Massive Rationalizations

I was thinking more about what Dr. van nostrand said.

Slight OT: I wonder how much this cuckservative silliness ties into white nationalist own feelings of sexual inadequacy. I mean if u look at how they describe the black male sexual vitality as a threat , it sounds damn near pornographic. .”aggressive “,”muscular”,”dominant “,”predatory”,”virile” are words that often come up. It’s like almostike reading 50 shades of gray with all these racist oh Im sorry I mean race realist hbd blogs.

While I wrote about the non-sexual aspects of this before, what about the sexual aspects?  As Dr. van nostrand says it does tie into their feelings of sexual inadequacy, but they have always had those feelings.  Why do we see these guys saying, “cuck”, all the time now?  Why is this a (relatively) recent development?  I found someone with a theory that it started with an article published last year by a mangina whose wife was cheating on him.  In that article the mangina tried to justify his so called “open marriage”, which was really nothing more than his wife cheating on him, abusing him, and forcing him to accept her cheating as an “open marriage”, via feminism.   If you read the article, it’s clear that the mangina is in a horrific situation created by his wife.  But how, did that lead to the alt-right/white vagina worshiping nationalists using the word, cuck, all the time?

The answer is that it hit too close to home for them.  While most alt-right/white vagina worshiping nationalists may not be actual cuckolds, that article was a little too close in describing how women dominate them.  That contributes to their feelings of sexual inadequacy because at some level they know they reason why their women “semi-cuck” them is because they allow it happen.  They are desperate for the sexual and other scraps their women give them.  They can’t accept that their women are shitty so they project their pain outward.  They accuse other men of being “cucks” to mask their own shame of being dependent on women.  They would all be better off if they just accepted that white women are shitty like non-white women.  But that is a bridge too far for them.

This is not the only way men will try to avoid the reality that they are begging for sexual and other scraps from women.  The guy from the dating advice board that got involved with small penis humiliation that I have talked about before is another variant of this.  He didn’t go around calling other men, cucks, but he did try to justify it as “being sexual”.  It’s all the same whether it’s the mangina who is forced into accepting his wife’s “open marriage”, the alt-right/white vagina worshiping nationalists calling guys, cucks, the forever alone men who think that they should be cuckolds, or the the guy who got involved in small penis humiliation.  They all generate massive rationalizations to avoid the fact that women are shitty.

Cuck VS. Mangina

Dr. van nostrand said the following.

Slight OT: I wonder how much this cuckservative silliness ties into white nationalist own feelings of sexual inadequacy. I mean if u look at how they describe the black male sexual vitality as a threat , it sounds damn near pornographic. .”aggressive “,”muscular”,”dominant “,”predatory”,”virile” are words that often come up. It’s like almostike reading 50 shades of gray with all these racist oh Im sorry I mean race realist hbd blogs. BTW the cuck buster Donald Trump cheerleader Ann Coulter was herself mocked as a Coalburner until a couple of years ago for dating not just Indians and blacks but black Muslims with nation of Islam links as well.Guess neo nazis forgive and forget easily lol

A lot of the white vagina worshiping nationalist use of the word, cuck, has to do with feelings of sexual inadequacy, repressed homosexuality, etc.  There is more to it.  It’s a way to blame (black, Jewish, etc.) men for what white women have done.  The only way for a man to be a “cuck” is if another man is involved.  This lets the (white) woman off the hook for her behavior by blaming another man.  This is what is at the heart of their racism, blaming black men, Jewish men, and other non-white men for what white women have done.  White women are nothing more than victims of non-white men to white vagina worshiping nationalists, and so are they.  This is the same thing that is seen in conspiracy theory.  The conspiracy in a conspiracy theory is always made up of a group of men.

Since white vagina worshiping nationalists started using the word, cuck, I haven’t seen them use the word, mangina, at all.  There is a reason for this.  A mangina is a man is has submitted to and obeys women regardless of how it harms him.  There is no other man involved so the white vagina worshiping nationalists would be forced to hold (white) women accountable for their actions.  Obviously, white vagina worshiping nationalists don’t want to do this so they accuse men of being cucks instead of manginas so that they can blame men for what (white) women have done.

