Women Aren’t Responsible For What They Do Because They’re Possessed By Demons?

At the Dalrock blog recently, they were talking about abortion.  Rather than hold women accountable for making the choice to abort their babies, they blame anyone and everyone else starting with a super secret pagan takeover of the culture.  Only one man, Boxer, objects to this delusion.

Dear Oscar:

as a result the culture drifts further from Christ, we drift closer to superstitious pagan practices.

Please. In saying this, you’re displacing the blame from women to men. This is the same motivation that the kooks here are driven by when they blame Jews, illuminati, etc. You (and they) always excuse the behavior of feral wimminz by creating some boogeyman who is actually in charge — the hidden demon always being male.

Pagan societies that were viable never allowed women to kill their children for convenience sake (see Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars for two clear examples of viable pagan cultures).

Women and their white-knights have seized some social control, and thus they’re pushing society closer to a Christian matriarchy. What religious or cultural customs are extant doesn’t matter. When feral wimminz and their enablers take over a society, this is the result.

Blame the Jews, blame the NWO, blame the Illuminati, blame lizardmen from Planet X, just don’t blame a (white) woman.  At least one man stood up to that.  Boxer continued in another comment.

The abortion trend really has nothing to do with religion, and most of the feral wimminz who get abortions have nothing to do with “pagan practices”. They remain protestant, catholic and jewish wimminz, same as they were before.

By bringing up nonsense about “pagan practices”, you’re opening the door for us to blame some pre-Christian resurgence, rather than the actual christian wimminz, who are (lest we forget) doing the killing of the babies. This is the same tactic as the kooks who blame Jewish conspiracies, illuminati, etc. for wimminz bad behavior. All these other groups open the door to displacing blame from where it really belongs.

Human sacrifice in general – and child sacrifice in particular – are common in pagan cultures. There are exceptions, but they are exceptions. Furthermore, non-ritual infanticide and abortion were common among the Greeks, Romans and most other pagan cultures.

1. You have provided no historical sources for this contention. Can you kick one out to support this nonsense?

2. Neither the Greeks, nor the Romans, nor “most other pagan cultures” murdered babies with the ferocity of the Christian/Jewish society you live in. Stats for the abortion trend are right here. Thus, by your own logic, murdering babies must be a Christian/Jewish sacrament, as Christians and Jewish wimminz do it more than anyone else, by a long mile.

There is no such thing as a Christian matriarchy.

Yes, there is. You’re living in one, right now.

Try blaming the actual Christian and Jewish wimminz who are murdering their own children, rather than blaming “pagans” (that don’t exist) for this shit. It’s less palatable to face the truth, but much more effective.

Then the comments turn into a No True Scotsman argument about why Christian women aborting their babies aren’t really Christian.  The argument continues in the comments until someone says, more or less, that there’s a super secret moloch pagan conspiracy.  It turns out that doesn’t mean what you would think it does.  It means that women are possessed by demons.


[M]ost importantly, it’s all a conspiracy, started by a resurgence of the Moloch cult. These Moloch pagans are all around us. We need to fight the Moloch worshippers!”

There is a cant used among American Protestants/Evangelicals to which you are not privy. It uses the same words as the rest of American English, but there is a shared context about how to think about certain words; for example pagan or Moloch

In this case: You see both the worship of Christ and the (now defunct) worship of Moloch as sociological phenomenon. We don’t. We know there are spirits, and we know that the spirit(s) who animated Moloch worshippers in the past, and that they still exist and move.

Neither you nor we have ever heard anyone say they worship Moloch. Because your worldview is blind to the spiritual, and since you have no evidence of a current sociological phenomenon of Moloch, then the idea of a conspiracy of Moloch strikes you are ridiculous. But we don’t need to witness people praise Moloch to know that they act in service to the spirit(s) of Moloch; who are demons.

There you have it.  Christian men believe that women only have abortions (or commit sin in general) because they are possessed by demons.  Thus, Christian men are think women are completely blameless.  They should have stuck with the super secret moloch pagan conspiracy.  At least that’s physically possible.

It’s amazing the length manginas will go to avoid holding women accountable for their actions.  Even if demons actually exist, the Christian manginas are fighting an imaginary enemy.  It doesn’t matter if demons exist or not.  “Demons made me do it” is not a legitimate defense for anything even if they actually exist.  Women are acting on their own choices but the Christian manginas would rather believe that women have no agency, moral or otherwise.  Thus, they invent stories about demons possessing women because they can’t face the reality that women are acting on their own agency.

