Who Needs Feminists When You Have Paul Elam?

One of Paul Elam’s insults for MGTOW is PigTOW.  A person on the MGTOW subreddit noticed that its the same as the feminist “men are pigs” insult.

Just as one little specific point, I take note that in CHOOSING to create his little “PIGTOW” ad hom label, complete with full-blown “Pig-nose/face” imagery — Paul Elam is (wittingly or unwittingly) adopting/channeling the old feminist “Men are PIGS” insult.*

Which to my mind… would be enough to render him as a piece of shite (even if I wasn’t aware of his other various frauds and problems — the guy is a fucking opportunistic/parasitic wanker, a complete hypocrite who is trying to both skim AND control the various “men’s movement” things… much like the celebrity feminists, though with less success because he’s an incompetent boob).

*And an ironic one really, since if anyone is “feeding from the trough” it’s Elam.

Who needs feminists when you have Paul Elam?  He might as well be an outright feminist at this point.

If Game Just Works Why Can’t It Be Completely Independent Of Ideology?

I have talked about how in many cases dating advice is a scam to sell an ideology.  Anyone who is doing that will deny that so I was surprised to find that Roosh basically admitted it.

Game is a collection of tactics/rules/behaviors that work, but it can’t exist in isolation without an ideology that complements it and gives men guidance besides just sex. Hence, neomasculinity, which even touches on the political nature of societies.

If game just works, why can’t it be completely independent of ideology?  In fact, if game did just work, it would have to be completely independent of ideology.  Otherwise game’s effectiveness would be dependent on belief in a particular ideology.

We can take away from this that game doesn’t exist because if it did there would be no attempt to tie an ideology to it.  By saying that game has to be tied to an ideology, Roosh pretty much just admitted that game is a scam.

Neomasculinity Is All About Gay Butt Sex

Roosh made this schism in the red pill video, and I noticed that there are a lot of strange references and comments about homosexuality.

At 1:45 he points out that the red pill is now calling him gay.  At 2:05 he talks about how the red pill has his “seed” in it which sounds gay given that he’s talking about guys who are red pill.  None of that compares to the tirade against homosexuals that Roosh starts at 6:50.  He says that there will be “no homosexuals in neomasculinity” and that red pill has catered to gay men to have “butt sex” (his words) with other gay men.

Is the red pill community really filled with gay men having “butt sex” with each other?  I doubt it so why is Roosh imagining this as a major problem?  (And even if it was the case, who cares?)  To answer that question consider the other comments about his “seed” and how many in the red pill community think he is gay.  Maybe its because they can tell that Roosh is a gay man in the closet, possibly even denying his real orientation to himself.  We all know that Roosh is full of shit when he talks about getting laid.  Why go to such efforts (that don’t even work) to convince the world that he is getting laid?  Maybe its because Roosh is denying his real sexual orientation.

To deny his real sexual orientation, Roosh is getting into bed with conspiracy theorists with “neomasculinity”.  In other words, he is engaging in virtual gay butt sex with conspiracy theorists and probably some real gay butt sex too.  Conspiracy theorists are obsessed with homosexuality (and pedophilia) for some strange reason too.  Maybe that’s because conspiracy theorists are also denying their real sexual orientation.

It would be easier for Roosh and conspiracy theorists to accept their homosexuality and come out.  There is nothing wrong with being homosexual.  They will be much happier when they can accept their sexual orientation for what it is.  And the rest of us won’t be subjected to their insane rants.

The War On MGTOW Is Out In The Open Now

For a while now, we have been dealing with a secret war on MGTOW.  This consisted of bullshit like we have seen and still see at AVFM or Hawaiian Fat Blob that married men can be MGTOW and from conspiracy theorists telling us that we need to man up and marry sluts to stop the fictional depopulation agenda.  This was designed to subvert MGTOW by making us fight nonexistent enemies and devaluing the term, MGTOW, into meaninglessness.  How can a married man truly go his own way?  He can’t because by getting married he is under the complete control of his wife and the state.  His wife can divorce him at any time, take half or more of his assets, and take his kids (if he has any) away from him.  Tradcon bullshit about marriage doesn’t change these real facts.  When a man gets married, he is no longer going his own way whether he likes it or not.