Lowering Your Standards And Subjecting Yourself To Abuse Are Not The Same Thing

One piece of dating advice you will hear occasionally is to “lower your standards”.  One reason its a common piece of dating advice is that it is designed to accuse a man of only chasing after supermodels.  Thus, his datelessness is due to being an asshole and completely his fault.  In reality, that is not what is happening.  Men don’t need to be told to lower their standards because they have already done that.  Ironically, this would be good advice for women because they’re doing what men are accused of doing.  In fact, telling men to lower their standards is nothing more than a huge case of projection.

When you get past the “unwilling to data non-supermodels” BS, there’s another aspect of “lowering your standards” that is very dangerous.  Here is an example that came from another thread asking the denizens of the ForeverAlone reddit if they would rather be single or a cuckold like the previous one I wrote aboutOne man answered that he would rather be single, and this was a serious response.

then I think perhaps your standards are a bit too high.

If you ask me I would choose to be a cuckold without a doubt

Refuse to be abused as a cuckold?  Your standards are too high

Refuse to be abused as a victim of small penis humiliation?  Your standards are too high.

Refuse to be beaten up and abused by a dominatrix?  Your standards are too high.

We know that The Reserves attracts predatory women who want to humiliate and abuse men with few or no options.  This is the reason being a cuckold is coming up so much now on the ForeverAlone reddit.  Any man who refuses to be abused and humiliated as a cuckold (or a recipient of small penis humiliation, or a recipient of abuse from a dominatrix, etc.) will be shouted down with “your standards are too high”.  They will also be told they are not really ForeverAlone because they have the option to be abused and humiliated.  There’s a difference between lowering your standards and subjecting yourself to humiliation and abuse, but predatory women and desperate women are trying to smear them together.

If A Man Can Be Defined In Relation To His Enemies, Peter Thiel And I Are Saints

Peter Thiel and his defense of those weaker than himself against the Gawker media empire is still in the news.  And that was true even before Gawker went into Chapter 11.  Most of it is the media running scared that they would be held accountable for what they say and write as would be expected.  The media is practically willing to organize a lynching of Peter Thiel by declaring what Peter Thiel did to be the beginning of the apocalypse.  They are that scared of what Peter Thiel represents, that the media will be held accountable for their actions.  But the mob that wants to lynch Peter Thiel is much bigger than the media.  And calling them a lynch mob is not an exaggeration.  Here is an example I found on that is all to common when it comes to Peter Thiel.

thielClick on the image to make it readable.  This person wants the Justice Department to overturn the Hulk Hogan verdict and throw Peter Thiel in prison for 25 years as an example of someone who broke a total of zero laws and whose only “crime” is defending those weaker than him.  This reminds me of the people who think that government agencies should track me despite the complete lack of legal basis to do so.

Not only are there people who want to lynch both Peter Thiel and myself even though we have both not broken any laws, our enemies are similar.  Take a look at what Gawker has done and said as part of the Hulk Hogan trial.

  1. Gawker dealt in stolen property (if they didn’t steal the Hulk Hogan sex tape themselves).  Hulk Hogan’s sex tape was not created by Hulk Hogan.  Hulk Hogan was cheating on his wife with another woman, and the husband of that woman is the one who recorded them.  Somehow the recording ended up in the hands of Gawker.
  2. There was a court order to take down Hulk Hogan’s sex tape.  Everyone but Gawker who had the sex tape complied with the court order.  Gawker outright refused and used the trick of redirecting removing it from their servers while redirecting to another server that hosted the tape.
  3. Gawker fabricated and promoted a conspiracy theory that the FBI was colluding with Hulk Hogan against Gawker.
  4. Gawker said that there was a public interest in sex tapes of children of celebrities who were above the age of four.  While celebrities are publicly known people, that does not mean their children are.  In other words, Gawker said that they have the right to post a sex tape of anyone including a sex tape involving children if there is at least some tenuous connection to “celebrity”.  However, that is not the worst part about that.  A sex tape involving a child, that is a person under 18, is child pornography so Gawker said that there was a public interest in promoting child porn if it involved the children of celebrities.

