More Evidence That “Creepy” Is A Pejorative Equivalent To Nigger

Whenever a woman uses the word, creepy, against a man, it’s equivalent to calling a black person a nigger.  Here’s an example that shows this to be true.

If a man takes a picture of a woman it’s “creepy”, but if the genders are reversed it’s perfectly fine.  This proves that “creepy” is no different than nigger because Anita Sarkeesian is not applying a consistent standard.  This is similar to applying a different standard to whites and blacks which is common is racist ideas.  Thus, “creepy” and nigger are being used in the same way.

Another Reason Game Won’t Protect You From False Rape Accusations

The manuresphere says that game will protect you against false rape accusations.  This is obviously absurd, but there’s a way of proving that it’s absurd.  The problem is that the manuresphere assumes that a woman will only make a false rape accusation against a man she hates.  The reasoning is that if a man games her, she won’t hate him and won’t make a false rape accusation against him.  (Since game isn’t real, this can not happen, but that is beside the point here.)  Besides believing in the nonsense of game, the manuresphere gets it wrong in assuming that a woman who likes you will not make a false rape accusation against you.

The UVa-Rolling Stone false rape case is a premier example of how the manuresphere is wrong.  Why did “Jackie” make a false rape accusation?  It turns out that it happened because a guy “Jackie” was interested in rejected her.  Game could not have prevented the UVa-Rolling Stone false rape accusation because it would have required the guy “Jackie” is interested not only to have game (which doesn’t exist), but also to not have rejected “Jackie”.  The only way to avoid a false rape accusations means that a gamer must never reject a woman.  Not only that, but a gamer would also have to make sure that woman never thinks she has been rejected by said gamer.  Even if a gamer doesn’t reject a woman, it would be enough for a woman to think the gamer did reject her for him to get a false rape accusation from her.

Even if the manuresphere was right about game, (which it isn’t), they’re still wrong about game being able to protect a man from false rape accusations.

If The Second Coming Happened Today, Jesus Would Be In The Same Situation As Bill Cosby

With today being Easter, I was thinking about how the Community of the Wrongly Accused pointed out that Jesus is the most famous falsely accused man in history.  That’s true, although if the second coming happened today, Jesus would have much more in the way of false accusations to deal with.

In Christian churches, many women treat Jesus not as their savior as such, but as they’re boyfriend.  It “works” for them since they’re dealing with someone they are only imagining in their heads.  However, it creates a huge problem for Christian men since no man can compete with the Jesus boyfriend women have inside their heads.  To Christians, Jesus is God, and no man can compete with God, much less what women have in their own heads with treating Jesus as their boyfriend.  The Christian dating advice industry doesn’t deal with this problem and won’t even admit it exists.

If Jesus were to come back, millions of Christian women would have their illusion shattered that Jesus is their boyfriend.  This would lead to women falsely accusing Jesus of rape to get back at him.  The same false accusation bandwagon effect that happened to Bill Cosby would happen to Jesus.

Just remember, not even Jesus can avoid false accusations from women.  If the son of God can’t, then you won’t be able to either if you spend enough time with women.

Dating Websites Are Useless

Dating websites are useless and dangerous.  Many of the profiles of women on dating websites don’t even exist.  Dating websites also end up being vehicles for massive phishing operations by criminal gangs.

Another problem with dating websites is that they are easily hacked.  Recently, a hacker created a hack on Tinder that tricked men who thought they were flirting with women into flirting with each other.  Not only do you have to worry about nonexistent women and phishing scams, that woman you met on a dating site might actually be a guy.  (And that guy might be a victim of the same scam believing you to be a woman.)

There’s a reason why dating websites are such a fertile ground for these problems.  They benefit from these sorts of scams because it increases use of their websites.  No dating website will beef up its security to prevent these problems.  In some cases, they may be behind what is happening.

Dating websites do nothing but prey on men.  Don’t bother using them.

Women Define “Sexual Harassment” As Anything They Don’t Like (Which Can Include Your Existence)

Have you wondered why so many women are willing to make false sexual harassment accusations, the false rape accusations, and false accusations against men in general?  Something I found on Slashdot will help explain it.

In other words women define “sexual harassment” as anything they don’t like.  So if a woman doesn’t like you, doesn’t find you attractive, or even just doesn’t want to be in the same building with you, you are “sexually harassing” her.  If a woman says a man is “sexually harassing” her, there’s a 99.999999999999999999% chance that the man didn’t do anything, and that she doesn’t want him to exist.

The Patriarchy Is A Conspiracy Theory

ManginaManboobz found my last post.  His commentary propaganda is sloppy even for him.  Just take a look at it.

The dude behind the Black Pill blog — formerly known as Omega Virgin Revolt — has some harsh words for the conspiracy theorists who seem to be everywhere online.

Does he take them to task for the bizarre anti-Semitism that infects their ranks? No.

