How To Tell Real Anti-Feminists From Fake Anti-Feminists

There are lots of people who say that they’re against feminism but aren’t in any sense.  We “know” who is and who isn’t really against feminism, but what is the objective rule to determine this?  Grizzly provides us with an answer.

Because they still put white women on pedestals so badly, they can’t help but think of feminism as something that was done TO white women rather than something that was done BY white women. So even though they’re anti-feminism, they’ve done the weird mental trick of still being woman worshippers, making them truly insane and schizophrenic.

The difference is whether a person thinks that feminism was done BY women or TO women. (Saying feminism was done BY women does not mean that all women acted in concert to establish feminism. Most women went along with feminism because they benefit from feminism. That is still an act done BY individual women since it was a decision they made. It wasn’t forced on women.)  If a person thinks feminism was done BY women, then they are really an anti-feminist since they are holding women accountable for their actions.  If a person thinks feminism was done TO women, then they think feminism was done by some other group such as the Jews, liberal men, the Rockefellers, the NWO, communists, minorities, etc. then they aren’t an actual anti-feminist because they aren’t holding women accountable.  Those people are nothing but interlopers trying to take over the mens rights community for the purposes of fighting the Jews or whatever other group they hate.

What does this mean?  Conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, traditionalist conservatives, the “alt right”, and the rest of them are not actual anti-feminists.  This is true in all cases with no exceptions since being a member of one of those groups means that said member thinks that feminism was done TO women.  No exceptions means no exceptions.  Even A Voice for Men is not truly anti-feminist because of all the conspiracy theory from John the Other and the rest of AVfM’s staff because any belief in conspiracy theory means a belief that feminism was done TO women and not by women.

It’s simple, but understanding the difference between feminism being done BY women and feminism being done TO women tells who is really against feminism and who is just a leech.

48 comments on “How To Tell Real Anti-Feminists From Fake Anti-Feminists

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  2. I say that feminism was done TO women BY women.
    What do I mean by that?

    The sluts wanted to be normalised against the chaste girls.
    The divorce-thefters wanted to be taken care of for life.
    The undecided women were too scared to speak up against the feminists.

    Funny thing is, ALL women thought they could benefit from the evil deeds of SOME women.
    Hence the wonderful line “I’m not a feminist, but”.

    Lady, if you don’t speak up against unfairness and special dispensation based around which genitals you were born with …
    you are supporting injustice and might as well have indulged in it yourself
    (the idea being, Nobody has a right to judge me HENCE my privacy is paramount AND I am beyond reproach SO there should be no consequence AND if there are t3h Patriarchy is oppressing me).

    Good going girls.

    P.S. all the chemicals you grrrls to enable the slut lifestyle, are slowly poisoning the water table and your bodies.
    Oops, actions have consequences 🙂

      • That’s a good clarification. I think you should include it in the articles, coz I agree with P Ray.

        The way you wrote the article, it comes off sounding as if you’re saying “all women came together and invented feminism together”.

        Whereas in truth it’s that groups of women invented feminism to gain an advantage over men, and other women.

        Obviously, all women tolerated and semi-supported feminism, coz they were being too selfish and just focused on the privileges that it can bring, not noticing they’re losing a lot to original founders as well.

        • AlekNovy wrote:
          Whereas in truth it’s that groups of women invented feminism to gain an advantage over men, and other women.

          I see feminism as a byproduct of women’s innate behavioral wiring. Women have an innate propensity to ‘network’ with unrelated females in order to extract resources from men. Its expression in wealthy, technologically advanced societies is pernicious because there are no counterbalancing forces.

        • Good idea. I will do that. Feminism wasn’t the result of every woman on the planet, but the women who weren’t directly involved tolerated and semi-supported feminism because they were getting something out of it as you said.

        • This may also be interesting
          Alte is the new name of the person who previously went by “Black&German” on The Spearhead.

  3. Yeah, by women for women, yet they would be nowhere without the strong arm of the blue knights and black robes.

  4. A good diagnostic, I’ve found: Real anti-feminists stay on topic, for the most part. Fake anti-feminists always veer off into their own pet topics. A recent example is the alt-right types and their obsession over the Trayvon Martin shooting. I don’t think you’d see these clowns anywhere near as obsessed about, say, Thomas Ball’s immolation, or the latest family court tragedy.

    These guys seem to put out just enough anti-feminist material to make naive guys follow them instead of “those crazy MRAs.” Hell they won’t even get the facts straight more often than not, as we saw with OneSTDV’s recent smears. Why? Because they don’t give a shit about mens’ rights if doesn’t serve their own ends.

    • That’s a good point. The reason I hammer on this so much because I want to keep things on the topic of mens rights and not off topic subjects like the Federal Reserve, game, the paleo diet, and moronic conspiracy theories.

    • I blog mostly on topics unrelated to anti-feminism, I started writing on anti-feminism when I realised what it is after watching Bernard Chapin several years ago. I still write on other topics, but it is interesting that my anti-feminist posts attract a lot of hits from google searches.