Peak Manuresphere

Various things have happened that have convinced me that peak manuresphere has been reached, and that the manuresphere is on its way to imploding.  First, Roosh is closing down Reaxxion, his attempt to suck #GamerGate in the manuresphere. Roosh says that it’s because Reaxxion was not getting enough views.  While that is likely true, the few times I looked at that site, it always had the same crowd in the comments section that his other sites had.  In other words, #GamerGate was not interested in the manuresphere, and Reaxxion only served to cannibalize traffic from Roosh’s other sites since it could not generate new viewers.  Reaxxion’s failure is also a failure for Roosh when it comes to reaching out to younger men.  Younger men aren’t interested in the manuresphere, as I talked about before.

Second, Mitchel informed us that AVFM has gone all in when it comes to joining hands with Roosh.  Before AVFM could blame anything having to do with Roosh on Obsidian, but now they can’t.  So why go all in with Roosh?  AVFM has the same demographic problem that Roosh and the manuresphere has.

Third, these sorts of problems can be seen elsewhere in the manuresphere.  The following comment describes the state of Roissy’s blog.

The comments at Heartiste nowadays deal exclusively with omega males whining that some colored men are sexually involved with white women, and not enough whites are angry about this. 99% of their ideology, at least going by the Heartiste comments, are of a ‘restrict outside competition’ nature by bottom-rung males, ironically on a blog that used to be about Game. Heartiste’s traffic is now only a fraction of what it was 5 years ago, as a result.

The manuresphere has already reached its peak and is in the first stages of imploding.  This includes AVFM.  AVFM and the manuresphere are trying to stop the bleeding by cannibalizing their assets and de facto mergers (such as with AVFM and Roosh).  This will not work as it will drive away readership who were only interested in one or the other and not both.  The manuresphere’s collapse will continue.

If there’s anything left of the manuresphere after the collapse, it will be owned by Alex Jones.  (Roosh is already a wholly owned subsidiary of Alex Jones.)  If we’re lucky the collapse of the manuresphere will take out Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists.

Who Needs Feminists When You Have MRAs Like These?

JudgyBitch ran an article written by former AVFM news director Ty Henry declaring Bill Cosby to be guilty.  This was an article that was rejected by AVFM.  It has the usual lie that since the women VOLUNTARILY took drugs that Cosby gave them, he raped them.

After saying he conferred quaaludes to women to have sex, I can reasonably infer that he did not answer the question as to whether the women consented to the drugs because he was guilty. Indeed, that’s because his attorneys instructed him not to answer. Of course, that begs the question, why would he be instructed not to answer in a proceeding all go into knowing testimony will likely be sealed?

Which is why, had I heard him make the same statements in a criminal trial, I would vote “guilty.”

There is many reasons that Cosby’s lawyers would not want him to answer that question.  No one has even accused Cosby of shoving drugs down these women’s throats so it was all voluntary.  We know this so the real question is why would an alleged female MRA run an article that AVFM rejected.  In fact, let’s look at what Paul Elam had to say about why this article was rejected by AVFM.

Sorry for using the comments for this but I think it is important that all those participating in this discussion be aware of something going on here.

The piece that Ty Henry submitted to AVFM, and which was rejected, is not the same piece that he submitted to JudgyBitch.com. So any notion that you just read what AVFM rejected is untrue.

His original piece included the term “Bill Cosby is a serial rapist,..” a flat declaration of guilt. That was the precise reason why the piece was rejected. He was also offered the opportunity to retool the piece, sans the declaration of guilt, which we would have been more likely to run.

Mr. Henry is well aware of this, as I personally informed him of such.

This posting amounts to a bait and switch on the readers, one that I do not attribute to the blog owner, but do suspect that it was very much intentional on the part of Mr. Henry. It also serves as validation as to why Mr. Henry was terminated as AVFM’s news director. To allow this piece to run as seen above, while knowing it was not the same piece AVFM rejected, paints a picture of someone clearly outside the requirements we have at AVFM for journalistic ethics.

First, we have a bait and switch going on here.  Second, while the revised article may not include the term, “serial rapist”, it still declares him guilty on the basis of lies as can be seen from the first excerpt above.  I don’t know if JudgyBitch knew this was a bait and switch, but it almost doesn’t matter.  She should have known better than to run an article declaring Bill Cosby guilty if she really was a female MRA.  Ty Henry should know better too.

With MRAs like these who needs feminists?

The Hackers Should Release The Entire Ashley Madison Database

The group that hacked the Ashley Madison database has released a single name from the database.  They should release all of the names in the database.  If there was a kickstarter or something to pay them the hackers to release the names in the database, I would commit serious money to it.  That’s provided they didn’t include the credit card numbers because I’m against credit card fraud.

