers in the Mormon Church don’t have options like that.

The redemption scam didn’t die when Elvick was put in jail.  It was repackaged by Mary Elizabeth Croft into its current version which is known as “freeman on the land”, the scam that Peter Andrew Nolan promotes.  (When it comes to the redemption/freeman on the land scam, Roger Elvick is its Eben Pagan, and Mary Elizabeth Croft is its Roissy.)  “Freeman on the land” continues to scam people because its an affinity scam spread among fringe groups who are more susceptible to affinity scams than more mainstream groups.

The so called manosphere is the fringe of the fringe so they are even more susceptible to affinity fraud than regular fringe groups like like the W(VW)N.  The so called manosphere has already attacked scientific inquiry and rational analysis making a scammers job much easier before he even tries to scam the first manospherian.  By their own admission manospherians evaluate things not on an objective analysis of the facts but on verisimilitude.  In other words, the manosphere evaluates things on whether it appears to be correct to them.  For something to appear to be correct to them, it has to fit their own biases and ideology.  Manospherians determine if something is true or not based on their own feelings about it, not facts.  This makes a scammers job much easier since any scammer can easily fool any manospherian by putting the right packaging around their scam.  Unless you’re looking to make millions of dollars (because the so called manosphere doesn’t have much money), the so called manosphere is a wet dream for scammers, particularly small scale scammers.

I wasn’t joking when I said that the so called manosphere should be called the gullibeosphere.  The reason why the so called manosphere attracts scams by the truckload is because it’s incredibly easy to scam them.  A scammer won’t make huge amounts of money off the manosphere since they don’t have much money, but a scammer only needs to do a minimal amount of work to scam the manosphere.  Given how little work a scammer has to do to scam the manosphere, the ROI (return on investment) on scamming the manosphere is higher than the ROI on scamming anyplace else despite the small amounts of money the scammer will be getting.

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Fake Anti-Gamers

Last year, I wrote about how feminists were attacking  At first, feminists attacking PUAHate doesn’t make sense, especially since they often consider gamers to be misogynist.  The most powerful argument against game is how its a scam started by a known scam organization, The Syndicate.  When you consider how revealing game to be a scam threatens the entire Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction (MDAD) that feminists use against their opponents, it makes sense.  Thus it’s no surprise that Manboobz recently attacked PUAHate as a bunch of misogynists even though he supposedly agrees with PUAHate about gamers.  Manboobz made a critical error in revealing why he’s attacking PUAHate.

A site for debunking the ridiculous claims and shitty behavior of Pickup Artists? Sounds great – at least until you realize that the denizens are mostly dudes who hate PUAs for all the wrong reasons. That is, they hate PUAs not so much for being manipulative scumbags but for being ineffective manipulative scumbags — whose alleged magic formulas for bedding the hot babes don’t really work.

What’s wrong with showing that game doesn’t work?  If you think that gamers make ridiculous claims, engage in shitty behavior, and are misogynists, the best argument against gamers would be that game is a scam and that gamers are charlatans.  It’s an argument that could actually eradicate game permanently.  Manboobz should be writing about how Eben Pagan and The Syndicate (along with the C team of the so called manosphere) are bamboozling men.  Instead Manboobz attacks PUAHate for pointing out that game is a scam!  So why did Manboobz (and Jezebel a year ago) attack PUAHate?

  1. Game is feminist despite the supposed anti-feminism of some of its (pseudo) practitioners.  Feminists from Dr. NerdManginalove to Susan Walsh are busy presenting an explicitly feminist version of game.  Showing that game is a scam threatens feminists who want to use game for explicitly feminist purposes and other forms of dating advice which are also feminist.
  2. Feminists want a devil to eternally fight.  If (the manosphere) gamers were successful with women, then feminists could constantly scream about how they are misogynists and predators of women.  Showing that game is a scam means that (manosphere) gamers can’t be predators of women, since game doesn’t work.  Feminists can no longer seriously say that (manosphere) gamers are a threat to women.  In other words, feminists need (manosphere) gamers to be successful, so feminists are willing to go along with (manosphere) gamer lies about being successful with women!

