Roosh Is The Ideal Adversary

Mitchel asked the question, why does the media give Roosh a platform?  This is an important question to ask.  If you’re enemies are giving you a platform, it’s because they’re planning on kicking it out from under you at the right moment.  That is pretty much what happened when Roosh went on the Dr. Oz show.

This point was made by Uncle Malky on Barbarossaaa’s blog.

Roosh is the ideal adversary. Here is a guy who writes multiple books on the topic of seduction (how to be a PUA) and has next door to 0 PR skills. He has to e-beg to keep his sorry-ass website going fer Chrissakes! All his big talk about how “Betas need to learn game.” HA HA HA! The average store manager at Trader Joe’s has more “game” than this clown.

Roosh gets a media platform because he is the perfect adversary for them.  He walks into traps that would be obvious for just about anyone else.  Plus, Roosh fails to make use of opportunities even while in those traps.  For example, he could have asked the women on Dr. Oz who were attacking him about his fat shaming views if they would be attracted a homeless guy on the street.  Roosh couldn’t even do that.  Braininavat pointed out that the media gives Roosh a platform because they understand him.  Part of that is because he won’t ask the hard questions given the opportunity.

To summarize, the media treats Roosh as a court jester, and Roosh is too stupid to realize it.

The Good Men Project Says It’s All Right To Punch A Woman Who Says That You Are A Loser Who Can’t Get Laid Or A Creep

Apparently, feminists are pissed that Black Widow, a character from Marvel comics/Marvel movies got called a slut.  When you consider the name, Black Widow, it’s clear that she is a slut.  However, pointing this out is making feminists very angry even though Black Widow doesn’t exist.  (Maybe feminists don’t realize that Black Widow isn’t an actual person.)  In particular, one of the authors at the Dickless Mangina Project wants to punch any man who uses the world slut.

You can call me a slut (fair warning – you might get punched in the face if you do)

The Dickless Mangina Project thinks it’s fine for women to punch men who use the word slut.  Since they’re fine with that, that must also mean that they fine with men punching women accuse them of being losers who can’t get laid or of being “creepy”.  Otherwise, they would be hypocrites.

So next time a woman says that you’re a loser who can’t get laid or accuses you of being a virgin (regardless of whether you are one or not) or says you’re creepy, punch her.  That’s how the Dickless Mangina Project says you should handle that.

Roosh Proves That The Manuresphere Is The C (As In Cuckold) Team

I have called the manuresphere the C team (that’s C as is Cuckold) before because the scams of the manuresphere are not only completely derivative but they are incapable of using them to enrich themselves.  The manuresphere has no original ideas.  For example, Game came from Eben Pagan (a.k.a. David DeAngelo).  The manuresphere is a bunch of con artists, but they’re really bad at being con artists.  They can’t even come up with their own scams.  Like with game, they have to copy them from con artists that aren’t complete failures.

Thus, I was not surprised when Grizzly informed us that Roosh was owned by Dr. Oz.   (You can watch Dr. Oz’s interview with Roosh here, and see Roosh being flabbergasted that the Dr. Oz show would lie to him here.)  Dr. Oz is a quack and a con artist, but much more successful than anyone in the manuresphere.  (Science based medicine has several pages documenting Dr. Oz’s fraudsDr. Oz’s fraud is so bad that there is a movement among the faculty at the medical school of Columbia University to have him removed from his teaching post there.)  Roosh going on the Dr. Oz show is equivalent to a first grader trying to understand calculus.

Roosh like the rest of the manuresphere does not realize that as con artists go they are the bottom of the barrel.  Pretty much any other con artist can eat them for lunch like Dr. Oz did.  That’s why the manuresphere is the C (as in cuckold) team.

Why Isn’t Paul Nungesser Suing Emma Sulkowicz Or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand?

Paul Nungesser, the German student studying at the University of Columbia who was falsely accused of rape by Emma Sulkowicz (a.k.a. mattress girl), is suing Columbia University, its president and trustees and the visual arts professor that allowed Emma Sulkowicz’s mattress project to go forward.  This law suit is necessary because all these people aided and abetted Emma Sulkowicz’s false rape accusation.  However, there are two names missing from this list, Emma Sulkowicz herself, and Democrat senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who has been harassing Nungesser and calling him a rapist despite being exonerated by both Columbia University and the police.

Why are Sulkowicz and Gillibrand not being sued by Nungesser?  It’s because they’re women.  Too many men, have internalized “never hit a girl” to a point where they can’t hold a woman responsible for her actions.  I suspect this is the case with Nungesser (or his lawyer).  While there’s a long list of people who aided and abetted Sulkowicz who deserved to be sued into homelessness, they were all acting on the behalf of Sulkowicz, not the other way around.

