The Just World Fallacy & The Incel Virgin Domestic Terrorist Organization Conspiracy Theory

There’s a myth going around that the recent Oregon shooter was an incel (involuntary celibate) virgin.  The justification for this is based on posts he allegedly made on the r9k board on 4chan.  That’s very weak evidence, and it turns out that r9k was trying to frame one of its own users, Eggman, as the shooter.  Even if other evidence supposedly surfaces that the shooter was an incel virgin, it should be treated with skepticism.  The media said that he is a white supremacist, even though he is actually mixed race, so the media can not be trusted to report accurate details about the shooter.

The real reason so many people want to label the Oregon shooter an incel virgin isn’t about the whatever was written on 4chan.  It’s because they believe in the just world fallacy in dating and sex (which is the basis of the feminist time machine).  They think, correctly, that murdering lots of people makes a man evil, but then they assume that evil men can’t get laid or get into relationships with women.  Thus, in the minds of most people being evil and being an incel virgin is one in the same.  They also believe that if one is true than the other is true as well.  In other words, this isn’t a case of evil men are incel virgins, but only some incel virgins are evil.  What they believe is that being an incel virgin alone is evidence that a man is evil and will go around raping women and murdering people.

Believing that being evil and being incel virgin man is the same is very dangerous for incel virgin men.  For example, DailyKos is now promoting a conspiracy theory that r9k is an “online domestic terrorist organization”Some DailyKos users are suggesting that a list get created to track men, who I guess they would suspect of being incel virgins later, starting in third grade. (By their own admission such a list would be illegal and unconstitutional, but that doesn’t seem to bother them.)  Other DailyKos users want the NSA to track incel virgin men.  (I’m certain that everyone on DailyKos who wants the NSA to spy on incel virgin men was previously against NSA spying).  There are even some other DailyKos users who think that the government is intentionally turning a blind eye to the so called “incel virgin terrorism”, possibly as a method to keep the public in a state of panic.

Such reactions aren’t limited to DailyKos.  Jezebel declared that “sexually frustrated men” are “the real terrorists.  (Notice how “sexually frustrated men” is a much larger category than incel virgin men.)  Jezebel also demanded that “sexually frustrated men” be castrated (obviously such as castration would not be voluntary).

Other reactions appear to be less extreme at first glance, but on further analysis are not.  Someone at Reddit is suggesting that camps be created for incel virgin men. That person had to put that they didn’t mean concentration camps in the title (which in itself is very revealing).  If you read the link, it doesn’t sound sinister until that person says “lets round them up”.  Even in a conversation about incel virgin men that looks innocuous on the surface still treats incel virgin men as terrorists who are going to snap at any second.

There are many more examples I could document, but this where the just world fallacy in dating and sex leads.  If a man has any trouble getting getting laid or getting into a relationship, then lots of people, especially women, believe him to be evil, on the verge of a murderous rampage, and part of a incel virgin domestic terrorist organization (that is nothing but a conspiracy theory) that requires NSA spying to stop (NSA spying they were formerly against).

You are not safe if you aren’t an incel virgin.  Jezebel included all “sexually frustrated men” as terrorists.  DailyKos included #GamerGate as part of the incel virgin domestic terrorist organization conspiracy theory, as well as the MRM & MGTOW.  If they don’t like something about you, then you will be accused of being an incel virgin, so that people can treat you as if you were synonymous with evil and part of a domestic terrorist organization.

The Manuresphere Is The Fat Acceptance Movement For Men

I wondered what a fat acceptance movement for men would look like.  Then I saw this, and it became clear to me.

The manuresphere is the fat acceptance movement for men.  It’s not just that the manuresphere is filled with obese blobs, although that is a major part of it.  It’s that the manuresphere says that looks don’t matter for men similar to how the fact acceptance movement for women says that a woman’s looks shouldn’t matter.  Sure, the manuresphere says that men should lift weights, but look at any picture of manurespherians.  Clearly, none of them lift weights, not even the few that aren’t obese blobs.  Despite what the manuresphere says, they don’t actually believe in lifting weights.

Inherent in how the manuresphere peddles game is the idea that looks don’t matter for men.  The manuresphere says that any man no matter how ugly can bang the hottest chicks provided they act “alpha” enough and/or do game routines of women.  This isn’t true.  Looks do matter.  In general, the more attractive a man is the easier it will be for him to get laid and get relationships with women.  This makes sense, but the manuresphere says different.  Dating advice in general says the same thing since looks do matter can’t be used to sell anything except diet and excercise advice which is done better elsewhere.