It isn’t only feminists that say they are anti-game, but are afraid of the fact that game is a scam.  A similar phenomena can be found among the “Christian” portion of the so called manosphere.  The Christian manospherians that oppose game do so for “moral reasons”.  Thus you would think they would welcome knowledge that game is scam to boost their moral opposition to game, but they don’t.  The Christian manospherians have a similar problem as the feminists.  They want to present a Christian/Biblical version of game (which is impossible) around “Biblical masculinity” (which is also impossible since the modern Christian Church is hideously feminized) so showing that game is a scam threatens this task.  They also want a devil to fight.  In their case, it’s fornicating gamers who prey on women.  Just like with the feminists, this requires gamers to be successful with women.  If they were to admit that gamers were unsuccessful with women (and thus not fornicating with them), the worse thing the Christian manosphere could say about them was that gamers were lying about being successful with women.  It doesn’t have the same impact as fornicating gamers preying on women.  Plus, gamers often end up admitting the truth, so the Christian manosphere can’t even accuse them of lying in a lot of cases.

These two groups are examples of fake anti-gamers.  They can’t admit the fact that game is a scam created by known scammers which a true anti-gamer does.


Joseph Mercola: The Eben Pagan Of The Paleo Diet

When you investigate who is originally behind game, you find con artist, Eben Pagan (a.k.a. David DeAngelo), who is a member of the internet marketing scam organization, The Syndicate.  As we know, this conclusively shows that game is nothing but a scam.  What if you did the same investigation for the paleo diet or better yet all of the medical and diet bullshit the so called manosphere believes in?  There is more to all of the medical and diet BS that the manosphere believes in than just the paleo diet.

When you investigate the manosphere’s medical and diet BS, you find Joesph Mercola.  Who is Joseph Mercola?  He is a “doctor” that sells advice that is in opposition to science based medicine.  He has has been listed on Quackwatch and made lots of unsubstantiated medical claims which the FDA has determined to be illegal and ordered him to stop.  I could spend years documenting all of the pseudoscience and lies Mercola uses.  Of course, he promotes a large amount of conspiracy theories about the FDA, the NIH, the AMA, “big pharma”, and the government in general.  This has made him plenty popular with conspiracy theorists and allowed Mercola to make himself rich conning people just like Eben Pagan did with game.

We know Joseph Mercola is a fraud and a con artist, but what does this have to do with the so called manosphere?  Let’s take a look at what Mercola believes and see if it matches with what the manosphere believes about diet and medicine.

The list just keeps on going.  It’s clear that Mercola bullshit runs rampant throughout the so called manosphere.  While Mercola may not have been the first person to promote this medical and diet BS (just as Eben Pagan borrowed from Ross Jefferies), he is clearly the equivalent of Eben Pagan when it comes to the manosphere’s medical and diet BS.

Like with game, it’s impossible to tell the difference between someone who knowingly works for Mercola to useful idiots who latched on the Mercola bullshit (probably because it fits with their conspiracy theories) so they should be treated exactly the same.

Given that Joseph Mercola is an internet marketing scam, is The Syndicate involved in any way?  Yes, The Syndicate is involved.  In fact, Eben Pagan is involved with Mercola.  Pagan sells a 20 DVD set called “Man Transformation” where Mercola appears as a guest speaker on the “health and wellness section. Mercola is also friends with Pagan. The rest of the “Man Transformation” DVDs have to do with game and the usual self-improvement BS we have seen in the so called manosphere. Almost anything the so called manosphere believes in is a scam started by Eben Pagan or a scam he is otherwise involved in.

The paleo diet and all of the other medical and diet BS that the so called manosphere believes in is just another scam.  Just like with game, the so called manosphere is the c team while Eben Pagan and Joseph Mercola make lots of money.  Given that everything the manosphere believes in was either created by Eben Pagan as a scam or is a scam that he is involved with in some way, the Paleo-Game Cult could really be called the Pagan-Mercola Cult because it’s all a scam.