I have noticed that in many cases when a woman does something evil and/or illegal, there is a search for the man behind her who is “really” running things.  Unfortunately, #GamerGate provides a good example.  A lot of gamergaters believe that Jonathan McIntosh, Anita Sarkeesian’s partner at Feminist Frequency, is really running the show and that Sarkeesian is just a puppet.  While I’m sure McIntosh is glad to have Sarkeesian as the public face of Feminist Frequency and does contribute his share, Sarkeesian contributes her share as well.  She is not McIntosh’s puppet, and all the gamergaters who believe this are doing is giving Sarkeesian an out if she decides to cash out.  Sarkessian is her own agent, so she is responsible for the lies she has told.  She needs to be held accountable for that.

The same thing exists in conspiracy theory.  Women are never agents of their own.  They’re always agents of the Jews, the bankers, aliens, or demons (who are all conveniently described as men).  It’s the same with traditionalist conservatives too.

What all of these groups have in common is that they’re working hard at avoiding the reality that they need to fight women.  If Nungesser is successful in his lawsuit, it will only help on the margins.  It may convince a few men not to aid and abet the criminal activity of women like Sulkowicz.  However, it won’t change the mind of most manginas since they will be more than happy to be martyrs for women.  To stop false rape accusations and everything else women do, we need to attack the source of the problem.  That means going after women’s lackeys is not enough.  We need to go after women.

More Evidence That “Creepy” Is A Pejorative Equivalent To Nigger

Whenever a woman uses the word, creepy, against a man, it’s equivalent to calling a black person a nigger.  Here’s an example that shows this to be true.

If a man takes a picture of a woman it’s “creepy”, but if the genders are reversed it’s perfectly fine.  This proves that “creepy” is no different than nigger because Anita Sarkeesian is not applying a consistent standard.  This is similar to applying a different standard to whites and blacks which is common is racist ideas.  Thus, “creepy” and nigger are being used in the same way.

Another Reason Game Won’t Protect You From False Rape Accusations

The manuresphere says that game will protect you against false rape accusations.  This is obviously absurd, but there’s a way of proving that it’s absurd.  The problem is that the manuresphere assumes that a woman will only make a false rape accusation against a man she hates.  The reasoning is that if a man games her, she won’t hate him and won’t make a false rape accusation against him.  (Since game isn’t real, this can not happen, but that is beside the point here.)  Besides believing in the nonsense of game, the manuresphere gets it wrong in assuming that a woman who likes you will not make a false rape accusation against you.

The UVa-Rolling Stone false rape case is a premier example of how the manuresphere is wrong.  Why did “Jackie” make a false rape accusation?  It turns out that it happened because a guy “Jackie” was interested in rejected her.  Game could not have prevented the UVa-Rolling Stone false rape accusation because it would have required the guy “Jackie” is interested not only to have game (which doesn’t exist), but also to not have rejected “Jackie”.  The only way to avoid a false rape accusations means that a gamer must never reject a woman.  Not only that, but a gamer would also have to make sure that woman never thinks she has been rejected by said gamer.  Even if a gamer doesn’t reject a woman, it would be enough for a woman to think the gamer did reject her for him to get a false rape accusation from her.

Even if the manuresphere was right about game, (which it isn’t), they’re still wrong about game being able to protect a man from false rape accusations.

If The Second Coming Happened Today, Jesus Would Be In The Same Situation As Bill Cosby

With today being Easter, I was thinking about how the Community of the Wrongly Accused pointed out that Jesus is the most famous falsely accused man in history.  That’s true, although if the second coming happened today, Jesus would have much more in the way of false accusations to deal with.

In Christian churches, many women treat Jesus not as their savior as such, but as they’re boyfriend.  It “works” for them since they’re dealing with someone they are only imagining in their heads.  However, it creates a huge problem for Christian men since no man can compete with the Jesus boyfriend women have inside their heads.  To Christians, Jesus is God, and no man can compete with God, much less what women have in their own heads with treating Jesus as their boyfriend.  The Christian dating advice industry doesn’t deal with this problem and won’t even admit it exists.

If Jesus were to come back, millions of Christian women would have their illusion shattered that Jesus is their boyfriend.  This would lead to women falsely accusing Jesus of rape to get back at him.  The same false accusation bandwagon effect that happened to Bill Cosby would happen to Jesus.

Just remember, not even Jesus can avoid false accusations from women.  If the son of God can’t, then you won’t be able to either if you spend enough time with women.