      My blog was made for a variety of topics that I am interested in, and anti-feminism eventually became one of them. As for websites that were designated as anti-feminist and pro-male from the start I think that posting on unrelated topics is not good, but I am not going to leave my fields of interest to devote time solely to anti-feminism. I do not think my anti-feminism is fake because of that.

      • Leos, you aren’t what I was talking about. A personal blog where you talk about a variety of subjects that interest you which might include anti-feminism isn’t what we are talking about. What I’m talking about are people who try to take over the MRM/the manosphere/whatever you want to call it for a purpose other than anti-feminism. This can include everything from white nationalists to conspiracy theorists to several other groups of ultra-fringe nutjobs.

  5. John the Other speaks here. I feel bad for Girlwriteswhat, because she is just an honest person.

    • ” I feel bad for Girlwriteswhat, because she is just an honest person”.

      Right. Sure she is.

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      • No, you just want your ‘honoured womanhood’ back irrespective of how many men need to be chewed up in the gears of Mammon for you and your children.

        You’ll find no defenders of patriarchy here; it would sooner see guys lime us marched off to die in trenches or worked to death in a mine for you ‘honoured matrons’.

        • I am not looking for defenders of patriarchy I am aware that you MRA’s are nothing more but woman haters. You are same as feminists.

        • I loved being called a woman hater, I truly do. It makes me all fuzzy and tingly inside.

          Do I hate Russian Women? Nope.
          Do I hate Italian Women? Nope.
          Do I hate French Women? Nope.
          Do I hate Colombian Women? Nope.
          Do I hate Ghanan Women? Nope.
          Do I hate Pakistani Women? Nope.
          Do I hate Japanese Women? Nope.

          I’ve had them all. and ALL. OF. THEM. are better than Anglo women.

          Preach all you want about traditional women. We’ve found them, and they aren’t American, Canadian, English, Kiwi or Aussie.

          Sorry hun, for some guys its better to have no woman than an anglo woman. Those guys btw are 100% of the male population.

    • Your talk was correct. Hypergamy is another partof the “getting laid” obsession even so called mgtow get caught up in.

      Dating is irrelevant to judicial activism. Sitting around saying women do this women do that only accomplishes some emotional satisfaction, it isn’t going to change the laws.

      • Hypergamy is another partof the “getting laid” obsession even so called mgtow get caught up in.

        Is this really the case? Hypergamy explains female behavior towards me even though I’m not trying to get laid.

        • It does explain it yes. But how often do you hear people referring to hypergamy in any context outside of dating on blogs? I rarely, if ever see anyone mention hypergamy without immediately delving into alpha/beta/gamma stuff.

          Hypergamy sucks for men, yup. I agree 100% even though I benefit from it. But talking about hypergamy is emotionally satisfying, it isn’t going to get any laws changed.

        • Hypergamy gets talked about outside of dating at AVFM, but I see your point. Hypergamy is real regardless of when it gets talked about. It can affect your life even when you aren’t dating or even trying to date. I’m an example of this.

          Wouldn’t it make more sense to rip the concept of hypergamy away from the control of gamers?

        • Yes. Agreed. My complaint wasn’t against real men who have ‘gone their own way’ but the gamer-type guys who aren’t really practicing what they preach, just sitting around throwing rocks at MRAs like Paul Elam AND feminists.

          Recent fool Firepower is an example of such, Fedrz seems to be one as well.

          Hypergamy as a concept is real, men practice a different, but similar type, but their doesn’t have legislative backing. That is what my concern is when people talk endlessly about hypergamy; it’s focusing on the cause (hypergamy, women’s utter dehumanization of 90% of men and desiring to control the other 10%) without working against the effect (divorce laws, rape laws, affirmative action)..

      • Feminism is the worst thing that has happened to women. Ugh. Now men get free sex without having to commit to the woman. Because all women are sluts basically. Also the guy no longer is the breadwinner.

        Patriarchy benefits both men and women. Because under patriarchy women are free to do their feminine duty and men are free by doing theirs. Men are the leaders with the full responsibility of taking care of the woman. While the woman is the follower and she serves her husband. Therefore, that is a mutually satisfying relationship.

        MRA’ s who support equality are feminists because they both want equality.

        Also this is the link of the particular instances how feminism has harmed women. Most likely you will not look. But if you are truly interested in looking at another side of the argument you would definitely learn something. Life is so much easier when you a free of hate.

        BTW say hello to my stalker the one with the picture of the cat.

        • Dear, you are as feminist as Valerie Solanas. Its cute that you comment on here and when people reply, you use the old feminist canard of stalker.

          Perhaps you can take a page from Amanda Marcotte’s book and call us creepy virgin rapists with small penises, it suits your femo-centric worldview, and is a reasonable attempt at trying to imply you have any status in comparison to mine.

          A kitchen whore prostitute like you is as useless to a man as a working single mother. and you both fuck for money.

        • Where is all this free sex I am supposed to be getting? Either you’re an idiot or you don’t consider me (along with 80% of the male population) to be men.