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The So Called Manosphere Is The C Team (That’s C As In Cuckold)

YBM said something really funny.

Guess what? David DeAngelo is a member! All your PUA/Game gods are scamming you. Its all a pyramid scheme :)

Game is a fraud, and you category C guys are cuckolds to the moneymakers at the top of the pyramid scheme :)

Typically, a scam only has an “A team” and a “B team” where the “A team” is the scammers and the “B team” is the victim of the scams.  You can see this in the Scamworld video which has footage of Frank Kern, creator of The Syndicate, on this topic.

So why is there “C team” when it comes to the scam of dating advice since there is no “C team” in Frank Kern’s scam models?  The dating advice scam is a unique scam.  Every other scam has two groups, the scammers and the victims.  The dating advice scam has multiple groups beyond pure scammers and pure victims of its scam.  There are a lot of people who promote dating advice scams for agendas other than just making money.  They are not in the original in group that created scam, the “A team”, but they’re not victims of the scam, the “B team” either.  They are in between.  Examples of this type of person include Dr. Nerdlove Manginalove and Susan Walsh who uses game to promote feminism.  The so called manosphere also falls into this group because game for many in the so called manosphere is used as a gateway to conspiracy theory, white supremacism, etc.  Beyond that the so called manosphere are cuckolds in the dating advice scam because they are not getting laid or getting money from their promotion of the scam.

The so called manosphere are really even bigger cuckolds.  When presented with the facts on how game is nothing but a scam and how it has been proven so, all the so called manosphere can do is attack lawyers and try to pull a married man defense.

Game is very valuable in LTRs and marriages. Many serious men who are married (Dalrock, Deti, Hawaii Lib) say this, and since they are not selling a product, it is impossible that they are committing ‘fraud’.

This was written by TFH, and he didn’t list Athol Kay because that would automatically disprove his point.  The rest of these “serious” married men (which there is less than a handful of not “a lot”) are selling a “product”.  They are selling a gateway drug into other scams like the paleo diet, conspiracy theory, and white supremacism.  (A scam doesn’t necessarily have to be about money to be a scam.  Dr. Manginalove and Susan Walsh don’t want your money.  They want to scam you into their feminism.)  They still don’t personally benefit from this so they are cuckolds to the Eben Pagans and Frank Kerns.  Sooner or later these “serious” married men’s wives will divorce them just like what happened to the married gamers who are no longer in the so called manosphere.  (In fact, they may not just be figurative cuckolds to Eben Pagan and Frank Kern, their wives may be literally cuckolding them.)

The so called manosphere, the Dr. Manginaloves, Susan Walshes, and millions of others are co-conspirators to the dating advice scam even though they’re not on the “A team” and not benefiting financially from the scam.  They’re cuckolds to the Eben Pagan and Frank Kern, but they don’t care because it serves their anti-male agendas.

The Syndicate: The Internet Marketing Scam Organization Behind Game

Who started all of the game crap we now see?  Some nutjobs will say the Federal Reserve, but that’s obviously wrong and insane.  Most of you will answer Roissy because he is the primary person generating game in the so called manosphere.  But Roissy did not come up with game on his own.  He got it from others as promoting game acts as a pyramid scheme.  A lot of you are familiar with Neil Strauss, Mystery, Tyler, etc., but none of them originally created game.  Some of you might be familiar with Eben Pagan/David DeAngelo who is the creator of game in its current iteration (although he rehashed R. Don Steele and Ross Jefferies).  However, that’s not a complete answer as you will find out.  (David DeAngelo is a name Eben Pagan used to promote his game scam so they are the same person.)  Eben Pagan is a member of an organization of internet marketing con artists that calls itself The Syndicate.  The Syndicate is behind lots of online scams beyond game/PUA such as internet marketing scams and penis enlargement scams.  (Yes, The Syndicate is responsible for the penis enlargement spam in your inbox.)