Gawker has committed multiple legal violations and actually defended the promotion of child porn.  The worst thing anyone could accurately say about Peter Thiel is that his motives in helping Hulk Hogan (and others without the financial resources to take on the Gawker media empire) is that Peter Thiel’s motives may not be entirely pure.  Yet, the media and many other people want us to believe that Peter Thiel is the bad guy here.

It’s the same with me and my enemies.  It starts with the manuresphere and all the fraud and scams that they try to commit.  And such fraud isn’t limited to the manuresphere.  On top of that there is all of the anti-semitism and racism and conspiracy theory from the manuresphere and elsewhere.  As bad as that is it gets worse.  When it comes to SJWs, aka intersectional feminists, they are defending pedophiles and child porn.  Despite the fact that my enemies commit fraud, are racist and anti-semitic, & defend pedophiles and child porn, somehow I am supposed to be the real threat according to them that needs 24/7 government surveillance.  The only things they can accurately say about me are “you can’t get laid” and “you said things about women that aren’t nice”.  In comparison, to the (attempted) crimes, racism, anti-semitism, and defense of child porn and pedophiles that my enemies have done, that’s nothing.

If a man can be defined in relation to his enemies, then Peter Thiel and I are both saints.

I’m The Peter Thiel Of The Incel/FA/FU/WizardChan/etc. Community

It was revealed that Peter Thiel was funding Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker.  Gawker outed Peter Thiel as gay.  Most people think what Peter Thiel did was a simple act of revenge.  It was not.  While Peter Thiel was fighting for himself, he also fought for his friends who had their lives ruined because of Gawker and all those who did not have the resources to fight the Gawker juggernaut that was destroying the lives of innocent people.

Mr. Thiel added: “I can defend myself. Most of the people they attack are not people in my category. They usually attack less prominent, far less wealthy people that simply can’t defend themselves.” He said that “even someone like Terry Bollea who is a millionaire and famous and a successful person didn’t quite have the resources to do this alone.”

Part of the reason why Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) didn’t have the resources for the lawsuit was that Gawker destroyed Hulk Hogan’s career. Without the help of Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan would be bankrupt and Gawker would have continued to destroy the lives of innocent people.

When Peter Thiel said that he can defend himself, but most people can’t, that resonated with me.  That is similar to my relationship to the Incel/ForeverAlone/ForeverUnwanted/WizardChan/etc. community.  I am the Peter Thiel of the Incel/FA/FU/WizardChan/etc. community.  My work on this blog and elsewhere helps protect the men in that community.

How do I protect these men?  In multiple ways.  From the manusphere, to Dr. NerdLoveManginaLove, to white vagina worshiping nationalists, there are many groups trying to scam and prey on Incel/ForeverAlone/ForeverUnwanted/WizardChan/etc. community.  Besides documenting their scams, I act as a honeypot for them.  Look at how often white vagina worshiping nationalists come here.  All that time they spend here is time they don’t prey on other men.  I’m also a target for attacks from everyone from the manuresphere to the white vagina worshiping nationalists.  I can laugh off their pitiful attacks.  Other men in the Incel/ForeverAlone/ForeverUnwanted/WizardChan/etc. community are suffering from things like depression.  They can’t handle attacks like I can.  Every time I’m attacked another man who can’t handle it is saved.

And saved is a good way to put it because too many men in the Incel/ForeverAlone/ForeverUnwanted/WizardChan/etc. community are depressed to the point of being suicidal.  There are probably cases where I’m the difference between a suicide happening or not happening.  This isn’t hyperbole.  It’s likely that Zoe Quinn’s false flag raid of WizardChan caused a few wizards to kill themselves.  Feminists on reddit were trying to get incel men on the /r/ForeverFucked to kill themselves.  I don’t know if what Zoe Quinn and the feminists on reddit are doing is just man slaughter or outright murder.  It is evil either way.  When they focus on me, they aren’t trying to get incel men to kill themselves.

Peter Thiel had to keep his strategy secret until now.  I don’t think that’s necessary for me.  I anticipate that what I have written will not cause my enemies to ignore me, but to redouble their attacks on me.  I apologize in advance if the comments section gets out of hand for a while.