Every person who has ever used that website is guilty of defrauding their spouse so it’s not like there would be any victims here.

PUA Talks To Women And Gets Into Trouble With Police Proving Game Does Not Exist

There’s this PUA in Canada that was going around talking to women. Instead of being impressed with his game, they filed complaints with the police.  While this has to do with how the PUA was recording the conversations he was having with these women (such recordings are not illegal in Canada), that shouldn’t make a difference.  In fact, it was the PUAs behavior that made the women suspicious.  None of the women knew that they were being recorded while PUA was talking to them.  The PUA’s behavior was suspicious enough for the women to do some digging on the internet and find out that they were being recorded.  If game actually existed then the PUA should have been able to game these women into not being suspicious and not filing complaints with the police.

This is just another example of how game does not exist.

This Makes As Much Sense As Drawing A Pentagram And Sacrificing A Goat Or Selling Your Soul To The Devil

Advancedatheist brought up how dating advice sounds like magic rituals.

OT: Have you noticed how some dating advice sounds like magic rituals?

The one about learning to dance makes me laugh. You might as well tell the incel to draw a pentagram on the ground and sacrifice a goat over it to appease the fertility gods.

It’s actually worse than that because in many cases dating advice actually is based on anti-scientific, illogical, magical woo.  I found an article on the Dickless Mangina Project where a woman responds to a man who is understandably frustrated how he has to do all of the approaching.  Here is an example of the anti-scientific, illogical, magical crap.

Thus remember that what you resist persists… if you stay resentful… that means your vibration and beliefs are one of resentment… so you’re going to attract an experience to make you right about it. AKA a woman who says, “You better make all the decisions or I’m outta here.”

Vibrations?  If women aren’t approaching you, then you’re vibrations are wrong?  No woman is going to come up with the thought process of, “I was going to approach this guy, but since he has had to approach in his experiences with women, I’m going to avoid him because his vibrations are wrong.”  This is insulting to our intelligence.

The author of that page on the Dickless Mangina Project runs a blog called Meet Mindful.  In the above quote, she links to one of the pages on her blog about “manifestation”.  Here are some excerpts from that page showing more of the same anti-scientific, illogical, magical crap.

Your ability to manifest a life you want is based on energy flow

The Universe responds to actions first, then thoughts.

The physical world is the last stop on the manifestation train. It’s where ideas are realized, broken down or reborn. Because the physical world is slower moving than any of the other creative levels, in order to become manifested, an idea must be in alignment with other things in your physical life. For instance, if all you think about is wanting love in your life, what you feel is lonely and what you do is isolate yourself from others and judge them, the Universe receives this as, “I’d prefer to be by myself, thank you.”

Asking for help is my final bit of advice. I am a fan of working with the angels and there are many just waiting to give you assistance when it comes to manifestation—Galgaliel: the angel of vibration, Jamaerah: the angel of manifestation, Amitiel: the angel of truth, and Metatron: the angel of thought—are all spiritual teachers of this process and can assist freely if you ask.

This is so absurd that it makes the manuresphere look like the pinnacle of scientific fact and rationality.

The universe doesn’t respond to anything.  It is not a conscious entity.  If it was, it certainly wouldn’t be a cosmic wishing well with strange rules.  And energy flow?  That’s a load of crap.  You’re better off drawing a pentagram and sacrificing a goat.  It makes more sense.

As for asking those “angels” for advice, that can either be absurd or dangerous depending on your belief system.  If they don’t exist, they can’t help you.  If you’re a member if a religion that believes in angels, then the angels listed above either don’t exist (Metatron isn’t referenced in the Bible anywhere) or are demons (Amitiel works with Lucifer, aka the devil).  It seems like MeetMindful is using dating advice as a scam to trick men into the occult.  We know that dating advice is commonly used as a scam to trick men into believing in various political ideologies, but using dating advice to trick men into the occult is one I wasn’t expecting.

If you’re going to go into the occult to perform magical rituals to get laid, then you might as well just sell your soul to the devil.  While you lose your immortal soul in the process, the devil will deliver on his end of the contract.  The dating advice industry can’t do that.  Of course, you should not sell your soul to the devil to get laid (or for any other reason).  If the devil doesn’t exist, then you can’t sell your soul to him and the whole enterprise is a waste of time.  If the devil does exist, your immortal soul is more valuable than any woman so you shouldn’t give it up just to get laid.