Where does The Syndicate come from and how is it connected to game?  And how do we know about it?  We know about The Syndicate due to the work of Jason Jones, a lawyer living in Chicago who runs The Salty Droid blog documenting The Syndicate and internet marketing scams in general.  Jones’s work exposing internet marketing scams and The Syndicate was distilled into a single article by The Verge.  There is also an associated video which you should watch.

While everything the video says is important, take note of the explanation of The Syndicate starting at around 9:58.  Frank Kern is the internet marketing scammer who invented the concept of “syndicates” where internet marketing con artists get together to boost each other.  Kern got together with other internet marketing con artists to form a syndicate which they call The Syndicate.  Eventually, one of the individuals in The Syndicate was Eben Pagan which makes the connection between game and The Syndicate even more obvious.  Frank Kern has more links to game which is why I said that Eben Pagan isn’t a complete answer to who is behind game.  PUAHate documented the links between game and Frank Kern.

Although guys on here are used to thinking about PUA as this isolated thing, the truth is it was really just one subculture in a large, mostly centralized scam movement based around Frank Kern and his partners, starting around 2005 or so and based primarily in California.

Of course, I’m talking about “the Syndicate” and its affiliates, a group that appears to include community notables like Eben Pagan (David D), Neil Strauss and Mystery.

It’s kinda strange to think about it, but it seems like most of the scams you see on the internet these days are connected to one network. All these programs, like Mystery Method, The Rich Jerk, The Empower Network, various penis pill companies, “steroid replacement” supplements and so on, they’re all done by a bunch of people who know each other.

Like, just to give you an example, here are some connections between PUA and the internet marketing world:

– Mystery has worked with Frank Kern’s associate Mike Long.

– Frank Kern himself has worked with Neil Strauss.

– Eben Pagan has worked with tons of people in IM and PUA.

– Tyler himself has said he has friends who run “penis pill companies.”

So it’s pretty clear all this stuff is run by a pretty tight network.

The connections between game and The Syndicate which includes other internet marketing scams from penis enlargement BS to other forms of dating advice run very deep.  Game (or PUA) is a scam just as penis enlargement pills are.  It was even created by the same group of internet marketing con artists.  It’s telling that The Syndicate created multiple forms of dating advice.  The article from The Verge even listed the internet marketing’s biggest (scam) niches, and half of them were forms of dating advice.

Internet Marketing is a business model (if one based on fraud), but it’s also a niche in its own right. This is the ultimate example of how Scamworld folds in on itself: material by Internet Marketers, for Internet Marketers, that purports to teach you Internet Marketing.

A-Z Money Machine: Are you “fed up trying to outsmart Google, pump out affiliate sites, or peddle crappy Kindle ebooks to make a few bucks online?” Yours for four payments of $277!

Undercover Commissions: The inventor of the “Undercover Traffic Pump,” which combines an “undercover traffic source” and something called the “cash tripler method.” Available courtesy of a self-described “family man” named Matt Bacak. $49 + $49/month.

New Age. Yep, that’s right. Having psychic powers is one thing, but how are you going to monetize?

Spiritual Practitioner Secrets: Lisa Turner offers ways to both “get more deeply connected to your intuition & innate psychic abilities” and the advice that will help you “make a great living helping other people with your amazing talents.” This one-time investment comes at a price of £497 (roughly $800). But don’t worry‚ you are protected by Turner’s sixty day “Get Psychic” money-back guarantee.

Mind Movies: This comes courtesy of our old friend Glen Ledwell. “Mind Movies is a unique ‘Law of Attraction’ solution that has already brought astounding success to millions of people around the world.” And you can too! Ready to “manifest [your] aspirations?” Try the Subliminal Success Accelerator for free at

Pick-Up Artistry. This is a classic, and more often than not the pages here speak for themselves. Not that all Internet Marketers remain stuck forever in the PUA ghetto: indeed, Double Your Dating impresario David DeAngelo / Eben Pagan has moved on to full scale membership in The Syndicate.

Female Mastery for Men: Tristan Del Toro (definitely his real name) knows the three things every woman needs to know before she will sleep with you. This e-book costs $4.95 “for the first seven days of service” plus a future payment of $40.05.

Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla were able to turn their recent nuptials into a three day “intimacy intensive,” where couples could shell out $997 to learn “how to take the intimacy, trust and love in your relationship to a much deeper level.” On the website, it was not explained why a pair of newlyweds were qualified to do this. In addition, there was a “woman and man couple” registration, but nothing for same-sex couples, implying that this event was strictly heteronormative.

All of the knowledge that has been uncovered about The Syndicate gives new meaning to how the so called manosphere operates.  There’s a lot of similarities between how internet marketing con artists operate and how the so called manosphere operates.  They both use the same tactics and in many cases the same language.  The so called manosphere even operates just like one of Frank Kern’s “syndicates”.  The only difference is that internet marketing con artists are much more effective than the so called manosphere at separating people from their money.

After learning about The Syndicate, Frank Kern, and the connections to game, what do we know now?

  1. Game is a scam, period.  There is no question about it now since it was created by an internet marketing con artist (Eben Pagan) who has deep connections to the rest of the internet marketing scam world.
  2. Every form of dating advice is a scam.  It is likely that any form of dating advice you can find now was either created by The Syndicate or influenced by The Syndicate so much it might as well be created by them.  (The only exception to this would be dating advice from someone who specifically attacks the seduction community such as Aaron Sleazy.)
  3. Anyone in the so called manosphere who promotes game works for The Syndicate either knowingly or as a useful idiot.  This is also true for anyone outside of the manosphere who promotes game or elements of game such as Susan Walsh or Dr. Nerdlove.  Since there is no real difference between a useful idiot who has been duped about game and someone who knowingly works for The Syndicate, we should treat them as if they all knowingly work for The Syndicate.
  4. Conspiracy theorists couldn’t find an actual conspiracy if it was right in front of them.  Not a single conspiracy theorist in the so called manosphere bothered to investigate who was really behind game.  This proves that all of the conspiracy theorists in the so called manosphere are frauds because if they weren’t they would have uncovered The Syndicate.  It’s possible that conspiracy theory is promoted in the so called manosphere to distract readers from finding out about The Syndicate by filling their heads with nonsense about the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Jews, and other conspiracy theory BS.  We don’t know if the conspiracy theorists of the so called manosphere knowingly work for The Syndicate or are dupes.  Since it’s impossible to tell the difference, we might as well treat them as if they knowingly work for The Syndicate.
  5. Paleo diet BS, “self improvement” BS, doomsday prepping BS, etc. in the so called manosphere are simply other scams in addition to game.  The proponents of all of these things in the so called manosphere overlap forming what is effectively a Frank Kern style “syndicate”.  It’s possible that The Syndicate is involved in these scams too.

There is some very good news knowing that game was created by internet marketing con artists.  The Federal Trade Commission has gotten involved against the internet marketing con artists in the past.  For example, the FTC fined Frank Kern nearly a quarter of a million dollars.  This means that our biggest ally in getting rid of game and the rest of the scams trying to invade the MRM is the FTC.  In addition, the FTC can also indirectly strike a blow against feminism since feminists (such as Dr. Nerdlove) are trying to use dating advice as a weapon against men.  Since The Syndicate has made almost all dating advice fraudulent, anyone who promotes fraudulent dating advice now can and should be investigated by the FTC.  Even if the FTC renders no monetary judgement against them, it will discredit anyone involved in dating advice whether it’s the so called manosphere or feminism.  Eben Pagan, the creator of game, is no longer involved with it.  He has moved on to other scams because he knows that game has been around long enough to get the attention of the law.  He’s smart enough to know to get out before that happens.  The so called manosphere and the feminists aren’t so they are the ones who will get discredited as a result.  When it comes to our purposes of helping the MRM and defeating feminism, this is the best possible outcome.

I encourage everyone to read the links on this page.  There is a lot of good information at The Salty Droid and the article at The Verge that can be used against the so called manosphere and feminists who push dating advice.  We now have proof that game and most other forms of dating advice are scams.  Use it as much as possible.

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