Looks aren’t absolutely everything either.  Many incel and forever alone spaces are guilty of thinking that looks are everything.  It’s understandable since these men have been subjected to dating advice which says that looks don’t matter for men.  It’s obviously false so it makes sense that these men would strongly endorse the opposite view.  Regardless of this, any dating advice that says or implies you can be weigh 350 pounds and land hot chicks should not taken seriously.  And that definitely includes anything coming from the manuresphere to “just be yourself” dating advice.

I’m Part Of The Fact Acceptance Movement

I found a comment on one of Cheetos Eating Fatt Fuck Forney’s attempts to neutralize MGTOW.

factacceptanceFor those of you who care “Toads” is one of the sock puppets of the manurespherian known as TFH (confirming once again that the manuresphere is also the sockpuppetosphere).  Obviously, “fact acceptance movement” is a typo, and he meant to say fat acceptance movement.  Yet, it doesn’t make sense to compare MGTOW to the fat acceptance movement whereas MGTOW can be called a “fact acceptance movement”.  On the other hand the manuresphere is filled with obese individuals who do have their own form of the fat acceptance movement, which is really about accusing men who aren’t fat of being fat.

Unlike MGTOW, the manuresphere can’t deal with facts.  For starters, take this comment from Toads.

factacceptance2Can anyone even name a single MGTOW who has “drifted into white nationalism”?  Just look at how many times I have had to deal with white vagina worshiping nationalists invading this blog or other MGTOW blogs.  The facts are the complete opposite of what Toads says.

You might have heard of the phrase, “feelz before realz”, that describes of feminists (and women in general) evaluate whether something is correct.  They don’t base the beliefs on facts but feelings.  The manuresphere does the same thing as you can see in the example above to the point where they literally believe things that are the opposite of reality.  The manuresphere has even justified this on the basis of “verisimilitude”.  In other words, they actually only believe something if it feels correct to them regardless of the evidence and facts of a situation.  The manuresphere is exactly like the feminists.  This is why dating advice from both feminists and the manuresphere sound like magic rituals where you draw a pentagram and sacrifice a goat.

This blog and MGTOW in general are completely different.  MGTOW exists because many men independently of each other actually looked at the facts when it comes to women.  Thus it makes sense to say that this blog and MGTOW overall belong to the “fact acceptance movement” if there was ever such a movement.


The MGTOW Manifesto Has Nothing To Do With MGTOW

One thing that keeps coming up in attacks on MGTOW is the so called MGTOW Manifesto.  Typically, the accusation is that men who are GTOW aren’t “real MGTOW” because they aren’t following the MGTOW Manifesto which is full of bullshit like “instill masculinity in men and femininity in women” and requiring MGTOW to be Libertarian.  Fatt Fuck Forney’s most recent attack on MGTOW (which CS MGTOW ripped apart) brought that up.  There is even a white vagina worshiping nationalist who is trying to use the MGTOW Manifesto (any reference to MGTOW being “created” in 2004/2005 means the MGTOW Manifesto) to trick MGTOW into becoming white vagina worshiping nationalists.  Since there is finally a push to completely separate MGTOW fully from the manuresphere, the MGTOW Manifesto needs to be exposed for what it is.

The reason why the MGTOW Manifesto is a fraud is because MGTOW was never created from the top down.  Just as no person is the MGTOW “commander”, no document can be said to be the beginning of MGTOW.  MGTOW happened because of the decisions of many men concerning the nature of women.  They made those decisions not because of a document but because they rationally assessed the situation with women.  Even the authors of the so called MGTOW manifesto knew this.  They came up with the phrase “men going their own way” because they noticed one reason the MRM which was not working was because “men kept going their own way”.  The authors of the so called MGTOW Manifesto invented nothing.  They only observed a phenomena among men (which if you include monasticism has been going on for centuries), gave it a name, and then tried to use that name to control it.  They failed at trying to control MGTOW, but since their document exists enemies of MGTOW can use to pull the “I’m not really against MGTOW because the MGTOW Manifesto” scam.  Regardless, even the authors of the so called MGTOW Manifesto knew that it had nothing to do with actual MGTOW.