For that matter, why can’t a male feminist be said to be going his own way?  Obviously he can’t because he is going the way of women.  However, if a married man can be said to go his own way, then so can a male feminist.  Thus saying that married men can go their own way makes the term, MGTOW, meaningless.  Even the so called “MGTOW manifesto” which talks about restoring masculinity in men and femininity in women has been rejected because it’s another attempt to make MGTOW meaningless.

Actual MGTOW rejected these attempts to redefine MGTOW into meaninglessness.  Sooner or later one of the groups would trigger a movement from waging a secret war on MGTOW to waging an open war on MGTOW.  That’s what happened when PrisonPlanet/Infowars (Alex Jones’s band of conspiracy theorists) released their video on “neomasculinity” (which should really be called neo pussy begging) that attacks MGTOW.  Bar bar eviscerated PrisonPlanet’s “neomasculinity” video on his blog and in this video.

I like that the war on MGTOW is completely out in the open now.  It not only proves everything that I have been saying about how conspiracy theorists are manginas, but we will no long have to suffer idiots talking out of both sides of their mouth with bullshit like “a married man is going his own way”.  From now on no one can seriously say that manuresphere unity is a virtue.

The manuresphere is facing its demographic time bomb (along with manuresphere adjacent groups like PrisonPlanet), and this is just the first of series of desperate actions we will see from them.

There Is One Good Reason To Boycott Mad Max: Fury Road

If you are looking for a reason to boycott Mad Max: Fury Road, I can give you one if you care about that.  And no, it’s not any of the Return of Kings Court Jesters reasons.  It’s because they hired Eve Ensler, the feminist author of the Vagina Monologues as a consultant.

The reason why she was a consultant was to “educate” the actors about sex trafficking.  I’m sure she knows a lot about that with how she calls the rape of a 13 year old by an adult woman, a good rape, in the Vagina Monologues.

This is something that Return of Kings Court Jesters won’t talk about despite pointing out Eve Ensler’s involvement in the movie.  Maybe it’s because they’re are too busy blaming Jewish men for the actions of women.

Roosh Is The Ideal Adversary

Mitchel asked the question, why does the media give Roosh a platform?  This is an important question to ask.  If you’re enemies are giving you a platform, it’s because they’re planning on kicking it out from under you at the right moment.  That is pretty much what happened when Roosh went on the Dr. Oz show.

This point was made by Uncle Malky on Barbarossaaa’s blog.

Roosh is the ideal adversary. Here is a guy who writes multiple books on the topic of seduction (how to be a PUA) and has next door to 0 PR skills. He has to e-beg to keep his sorry-ass website going fer Chrissakes! All his big talk about how “Betas need to learn game.” HA HA HA! The average store manager at Trader Joe’s has more “game” than this clown.

Roosh gets a media platform because he is the perfect adversary for them.  He walks into traps that would be obvious for just about anyone else.  Plus, Roosh fails to make use of opportunities even while in those traps.  For example, he could have asked the women on Dr. Oz who were attacking him about his fat shaming views if they would be attracted a homeless guy on the street.  Roosh couldn’t even do that.  Braininavat pointed out that the media gives Roosh a platform because they understand him.  Part of that is because he won’t ask the hard questions given the opportunity.

To summarize, the media treats Roosh as a court jester, and Roosh is too stupid to realize it.

The Good Men Project Says It’s All Right To Punch A Woman Who Says That You Are A Loser Who Can’t Get Laid Or A Creep

Apparently, feminists are pissed that Black Widow, a character from Marvel comics/Marvel movies got called a slut.  When you consider the name, Black Widow, it’s clear that she is a slut.  However, pointing this out is making feminists very angry even though Black Widow doesn’t exist.  (Maybe feminists don’t realize that Black Widow isn’t an actual person.)  In particular, one of the authors at the Dickless Mangina Project wants to punch any man who uses the world slut.

You can call me a slut (fair warning – you might get punched in the face if you do)

The Dickless Mangina Project thinks it’s fine for women to punch men who use the word slut.  Since they’re fine with that, that must also mean that they fine with men punching women accuse them of being losers who can’t get laid or of being “creepy”.  Otherwise, they would be hypocrites.

So next time a woman says that you’re a loser who can’t get laid or accuses you of being a virgin (regardless of whether you are one or not) or says you’re creepy, punch her.  That’s how the Dickless Mangina Project says you should handle that.