          Women have never had any duty to anyone is history because women are too selfish for that. Your “patriarchy” has never existed.

          I looked at your list of ways feminism supposedly harms women. They were almost all partial if not outright lies. We all know that no fault divorce benefits women, for example. You can’t fool us into thinking it harms women. The only thing on your list that might actually be correct would be the loss of male chivalry, but that is equivalent to a slave owner complaining that their slaves refuse to work.

          The fact is that you are as feminist as any member of NOW.

        • “Feminism is the worst thing that has happened to women. Ugh. Now men get free sex without having to commit to the woman. Because all women are sluts basically. Also the guy no longer is the breadwinner”.

          Does this shit not speak for itself to everyone here? It reveals her true intent for all to see.

          This can’t be any more obvious.

  7. How come feminism always appears in a declining state of a culture? Why does it only appear in some cultures at some times? Even if we accept that it is done by women why does it only appear at certain times?

    • Because women can only discard men, and use social violence against men in such high levels against men in modern societies, that is my theory.

      Feminism is basically female domination and the false victim narrative used to excuse women discarding men, driving them away from their families.

  8. What if the reality is that neither position is completely accurate, i.e. feminism wasn’t conceptualized by women because they rarely originate anything but they are still accountable individually and collectively for choosing to go along with an evil agenda?
    I think it’s likely that the origins of feminism lay with some group of men who sought to benefit from it, yet I hold every woman accountable who furthers the dysfunctional cause. I just don’t give women enough credit to imagine them being capable of coming up with something like this alone. They react rather than innovate, but take ideas and think they’re their own, like when they repeat TV scripts in their own lives and don’t even realize it.
    They’re just not smart enough to have been the authors of this and gotten society to follow.

      • Reread what I wrote; I do not at all let women off the hook. Anyone who supports or enables a harmful ideology is responsible for their actions, and any woman who follows feminism is personally guilty.
        I just don’t believe that women are mentally capable of initiating anything influential without men. And even if they could, the only reason women can do anything is if men let them.
        What do you suggest, that a bunch of women met in a living room somewhere and hatched this ideology, and then somehow got an influential lobby together by themselves which affected the media, politics, court rulings, international law, even houses of worship….all by themselves? How were they able to get so many men to go along with this without their realizing? Yes, men who have grown up with this being the way things are often perpetrate feminism without knowing it due to brainwashing and social conditioning, but at which point were women able to, unaided, just secretly change the entire structure of society?
        Women just aren’t smart enough to have done it on their own. You can call me names, but it would be more beneficial to show me my error. If I’m wrong, I can be persuaded and see the light, which is presumably the goal of having an open forum like this, and others can benefit as well.

  9. Woman have always been women, so why did it take this long for feminism to appear?
    Yes, women plot and scheme to their own advantages, but coming together on such a global scale and having such a profound impact without the help of men is something I can’t fathom.

  10. you’ll notice this is a Great Whore starting point to their “udder self entitled gender law bent bullshit” etc., be sure to note the “psychopath” sectons as you continue to journey the web… MOST… are holes for dick, and for the guys, MOST are just mangina’s. IF you’re not, good for you! ” )

  11. begging the question fallacy.

    The technological environment has changed, that is explanation enough.

    Men have always pandered to women, men still pander to women, no conspiracy theory is needed.

  12. “Take a look at these links:

    – and be sure to read the comments below where the author of the articles (Mallory Millet – Kate Millet’s sister).

    This video goes further to outline their influences, and where we’re headed with the way thing are at the moment:

    Kim your links are just mentally ill dribble. There is no such thing as cultural Marxism.

    YOu want a conspiracy theory to explain away female actions and female nature. Your looking for a conspracy theory to let women off the hook.

    You are the fake anti feminist that this blog post is talking about. lolol

  13. It is well-established that the Soviet Union was behind much of the leftism of the 1960s. Former KGB officials openly admit to this.

    “The [KGB] programs — which would run all sorts of congresses, peace congresses, youth congresses, festivals, women’s movements, trade union movements, campaigns against U.S. missiles in Europe, campaigns against neutron weapons, allegations that AIDS … was invented by the CIA … all sorts of forgeries and faked material — [were] targeted at politicians, the academic community, at [the] public at large.

    It was really a worldwide campaign, often not only sponsored and funded, but conducted and manipulated by the KGB. And this was again part and parcel of this campaign to weaken [the] military, economic and psychological climate in the West.”

    Is retired KGB Maj. Gen. Oleg Kalugin also a conspiracy theorist?

    Obviously these so-called Active Measures would be most effective when applied to something that was already in place. The question is how much influence did these subversive tactics have? I now live in the former Soviet Union, which was never subjected to these subversive tactics and the women, while not perfect, do not have three generations of institutional man hatred driven into them. I do not think the KGB could create feminism out of thin air but they definitely funded the movement at a critical juncture, much like giving a startup a seed round of funding to get it off the ground.

    What do you make of this?

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