Copycat Victims

Women have lied to men and lied about men more times than I can count.  That’s why we have a false sexual harassment industry, a false rape industry, a false abuse industry, etc.  What women have done is create a massive false accusation industry backed by government as an enforcer of women’s false accusations.  The worst thing any man has done to a woman pales in comparison to the false accusation industry.

Despite the reality of the false accusation industry and the millions of men harmed by it, many people still believe that women never lie.  I found the ultimate example of a woman making a false accusation in a comment at AVoiceForMen.

It proves women enjoy sharing hysterics. I personally don’t know a single woman who has been genitally mutilated, but I keep hearing how it’s somehow men’s fault “we” suffer at their hands.

From my own experience, I once told my sister in law an upsetting story of an instance of sexual molestation I experienced as a child.

She seemed unusually interested in the story and had me repeat it several times. She hadn’t shown much empathy or concern about other bad experiences of mine, but this one she really zeroed in on.

A few months later, in front of a group of friends, she started repeating My story as though it had happened to her – using my vocal inflections, and tearing up exactly as I had.

I thought she was mocking me! It felt like she was literally de-pantsing me in front of everyone, until she turned to me, searching my face for approval of her story…looking for attention and sympathy.

I realized she had simply liked the dramatic quality of my story so much she had adopted it as her own. She didn’t even realize I was the original source of the story.

If you notice, cops shows, murder shows, extremely violent and over the top perverted CSI type shows proliferate on TV now days, usually featuring woman-as-victims. I really believe women are internalizing that stuff and adopting it as their own, just as my sister in law had. It’s like the Coast Guard fielding hundreds of calls to report the shipwrecked people stranded on Gilligan’s Island.

Those old PSAs proclaiming “In America a woman is raped every thirty seconds” should have included “…on TV”.

24/7/365 some woman, some where on TV is suffering rape, domestic abuse, violence and murder.

Next time you hear a woman make an accusation against a man, ask yourself if it really happened to her or if she just copied some other woman’s misery.  This copycatting has probably happened so many times that only a tiny fraction of what women accuse men of actually happened.

Copycat killers and other copycat criminals are bad enough, but women’s game of copycat victims is much worse by several orders of magnitude.

8 comments on “Copycat Victims

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  2. I’ve spoken to insane women online who claim to get raped all the time. Before discovering the truth about female nature, I would of been upset for them. Now I don’t even believe them. I am good at spotting unbelievable details now.

  3. Female genital mutilation is done by mothers.

    Ignore female attempts at guliting as the obvious mental abuse that it is.

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  5. In the past, the rite of passage to womanhood was to become a mother, prefreably while married. They would trade the plastic dolls they carried in their pre-pubescent days for a real baby. Today, to get into the Adult Woman Club, one must have a dramatic rape story to blubber over to one’s girlfriends. Young women used to discuss and try to out-drama the group of young hens by telling of their first time being penetrated by a man and losing their virginity. Today, well, it is discussed in a far darker context. And if they cannot tell a story of their own? No problem; simply point to another girl with a rapey boyfriend and make something up. Usually it is the ones who are pristine virgins who would never allow a dirty little boy-part into them, so simply show how enlightened you are by crusading for an abused sister. It is easy. It’s what they do. All of this would be trivial, laughable, as most female lolly-gagging has always been, as long as they had dinner ready on time and a beer in our hand. However now they are backed my men with gavels and men with guns.

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