MGTOW Has No Commander

There have been several anti-MGTOW meltdowns recently from Dean Esmay, John the Other, and Fatt Fuck Fornedarmu.  This included attacks on MGTOW included attacks on Barbarossaa.  Fatt Fuck Fornedarmu even said that MGTOW has been taken over by the “cult of Barbarossaa”.  Not only is that clearly a lie, it’s impossible.  MGTOW is too decentralized for that.  Most men who choose to go their own way never hear about the term, MGTOW, much less Barbarossaa.

What is with the obsession with Barbarossaa?  It comes from the fact that none of them can understand that many men would analyze the nature of women and come to the same conclusion independently of each other.  The manuresphere is filled with conspiracy theorists, and they assume everything is a conspiracy theory.  One aspect of conspiracy theories I have noticed is the “commander”, and the commanders in conspiracy theories are always obeyed.   In any conspiracy theory there is never an example of disagreements between the “commander” and his underlings.  That’s absurd and is contrary to everything we know about organizational dynamics (and history as well).  And that is true even for totalitarian states.  (Some manurespherians will realize this but to get around the contradiction, they will say that the devil is the “commander” of the world because a supernatural entity need not be bound by human limitations.  This is the same line of reasoning that leads to the belief that women aren’t responsible for their actions because they’re possessed by demons.)  Even though its absurd, this is how the manuresphere thinks that things work.  Ironically, the closest thing that has unquestioned commanders is the manuresphere itself.  Manurespherians obey and rarely question the big names in the manuresphere despite evidence all around them that the leaders of the manuresphere are full of shit.  In many cases it’s self evident because the manuresphere is filled with 300 pound fat fucks who obviously can’t get laid without paying for it.  While many manurespherians are delusional enough to believe their “commanders”, I suspect that the rest of the manurespherians don’t question their “commanders” for political or ideological reasons.

MGTOW is not screwed up like that, but the manuresphere can’t understand that since they thing everything else works like the manuresphere.  Thus the manuresphere is on this quest to find and eliminate the commander of MGTOW.  Right now, they’re focused on Barbarossaa because he’s the closest thing they can find.  Even if they managed to eliminate Barbarossaa (which would never happen because the manuresphere is ineffectual at everything it does), MGTOW would go on because Barbarossaa is not the commander of MGTOW.  MGTOW has no commander.  It never has had a commander, and it never will.  That’s not just because the manuresphere’s belief in commander’s is absurd.  MGTOW comes from the bottom up decisions of individual men, not the top down orders of a commander.  This is why MGTOW will outlast the manuresphere.  The manuresphere requires you to ignore what is right in front of you on the orders of its leaders and such a mentality has already reached its limits.  The only thing needed for a man to go his own way is to rationally analyze his situation.  It doesn’t even require contact with other MGTOW.

Roosh Never Got Laid In Ukraine

Roosh went to the Ukraine where he supposedly got laid using game and wrote a book about it.  Roosh was interviewed on a Ukrainian TV show, and they exposed Roosh as a fraud.  In some ways it was as bad as Roosh’s appearance on the Dr. Oz show.  (Roosh clearly needs to stop appearing on TV for his own good.)  While watching this video, make sure closed captioning in on to see subtitles in English.

Starting at 5:00, the host of the TV show brings in two women that Roosh allegedly met and banged while in the Ukraine.  Roosh had pictures of them on his website.  Neither woman knew who Roosh was.  One of the women said that she was going to sue Roosh for using pictures of her without her permission.  The TV show actually did find a woman who had met Roosh.  This woman was not interested in him, but Roosh spent a whole lot of time chasing her.  Roosh denied knowing her.

The TV show also brought out the man that Roosh stayed with while he was in the Ukraine.  Roosh lied to this man by telling him that he was doing research on nightclubs for his employer.  This man also confirmed that Roosh always struck out with women while he was in the Ukraine.

If you have been wondering why it costs Roosh $6500 each time he gets laid, Roosh’s appearance on this TV show proves why.  Roosh is rarely getting laid, and the stories of him getting laid in his books are all or nearly all fiction.

It’s Not A Numbers Game

Something you will hear from not only gamers but all pushers of dating advice is that dating is a numbers game.  They say that you need to talk to as many women as possible and ask them out.  Of course, gamers and everyone else pushing dating advice hardly ever talk to girls.  Thus, they don’t know if dating is actually a numbers game.  A guy actually tried the numbers game advice.  In this video, he describes his results.

That’s right.  It didn’t work.  He asked out tons of women, and it got him absolutely nowhere.  Anytime when someone talks about dating being a numbers game, they are full of shit.