Anyone who knows my writings knows this is a lie.  I have spent a lot of time attacking the racism and anti-semitism of conspiracy theorists and the manuresphere.  Additionally, I have also pointed out how racism and misandry are strongly linked and objected to crap the white vagina worshiping nationalists believe in like “because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth”.  If that doesn’t convince you that ManginaManboobz is lying, consider how Stormfront has accused me of working for the Jews.  ManginaManboobz lies about me from one direction, and conspiracy theorists and white vagina worshiping nationalists lie about me in the reverse direction.  That’s telling.

For declaring everything from the Kennedy assassination to the recent record snowfall in Boston to be “False Flags?” No again.

This is another lie.  Declaring everything to be false flags is part of the conspiracy theorist belief that everything the is the work of a “commander”, something that I have strenuously objected to.  Additionally, I have been accused of being one of these “commanders”.  Again, it’s telling that ManginaManboobz is lying about me in one direction while conspiracy theorists lie about me in the reverse.

For convincing themselves that TV news anchors routinely shape-shift into their reptilian forms and back again while on the air, just to screw with us? No again, again.

Not only is this a lie, but ManginaManboobz is being incredibly sloppy here even for him.  Immediately after he says, this he quotes my last post WHERE I EXPLICITLY MENTION THE CONSPIRACY THEORIST BELIEF THAT ALIENS RUN EVERYTHING.

As we know conspiracy theorists refuse to believe women have any agency. They blame Jews, or the Rockefellers, or demons, or aliens, or the Illuminati,

I added the bold.  It’s also worth pointing out that the original idea of reptile aliens came from David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who embraces “New Age” ideas which makes him a feminist.  If you look at the David Icke Forums, you can find examples of feminist propaganda such as the belief that there’s a conspiracy among the elites to eliminate women.

Boy, don’t you just hate it when these conspiracy goobers blame the reptilians for 9/11 instead of the real criminals? That is, ladies. LADIES DID 9/11.

This is another lie, since I haven’t said anything close to this.  However, if you were to ask Osama Bin Laden (if he were still alive) or the terrorists that were under him why they did 9/11, one major reason they would give would be to protect women.  They did 9/11, but they are also manginas.

Why am I bringing this up?  It’s not news that ManginaManboobz lies after all.  When you read what he says, especially the “ladies did 9/11″ crap, it’s clear that he’s trying to paint me as a conspiracy theorist.  He’s doing this to cover up that feminists are conspiracy theorists, and the conspiracy theory they believe in is The Patriarchy.

Self described conspiracy theorists believe that the Jews, the Illuminati, the Rockefellers, or some other shadowy group runs everything.  Feminists describe the patriarchy in practically the same way that conspiracy theorists describe the Jews, the Illuminati, the Rockefellers, etc.  With the exception of feminism being a plot of the Jews, Illuminati, Rockefellers, etc. you could replace the patriarchy with the Jews, the Illuminati, the Rockefellers, etc. in conspiracy theory, and it would sound exactly like any other conspiracy theory.  As I pointed out above, there are plenty of feminist conspiracy theorists, especially in the David Icke camp, who believe crap like the elite are planning to eliminate women.

There’s another important similarity between the patriarchy and every other conspiracy theory out there.  If you drill down enough, conspiracy theorists will admit that they believe that some group with superhuman powers, usually aliens or demons, actually run these conspiracies because anyone who knows about group social dynamics would know that people can’t run a multi-generational conspiracy successfully.  (Even the Nazis while believing Jews to be inferior, effectively believed that Jews had superhuman powers of cunning and trickery.)  Feminists do the same thing, but they ascribe superhuman powers to men (or white men or white and asian men).

Feminists are conspiracy theorists who are unwilling to admit they’re conspiracy theorists.

Why Conspiracy Theorists Don’t Want To Talk About Manginas

As we know conspiracy theorists refuse to believe women have any agency.  They blame Jews, or the Rockefellers, or demons, or aliens, or the Illuminati, or pretty much anyone but women themselves for the actions of women.  They refuse to hold women accountable.  I realized that there is a corollary to this.  Conspiracy theory implicitly denies the existence of manginas.

When conspiracy theorists describe Jews, Rockefellers, the Illuminati, or whoever, they effectively only include the men in those groups.  What this means is that conspiracy theorists assume that a group of men is the primary agent behind women’s actions and that women are simply automatons doing the bidding of these men.  This goes along with how conspiracy theorists believe in a “commander” overseeing a massive top down command structure where all of the lower levels do the commander’s bidding without any disagreement or push back.  Manginas can not exist in the conspiracy theorist paradigm because they believe that men are always in charge.  Maginas serve women, not the other way around, so that goes against everything conspiracy theorists believe in.

However, this is not how reality works.  Manginas do exist, and we see them all the time.  One of the reasons why that women are able to get away with murder (both figuratively and literally) is because manginas assist them and block those who would old women accountable for their actions.  One thing manginas are not is in charge.  Manginas are subordinate to women.  While women have a lot to answer for, so do manginas.

By blaming groups of men for women’s actions, conspiracy theorists are manginas.  (And they need to be held accountable for assisting women like any other mangina.)  This is why conspiracy theorists don’t believe in and don’t want to talk about manginas.  If they did, they would be pointing the finger at themselves in addition to admitting that conspiracy theory is a lie.