Why Didn’t ManginaBoobz Write About My World Of Ptavvs Post?

You may have noticed a few lame trolls today.  That’s because ManginaBoobz linked to my post about my desire to leave this planet of women and manginas behind.  Besides discovering that the readership of ManginaBoobz is homophobic (although they may only be homophobic against male homosexuals), I’m surprised that ManginaBoobz didn’t write about my World Of Ptavvs post or the related post, Zoe Quinn Is A Thrint.  I’m really disappointed.

Where Are The Grandmothers?

I asked a few years ago why all these supposed “good women” never do anything to show themselves and differentiate themselves from all the evil women out there.  The obvious answer is because there are so few good women out there as to make them practically nonexistent.  That there are so few female MRAs and similar women is proof of that.

The problem of the lack of “good women” is worse than you think because there are plenty of cases where it would benefit the “good women” to make themselves known and differentiate themselves.  We’re not just talking about cases where “good women” should be doing things to help men just out of the goodness of their hearts.  We’re talking about cases where if nothing else the “good women” should be doing things that would help men but generate benefits for them at the same time.

On another blog a while ago, I read about the perfect example of this.  During divorce, which happens frequently and is mostly caused by women, women get custody of the children most of the time.  This means that men lose access to their children especially since women can prevent men from seeing their children with impunity.  Even when courts order that men get visitation, they won’t bother enforcing it.  Thus, a divorced man’s access to his children is completely dependent on his ex-wife.  For many divorced men this means being completely shut out of their children’s lives.

A divorced man losing contact with his children isn’t the only victim here.  The divorced man’s parents also lose contact with his children.  The children lose a relationship with their paternal grandparents.  This brings up a question, why aren’t mothers of divorced men fighting for their sons when it comes to visitation and custody issues after a divorce?  You don’t see any organization of grandmothers fighting the divorce courts on this issue.  They aren’t joining any fathers’ rights groups.

This isn’t just a case of these mothers should be helping their divorced sons out of the goodness of their hearts (although that should be reason enough for them).  These grandmothers (presumably) lose contact with their grandchildren because their sons do.  It would benefit these women to help their sons on this issue because they would regain a relationship with their grandchildren.  It directly benefits grandmothers to fight for their sons visitation and custody rights.  Since this obviously isn’t happening even though it would benefit the mothers of divorced sons, there are only two possibilities why grandmothers aren’t doing this:

1. Women are willing to sacrifice a relationship with their grandchildren just to stick it to men, even their own sons.  In other words women hate men more than they love their grandchildren.
2. While the divorced son loses visitation with his children, the grandmother is getting visitation from her son’s ex-wife but is complicit in cutting her own son out of her grandchildren’s life.  A woman is willing to conspire with her son’s ex-wife against her own son, her own flesh and blood, because she hates men.

Either one of these is pretty evil.  Women don’t just hate men in general.  They hate their own sons (and other men in their own families).  Women are willing to sacrifice their own sons on the altar of supporting other women EVEN WHEN IT PERSONALLY HURTS THEM.  This example pretty much puts the issue of “good women” to bed.

On a side note, this is another reason why white vagina worshiping nationalists are full of shit.  They talk a lot about duty to kin and racial solidarity, but this example proves that women are stabbing their own male kin in the back.  They’re stupid to trust to their female kin or white women in general.  Of course, white vagina worshiping nationalists are fine with white men being stabbed in the back by white women as long as white babies are produced.

stoner and tarnished, your parents, while abusive, succeeded in producing White children. You would even call yourselves “normal” White children. But a Negro, even if he was one of the very few moral and talented negros, can never produce White children.

There you have it, an example that shows “good women” are incredibly few in number and shows another reason why white nationalists are white vagina worshipers.

Pufferfish Game

Pretty soon the new buzz in the so called manosphere will be pufferfish game.  It’s where you try to inflate yourself to take up as much room as possible because it’s alpha to take up as much room as possible.  This was the subject of today’s Dilbert comic so the so called manosphere is guaranteed to steal it.

Like everything else the so called manosphere does, it won’t work.  If the manosphere wants to take up as much space as possible, they should do what they’re already doing, being as fat as possible.

If You’re Going To Do The Time

I found this idiot feminist woman who pretty much said that hating women is 100% correlated with being a man who women find unattractive.  We know that women find 80% of men (give or take) unattractive so this brings up a question.  If women find you unattractive, why shouldn’t you hate women?  Even if you don’t hate women, you will still be treated as if you do if women find you unattractive.  If you’re going to do the time, you might as well do the crime.

Some may answer my question with how hate (and bitterness) will supposedly eat you up inside.  If that is really the case, then it’s going to be worse trying to not hate women while women are acting as if you do.  (Remember you have already been determined to be a woman hater due to your lack of attractiveness.)

Others may answer with how the whole thing is entrapment.  Women want unattractive men to hate them so that they can use that as “evidence” of how we’re a threat to women.  This is a valid point, but we will still be accused of hating women so not hating women doesn’t prevent this entrapment.  If anything working hard at not hating women, just leaves you vulnerable.

I’m forced to conclude there is no reason to not hate women.  For those of us whose “crime” is being unattractive to women, it’s the only logical option.

Even Spambots Have Figured Out The So Called Manosphere

A couple of days ago the blog got an interesting comment.

The so called manosphere will attack you for failing to get laid, but it will attack you for successfully get laid too.

This comment was originally in my spam filter.  It also had a link to some website selling pills which I edited out.  Normally, I would have just deleted this comment as I normally delete anything from spambots.  In this case, I let it through because despite being from a spambot, it was an insightful comment.

If you actually get laid, the so called manosphere will attack you.  (See the attacks on PMAFT for an example.)  If you don’t get laid and are honest about not getting laid, then you will get attacked.  That’s is what happened to me.  To be a part of the so called manosphere, you have to not get laid but be dishonest and say you get laid.  This was so obvious that a non-sentient spambot figured it out.

Even spambots have figured out the so called manosphere.

Are Women A Threat To National Security?

The scandal around General Petraeus continues to get weirder.  There’s another general involved with his own woman and a FBI agent sending shirtless pics via email.

This thing could have been a bonanza for foreign intelligence services.  For all we know it was.  Thus, I have to ask the question, are women a threat to national security?  Obviously, the answer is yes.  If Petraeus and that other general distrusted women, then they wouldn’t be in a scandal.  Petraeus would still have his job.

We’re now at a point where the only type of person that can be trusted with national security has the same opinion of women that I do.